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The demons curse

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Richard sighed and nodded to loki. Loki stepped out of the room and came back with an old brown book with gold writing. “There is a prophecy here. A sickness spreads among the people, turning them into terrible demons by night. For seven years this continues, until a boy, claiming to be from another world appears. Night after night, he tries to survive, until finally, with his own magic, he creates a white crystal that rids the world of its curse. But even magic cannot live forever, and he passed on, with his dying words instructing the people on how to summon people from his own world.” Richard paused.

“This book in my hands hold the instructions in how to summon people from you world here. I summoned you all here to help me. The curse is back but I don’t not have the amount of power that our saviour had last time. When he died his power was shared among us 6. I don’t know exactly how yet but we are the ones that need to save this world. The reason why you were attacked is because as well as the power we each have and aspect of a demon inside us that shows. With rin you and your brother it’s your hair. According to legend when you are turned in to a demon you will have red eyes, blonde hair and pale white skin. With me and loki it is different. We have been given the mark of a demon. Lokis is on his shoulder and mine is on my wrist. It is best you don’t seed the symbol until she have ne yourself. You will be given one when your power is strong enough,.” Richard explained
Rin stayed quiet through the whole explanation. She could feel her hands shaking as she looked down at the plate of food. She was becoming dizzy and light headed. A faint light was surrounding to young girl. Loki gently placed his hand on rins shoulder. “It’s okay. You may be scared at the moment but you will come to understand the demon inside.
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Tora narrowed his eyes at Loki and Richard. "Why did those people attack my brother?" He seethed. He wanted answers, and he wanted them now. He felt himself be pulled into a sitting postition by Raion. Raion shook his head and Tora looked at his lap.

"This man helped us Tora... don't be rude, he said we could ask questions"
Tora lifted his head, "and i did, i asked why you were attacked"
Ouryu looked to Rin then the two brothers, "What did Loki and those people mean by demons... and why did i have a sudden period where i couldn't breath... i felt like i was stuck in a forest fire and was on fire myself"

The boy paused, was it true? did he have some powers like a demon?
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Loki sighed. "Im not the best person to explain. That you should ask richard about. " He said calmly as he picked rin up and laid her on the small and dusty sofa in the middle of the roo. "She will be okay. She will wake up soon." loki said. Loki bowed his head to richard as he entered, then the young male walked in to what looked like an old fashioned kitchen.

Richard smiled gently at the two necomers. "My home. The towns sourcery shop. Im Richard. My appretince Loki is just preparing some food for evryone. The there is the young male over there who is Ouyru and the young girl passed out un the sofa is Rin. " He said as he went and got the first aid kit and started to help with the red eyed males wounds. Rin woke up after about half and hour. Richard walked over to her and checked if she was okay before helping sit at the table. An array of food was layed out. " If you have any questions ill answer them once you all have eaten." He said as he and loki started to eat. Rin kept her head down and didnt touch any of the food, though she was hungry.
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Tora helped his brother up as he narrowed his eyes at the man who had just approached them. He was about to made a rude remark but was stopped by his brother nodding, Tora helped Raion as they followed the man. "Where are we...?" he asked quietly. He looked to his brother then back at the man, "I'm Tora... and this is Raion, who are you?"

Tora stopped when he started to feel the heat. Raion looked up, "Is there a fire...?" he managed to say.
Ouryu started to relax slightly, what power? he had no powers. He looked up at Loki, "What do you mean... what powers" The heat around him slowly cooled down and air returned to the unseeable circle that had surrounded him. He turned to the girl, "Are you ok?" he weakly shook her.
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Seeing the brown haired male gasp for breath rin started to get worried. She went quickly over to him, despite her wounds not being completely bandaged yet. She could feel the air around him getting thinner. The young girl coughed a couple of times but placed her hand on his shoulder. “You ok.” She asked worriedly. His body was burning. Rin’s eyes were tearing up slightly but she remained trying to calm him down.

Richard sighed. “Loki sort out what you have caused while I go and get our final too guests. “ He said coldly. Loki grunted and went over to the two, letting cold air surround them. “Hey I’m sorry kid. Just don’t blow a fuse or your power could kill us all. I didn’t mean what I said. You, your girlfriend there, Richard me and the two he is going to bring back here, all have a special power within us. One that will be able to save this world. “ He said as he rubbed the back of his neck. Rin had passed out from the thin air.

Richard walked back through the town to the group of villager but this time they were not happy. Richard sighed and let the villagers yell at him. He looked in to the two young boys eyes. “Come with me now.” He said his voice still calm and hypnotic as he lead the boys back to his shop. The villagers seemed no to follow.
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He was somewhat surprised when the silver haired man came up to them and somewhat calmed the people. He seemed to shrink back a few steps. He watched the other people leave slowly. Come with me if you don’t want to be hurt. He looked up, how could he trust this man, he didn't even trust the girl he had tried to help, he didn't even know them.

He slowly followed behind Rin, trying to ignore the people's stares. He stopped a few feet from the door when he saw the other man's looks at them. He seemed mad at, Richard was it, for bringing them here. "I'm not a demon!" He heard himself snap, "I'm a human being, and I don't need help from strangers that think of me like this"

With that he turned and began to walk away, but turned when he Richard asked their names, "Ouryu..." He said, his reply was fast. His eyes were still angry at the accusation of Loki. Fire burned in his eyes and suddenly he felt he had an extreme fever. "...Is it hot out here, or is it just me...?" He fell to his feet, gasping for air, as if he surrounded by fire that was sucking the air away from all around him.

Tora and Raion sat on their beds in the orphanage. It was likely they'd never be adopted since most people wanted younger children, so they really only left their room for food and water, and when the owner of the orphanage needed them. They both did online school. The brothers really only liked one another, and didn't get along with other people.

Tora sat up, he was suddenly cold, it felt like he was in a snow storm and was soaked to the bone with water. He managed to get a look at his brother and was shocked to see him engulfed in shadows.

All Raion could see was darkness, like he was trapped in a cave or a pitch-black room. He looked around, he saw his brother through the darkness, but all he could make out was the fear in his eyes.

Suddenly the twins found themselves in the middle of a town of some sorts. People were looking at them, soon the two were chased out. They caught up to the two soon after leaving the town, the towns people had cornered the two against a broken wall. Soon they were beating them, though they only really were targeting Raion, agitated by his one red eye.

Tora tried to help his brother, but the villagers wouldn't let him pass.

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A young male was sitting at an oak desk. The room was lighted by a single candle light. The room seemed to be made out of a polished wood. He was writing on a sheet of brown paper in a large brown book with a golden binding. “The town’s people are restless. It seems the prophecy is starting. “he said to himself. His voice was quite low and sounded of like a male who was old and wise. But old wasn’t the case.

The young male stepped out of the large cottage, on to the shop floor. He seemed to be the owner of the town’s library and sorcery shop. As he stepped in to the light of the shop, his silver hair glistened in the light. The woman around him seemed to stop and stare as he walked towards the crown of people who were harming the two kids.

He seemed to make his way through the crowd with ease. His silver eyes laid open the two children, the male seeming to be protecting the younger one. He whistled a soft tune that made the angry villagers calm down. “Please everyone stop this madness. Your sprits have become too agitated by fear. As you can see these are only children. They bring little harm to this village. They are lost. So please go back to whatever you have been doing and I will purify the demon.” He said his voice sounding distant and almost hypnotic.

The young male gently went over to the two and placed his hands on each of their right shoulder. “Come with me if you don’t want to be hurt.” He said and he started to lead them back to the shop. Once he had got there another male with black hair was there waiting for him.

“Richard.” The white haired boy said in an agitated voice. The boy seemed around the age if fourteen unlike Richard who was around the age of twenty. “Why have you brought them back here?! We can do this by ourselves. We don’t need any help from demons.” His voice was obviously stubborn as he crossed his arms and glared at the older male. “Loki, Loki.” Richard said shaking his head. “Why are you being so stubborn you know the prophecy? These young ones have been brought here to help us. So please don’t be so rude they are my guests. “ Richard said harshly. “ Now go and get the first aid kit! “

Loki grunted and made his way in to the kitchen. His parents were killed by a demon. But not just any demon. It was his brother who had been infected by the curse. Loki was the only one to survive. He was forced to live on the streets but that is where a cloaked figure had given him his power. Oki’s power came from a necklace around his neck. The gem was a clear colour and was quite small, thought that did not mean his power was weak. He spent years perfecting his power and that’s when Richard found him and took him in as his apprentice.

Loki walked back in the room, the first aid kit floating just above his hand. “So who are these kids?” he asked, his voice still as cold as ice. He looked from the girl to the male as Richard starting to work on the twos wounds. “What are your names young ones?” Richard had asked in a soft voice.

Rins eyes widened as a brown haired male had told the villagers to stop. By then Rins legs had given way and blood was running through multiple wounds. Her eyes filled with tears as the aggravation of villagers seemed to get worse. She didn’t want the boy to get hurt because of her but she couldn’t really do much.

The young girl was even more surprised when a silver haired male, who later she found out to be called Richard, had calmed the crowd. She didn’t know why but she felt as if she could trust him when he told the two to follow him. Though rins legs hurt she managed to stand and walk to where he led. It wasn’t that far. She looked back at the male who saved her and bowed. “Thank you so much.” She said to Richard and the brown hair male. She wondered if the boy that tried to save her was going to follow. She didn’t know where she was or what was happening but she could tell how angry the villagers were so she knew she would have to follow Richard. Just to find out what was happening.

She glared back at Loki. “What a warm welcome.” She thought, annoyed. She wondered why Richard was helping them and who they all were. When he asked for her name, rin said in a shy voice. “Rin…Rin kokoro”
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The boy was backed into a corner, three larger boys had him cornered. He cringed as they took another step near him. He forced himself past them and began to run. He hated going to school since he was always bullied. He ran away from the school with the three boys close at his heels.

He made a quick turn into an Alleyway and ducked behind a dumpster. "Don't let him get away!" he heard one of the boys yell, soon they ran past the alley, "Where'd he go?" asked another.

He started to relax, but he did too soon, he was suddenly surrounded by fire, his flesh started to burn, but he didn't smell smoke, or even the fire he saw. His eyes darted around frantically but couldn't move a muscle. Soon he found himself looking at a village. He blinked and rubbed his eyes, "Where am i...?" He whispered, looking around. He saw people, at least he thought they were people, of some kind walking into the village. He ducked away to some nearby bushes before being seen.

When he saw they were surrounding a girl he slowly stepped out, "Leave her alone" He said, trying to remain calm and not show his fear.
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A mellow morning light seemed to stream through the middle of two, pastel coloured, pink curtains and on to a young girls face. The young girls eyes slowly fluttered open and with a small and dainty awn she slowly twisted her body so her legs dangled out the bed and touched the cold wooden floor. The blonde haired girl stood up rubbing her eyes and pulled back the curtains to reveal, through a large window, a garden covered with emerald grass and a baby sky stretching to the horizon.

The young girl smiled softly and went in to a bathroom connecting to her room, to get cleaned. Once she was done she got changed in to a white frilly dress and skipped out of her room and down the stairs where two older looking figures sat at a table. "Good morning mother, father." The young girl chimed in childish voice. "Good morning." Her mother said sweetly as the father just ignored her, but Rin didn't mind as it was normal.

After breakfast was done the young girl went and sat outside in the garden, the warm winds circling her and the sun light reflecting on her pale skin. It was another beautiful day and Rin was the sort of person to love that. She was just your normal daughter of a rich family. Her father didn't love her and didn't hide it like her mother did, because she was not a boy, so she could not be his successor. Rin knew she would be married off in a couple of months and dreaded it. Then Rin heard something.

"The curse has come back, people are being possessed by...a demon *cough* I am to weak to fight it anymore *cough * *cough* you will save this world. *cough* Let the light be your guide

It was a males voice. Before Rin could say anything she was surrounded by a blinded light then everything went black. When Rin finally came to she was in what looked like a old finished town. She sat up and gripped her head, she must have hit it when she passed out. The young girl stood, confused, having no idea where she was or how she got there. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her mind as images of a male turning a large black crystal back to white, crammed her mind. The male was the one who's voice she heard, though she was still confused.

Rin started to walk round the small village like place, getting weird looks. Suddenly a group of people started to chase her yelling demon. She knew she looked different but she didn't get why they were calling her a demon. The young girl was chased until she was backed against the wall and circled by the villagers. Stones and other thing like that were thrown at Rin as she could hear the villagers yelling Die you demon.

After getting hit badly a couple of times, causing her to bleed in multiple places, she curled up behind her knees to protect her face and head, though she was a little too late for that. Rin cried for them to stop but they didn't. Rin didn't know a thin light was surrounding her which seemed to agitate them more.
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