Battle of the Bands

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Lia nodded in understanding, "I used to get nervous a lot, too. Just try not to think about it, okay?" she said in a reassuring tone. She's always been the more 'motherly' figure of the whole group - even to her twin brother. She was always taking care of them all - buying everything that they all needed, reminding them of what they forgot, even buying them food. She shook her head a bit at the thought, then returned to putting on her makeup. She wore a long-sleeved black shirt, with a tan cropped-jacket on top. Her legs were adorned in a pair of tight black pants, suiting her slim frame well.

Eli just nodded at the question he was asked, "Yeah, she is." he said simply, still smiling, but his tone reflected a bit of anxiety as he did so.
  Lia / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 225d 36m 36s
He just smiled back at them easily "Ya, well I have no problem on stage its thinking about going on the stage that makes me a little queasy and this is the first time we are playing against my sister Amelia's band" he answered back groaning.

He usually ended up getting sick there was no stopping it and no way to calm him down when he was about to perform he took a long gulp of water. "Sorry guys, so how long till we go on stage?" he asked as casually as possible as he stuck some gum in his mouth. "Isn't your ex in Amelia's band?" he asked Eli.
  Hunter / DiamondSolidMind / 6y 226d 6h 16m 27s
Lia turned to smile reassuringly, "A few." she laughed pleasantly, "It really doesn't seem like that much. With the stage lights on you, you really can only see the first two rows." She handed him a bottle of water, "Drink some. It'll calm you down a bit." her eyes were concerned, but other than that she seemed unphased.

Eli chuckled a little bit at this exchange, "Don't worry, man. We'll all be up there with you." he grinned in a boyish-manner.
  Lia / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 226d 7h 43m 3s
Hunter was ready to get the music started, he was ready to show those no good, goody two shoes he had the best band in the entire world, well he could've for sure if he did not have the worse stage freight imaginable. Hunter was a expert when it came to lead guitar and singing once his singing made some one actually cry, but this was not his cup of tea. "Uhh, alright, I think I'm going to be sick!" Hunter groaned as he put his hand on his stomach and went to the bathroom and few minutes came out looking like hell. "So uh, how many people will be out there?" Hunter asked Lia.

Meanwhile Hunter's twin sister Rachel's band was the one they where going up against which only made Hunter more and more anxious.
  Hunter / diamondSolidMind / 6y 226d 11h 20m 10s
In front of her mirror backstage for a show, Lia sighed. She met her own icy blue eyes with a sort of intensity. She was reminding herself not to show the feelings she had in front of her bandmates. They'd kill her...probably find a new singer. She didn't want that.

Drawing her out of her thoughts was her twin brother, Eli. "C'mon, Lia. We've gotta keep getting ready. What's up with you?" he chucked easily.
  Lia / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 226d 11h 54m 46s

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