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Luna would nod as she watched over the cave. She coughed once more and felt a bit of fever though her body. She shivered gently as the winds were a bit chillier. Luna looked at Yama and touched the feathers of her body. "Here I had help many birds preening their feathers." She said as she as she she gently took her fingers and began to move them up wards from the bottom to get the feather dust that was being pulled from the bottom and everything else out of the feather but making it to were it not a messy look, but rather very light and glimmering in the sunlight. She took her time as she looked and the sunlight was glowing, as there was still rain falling but not much.

Luna began to sing a song that was part of the forest. "I am the voice on the wind and I hear you call out my name. Listen my child you said to me. I am the voice of your history be not afraid to fallow me and answer my call I'll set you free. I am the voice of your hunger and pain...."
She was gentle with the sing and the gentle preening the feathers
  luna *Reading* / lunalight / 5y 31d 9h 13m 41s
She gave a slight shrug, "I do not question what Hern does. He answers to another, as do all of us beasts."
Yama's ears flicked forward, listening. It was still raining outside, though the sun was shining a bit through the gray clouds.
  Random Characters / Dragoncita / 6y 88d 18h 39m 28s
She nodded as she looked around. "Why is he being kind to me though?" She asked as she stood up against the wall. "I mean I nothing more then just a human" She added as she looked around and realized that there was no sounds of the roads or humans around her. She would looked and saw that she was in the cave above the ground a bit. "Amazing" She said as she started to walk towards the entry way
  luna *Reading* / lunalight / 6y 94d 21h 17m 12s
Yama had returned to preening her feathers when she stopped for a moment, hearing the girl. The creature glanced back to her, "Hern is a minor forest god...he guards this forest."
She stood up, rustling her wings, looking around. The creature looked back to the girl, "Talaren brought you to my cave. Just a nice little place far from any humans or the such which could prove to be troublesome to me or others of this forest."
  Random Characters / Dragoncita / 6y 119d 7h 57m 59s
Luna would look at Yama as she then noted "If that the beast yes that him" She said as she looked at the cave ceiling "I best be going. I'm sure I stay over my welcome" She said as she tried to stand up but failed. She sigh and looked over at Yama "Where am I any ways" She asked
  luna *Reading* / lunalight / 6y 122d 6h 53m 1s
It had turned its head, looking out into the rain. However, its gaze looked back to the girl. The creature cocked its head curiously before replying, "Oh, I'm an Ovr Groffon. You probably have never heard of my kind seeing as we are quite rare and not as well known as our cousins, the griffins."
The creature then gave a slight shrug, "I've been called Yama since a cub. So I guess that's what you could say my name is."
It stopped for a moment, leaning back and preening a few of its feathers. Though after a bit, it stopped looking back to her.
"Hm? Oh, you must be talking about Hern."
  Random Characters / Dragoncita / 6y 125d 21h 7m 34s
Luna jumped when she saw this beast "Who or what are you?" she asked kinda scared to even think about how she was going to get out. "I never seen anything like you before" She added as she moved back away from it. "Were the beast as well?" She asked "I mean that deer like animal? she rephrase that as she didn't know or what to do at this moment
  luna *Reading* / lunalight / 6y 128d 14h 25s
"Oh, you're awake now," a sudden voice said.
A rather strange looking beast looked over from where it sat near the cave's entrance. It looked like a griffin...except it had more owl features than lion.
  Random Characters / Dragoncita / 6y 128d 14h 10m 21s
Luna lay there on the Stag as she clinched her fist as she screamed ever once in awhile for her mom or dad. She would buried her face in his fur as she was seemly trying to kill her self but she wasn't she just trying to hid the fact she was crying in her dreams and reality.

She woke up after a few hours wondering were she was in the forest. She tried to sit up but could not move for she was weak and hungry as well as cold. "W....Were am I?" She asked as she heard the rain still pouring down from where she was.
  luna *Reading* / lunalight / 6y 133d 12h 28m 30s
The beast simply watched. Even as the rain fell, he felt nothing. Should he feel sympathy? But then what would a god have to do worrying about mortal affairs?
He exhaled slowly, then turned his head ~Talaren, I am in need of your assistance~.
As if on cue, a magnificent white stag stepped from the brush. The creature looked towards the other, giving a slight bow before speaking, "Yes m'lord?"
The large beast looked at the stag, then back to the body of the girl ~She is unwell. Choose which creatures you wish her to be watched over until she is well again. But until then, I must be off, there is a disturbance in the forest~.
Then like that, the creature was gone. The stag stood there for several moments, then slowly walked towards the girl. He sniffed at her a bit, before gently grabbing her shirt with his teeth, sliding her onto his back. Once getting situated, the stag turned, starting to walk forward through the forest and rain.

  Hern: Forest Lord / Dragoncita / 6y 133d 13h 5m 24s
Luna would listen and she sigh. It started to rain as she looked up at the sky. "I blame my self. If I didn't crawl into a dark hole then my family would be alive" she said as she looked down at the ground. It started to down pour on her and the beast. If he could not see she was all ready sick the beast would see it now. Her body was shaken as every drop of rain soaked though her clothing and her skin. She began to cough as she fell forward as she passed out saying "Mama Daddy"
  luna *Reading* / lunalight / 6y 133d 13h 57m 19s
~Life is not fair young one~ he replied simply. His tail flicked off to the side, an ear twitching. Even sitting down on his haunches, the creature towered over her.
His red eyes narrowed ~There are others worse off than you. Do not blame yourself for Mother Nature. The Lady of the Earth controls this land, yet the gods and goddesses rule over the Elemental Rulers. She only does as she is told, as I do what I am told. I have lived for thousands of years, and I shall live thousands more. And you would cringe at the things I have seen, witnessed~.
  Hern: Forest Lord / Dragoncita / 6y 133d 17h 43m 53s
Luna looked at him as she stopped "Nothing about me is important trust me. I tired but nothing is." she said as she sigh gently "I lost everything when my mom and dad died my life and my two people i can share intresating stories with. My mom said once she saw you when she was a young girl and she got lost." Luna said as she sigh gently as she gripped a fist. "It not fair" she added as tears ran down her cheeks.
  luna *Reading* / lunalight / 6y 134d 16h 40m 21s
The creature was sitting on his haunches, easily towering over her. His tail curled around his side and front paws, ears swiveling forward. The beast listened silent, though he already knew that mystery...
He only gave a slight bow of his antlered head ~Everything and everyone is important in this world young one. All share a purpose in this life, it simply takes time for one to find their place in this cycle~.
  Hern: Forest Lord / Dragoncita / 6y 134d 16h 55m 26s
Luna smiled gently "I feel more at home here then any were else well unless i was with my mok and dad" she said as she held her arm and rubbed it. "I have seen him but I didndidn't think he mysterious like you" she said as she looked at the beast. "Ever since you showed up i became more and more wanting to at less get a glimps of you or even talk to you" she added and blushed gently. "I'm sorry i said to much" she said and looked down and away " I'm not anyone important though" she added as she turn "thank you for saving me" she sigh and begqn to walk away
  luna *Reading* / lunalight / 6y 135d 16h 42m 39s

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