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"It really hurts." Rin sobbed. She kept coughing and wheezing and by the time the paramedics got there she had passed out. However they knew what had happened to her as this was a condition she had had since she was born.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 5y 359d 12h 57m 2s
Gareth grabbed her up in his arms. Pilling the towel with him as he left the bathroom. He rapped her up and placed her gentaly on the bed. His alarm had already activated and his interior self spoke to 911. He on the other hand smiled at Rin. Running his fingers throw her hair as he held her [+green "it'll all be alright Rin. Everything is going to be fine"] he kissed her forehead.
  Gareth No. N178339 / CatoriD / 5y 360d 8h 26m 6s
Rin looked at him confused. When he sat back she then continued to splash in the bath, until she felt a twinge in her chest. At first bit felt like a pinch but it slowly became a burning pain, making it hard for her to breath. "G-gareth" She squeaked. "My chest hurts.. please make it stop,, i cant breathe." the young girl cried toppling forward.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 5y 361d 13h 36m 1s
Gareth sighed and placed her down softly in the water. He rubbed her head gently so he would not hurt her. "You have nothing to apologize for. My sense of danger is higher around you so I may not make the best judgment at times." Gareth diverted his attention to a towel as he wiped his wet hands. His back against the wall again but this time he watched Rin. Hoping to better understand the human child.
  Gareth No. N178339 / catoriD / 5y 363d 17h 46m 45s
Rin looked up at Gareth and tilted her head. “Im fine.” She said with a giggle, as her ears flicked. Rin saw the worry in his eyes and looked down at the ground, pouting. “Im sorry for worrying you.” She said quietly, feeling bad for causing him to worry.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 10d 22m 3s
Gareth sat on the floor next to the tub as the child bathed. He stared blankly at the wall before him. When the child when under the water he became alarmed. Standing fast he reached passed the bubbles and into the warm water. Grabbing the girl by the arm and pulling right out of the tub. Her limbs dangled before him "Are you alright Rin?" his voice shook with panic. The green eyes that always seemed emotionless were filled to the brim with worry. They were as wide as an awls and as unsteady as his voice.
  Gareth No. N178339 / catoriD / 6y 38d 7h 32m 47s
Rin smiled when she was picked. She really liked having someone there for her as it had been such a long time she had. Rin nodded as she was out in the bath. “I can wash myself.” She said in almost a giggle. As she was in the bath she had brushed her teeth and she was just playing with the bubbles. Rin went under the water a couple of times, smilling brightly.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 213d 9m 36s
Gareth was still off in the morning but one he finished charging the cord retracted, his foot panel closed and his eyes shot open. Blinking a couple of times he looked around before releasing the child. He got off the bed but his body indentation did not leave. Collecting the child in his arms he took her to the bathroom. Staring the water and stripping her down. "Are you alright bathing by yourself?" He asked while testing the water to make sure it wasn't to hot. Picking her up he placed her in the bath and waited her reply.
  Gareth No. N178339 / CatoriD / 6y 218d 9h 32m 9s
Rin slept soundly that night. She would occasionally whimper and squirm but would settle down quite quickly. She could feel his arm around her through the night and even when she woke up he was in the exact same position.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 218d 12h 49m 9s
Gareth powered down so he would reserve energy while charging. After doing so his robotic arms locked in there current position and was now impossible to move. His body became heavy and he almost broke the bed but instead made a deep indentation that could most likely not be fixed.
  Gareth No. N178339 / CatoriD / 6y 222d 10m 32s
The cord confused Rin a little, but she decided it was best not to say anything. The young neko yawned as she was pulled in to a hug. She nodded and closed her eyes, falling in to a light sleep. Her ears flattened against her head and her tail laid limp.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 227d 18h 9m 55s
Gareth forced his words to form "yes" he climbed Into bed with her and layed ontop of the covers. Opening a panel on his foot he pulled a long cord out and plugged it into the outlet. His eyes brightened and his skin had a glowing affect. Gareth hugged the child and rubbed her head so she would no longer worry.
  Gareth No. N178339 / CatoriD / 6y 233d 19h 39m 27s
Rin looked at him worriedly. To her he was just a normal person and he seemed sad. She looked up at him with wide eyes. She didn't want to go to bed just yet and dint want to only person who stayed around her, to seem so sad. She frowned. "You ok?" She asked.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 256d 14h 49m 40s
Gareth only talked when talked to and the master left before finishing his food. Gareth stood and picked Rin up as he walked out. He took her to her room and placed her on the bed gently. Helping her change he picked up her toys and folded down the bed. Gareth did not speak and he looked empty inside due to the dimming of his eyes.
  Gareth No. N178339 / CatoriD / 6y 260d 17h 39m 22s
Rin took a deep breath and walked in, her head down. She sat next to Gareth. She smiled a little as he patted her head. She was glad she didn't have to be alone anymore. Rin wondered why he was so shocked when he found out she was the daughter of the master of the house. Rin just nodded then looked down at the plate of food. Her stomach felt like it was in a knot from nerves so she didn't want to eat.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 281d 13h 15m 47s

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