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Remember that girl at the back of the class who comes to criticize anyone before her, or how about that guy that is always getting into someone's pants and speaking out his cocky comments. Imagine being handcuffed with them for life-well imagine worse.

Klara & {xxx}'s family have a feud with each other and the two despise each other down to the bone. They have so much despise for each other that they are destined to cause chaos and each others death. So, for the world to keep that from occuring, the two wake up and find that every single touch, emotion, pain and thought they have, the other can feel and hear. If one of them dies, the other dies. They're souls are tied to each other. And so, hell begins.

{xxx} is a charmer, dives for the pleasure and is to keep things neat and tidy. He's a wealthy boy that can get anything he wants. Klara on the other hand is strictly way old fashioned and a slob at that-and is not in the best state financially. With two opposites being soul bound, will the drive each other insane to the point of death or learn to make amends.

How to Play

  • Need I remind you that they hate each other. I want them to purposely get on each other's nerves.
  • No, nice, sweet guy. I'm not going to make her nice, shy, or anything on the lines of that. It'll get real dull and boring if they're getting along.
  • No instant love! I mean by the emotion.
  • Add your ideas in! Tell me if they're real dramatic that will change things though. I don't like being left alone in plot building. Be very creative!


What I'm looking for

1. Male character, able to play more characters too. Make the characters realistic with flaws.

2. Must be literate. Able to capitalize, spell and make sense. 300 words min. More preferred.

3. A post within three days, if not seven days. I get anxious with new rps. Old ones, I don't worry because I trust them enough to know they will post.

4. Decent picture. I love photography, so watch what you pick! We're free to ask each other to change our pictures.

5. Mature, adult but stick to ES rules. No god modding like crazy either.

6. Another thing. Don't bother worrying about making your character look good. Add drama, ideas, tension etc.

7. Do not ditch me. I will not forgive ditchers.

8. Let's have as much fun as possible, okay? :D Last thing: Put 'Soul mates ' in the pm. I won't respond if you don't.

Do not request to post. Pm me. And read below about my character!


Name: Klara Ainsbelle

Age: 22

Occupation: PI

About her: Her family wasn't always necessarily poor. In fact, it's the reason why there is so much hatred between her family and his. her family use to take ownership of a retail clothing store 'Majestic,' her mother being the designer and her father being the CEO. She was a bit of a spoiled brat at the start, until {xxx} father found his way to tear down family company and force them into bankruptcy. As if things couldn't get any worse, her father grew missing and people assumed he was dead or that he abandoned his family. Her mother was next to never utter a word ever again, not even to Klara. Unfit to take care of Klara, Klara was sent into her poor aunt to watch over. She doesn't believe that her father abandoned them and it's her reason into getting into criminology.

Extra: Has an old hairpin that she always keeps with her. Has a tattoo her right shoulder of a raven.

Name: Hunter W. Smith

Age: Twenty Four

Occupation: Tattoo Artist

About him: Hunter might seem like a total hard ass to some people, but those who truly know him, know that he's a sweet heart. Ever since he had met Klara, something about her had rubbed him the wrong way. Yes his father had gotten into the work place, he had made sure his name was out there. There were somethings that Hunter didn't like about the woman. Just something there, about her he loved to pick at. Yes he's a hard ass, but he does it to show he cares sometimes. He's big into tattoo's, and he has another job off on the side, with running his own business.

Extra: Hunter has a little sister who makes him melt whenever she's around. She pretty much has her older brother wrapped around her finger.


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Age: (20-24)


About him:


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Roleplay Responses

It grinded her bones to even come face to face with him, fueling her rage far more than it usually was lit when she kept her distance. Something did have to be done about this, especially if they couldn’t block each other out, mostly for her sake at this point. At this point a flash of violent images came over her head and she knew that he could see every bit of them. Tossing him off a volcano, dismantle him, push him in front of a bus, let aliens dissect that bastard-anything she could come up with because she knew for a fact that she couldn’t just slap him or else she’d feel it right back.

Of course she knew that no one was here, the last thing she would was walk into the middle of him doing something. That would make matters a lot worse, and then that’s when he got too close for comfort, and almost had her reaching for her tazer until she found it in his hands instead of hers. Shit. What was she going to do with the tazer? “Taze you unconscious for the rest of the night so I don’t have to bear with it again for the second time in a day.”

“Don’t look at me like that, I know what you’re thinking and it’s not a great idea to piss me off any more than I already am. I’m not kidding, you need to stop because there’s things you can and cannot do while we’re trapped in each other’s head.” He was obviously not listening and was beyond even caring when the phone rang. She was trying to even pretty calm setting them all down again this time but it gave the same outcome. She soon found herself outside and him leaving the entire place-leaving her tazer inside.

You know what? I give up. Last time I bother to do things nicely and directly. She was only telling herself. She went into her bag where she kept everything that she always needed around. She pulled out a homemade lock pick and used it on his door once he was out of sight. That tazer cost money and she wasn’t going to lose it. The door clicked open and she walked right in but only took her tazer and didn’t bother to lock the door on her way out. She made her way back home but felt that worry well up in her. Whatever that call was about, it must have been something big. For a second, she just closed her eyes to see what was happening, not out of concern but out of curiosity. He was heading to the hospital and worried about...rose? Who? Her question was answered when she saw what he saw.

Her body bumped against someone else and her eyes opened. It was stupid for her to be zoned out but she was pretty sure she was walking in such a slow pace that no one would pump into her. The man was pulling her crappy beige bag away that she bought years ago. He was holding a blade out.

“Give that to me.” The man, obviously homeless spat. It was a good thing she still had that tazer in her coat pocket. She hand him her bag and then shot the tazer the next second at the man’s chest. By accident the blade nearly made a cut at the side of her wrist. She didn’t notice, at least not at the moment. Once the man was on the ground unconscious, she grabbed her bag and dialed a phone number. Here was her excuse to talking to Tyler. He picked up pretty quick.

“Hey, some guy tried to rob me just now... He’s unconscious, so you might want to send someone to pick him up,” She said and handed him the address and heard that he was going to come here himself. It wasn’t too long before Tyler arrived. She end up talking to him before he put the guy under arrest. Klara was once more walking back home and when she did arrive, the first thing she did was fall sitting on her comfy couch and then call someone that she hadn’t for awhile. Hunter was more than distracted at this point to pick out her own thoughts.

“Hi, it’s Klara; I just wanted to ask how my mom was doing. Is she talking?” She hesitated to even ask.

“Hello Klara, it’s been a while since you called. She’s doing better now. She’s eating more, speaking to old friends and even taken an interest in another man. There still are moments where she has a bad break, but she is doing better.”

What the hell could have happened in two months that she already found someone else since the last time she called? Klara swallowed before speaking again, “Well, I’m glad she’s happy.”

“I’m afraid you still can’t speak to her. If you talk to her or come in contact with her it will ruin all the progress she’s made. Anything that is connected to her past, even objects causes problems and she said specifically not to let you visit.”

“I know... Well, I should have enough to still pay you for this month. Thank you.” Klara hung up instantly and fell silent. At least she hoped she had whatever was left in her trust fund to pay up for that house she bought her mom plus those people that she had to take care of her. She had some money after her after dad disappeared but she was using that money to get her mom back to normal, hopefully. Well, it wasn’t all that bad; she still had her aunt and her cousins that were amazing people.

For what it’s worth Hunter, I hope she’ll be okay. Not for you, but for her. She thought, not caring if he heard or not but he just might. She stretched out to lie down on the couch until she felt the stinging in her left wrist. Crap. She saw the cut on her shirt digging into her skin. It was definitely bleeding but at least it wasn’t cutting in too deep and wasn’t where the veins were. She got up to clean the wound and then set dinner for herself which was actually just a sandwich since she lacked in cooking. Caleb usually cooked, and he was a damn good cook at that. She began to wonder, what if this connection lasted forever. What would they do then? What would she do?

She got up from her small kitchen space and head straight into their messy room and on the computer and began to research for how to reverse it. Google had all answers right? Might as well try. All she got was something about soul mates, repenting all sins, and forgive the person, rip up old objects that held symbolism. After going plenty through nonsense she fell flat asleep on the computer table.

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The sound of someone banging on the door, brought the male out of his state, and he sighed lightly. He moved to the door, and jerked it open. He smirked lightly and looked down at the woman before him. "enjoy the show?" he asked, as he cocked his head. He covered her mouth, and narrowed her eyes. "If you don't keep it down, the cops will be called in" he said. He pulled the woman into the house, and he looked down at her. "as you can clearly see sweetheart, I'm alone not a soul in sight" he said, as he motioned around his apartment.

He had been screwed in the tattoo shop, so she shouldn't be going around yelling like that. 'Bitch you need to calm down, before I end up screwing your brains out' he thought towards her. Now that would have been an amazing thing to do. Then again, he didn't want to get slapped, what with her being a virgin and all. He cocked his head to the side, and he stepped towards her, and slid his arms around her. He found the tazer, and he slid it into his hands, and stepped back.

"what do you think you were going to do with this? It's not like I'm fucking someone right now, Jesus" he said. He was slightly pissed off yes. He had every right to be. She was pretty much accusing him, of screwing someone right here and now. He held onto the tazer gun, and he went over scooped up the names and phone numbers, and threw them all into the trash. None of the women, he wanted to hook up with again, at this point in time. If he did, he would run into them again, at one point or another.

He cocked his head to the side, as he turned around. He smirked slightly, as he watched her. She was even more beautiful when she was pissed off. Hell he should piss her off more often. He heard his phone ringing, and he went over and picked it up. He didn't like the bond he had with her, anymore than she did. In all honesty, she wasn't good at hiding what she was thinking. She was sometimes a really easy person to read, and he semi liked it. Because that was how he found out about the gun she had been carrying.

"Hunter here" he said into the phone. His face dropped, and so did his heart. He felt like he couldn't breath. His sister was in the hospital once more? He shook his head, as he tried to keep his calm. "Yeah I'll be right there" he said, as he hung up the phone. He nearly threw the damn thing at Klara. He stopped himself though, and he looked towards her. "Don't think about it, I'm leaving" he said. He knew she could see the worry on his face, and he was worried. More than anything right now.

He grabbed his jacket, and grabbed Klara's arm and pulled her out the door. He locked it behind him, and didn't even look back at the woman. He had left the gun inside and it was a good thing. He broke out into a sprint leaving the woman behind. He didn't want to talk to her, he wanted her gone, and he had to put space between them. He ran out the door, and he slid right into his truck, started it up, and peeled out of the parking lot. He didn't care if he was speeding or not.

The only thing he could think about right now, was getting to the Hospital, and seeing Rose. His fingers tightened around the wheel, his heart pounding inside of his chest. He couldn't even think straight. The only thing that kept running through his mind, was Please be okay. Over and over again, he didn't care about the bond, he didn't care about Klara, he only cared about Rose at the moment. As he sped through a red light, he hoped he wouldn't get pulled over. He was already wasting time. By the time the Hospital was in view, he was worried sick.

He managed to find a parking spot, spot his parent's car, and he knew they were here. He flew out of the truck, slamming the door behind him. He ran inside got the room number, and ran all the way. When he neared the room, he stopped and looked at the number to make sure. He burst through the door, and the sight before him, made his heart break. She wasn't awake. She was hooked up to tubes and everything. He bit his lip, as he moved over to the bed, and knelt down. He took her hand in his and kissed the back of it.

"I'm here baby girl, I'm here" he said. He felt his father's hand on his shoulder, and he shrugged it off. "Get out of here" he snapped. His father didn't need to be told twice. The moment Hunter was alone, was when he broke down. His sister was laying lifeless in the bed, and he couldn't do a damn thing. He lowered his head, and sobbed. His whole body shaking. The only person who could make him do this was Rose, and she was fighting for her life right here, and and right now.

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In front of her was the douche bag she constantly tries to get rid of. He was step inside her apartment because for some terrible reason she decided to open the door. Klara’s temper always did get the better of her. “I decided on something,” Caleb said, hands fit into his obviously fake leather jacket.

“What? That you’re ‘key chain’ isn’t actually here?”
“I already knew that. I lost the keys a long time ago, remember?” He said and scoffed, “Come on, you didn’t actually think I came here for-“

“-No. I only let you in because I want to declare something,” She kept her body stiff, because what she had in mind is to literality kick his out of the place and attempt to embarrass him for pay back but that would be childish and that wasn’t the way she wanted to act. Slowly she felt a sudden lust creep into her. He was doing it again. He was definitely doing again. She ran her fingers through her hair, trying to block it out but she still hasn’t found a way to block him out at all.

“Good. I’m glad we’re on the same page,” Caleb smiled. What did he say? She couldn’t really care what he said but Caleb was starting to look a lot better than he did a couple of minutes ago. Actually, she couldn’t care how he looked right now but damn she wanted to kiss him. Not on the lips. She shook her head and blinked trying to pull away from his emotions. Think about something depressing That’s what usually helped her through it. Think horrible thoughts and her emotions would overcome his.

Caleb was speaking but she didn’t really listen, so she just nodded and pretended she was listening while she fought the emotions and thought about her missing dad and her mother but then Caleb shifted a little close and her forced depressing stops came into an end. Stop! For god sakes stop! She tried to send it through Hunter but he probably wouldn’t notice or give a damn. A moan escaped her lips. Caleb was staring at her back with a raised eyebrow.

“Cramps, just pain,” She fibbed. He said something else and she ignored him-again and began to kiss him, dig under his shirt until it lead further into the couch, made it to being half nude and then-bam. Reality smacked her right in the face when Caleb was going to take the rest off. She pushed him away and got up, “No! No. This is not happening.” Now he was staring at her like she was crazy. Maybe she was. “Caleb....” She inhaled a deep breath, “Leave.”

“Sure, I’ll come back tomorrow night,”
“That’s not what I mean. Just...go”
“Fine...Fine,” He nodded and got up and got dressed while she sat there dazed, not sure what she was going to do about this. She had to do something about this. She was going to lose her virginity this way. What would her aunt say? Forget about what she’d say-what she would do to her? Skin her alive, chop off a limp, shift her off into a poor country with nothing? And all of that because of Hunter? That bastard? NO. When she pulled out of her thoughts she saw Caleb at the door.
“Glad we’re together again,” He said quickly before slamming the door shut. She jolted up on her feet and rushed to peak open the door, “What are you-” He was already in the elevator. She heavily groaned and slammed the door loudly shut. Great. Just great.

'Take that Klara'
You fucking son of a bitch! I will chop your dick off and feed them to a pack of wolves. Her hands were in fists and she was ready to break everything in sight after what she just done. Now she had to break up for the second time. She start pacing around the room, debating what she was going to do and then end up in her messy room, her fingers digging into her drawer until she found a taser. Perfect. Hunter would be able to fuck if he was knocked unconscious now would he? All she had to do was taze herself, and they would be both knocked unconscious. At least, that’s what she hoped since she didn’t know how far this ‘bond’ went. It was all worth it.

That sounds crazy even in my own head. Yet, she had to get creative. She nibbled on her bottom lip and then thought maybe she should take the direct approach. Don’t think about it She told herself, repeatedly because she didn’t want Hunter to know what she was up to or he’d find a way to avoid it. She quickly got dressed and walked out into the streets, still telling herself not to think about it. She eventually ends up at a door and breathed.

Yes. She was at the front of his door. He will not leave this room tonight. She could have just stayed home and mentally talk to him but she was beyond pissed. She started to pound on his door, “Open the fucking door! You can’t just fuck whenever you want to fuck! I am not going to lose my fucking virginity that I treasured for years because of some man whore that can’t hold onto one girl!” She was ready to rant her whole life problems at this point, “You’re a selfish bastard you know that! If you don’t open up I’ll call that other whore and tell her you have aids!” She wasn’t going to stop until he opened the door like a whiny little girl she was at times because she didn’t know how else to handle it. She’s felt like she’s also committed a thousand sins for just using ‘fuck’ so much in one day.
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Hunter just shook his head. What was he supposed to do? Just stop sleeping around? There was no way in hell he would do that. He loved the sex, he loved the passion, and he wasn't about to stop doing it, because Klara asked him too. He just rolled his eyes, and went back to working on Kyle's tattoo. When he was done, he leaned back and checked out his work. He had to admit, he did a bang up job. Plus he really loved his line of work as well. He gave him the freedom he wanted, and the art work as well.

Kyle stood and the two hugged, "now play nice with the girl" he said, and Hunter just shook his head, "I would if I could" he said. He watched as his friend walked out the door. He was left alone once more. Apart of him, wanted to close early, but he knew it couldn't happen. He was kind of glad too, because a red headed woman walked inside, and his eyes went to her legs. So much skin was showing, he had a moment of thinking of her wrapped around his waist, her body moving with his.

With those legs, the work she could do. He cracked a smile, forgetting about Klara, and everything that was happening. His eyes traveled towards her's, and the moment she opened her mouth, he knew he had to get her into bed. "I would like a tattoo on my lower back, leading to my chest. So it would have to go all the way around my side, and along my breast" she said. Hunter's mouth started to water, and he nodded lightly, "I can do that for you, take a seat" he said, pointing towards the chair.

He knew other things were going to happen as well, so he moved over to the door, locked it, and drew the blinds closed. The red head didn't seem to mind, because he could hear her moving around, and the sound of her zipper. He shut off the open sign, and he turned around. "So I've heard you are pretty amazing in bed Hunter, so I have to see for myself" she said, as she slid her pants down to the floor. Hunter took in the sight of the now naked woman in front of him, he moved towards her slowly.

"I'll try to make sure, I stand up to what people have been saying about it" he said, as he licked his lips. He reached out, and touched her skin lightly. Before he knew it, she was on top of him, and their bodies were rocking back and forth against one another. When they were both pleased, his chest was rising and falling. He found his new sex partner. He smirked as he remember what had happened a while ago, with Klara. 'Take that Klara' he thought, as he traced his fingers along the woman's skin.

The moment he thought they were done, they were trying out another way of doing it. About and hour later, his body was aching, and his mind was spinning. She slowly got dressed, and the kiss she planted on his lips, made him go weak. "thanks for that, I'll make sure to find you again soon" she whispered, and with that she was gone. Hunter just laid there, on the cold floor. He couldn't believe someone as beautiful as her, had stopped by, just to get fucked by him. Now that was what he called amazing sex.

When he finally rolled up onto his feet, he found his clothes, got dressed, and he was out of the building his phone at his ear. He was talking to Kyle, and telling him in detail what had happened. He knew that Klara would be getting, and seeing what he was saying. He really didn't right now. Right now, he wanted to get home, and look the woman up. He had a feeling he's seen her before. As he slid into the car, he looked at the time, and he smirked. He was surprised no one had tried stopping by.

He shook his head, started the car, and pulled out the parking lot. He headed straight home, and started flipping through the pages of phone numbers he had gotten, along with pictures he had managed to talk the women into. Tonight was going to be a good night for him, if he could find her. Klara was so far out of his mind, that when he thought about her, it kind of made him feel guilty. He shrugged, and went back to the task at hand.

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Hunter was the poster boy of what she disliked in a guy. Perhaps she judged far too much but once there was a strong dislike of someone it was hard to think rationally. Trust me. If I was able to block you out, I would have already done it. It would safe her from having any distractions while she was doing her own work.

It wasn’t odd for her head to be into the clouds and that’s why she put herself into another uncomfortable situation. Her eyes flickered and saw another person in the room and desperately hoped that she wasn’t making that much of a scene.

“I’d happily leave,” She toned down her voice and gave a smug smile, “But refraining from sex, drugs or alcohol while I’m working will be most appreciated. Goodbye Hunter.” She had no plan or reason for being here. She was stuck on what else to say or what excuse giving. Klara span with her heel to face the door. She planned on leaving herself and not on a terrible bad note.

He came too close for her comfort. Her nails dug into her palm and her brown eyes glared at him. Her lips parted but then shut close again. Why waste her breath on yelling? It would only give him the satisfaction. Slapping wouldn’t do any good either because it was similar to slapping herself.

“I don’t settle for man whores. I have standards, and don’t kid yourself. Even you’re thinking ‘no way in hell,” She added. His comment struck a personal nerve and only angered her that much more. Funny how that was exactly what Caleb said except in no joking manner. That was the last time she’d ever get anywhere near a person like that again. Lesson learned.

A rush of cold air passed through the moment she was pushed outside on the sidewalk. Very funny Hunter. Saying that in front of your friend to me makes you sound real manly... Maybe try a more damn direct approach by saying you want to talk to me later. I know everything you’re thinking-remember? She inhaled a heavy breath and after few seconds she decided to walk home, watching every step she took and didn’t step on a single crack. It was a long walk to the building. She climbed up the stairs till she reached the fifth floor, not because the elevator was broken but because she disliked elevators. Right when she arrived at the front of her door, her phone vibrated.

She picked it up without checking who it was. “Hey Klara, I left something at our-your place. It’s that small key chain I had. Do you mind giving it back?”

“I would but I threw it out.” She fibbed, not even sure what the hell he was talking about since he lost his keys a month ago and end up having to wait until she got to the apartment.


“If you want the damn thing, then come and pick it up Caleb.” She instantly hung up. She fumbled to find her key and then fit into the door to get inside. That’s the third time he called this week. She was honestly hoping he wouldn’t have to go through his bull shit again. Once she got in, she decided to help herself to a sandwich before crashing down into the couch to look at some files Tyler gave her to help her figure out where the hell her father was.

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Hunter smirked a bit, when he heard the woman's thoughts about him sleeping around. He just shook his head, and thought back 'If you don't like it, then stay the fuck outta my head' he had caught onto the last part, about her seeing him stripping down, he couldn't help but chuckle lightly. She was a wild one at that. Sometimes he wondered what it would have been like if they didn't hate each other. Would it have been the same? Or would she be the one, he came home to every night? Those thoughts always seemed to depress him.

He hated the woman more than anything, and he looked up when his friend Kyle walked in, "Hey Ky, what do you need done?" he asked, as he shut the book. Kyle just shook his head, "I want to get my daughter's name and birthday on my shoulder with a pair of hands and feet" he said, as he started pulling the shirt up and over his head. Hunter only nodded, and a smile broke out onto his face, "what did ya guys decide on?" he asked, as he slid off of the stool, and went to get his work station set up.

Kyle grinned, "we decided on Katrina Rose" he said, as he watched Hunter. "how's that thing with the mega bitch going?" he asked, he was really curious to know what was going on with the two. Ever since Hunter had told him about it, he had wanted to pry. Hunter shrugged lightly, "I found out she saw me the other night" he said, smirking. Kyle shook his head a little, and sat down his back facing Hunter. "she saw you? What the hell?" he said, with a laugh.

"Don't ask me how, because I didn't even know till a few minutes ago" he said, with a smirk. As he worked the two talked, and then he heard the door open, "I'll be right-" he was cut off when he heard the woman's voice. He looked over her shoulder, and smirked a bit, "Well hello to you too Klara, I'm busy right now" he said, as he went back to work. He was about to talk to Kyle more, when he heard her comment about having a penis. He rolled his eyes, shut off the tool, and turned around.

He crossed his arms over his chest, as he stood. "Listen Klara, I hate this as much as you do, but you have to understand I have a job, and I need to be left alone" he said, as he walked over and put his hand on her lower back, and started towards the door. He looked down at her, and a slow smirk passed over his lips, "So when do I get to get you naked and in my bed?" he asked, as he leaned down towards her a bit. He licked his lips lightly, and grinned.

There was no way in hell, he would ever mean those words. Yes she was sexy as hell, and he would love to feel that skin against his, but if things were different, he would. Right now, he didn't want anything to do with her. He didn't want her in his shop. He pulled open the door, and gently pushed her out, "Come back when I'm not busy" he said, as he turned letting the door close behind him. He moved back to his chair, and picked up the tool once more. Kyle was watching with silent awe.

The moment that he was sitting back down, Kyle looked right at him and the two burst out laughing. "did you really say that to her? Dude you are so dead" he said as he turned back around. Hunter only shrugged, "I don't really give a fuck. She can deal with it" he said, as he went back to work. As he sat there, he wanted to just talk to her, but he knew he was walking on shattered glass. Plus with his comment, he didn't know how much trouble he was going to be in with her. He smirked a bit, and let himself get lost in his work.

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It was silent. It was far too silent in the apartment. She didn’t think she’d ever get used to how quiet it could be. Not even over at her aunt’s place was it this quiet. She was always surrounded with some kind of noise or chatting. Maybe she should move back with her aunt but still, the lack of privacy there and the demands of what she can do and can’t do. She swallowed down a cup of orange juice when an image or more light a thought image came up. He was thinking about her. It wasn’t that long ago since she developed an unwanted crazy connection. It bothered her but what could she do about it?

Last night, Hunter’s sleeping around had made it difficult for her to focus on what she was doing when she felt his emotions. It must have been why she was accidently or maybe even purposely taking explicit photos of who she was watching. She’s never slept with a person in her life considering she was old fashioned to the point she wouldn’t sleep with anyone before marriage yet now she had a pretty good damn idea what it was like.

(center Hunter. Do me this one goddamn favor and don’t sleep with anyone until we break this connection. We need to set some rules down of what we can do and can’t do because if you haven’t notice. Anything your feeling, I can feel. She thought, knowing he would be able to hear what she was thinking. This wasn’t exactly how she managed being telepathic to be like. He heard her thoughts, she could hear his. And that wasn’t the worst part. There was no way she was going to tell him but by accident, she could slip into his head and see what he’s doing the current moment. She figured that one out when she accidently saw him stripping down to sleep with a woman. Shit. I just thought it.
She got up and decided to take a quick shower, untangled her hair and changed her clothes into a comfortable skirt and a pastel blue top, slipping on her ankle boots and grabbing her phone. She peaked at the screen of her last relationship and frowned, quickly changing the background picture.

Klara picked up her camera and began deleting unnecessary photos before leaving her apartment. Her neighbor came out of his own apartment; a twenty eight year old man was a cop and had his own girlfriend. Klara gave a half smile and they began to speak to each other. Klara was an embarrassment and even she knew it. When it came to her ex, she was pretty up front and hardly like this but when it came to her neighbour Tyler, she couldn’t help herself despite that he had a girlfriend. And now with her new discovery of pleasure, she wanted to do more than just wanted to plant a simple kiss on Tyler lips, far from it.

Klara soon exited the building herself and took a bus to a farther location where all the houses were widely distant from each other and also fairly big. She met her client and handed him over the pictures that showed prove that his wife was sleeping with someone else. She end up leaving the property and headed back to her area but then her feet began to lead her elsewhere.

This always happened. It wasn’t just the thoughts, and emotions, pain that she felt. Like an elastic band, if she headed off too far from him, she unconsciously walks toward him. It was why she was so careful to keep herself always consciously aware these past few days. She end up walking down the pathway until she end up right in front of his shop and decided to step in away.

She stared back at him, just watching for a bit. “I what I’m doing here.” She stared at her feet for a moment.

“Well. Since I’m here. Let’s talk since I hate knowing what it feels like to have a penis,” She quietly spat. It wasn’t true but it might just catch his attention and actually do something about his sleeping habits. Klara’s personality was definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but she was who she was.

  Klara Ainsbelle / Ravenity / 6y 187d 6h 26m 30s

The sound of the alarm clock rose the male from his slumber, and he slammed his hand down against it. He shook his head, as he rolled onto his back. Last night had been amazing, and as he was rolling over, he spotted the red headed female beside him. She was beautiful yes, and he had enjoyed pleasing her. Now though she had to leave. He shook her shoulder, "Rise and shine sexy, it's time for you to leave" he said. A small moan came from the woman, who only rolled over, and opened her bright green eyes and smiled slyly towards him.

"I don't wanna go, and you can't make me" she said, as she curled herself around him. He was a little surprised when she rolled herself onto him and took charge. A moan of pleasure passed through his lips, and he let the woman go at it. When she was done, he lifted her naked body off of his bed, and carried her to the door. He opened it, tossed her clothes out, and then tossed her out as well. He leaned against the door, smirking "thanks for the morning after doll" he said, as he shut the dor in her face.

He could hear the woman cussing, and he knew he had done his duty. He moved to the bathroom, and he stopped and looked around. Was that Klara's voice? The fuck? He leaned against the wall, and realized what was happening. Since he had met the woman, something had happened to the both of them. Something huge. He could hear her thoughts, and feel her pain. As the feeling in his stomach passed, he could finally walk again. He made it into the bathroom, and shut the door behind him. He stepped into the shower, and turned it on.

As he stood under the water, his mind went to last night. How he had come across the beautiful red head. There was something there, something that had drawn him to her. Maybe it was because she had legs that went on forever, or maybe it was the way he felt when she kissed him. Whatever it was, it made his heart skip a beat. He smirked as he reached for the shampoo and washed his hair. He hurried and finished in the shower, and then climbed out. He was going to be late for work, and he didn't want that happening.

Even through he owned his own shop, he wanted to be there on time. Most of the time, he would have a couple of his friends come in and help him. Lately though, he's been doing a pretty bang up job on his own. He never got that busy anyway. He sighed as he wrapped a towel around his waist. He ran his hand over the mirror, wiping away the frost that had covered it. He looked at himself, and cocked his head to the side. What was he doing? Everything he was doing, was wrong in a way.

He sighed, as he brushed his teeth, and then walked out of the bathroom. He went back into his room, found some clean clothes dried off and got dressed. Today was going to be an interesting day, that's for damn sure. Something was going to happen too. He rubbed his temples lightly, as he felt a headache coming on. This wasn't good, not good at all. He couldn't work with a headache. He found his shoes slid them on, and walked back into the bathroom, to find some aspirin, he popped two tablets into his mouth, and washed them down with water.

Now that he was ready to go, he shut off the light and walked out. He went into the kitchen, grabbed his phone and car keys. He walked out of the small apartment, and he was on his way. The tattoo shop wasn't that far, so he decided he would walk. It was a nice enough day anyway. He might as well right? He ran his hand over his face, as his stomach growled. He was hungry, and he decided he would run to the small cafe near his shop, and get something to eat. He walked inside, and smiled to the blonde behind the counter.

"Morning Hunter, what can I get you?" She asked, as she leaned against the counter. The male couldn't help but look at the cleavage she was showing. He shook his head, as he locked eyes with her, "Black coffee and a sandwich" he said. The woman nodded and went about getting his order filled. When it was done, he paid, picked up the bag and walked out. He headed towards the shop. Today was going to be slow, he could feel it. Maybe tonight he'll go out and get drunk off his ass.

He smiled at the thought, as he unlocked the door, and walked inside. He clicked on the lights, and turned the sign to open. He moved over to the counter, sat down pulled out his meal, and took a bite. He pulled out his book he'd been reading, and settled down. All he had to do was wait, and he wasn't good at that. He lifted the cup to his lips, and took a sip. He sat there his eyes running across the page, waiting for someone to come in. Anyone really, he was bored out of his mind already.

  #Bound / -SoullessDoll / 6y 187d 9h 18m 7s
Years have shown Klara how fast beautiful things can be torn down to rubble. In a blink of an eye, her home vanished, with her mother’s smile and her father’s face. She had people to blame for it but everything she had mind to getting back at them would give her twenty five years to life in prison.

Her long brown hair was in a tangled mess, her eyes drooping. It was five PM, she didn’t sleep all night and decided to sleep at morning and just woke up now. For some reason, she just felt off today. She let out a short yawn and spat out, “Holy shit, no one is murdering you don’t need to knock so damn loud.” She dragged her feet past the thrown clothes on her bedroom floor. She couldn’t help it; she was lazy when it came to cleaning anything but herself. She missed it when she had someone to clean the mess for her since even her own parents were lazy pricks to be doing it.

While heading out of the bedroom, she bumped her toe against a drawer and held her breath. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Klara spun the front door knob open and pulled on it but it wouldn’t budge before realizing she needed to unlock the damn door first. Eventually, she go the door to open and came eye to eye with Sarah and Tanner. Her two closest friends. They stared at her blankly for a while.

“I’m a mess. I know,” She snickered, “So, what does twiddle dumb and twiddle dumber want?” She was still exhausted and she knew her friends wouldn’t take what she was saying to heart. Unless they did but she didn’t think they would.

“We were thinking we should all go out today and have some fun...” Sarah began and her brown eyes lifting to Klara’s hair, “But not like that.”

“I’m tired,” Klara stayed.

“You’re always tired." Tanner said.

“Because spouses cheat each other the same time any other criminal pulls a crime. That or between work breaks. I’d really love to go but I’m seriously exhausted,” She fibbed about one part. She wasn’t the type to go out and waste time to have ‘fun.’ She hadn’t let loose for years; there was no point in starting now. That was the problem with last relationship. She was dumped because she was far too busy working, or at least that’s how she puts it.

Tanner walked into her apartment and took her camera that was sitting on the kitchen counter. The apartment was fairly small, yet she still had to find another roommate since the last was her boyfriend that dumped her.

“I didn’t know you were into por-” Tanner chuckled. Klara grabbed the camera out of his hand and set it down. Crap. I can’t believe he saw that graphic pic.

“I was just taking pictures as prove,” Klara clarified. Tanner grinned all knowing, “Sure it is.”

“It really is. Now, can you two go?” She asked. Seriously. You’d think they’d give up getting me out of the apartment by now. Klara suddenly felt sick. She ate some bad food earlier that she knew she shouldn’t have eaten but she did nevertheless. “Sarah, Tan, if you don’t leave now. I’m going to throw up on both of you,” She warned.

“Got it. We’ll go,” Tanner said and took Sarah’s hand and left her apartment. She closed the door, pressed her back against it and then slid down the door feeling a stomach ache surface.

-Sorry if this not much to work on, but they can hear each others thoughts and still feel each other's pain.-
  Klara Ainsbelle / Ravenity / 6y 188d 5h 35m 16s

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