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"So where to?" I asked you, smiling and standing, slinging my bag onto my back. "I moved down here because My dad needed a job, and he got on offer from a company here." I explained, grinning. "I wouldn't mind skipping. I was no stranger to it at my old school"

I followed you around the school as you led me from class to class. listening and learning about teachers and students.
  StokesMan / 6y 198d 4h 46m 35s
When his eyes locked with mine I had to admit I was a little startled, his eyes were brilliant and captured mine immediately. I lost my train of thought just long enough to lose my cocky air, although I quickly regained my composure. "Well what kind of example would I be if I had you skipping on your first day" I teased.

Snatching his schedule playfully and reading over it, I noticed we had almost every class except this one together, not surprising, in a school this size. Since I figured the hour was almost over I didn't see any harm in just missing the last few minutes of fourth period. I wonder why his family moved all the way up here... I was musing treasons off in my mind when I heard the bell ring and realized we'd been sitting there longer than I'd planned.
  TwistedArtist / 6y 198d 8h 59m 7s
I looked at up the girl that rounded the corner, my dark brown eyes locking onto her big green eyes. I smile softly at her, hearing her voice come out like a purr, I motioned for her to sit next to me on the small wooden bench "Hey, I'm Ben" I said, a little shyly, albeit loudly. I was a loud guy, but I was shy.

I looked down at my schedule "So you either taking me to Mrs. Georges lit class or are we just going to roam the halls and skip?" I ask, a mischievous grin plastered on my face. She was like me, but not exactly. I could tell she wasn't purely human. But what exactly, I couldn't tell. I looked into her eyes again.
  StokesMan / 6y 199d 4h 46m 4s

I looked up, to see him walking down the hall. He was cute I guess, I can see why all th girls were fawning over him. He was definitely different. He wasn't like me... I don't know what he was.. He wasn't human that much I could tell, but I couldn't smell anything cat like, such as myself.

The poor boy looked flustered. Maybe.. Hm.. "Mr.Shepers may I go show our new student around" I ask innocently. I knew he would say yes. Teachers, adults, anyone really always says yes to me.. I'm not really sure why. After a quick dismissal from class I did my best to follow him through the halls for a minute without letting him know I was there.

"Here kitty kitty" I almost purred as I walked around the corner and found him sitting on a bench nose buried in his schedule.
  TwistedArtist / 6y 199d 9h 24s

  StokesMan / 6y 200d 41s
I walk through the hall, my beanie pulled down to my hair line, letting a few dark brown strands fall down. I wore the hat most of the time, to conceal my secret. My tail was aching, it hadn't been set free in weeks. There was a reason I looked so wolf like. I had wolf ears and a tail. People called me Wolfie. I don't know why, but it just stuck. I opened my locker and my nose twitched.

I looked around for the core of the scent. My eyes landed on you, quickly scanning you as I smelled the air. I looked back into my locker. Could she be another? I grabbed my binder and my pencils. I look at my schedule, utterly confused. I sighed again, looking up once more.
  Rais / StokesMan / 6y 200d 2m 25s
Ugh why couldn't I just be normal, I thought to myself as my tail chaffed against the inside of my cargo pants. I'd been born with a long dark brown cat-like tail and brown bushy ears, it was terrible. My parents had left me, well honestly I don't know, all I really know was that I'd been adopted. My parents had always just seemed ok with it all, but I'll never understand why they'd want someone like me as a kid. Everyone had a tendency to joke that I was their kitty, because I looked so cat like, if you only knew I'd laugh to myself silently... With large green eyes and long wavy light brown hair and slightly longer than average canines I guess I kind of did look like a cat, but unlike everyone else who thought it was wonderful I just wanted to be normal.

Ugh, high school. When you're in a town as small as mine, it's even worse than you can imagine. Up north in our little town my parents, like everyone elses, are paid to live and work here. They study stuff, what I can't really tell you but hey who cares right? With a senior class of 42 students it's no wonder everyone knows by second period that there's a new kid in class. "Have you heard the news?" "Some one new!" "He's so charming.." "We haven't had a new kid in years" All the kids, especially girls whisper and murmur in awe all morning long, and all I can think to myself is great, another human.. until I smelt him coming.. Is this one different?
  TwistedArtist / 6y 200d 13m 5s

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