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O gawd, I told u not 2 look. ONO

I'll make this more appealing later/when I feel like it. e ue


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Roleplay Responses

Hm, is something up?
  ♓Admin♓ / XxUniquexX / 5y 289d 23h 9m 16s
  Little Pup / -BeatsToMyHeart- / 5y 290d 7h 57m 51s
  ♓Admin♓ / XxUniquexX / 5y 300d 19h 23m 4s
No not really
  Little Pup / -BeatsToMyHeart- / 5y 302d 7h 47m 59s
Yea owo
Pfft xD are you enjoying yourself? owo
  ♓Admin♓ / XxUniquexX / 5y 302d 10h 1m 11s
Haha again? And just watching tv, relaxing
  Little Pup / -BeatsToMyHeart- / 5y 302d 10h 3m 53s
Nothing really, sup with ya? c:
  ♓Admin♓ / XxUniquexX / 5y 302d 10h 30m 31s
Hey hey hey, what's up?
  Little Pup / -BeatsToMyHeart- / 5y 302d 10h 49m 2s
Ay ouo xD
  ♓Admin♓ / XxUniquexX / 5y 302d 12h 59m 9s
Omg XD
  Little Pup / -BeatsToMyHeart- / 5y 302d 13h 3m 25s
rolls in dey c me Rollin'
Dey h8n
  ♓Admin♓ / XxUniquexX / 5y 302d 13h 16m 12s
Night night:) sleep well, sweet dreams:)
  Little Pup / -BeatsToMyHeart- / 5y 303d 6h 53m 50s
But still xD
I'm gonna sleep now, pftt. Night x3
  ♓Admin♓ / XxUniquexX / 5y 303d 7h 1m 5s
I gots my paw!
  Little Pup / -BeatsToMyHeart- / 5y 303d 7h 4m 10s
How is that possibel
  ♓Admin♓ / XxUniquexX / 5y 303d 7h 18m 9s

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