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Hey, i have several ideas for rps, they either involve Anthros, Pokemon, Digimon, Wizards of Waverly place or a pokemon/digimon crossover. I am sick of making rps and having people join and hardly ever post or stop posting after the first few posts.

I want a partner who won't do this, and will understand that I have a busy life with my volunteer job, looking for a paying job, writing my book, school and puppy training and is willing to over look that and rp with me, i am also willing to do more than one rp, but i would like one per person if i do this.

Since its still happening with these if you haven't posted within ten days I will kick you out put you on the 'no longer will rp with' list.

Anthros ~ Daren is a school bully, he has been since the fourth grade. No one really likes him, and no one has ever been a true friend. He picks on the weak and is rude to anyone else. What they don't know is that he is abused at home by his older brother. Daren wants to change, but he has a hard time not lashing out on others.

When _____ moves a few houses down and starts to go to their school; Daren wants to start over, he does his best to be nice to the new kid and soon they become friends. Other students try to break their friendship and only Daren knows why. When _____ finds out about his past of bullying, will their friendship stand?

Digimon: Yet another crisis has come up in the digital world. Two children will meet and band together with their Digimon to save the two worlds. Kai is a foster child who is never in the same family for more than two month, he can't be handled for reasons unknown to himself and others.

He comes across a dog and befriends it, unknowing its a digimon. The Digimon, Howlmon observes him and soon decides to share his identity with the boy. Kai and Howlmon soon meet _______ who also has a Digimon.

Kai doesn't want the responsibility of all this but he is brought to the digital world with _______. The two must work together and find the cause of the threat.

________ finds Kai isn't easy to work with. Will the two be able to put their differences aside and fight? What will happen when they find the threat, will they be able to destroy it when time?

The threat isn't what they are expecting. But what else can you expect from the digital world?

[you may use a fan digimon like me, or one already made. please be no younger than 12 ]

Digimon: A link from the past: Kaito has been 'missing' for four years since he went to the digital world. He refused to go back with the other child who had gone with him, scared to what would happen when he returned to his foster mother's destroyed house and not sure who to trust. The other child managed to bring Kaito's brother to a hospital and returned to a normal life.

He had done his best to keep the peace for the long time he remained in the digital world with his digimon as well as the other childs and continue to look for the digimon who killed his family. He later comes down with an illness and keeps getting worse. Howlmon becomes frantic and starts to protect him from any digimon, good or bad.

After half a year in the digital world of being sick when howlmon is returning from finding food and water a portal opens up and sucks Kaito in, Howlmon quickly leaps in after him. The portal takes him back to the human world and is tossed aside into a park. Howlmon is sent elsewhere.

Several people who saw the boy come from nowhere rush over, as a panic comes up news reporters and soon crowds of people show up. He is rushed to the hospital. They do all they can for him, and he remains in a coma for almost another month. When he wakes up he has lost all his memory but some parts from the digital world, he can only remember dying in some strange land.

As he slowly starts to heal, he is moved into a hospital living area. His foster mother, who had found him because of the news visits once a week, he remembers only that he knows her from somewhere. He becomes friends with _______, another child in the hospital.

Soon a digimon finds ______, telling them they are needed in the digital world, as it rings a bell Kaito asks where that is, and what they are. The digimon explains and some memories come back, which trigger the ones where he found his home destroyed, his parents slaughtered and his brother missing. Later that day he remembers getting a dog and a house blowing up.

This leads him to sneak out after ______ and the digimon, He soon finds howlmon with another human. Howlmon tries to get to him without causing too big of a scene. He doesn't remember anything the digimon says, but is scared by the fact some 'dog' is talking.

Howlmon soon escapes the other human and finds the two kids and the other digimon. Slowly but surely Kaito's memory comes back. The two children soon start looking for portals as they hide for the people looking for them.

Kaito later runs into ________ the child from the first time he went to the digital world. As he/she tries to get him to remember everything comes back at once. The older child asks to go with them to find their old partner and help. The three of them soon find a portal and go to the digital world.

Kaito is now bent more on finding the digimon who killed his family then to help the other two, and they are separated. The other two start to search for clues and find a girl, who has only been in the digital for a week. She joins up with them and after several months in the digital world they meet up with Kaito and Howlmon, and then the villain shows itself, but its not what they expected at all.

Pokemon(Any Gen but B/W and X/Y : Senshi has been a Pokemon trainer for the past six years, he began his journey at nine years old with the Poochyena egg his father passed onto him upon dying. He chose Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Treecko and Turtwig along his journey for his starters. He is known for taming all three of the Legendary beasts, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune and he now is going back to pallet town at the request of Prof. Oak. He has been asked to take _____ on his Pokemon journey.

Upon Team Rocket's defeat, six years before a new team has risen up. Team Lunar is similar to the last team, but they are willing to torture and kill other humans to get what they want, which is still unknown. Senshi and _____ are tasked between their Pokemon journey and stopping Team Lunar. Will they prevail?

Wizards of Waverly Place: Alex and Mason were eventually married a few years after Alex won the competition. Now they have two children of their own who possess both of their parents magical qualities. They are both a werewolf and wizard. Benji and ______ go to the same school as their parents did. They live a normal life, aside from the fact they aren't mortal. Who will win the wizard competition?

Pokemon/Digimon crossover: This will be a combination of the two rps above, it will take place in the pokemon world, but Kaito will come there and the Pokemon Trainer and Digimon Tamer will have to work together against Team Lunar and the demon lord digimon.

Kaito won't want to work together, as he is more worried about getting back home but soon will see he has to defeat the demon lord digimon as they shouldn't be in any world but their own. _____ and Kaito will come across challenges and soon learn to work together.

I will only be excepting people that can post over 500 characters

Send me a PM if you'd be interested in one of the topics i listed.


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