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[center Hello, and welcome to my search thread! I'm looking for one or two active and excited roleplayers who want to create a story with me. ]

[center [pic]]

[center I mostly do science fiction, fantasy, supernatural, and action-adventure. Right now I have a few plots, but I'm also open to any plots that you have. If you want to create a plot with me, that's great too! I'm open to almost anything.]

[center Which brings me to the things I won't do. I won't cyber or write incest. I don't do based plots, only OC. I'm willing to do male x male, female x female, trans, heterosexual, or non-romantic plots. If you want to play an odd-gendered character, please be forthcoming with pronouns! I can play any gender and would prefer if my partner were capable of the same, or at least both male and female. Romance is not a huge factor for me. I'm not really into it; many of my stories involve no romance at all. However, I am willing to do romance as a side plot to any rp. The only type of romance that I'm willing to do a pure romance plot with is mxm.

I have a few ideas in mind. One in particular that I'd love to do (scifi). Ask and ye shall receive.]

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[center Literacy and correct grammar are very important to me. Please be able to spell correctly and use proper grammar. Everyone makes mistakes, but please try to limit them. I will refuse potential partners on the grounds of poor literacy/grammar.]

[center I write 2000 to 5000 characters on average. Quality is more important than quantity, but less than 1000 characters and I don't feel like there's anything to react to in your post.]

[center [pic]]

[center If you're still interested after all that, shoot me a PM and we can chat! [b If you have no sample posts on ES, include one or a link to one in your PM.] I will disregard pms if I cannot find a sample post. Feel free to browse my profile to get an idea of my writing. Below are my lists of dos and don'ts.]

[center [b Things I love: ]
[b Sci-fi]
[b Post-apocalyptic/mid-apocalypse]
[b Robots]
MxF & FxM
No romance
Multiple characters
Playing any gender
Mature/dark themes

[b Things I won't do: ]
Mary Sues
Pure romance
"Crazy" characters ]

[center Thanks for viewing! PM me for more details!]


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