from rivals to lovers parents!!!

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this is set in a anime school here is the story board

this is about a pair who started as rivals and became lovers and due to there wandering hands later emerged a problem when the girl finds out she is pregnant ,she races to find the father of the new lifea teen called by the name zeke markesse

after wordspreads that the two are parents there friends start to get real into helpin theme and it becomes worse when her parents find out the her bf is zeke markesse
accepted characters

zeke markesse

Tsuki Hyuga Hikari the girls parent

the girl Layla Emerald

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Layla looked at Zeke almost confused.

Are you .. listening to me?..Im pregnant, with your child. How are you possibly okay with this?!

She began to freak out.
Pushing Zeke away - she sat on the desk and looked down - head in her hands and sighed.

I haven't told my parents no...
  Layla Emerald / MeisjeKelly / 8y 317d 22h 32m 22s
well the one thing he did was be understandable -he pulls her to a hug- its ok ill help you whenever you need it.... i swear on it

he kissed her forehead and smiled at her are we ok now he looks at her have you told your friends yet or your parent?

it was one of his traits that she admired so much he was always there when it really counted
  zeke markesse / zerato / 8y 317d 22h 38m 40s
Layla looked around.
Biting her lower lip - she grabbed Zeke's hand and pulled him over into an abandoned classroom.

Looking down - she ran her fingers through her long pink hair before nodding.
Ok... Um, remember that night. We - you know...fucked...

Zeke nodded.
As did Layla.

Okay, turns out. Im pregnant...
  Layla Emerald / MeisjeKelly / 8y 317d 22h 45m 7s
ok what is it ill be ok and calm what is it you need to tell me what ever it is, im here for you

he says while looking at her with that smile he gave her on the first date they had
  zeke markesse / zerato / 8y 317d 22h 53m 29s
Layla moved to her locker and opened it up before turning - staring into Zeke's eyes.
Nothing is wrong..
She lied.

Turning back - Layla grabbed her books and one single pen before shutting the locker door, taking another look at Zeke then sighed.

Im going to tell you something, but please.. please do not get the way you get...
  Layla Emerald / MeisjeKelly / 8y 317d 23h 3m 40s
zeke caught up to her can i please now why u have been avoiding me did i do somethin wrong if so im sorry.... he has a sincere look on his face and full of worry please tell me whats wrong
  zeke markesse / zerato / 8y 317d 23h 6m 15s
Getting out of the car was hard for Layla.
She knew in just a few short moments, she'd have to tell Zach - what exactly was going on.
Why she was acting wierd lately.
Why the mood swings.
Why all the ignoring.

Walking up to the doors - books in her hand Layla opened up and gracefully stepped in.
Her eyes looked at Zach and looked down before walking the other way - trying to delay the confession.
  Layla Emerald / MeisjeKelly / 8y 317d 23h 8m 33s
zekewas at the doors to the school were he waited for his girlfriend layla were is she she haver is late on getting here ...she has been acting strange eversince last week...i wonder whats up he shrugged it off {probly nothin} he says in his mind ,he decides to wait for her till she arrives
  zeke markesse / zerato / 8y 317d 23h 11m 33s
you start.
you seem to know where this story should go ...
  Layla Emerald / MeisjeKelly / 8y 317d 23h 14m 30s
ok your added do you want to start or should i???
  zeke markesse / zerato / 8y 317d 23h 18m 51s
That's a cute anime picture! i approve of it.

well im going to bed. ill check back in later.
  Tsuki Hyuga Hikari / BillieBelle / 8y 317d 23h 21m 3s
yea thats good give me asec to post and put you in
  zeke markesse / zerato / 8y 317d 23h 21m 22s
ok here...
hopefully this is suitable enough.
  Layla Emerald / MeisjeKelly / 8y 317d 23h 21m 59s
  Tsuki Hyuga Hikari / BillieBelle / 8y 317d 23h 27m 36s
oh thats casue they came in together she didnt see the other till i pointed it out
  zeke markesse / zerato / 8y 317d 23h 27m 55s

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