The Girl That Was Changed Forever. *Dante & Li-Li*

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This is when my girl Li-Li was changed to a vampire by the vampire lord Dante.
and he treated her cruely but soon or later started to ease up on her cause he was getting feelings for her.

Normal E.s Rules Dante :P


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* sits alone in the dungeon locking the cell and throwing the key to a desk*
  Roy / dante1104 / 6y 16d 13h 27m 42s
He smiled and stood up grabbing her hand and placing he lips on my neck " drink so you can be in the sun light
  Roy / dante1104 / 6y 56d 33m 31s
Anywhere you wish to master, I can get us there.
She said with a nod.
  :.| Here For You |:. / Kurostar / 6y 56d 1h 4m 38s
But question is where do we go first he said looking at her adding a tilt to his head
  Roy / dante1104 / 6y 56d 5h 37m 34s
nods her head.
No problem.
  :.| Here For You |:. / Kurostar / 6y 56d 5h 42m 41s
Smiles you are a blessing laughs and kisses her cheek thank you
  Roy / dante1104 / 6y 56d 5h 45m 49s
As i said, your father never knew everything.
she said with a smile.
  :.| Here For You |:. / Kurostar / 6y 56d 5h 51m 14s
His eyes did you...?
  Roy / dante1104 / 6y 56d 5h 54m 32s
She smirks opening her hands. You mean this.
Shows nothing but crystal shards.
  :.| Here For You |:. / Kurostar / 6y 56d 23h 42m 7s
I can't leave the castle without someone breaking a crystal in the under ground
  Roy / dante1104 / 6y 57d 6h 30m 5s
Why don't you travel with me then, I have bene all over the place, I can show you around if you want. She said tilting her head to the side.
  :.| Here For You |:. / Kurostar / 6y 57d 6h 42m 52s
He smiled and looked at the ceiling I wish I could leave here and travel he sighed looking at pictures of different places
  Roy / dante1104 / 6y 57d 7h 10m 5s
No problem.
  :.| Here For You |:. / Kurostar / 6y 57d 7h 22m 54s
He smiled and patted her head thank you he then looked at her and winked
  Roy / dante1104 / 6y 57d 7h 28m 48s
She walked in wit hsome blood in his favorite cup for him and placed in beside his bed before sitting down on the floo looking at him.
  :.| Here For You |:. / Kurostar / 6y 57d 7h 31m 43s

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