This City is Our Prison

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Humanity took to the stars.

We, as a species, had always dreamed of that; of a life among the stars. We strove for it with all our might and finally achieved that goal. Stations on planets that eventually became colonies and then eventually terraforming operations began. We made the planets of our solar system habitable. A new government rose to contain the new web of civilization that we wove through space. But things didn't stay beautiful for long.

With so many new colonies and the boom of human population led to increase crime rates. A massive prison was created within our solar system. It orbited the sun like the planets and would house all criminals for all the colonies. But with the increase in crime, came an increase in security. Civil liberties began to vanish. One by one, freedoms were stripped. Those who violated the new laws were kept in the massive prison as political dissenters. And then we rebelled.

A group that formed from citizens of a number of the colonies lashed out. They broke the shackles of their government, but couldn't win. The galactic government was too powerful and too far gone. Their only choice was to flee and to hold up. To star anew. With so many people in the prison that were against the government, they set their sights there. En masse, the rebels flocked to the prison, retrofitting it to be a city and securing it to be a fortress. But fortresses keep people in just as much as they keep people out.

Unable to leave, the people of the prison city are becoming restless. It has been years since the migration and there are whispers of a desire to head back and make another pass at the oppressive government. Maybe then, the people of this city can truly be free.

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Crime. Crime is a word that's almost foreign. The people of the so aptly named Prison City hardly know what it means to be the subject of criminal activity. Weapons were cast aside when the rebels took over the prison station. The only ones permitted to carry weapons were the Mayor's Militia, a group of individuals that protected the city. They needed to remain armed at all times in case of an attack from the United Human Colonies government. Some people still lived in fear that the life that everyone had built within the prison turned city would come crashing down at any moment, whether from the UHC government or internal strife.

"Get your head out of the clouds. I need more dough!"

Christine squeaked slightly before going back to kneading the bread dough she was working with. She'd been a bakery assistant ever since coming to the city. She barely even remembered the events that led up to it. Her parents smuggled her out of the colony they were living in, but died getting her aboard one of the ships that sent her there. Orphans were extremely common among the many residents. Almost everyone had to either leave their parents behind or saw them gunned down in the escape.

Still, life moved on. The people of the city were strong. They had to be. They made the best of their cramped living conditions, surrounded by cold metal. They started new lives and many were happy. Christine had heard rumors that not everyone was as content as she was. There was talk of a second rebellion which she thought was ridiculous. She had personally spoken with Mayor Rosenstern more than once and he was a very friendly fellow. He cared about everyone's safety, of that Christine was certain. So she kept her head down, worked with her dough, and avoided the large ovens that she made the baker promise she'd never have to deal with.
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