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Yasu finished his meal within a matter of moments. He was currently now sipping some wine he had gotten with the dinner. It was a nice, relaxing change from the straight up alcohol he was guzzling a night or two before.

"I wonder what Sachiko will be like.. Will she have dark hair like Takumi but fair skin like Nana? Or will she have light hair like Nana and darker skin like Takumi?"

The lawyer then laughed, "I also hope she gets Nana's personality, there's no this one or that one. I'd rather her be like her mother than like her father honestly.. It would probably drive Nobu batty if he had to deal with two Takumi."
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Nana nodded as she was asked how she was feeling, indicating that she was doing well, then sat down and noticed the food. She smiled to herself, glad that Yasu had remembered, because she surely wouldn't have. Taking one of the plates, she sat down further back on the bed - her back against the bed-board, and in a lounging position, plate in her knees as she took a few bites, looking out the window at the city.

Sooner than anticipated, Yasu walked out of the bathroom. It had only seemed like a moment, really...but she was glad he was back nonetheless. She turned to face the other bed where she assumed he'd be sitting and gestured - due to her mouth full of food - for him to sit and eat as well.
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As Nana showered, Yasu had taken care of their dinner delivery and rolled the little cart in. So by the time the woman got out, her dinner would be there waiting for her. However, once Nana did show up, the lawyer simply stood up and grabbed his own pajamas and smiled back ,

"Feel better..?"

He chuckled before entering the bathroom himself - soon showering and finishing in a matter of moments. Walking out, Yasu had a smaller towel resting on his head; he then walked over to his bed, picked up his tray of food, and began to eat.

"I'm glad it seemed that Nobu and Takumi called it quits for today. Hopefully this means that they will get along from now on, or at least will learn to cope with one another better."
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She nodded a bit, thanking him quietly as she grabbed a pair of shorts and an old tank top - then making her way to the bathroom and looking at herself in the mirror. She sighed as she saw her makeup smudged, and then smiled again - remembering Hachi's face as she looked at the baby...Oh, the baby...She smiled, loving how those two already had such a special bond.

She quickly undressed and made her way into the shower, turning on the warm water, and letting it run over her hair and face, shampooing her hair quickly - the scent of roses filling the bathroom as the steam rose. She cleaned off her body before shutting off the water, and drying off. Staying in the shower, she towel dried her hair, then patted her body dry.

She stepped out, now dry save for her damp hair, and put her clothes on, then grabbing her dirty clothes and setting them in a pile they had started in the corner before stepping out into the room and looking over to Yasu, smiling a bit as a greeting.
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Soon things died down and it seemed that visiting hours were put to an end for the night. As Takumi was Hachi's husband, he had the freedom to stay with her and the babe. And as for the Black Stones, they were ushered out.

Nobu and Shin said their goodbyes and Yasu promised they'd be visiting again in the afternoon. The group grabbed a taxi and headed back to their hotel.

"That was.. amazing."

The guitarist was the first to speak, flopping back in his bed. Shin only followed behind Nobu, shutting the door to their own room before plopping down as well. "Yeah. I'm just glad you and Takumi seemed to put everything behind you guys.."

The conversation was hushed and continued. Before long, the boys showered, changed and decided on watching some television for the night after they got some grub. As for Yasu, he had led Nana back to their neighboring room. He had gone ahead as well and ordered himself and the singer some dinner before allowing her to shower first, "I can wait." He stated.
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Nana was surprised that Takumi asked them to hold her...But was very grateful, too. She watched as the lovely child was passed from one of her teary-eyed companions to the other. She was proud of Nobu for being as composed as he was. He could've been much more tear-stricken than he was. She smiled gently as she saw Shin still crying. That boy needed to show emotion other than those of a hormone-driven teenager more often.

Once the child got to Yasu, Nana watched his reaction. Seeing a tear slip from his eye, one fell from hers, too. She rarely saw this man cry, and so this was something to see. She looked down at the tiny person in his arms and gave a gentle smile to the swaddled bundle. Her eyes were lit up with a form of admiration that she herself wasn't familiar with...but it was clearly shown on her face. She looked...different. Not as she normally did, as if her walls were down.

"She's beautiful..." she whispered, looking up at Hachi with a gentle smile on her face. "I'm very proud of you, my Hachikou." Her eyes were still dripping with the occasional tear as she spoke.
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"Do you want to hold her?"

It wasn't Hachiko that offered this, but Takumi. And he was looking straight at Nobu.. who was teary eyed. "..Takumi.." Hachi stared up at her husband in shock, but at the same time she was happy at this offer. "S-Sure.." The blonde took the baby with gentle, loving hands. Staring down at her, he then let her hold onto his finger - he lost it at this point and started to cry happy tears. Shin was still rubbing away his own. As for Yasu.. He was still smiling silently.


The baby was passed along and by the time it reached Yasu, the lawyer then slightly lost his grip. A single tear ran down his cheek, landing on Sachiko's little swaddle blanket below.

"Welcome to the world, Sachiko.."
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Nana stood upright as she heard the nurse announce that it was a baby girl. She quickly recomposed herself, running a hand through her hair as she smiled gently. She followed the others into the room and felt a warm, sweet smile spread across her face. She looked down at the baby, and then over to Hachi - her face and eyes were tired, her face was slightly damp with sweat...but her expression was one that Nana hadn't seen on her before. Pure, unclouded love for this tiny being in her arms.

She smiled as she looked back at the tiny little baby, her eyes welling up, but keeping herself together really well. She still really didn't feel like she'd want kids, but she liked seeing Hachi so happy with her own little one. She looked over at Yasu and continued to smile, seeing his soft expression. It was different than normal, though. He seemed...touched by this tiny person in Hachi's arms. Her eyes welled up again, but as she did before, she fought the tears and willed them to stay where they were. She was happy to see Yasu looking vulnerable. Open, even. She rarely ever saw this side of him, and wasn't about to waste it.
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The one hall was silent besides the occasionally screaming and shouts from the medical staff. The band in the waiting room either bit their nails in anxiousness or tapped their foot with worry - well everyone besides Yasu. The lawyer had a knack of hiding his emotions and inner intent, so he seemed relatively calm.

Soon a nurse walked out and smiled, "It's a healthy baby girl!"

Nobu was the first to shoot up and dart in, followed then by Shin. Yasu helped Nana up and led her in as well. The group entered the room and was greeted by a proud looking Takumi and a tired, but smiling Hachi. In her arms was the little baby - little Sachiko.

"She's so small.."

Nobu's eyes watered a little, he then rubbed the tears away as he looked down at the baby - smiling. It seemed he didn't care that Takumi was there, nor the fact it was Takumi's kid. He still felt responsible for her. Shin was the next to start crying - though his was more comical due to well.. at times he just felt like it was needed. Yasu removed his glasses and looked down at the child - his eyes held a softness that was rare and a smile rested on his face.
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Nana awoke to the sound of Hachi screaming, and sat bolt upright. Her eyes were wide as she looked towards the door to Hachi's room. As much as she hated to admit it, she didn't want to cause trouble and barge in. She sighed a bit, her eyes tired and alert at the same time. Her fingers drummed irritatedly on her knee as she looked towards the door, then down to her feet, then to the door, and so on.

Her mind began to work in double-time. She was worried about Hachi, about the baby, about how well Takumi could comfort her at this time, and many other things. She glanced at Nobu, who's face was twisted almost into a nearly pained expression. She sighed and looked back to the door, trying to send assuring thought's her way...even if it wouldn't help.

She's gonna be fine... she thought for both of them, but moreso for herself as she took a deep breath and sighed it out. She crossed her legs as she sat in the chair, now only anxiously awaiting the doctor to come out and tell them how it went.
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Yasu returned to Nana's side to find she had fallen asleep. There was nothing wrong with that - seeing that it would probably relax her when she woke. But there were chances that she'd awake to Hachi going through labor and giving birth to Sachiko in a matter of hours. The band remained in the waiting room while Yasu was with Takumi once again down the hall in the other room. It seemed the lawyer was speaking with the bassist to be sure he knew how to tend to Hachi when the time came - not only that but the responsibilities he'd have to take when Sachiko was back home with the tired mother when it was all over.

He was to be a father, and Yasu didn't want Takumi to mess this one up.
Now he had two beautiful girls to care for.

Soon it was then 2 AM within a matter of minutes it seemed. Though the two hours passed by quickly for those who were asleep, they were about to be woken up abruptly by a giant commotion.

It was time.

Hachi could be heard screaming in pain as she pushed and pushed. Her husband remained at her side, holding her hand and telling her to breath. Nurses and doctors were there as well. As for Blast - they were left in the waiting room, having to listen to the screams down the hall.

Sadly only family was allowed at this time.
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Nana nodded a bit as she listened to Yasu. She knew that Hachi loved Takumi...there was no debating that. Although she would've liked Hachi to fancy someone a little less...Well, someone who wasn't Takumi.

Squeezing Yasu's hand as he took hers, she gave him a little half-smile. Thankful for his presence there. He'd been like her rock for so long...She looked down again, as if her boots were suddenly interesting, and kept a hold of his hand, her stomach uneasy while she thought about the pain Hachikou must be in.

As time passed by, Nana felt herself growing a little more uneasy. Worried, moreso. She was surprised to find herself grateful that Takumi had shown up. She glanced towards Nobu to make sure that he was okay, which he seemed to be, so she looked back at Takumi just in time to see him go into the room. She sighed a bit, being able to tell that Hachi was more at peace with him there.

She would've went in herself, but she didn't feel as if she were needed with Takumi there. So, instead, she sat in the waiting room chair, her elbow on the armrest and her head in her hand. Without meaning to, she dozed off.
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"It's just the burden of giving birth."

Yasu chuckled somewhat dryly and shook his head, "At least she has some form of a break right now.. And I'm sure she'll feel better once Takumi shows up. She really does love him.." The lawyer ran a hand over his shaved head before glancing down towards Nana. He then reached over and took her hand, holding it in a reassuring way.

"It will be ok."

Time seemed to zip by but then suddenly, around 1 AM the contractions started again. Not only that, but a raven haired, familiar faced bassist appeared : it was Takumi.

"Is she-"

"She's fine, Takumi. Just the usual rounds of contractions. Hachi's in there."

Yasu led the man into the room; it seemed a wave of relief washed over the room despite the pain.
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She nodded laughed briefly at the comment Hachi had made about Sachiko. Her eyes were still filled to the brim with worry, however, as she watched the look of pain cross the woman's features. She barely heard Yasu's reassurances through her worried stupor.

She stayed quiet, aside from a few soft encouragements, until Hachi fell asleep. She was grateful the woman was resting - her concerned gaze looking now like one of adoration. The look a parent would give a sleeping child. She gently released her hand, as to not wake her, and just sat there - watching her rest until Yasu came in.

She nodded at what she was told, leaving the room for a bit with him to talk without waking her. "She's in so much pain..." she sighed, running a hand through her hair. She hated to see her that way...Her poor little Hachikou. She sighed and sat down in a rather uncomfortable waiting-room chair.
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"Thank.. Kami.."

Hachi cringed slightly and place a hand on her stomach, "This Sachiko is just as stubborn as the other one.." She let out a gasping laugh before cringing again, "Take it easy, Hachi. Again, breathe." Yasu patted her shoulder before getting up and making his way out of the room. His first job was to now reassure the boys outside. It didn't take much to calm Shin down -seeing he was mature for his age of only sixteen. But as for Nobu.. That was a tad harder which required for the drummer to hit the bassist upside the head with good smack.

Eventually it seemed Hachi's contractions ceased for now.. And the woman was able to get some sleep.

"It won't be long till the next set of contractions come in, and then once that happens, we may have a birthing on our hands."

Yasu whispered to Nana, keeping his voice down as he stepped in - careful of waking the pregnant woman.
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