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Sitting in the cold, pouring, rain wasn't exactly pleasant Nate mused to himself silently. Ugh, aren't saturdays supposed to be fun, he wondered out loud. After sitting in his rather depressing stupor for a few minutes more slowly he rose off the ground, now being soaked to the core, and began walking off towards the neighborhood cafe.

It wasn't to far, just two blocks over, but it was long enough for Nate to get lost in his thoughts again. The constant drizzle of the last week or two had him really down. He had a girlfriend, Amber, and a decent job, but it just wasn't quiet right. He and Amber bickered almost constantly and he only worked as a barista and the local coffee place.. not exactly the American Dream. He hadn't had the money to start a career in music like he'd always dreamed, and his parents had died years ago leaving him on his own..

About ten minutes later, just outside the little cafe, he finally snapped out of his rambling thoughts only to realize he had forgotten something.. Damn can my day get worse, he wanted to scream. He had left his phone on the ground by the tree when he'd sat down earlier.
  Nate (Nathan) / TwistedArtist / 6y 225d 6h 45m 31s
Lissabeth kept looking outside, her mind blank for a while. She tapped her fingers rhythmically against the edge of her mug. Her days had been kind of dreary. She was lonely, bored, almost jaded with her work. She had coworkers, yeah, but they weren't really friendly. She often found herself longing for contact with people. Just a conversation...but it never really happened. Chuckling to herself, she sipped at her tea again.

After finishing her tea, and concocting a plan of an excuse, she went to check her phone. She mumbled a curse under her breath as she saw it was Nate. She called back immediately, sighing and waiting for an answer.
  Lissabeth / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 225d 18h 5m 21s
God why am I always late, was all Nate could think to himself as he hurried in the heavy rain, towards the bus stop at the end of the street. For the third day in a row he was about to be late to a job interview that he desperately needed. His life hadn't really been at its high point lately, his music career wasn't exactly booming, the oh so classy coffee barista job paid, but just barely, and he really just wanted to save up enough cash to move somewhere nice.

No, not again! Damn it! He cursed himself mentally as the bus at the end of the street took off, leaving him far behind. What am I going to do.. Slumping under a large tree he pulled out his phone and did the only thing he could think of, tried calling his oldest and best friend Lissabeth, who he sadly hadn't been in to much contact with lately. After multiple rings he finally gave up, She probably just assumes its her douche bag boss like it normally is so she's ignoring it, ugh.
  Nate (Nathan) / TwistedArtist / 6y 225d 6h 53m 8s
Lissabeth stared out the window of her 2nd story apartment, eyes slightly unfocused as she watched a downpour. She let out a sigh as she realized she had absolutely nothing to do. Her cold fingertips froze as she touched the glass, following the path of a water droplet with her gaze and her nail. Her brows furrowed as she looked over to the stove, a tea-kettle had begun hissing, taking her out of her daze.

She got up off of the audubon by the window and walked over, lifting the kettle slowly and pouring the steaming water into her large, blue mug, an Earl Grey teabag recieving the brunt of the heat. She sighed and cupped the mug in her hands, warming them easily as she stood.

A few minutes having passed, she removed the tea-bag and sipped carefully at the near-scalding liquid. She then sighed once more and went to go sit down again, distracted only by the buzzing of her phone. She knew who it was without even looking. It was her boss, wanting her to come in and work on her only day off. She ignored the device and resumed her spot next to the window, silent still, her mind once more starting to wander.
  Lissabeth / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 225d 23h 33m 20s

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