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The thief got away. The first in all our lifetimes. The trees seemed to shudder but, what they shuddered from is beyond anyone's comprehension. Even I could not figure it out and I am as old as the tallest mountain and the tallest trees. I watched the thief go from the woods and out into the plains beyond, a village two days travel from here and a city five days travel. But the man seemed not to care at all, he had his prize and held it up to the sky to see the colors change in the sunlight and shine on his face.
"Hehe... hehehehe... I have it... I have it now, the one thing no man could ever acquire and I own it!" He went into a hysterical laugh and when he had regained control over his body he began sprinting. Sprinting off to the nearest village, he knew he would be questioned as was everyone else who came back alive but, he knew he could pull off paranoia and hysteria and make them believe he had failed and ran.
  The Story Character / whitewolfm / 6y 185d 10h 37m 58s
The stone was hard as diamond when he hit it. Slowly, caressingly, he ran his fingers around the edges of the stone his eyes were glued to. Finally, snatching the gleaming tiny stone, the man nearly yelped in sheer unadulterated joy when the gem came away from the tree without a hitch. Trying his hardest to contain his near ecstasy in the amazement of his success he lost his calm demeanor and it cost him.. "Oh!" Tripping backwards, the man fell to the ground landing in a tangle of tree roots. Not daring to even take the slightest of breathes the terrified man lay frozen in fear, his prize clenched firmly in his fist.

After many long tense moments our resident thief let out a long relieved sigh. It was clearly visible watching the tension leave his body. Picking himself, with some grace I might add, our lanky laky seemed to be confused.. and suddenly he lunged for his axe! Why I can't be sure, but it seems he had been hit with sudden paranoia. Whatever the reasoning we may never know, but as our plunderer begins to take his leave, I wonder.. Why was it so easy... The stones... This can't be how his and our story will end..

My thoughts... grow weary and.. slow I can't comprehend.. I'm slowing down.. What am I...
  TwistedArtist / 6y 199d 7h 44m 35s
The man moved ever closer, the stone's glorious light now hidden from the trees above and only shining on the man. "Now you are mine... my little treasure..." He set the blade of the ax one the stone then lightly tapped it with his hand. Nothing happened, not even a scrape. The second time he tapped a little harder and the blade scraped across the stone not even leaving a scratch, the colors began to flicker a deep orange and light reds. He shuffled in his spot and sweat had formed on his forehead, he didn't know what would happen if this went wrong, no one ever came here to thieve and lived to tell the tale. He swung his hand down harder now hoping it was enough to get his tiny piece of glory, treasure, victory.
  The Story Character / whitewolfm / 6y 199d 8h 7m 24s
The slow whistle of the wind was all that could be heard as the lanky man crept closer and closer towards the ever glowing stones. Glinting off of his blade the colors were astounding; reds, purples, blues, rainbows and glimmers like you couldn't believe. The man knew in his heart that he had to have this stone. He wouldn't take a big one, no, he just wanted a petite gem. Sliding close to the tree and whispering softly he gave a slight cry when he realized the tree was moving, vines slithering towards him, up his legs and soon his torso. "Hush little tree, I won't harm you, it'll all be ok..." He almost hummed in the dim light. It took time but bit by bit he got the tree to release him, comforting it, consoling it with soft murmurs.

The day was growing ever lighter, although you could never tell in our forest dank, for the light would never reach our poor forest banks. As the sun finally rose and the moon ran off to dose our man had almost reached his object of lust. The gem, gleaming in a single beam of light, sparkling deep within the endless night, was within his reach...
  TwistedArtist / 6y 200d 8h 8m 48s
I just stood there, watching the human stalk towards the tallest tree in our dark forest. His shadow being thrown out of proportion from the scarce light. The giant tree had a small patch of light shining but it was ever changing. The color constantly shifted, throwing rainbow lights all over the bottom of the canopy. It stood there as it watched the hypnotic light in awe then it seemed to remember what it is doing here, in this dark part of the world. It stared directly into the light and pulled a stick out of its belt. The stick had a sharp shiny thing on the end and I knew what is was about to do. I slowly moved away, preparing for the screams of both man and tree.
  The Story Character / whitewolfm / 6y 201d 3h 55m 57s
I was cold. The light had gone from our forest now, and I grow weaker each day, yet I know not why.

Dawns ago, before the sun had shown her daily grace, there were whispers. Whispers of a man sneaking through the trees. No one knows exactly what this man looks like for there is little enough light in the day, and the light of night lesser still. Tall and long, lanky and sneaking like a cat, the forest describes this man to me. No good man would be prowling about our forest so late as he. With watching eyes the trees will tell of a man who's goal was that of fell. To steal the riches of the legends of old, to make wealthy off of the forests hold. Clad in black and silent as a mouse, he slithered through our forest, all the way to the biggest tree, went our man of mystery.
  TwistedArtist / 6y 201d 5h 8m 16s
The woods were windy and the grass covered in dew, not much sun got through the thick canopy at the top. It was incredibly dense and any light that did manage to wriggle its way through was swarmed by creatures, fighting to be heated by the sun's magical rays. It was cold down here and light was far and sparse. If you could see any it was most likely the stones that grew under the trees, giving off colored light such as red, yellow, green, and purple. Every once in a blue moon you would see a brave merchant or a foolish hero wander into our wood and they would dare to take these precious stones. They always met a terrible fate. The trees do not tolerate anything touching the stones, let alone steal them from it's iron grasp. Legends say the stones are the tree's life force but, I could never prove that, I know not even what I am.
  The Story Character / whitewolfm / 6y 201d 6h 55m 55s

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