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He was never one to think about owning a Jeep. In his mind, they were dangerous cars. The roof was a tarp and some of them had no doors. You forget to wear your seat belt and end up having an accident, that was it man. Game over. But a car without doors was alot better than what he was in right now. Atleast Jeeps got some air, there was no need for an air conditioner. But no, he was stuck in the no air conditioner, broken windows, crappy Mazda GLC car. Hades was torturing him right now, he was sure of it.

He couldn't take his clothes anymore. They were making the torture even worse. So while his twin sister had gone into the gas station, he just stripped out of his clothes to nothing more than his swim trunks. He was glad that he had them on already. He was planning on going swimming for a bit when they got to camp. He started to pant, a bit like a dog. Was he getting asthma? Was it possible to get asthma? He really thought he was.This mere thought turned his panting into whining.

He was gonna die in this crappy blue car. It was going to be his tomb. Okay, the heat was really getting to him because this wasn't Nick. He wasn't a whiny baby...unless it came to love. He tended to turn into a chick when it came to love. What do you expect? His mom is the Aphrodite. The goddess of love. So, unlike his sister, he actually cared about love. He loved love and dealt with the heartbreak that came with it. For Nick, there was a lot of it.

He looked in the rearview mirror at his twin, she was getting annoyed. Finally! Something to help ease the heat stroke. Teasing his sister always brought a smile to his face. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" He continued to repeat himself as he slowly watched his sister become more and more annoyed. A smirk came his lips and he continued till his sister exclaimed, "Gods!". He looked at her in confusion as she pulled the car over.

He sat up as she parked the car and saw that some smoke was coming out from under the hood. He followed her to front and coughed alittle at the smoke. Man, it looked bad. He whistled, "That looks pretty bad." He didn't bother to look at his sister cause he knew that she would be glaring at him. He stayed staring at the engine before Nikki slammed the hood shut and went to get her stuff. He decided to do the same thing, except he grabbed the car keys first. He knew Nikki didn't want to deal with the car anymore but this was all they had and he hoped he could get one of the Hephaestus kids to fix it. Besides, dad would kill them if he found out that someone stole the car.

"I'm heading to the cabin and taking a shower. I'll meet up with you at dinner." He nodded to his sister as he grabbed his bags, he had two like his sister but he also had a duffle bag, which he kept his MMA gear in. He still needed to stay in shape for the fight at the beginning of the school year. He than grabbed his skateboard out of the backseat. Wasn't really anywhere to skate but he still brought it with anyways. He carried his bags to the Aphrodite cabin and was literally tackled by some of his half sisters. "Nicholas! You're back." He smiled at the three girls as he set his bags on the bunk under Nikki's. Unlike his twin, he actually got along with their half siblings.

"Hey Megan, Amber, and Tiffany. How was your school year?" He asked as he sat on his bunk. "Forget about our school year! Tell us about Jasmine, did you tell her how you felt?" Amber exclaimed as she sat beside him. The other two nodded in agreement. Jasmine was this girl at school that Nick went on and on about last summer. He had a huge crush on her. He gave them a sad smile as he shrugged his shoulders. "Her and Kyle got together over the summer." Kyle had been one of Nick's friends and even knew how he felt about Jasmine, yet he still asked her out.

"What?!" "No way!" "That is messed up." Nick shrugged his shoulders again before standing up. "It's not big deal, really. I decided to take a break from love. Look, I'll talk to you girls more later. I'm gonna go swim for a bit." He gave them a half wave before leaving the cabin, taking his skateboard with him. That was Nick's luck. He always fell for a girl and he always fell hard. But he was to shy to make a move so he'd either lose the girl to another guy or the girl assume he just like them as a friend so they decide to move on. It sucked cause than he'd actually have to be their friend and be their shoulder to cry on whenever another boy broke their hearts.

He let out a long, loud sigh as finally made it to the dock. He placed the board down and hopped onto it. He moved a few inches, so he kicked to move a little more. "The one kid of Aphrodite that's unlucky with love." He muttered to himself as stared at the ground. His head snapped up when he heard a voice. He quickly stopped before he ran into the person. His eyes widened as they landed on the girl in front of him. She was beautiful. Her green eyes seemed to stare into his soul. Well, so much for taking a break from love. As he was lost in his trance, he didn't realize that she had been standing there with her hand extended.

It finally clicked and he quickly wiped his sweaty palms on his shorts and grabbed her hand, shaking it. "Sorry. I'm Aphrodite, son of Nick." Wait, that was wrong. "Oh Gods. I mean, I'm Nick, son of Aphrodite. It's nice to meet you..." Oh no, he had been so mesmerized by her eyes that he didn't even catch her name. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid!

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It was twelve in the afternoon and where was Dyson? Not at camp yet, that was for sure. Nope, he was lying in his California King bed, hiding under his dark blue comforters. The stupid sun was not helping with his hangover that he received from a HUGE rager last night. It had been the senior graduation at his highschool and to celebrate, all the seniors threw a big bash. Since it was Dyson's graduation as well, he decided to go all out and got very drunk. He honestly couldn't remember half the night.

"Mr. Dyson, you must get up now." An elderly, Russian woman said, tapping on the body beneath the covers. There was an audible groan heard from the body. "Go. Away." He was to hungover to deal with the Russian hag. The woman huffed before pulling the blankets off of Dyson, allowing the sun to blind him as well as worsen his headache. "Can not. Jer to go to camp." He glared at the old woman as she left the room, taking his blankets with her.

"Hag," he muttered before crawling out of bed and heading to his walk-in closet. Dyson has grown up in a luxurious penthouse for the last eight years, thanks to his dad's job as CEO. But aside from the large amounts of money and unlimited access to nearly anything, his dad's job wasn't all glam. Richard Thorne has been so stressed out that he's had alot of pent up anger inside.

That anger has to go somewhere and with the large bruise on Dyson's side, it's not hard to figure out where it goes. He skimmed through his clothes, trying to find something nice to wear. Sure, he was a guy but that didn't mean he couldn't worry about what he wore. He had to look good at all times, no matter what.

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The cabin was filled with snoozing and people yawning as they started to wake up. Anita laid in her bunk, texting some boys and friends back home. She left yesterday to get to camp early. Her siblings kept texting her about having a little party before all the other campers got there and she just could not skip out on a good Nyx party. She had been up pretty late and was pretty drunk when she crawled into bed last night.

She looked at her phone as her friend Rita sent her pictures of her and Sonya at the beach as well as some hot, shirtless guys. They were teasing her because she was missing out on the beach because she was at "Math Camp". She just rolled her eyes at the text, she had lied to her friends about camp so that she had some excuse that she was gone all summer. Saying she had been failing math, her dad had sent her to math camp, they believed it. Of course they kept asking where it was so that they could break her out, which meant she had to lie again and say it was in Washington.

They had tried to break her out last summer but ended up getting in trouble with the Math Camp there. They had to stay the whole summer as punishment from their parents. She couldn't help but smile as they complained about it for a month when they got back to school. They were really pissed that Anita wasn't there so she said that she had been at another camp.

She looked at the time on her phone and glared at it. She didn't want to be awake already but she had no choice. Rita and Sonya are morning people so they wouldn't stop texting her till she answered plus her siblings threatened to kill her in her sleep if she didn't answer the phone. Made her wonder if Eris had possessed them for a moment.

She got out of the bed and tied her long, dark, brown hair up into a ponytail. She had already taken a shower and was now dressed in a pair of shorts with her camp t-shirt, tied in the back to expose her thin, tan stomach. She pulled on her black flip flops and headed out of the cabin.

Everyone was hung over so she made sure to stomp her feet really loudly as she left the cabin. She could hear her siblings groaning and cursing at her as she left. She couldn't help it, they all got to sleep while she was wide awake and cranky.

As soon as she walked outside, she covered her eyes from the bright sunlight. She heard someone whistle at her, she looked over to see some boys from the Aphrodite cabin and blew them a kiss before continuing on her way. She remembered the picture that her friends had sent her, if only the girls knew all the hot guys that hung out here. They would be extremely jealous of her "Math Camp" now.

Anita walked through the camp, stopping a few times to talk to some people she knew and even flirt once in a while. She was a huge flirt as well as a heartbreaker. She couldn't help it. Not to long ago, she herself fell in love with a guy named Marcus. She really thought he felt the same but she found things out and in the end, she got her own heart broken. Ever since than, she changed, she broke every heart that she got her hands on.

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She had only been in the states for two days when her life became shambled (chaotic). Her summer was suppose to be a normal summer with her mum but it didn't work like that. A trip to the zoo was the very place where her life spiraled out of control. Not to mention, she even meets some boy that she oddly can't stand. And she normally likes everyone!

Stevie let out a sigh as she leaned on the railing of the giraffe exhibit. Apparently spending the summers with her mum wasn't enough time. The woman still saw her as a little six year old instead of the sixteen year old that she was. She looked at her mum as she laughed with Dani, Stevie's mum's girlfriend. Yup, it seemed that the other 'man' her mum divorced her dad for was actually a woman.

For the past ten years, her mum has tried to pass the woman off as a co-worker till she believed Stevie was ready for the truth. After breaking the news, her mum said they could all bond at the zoo, going back to the woman thinking Stevie is only six years old. "Hey, sweetie, want some ice cream?" Stevie looked at Dani as she spoke and shook her head. "Um, I think I'll go to the cat exhibit." She said, her British accent really sticking out.

She walked away from the two love birds,to the large building that the cat exhibit was at. She pushed the door, enjoying the cool air that rushed out, cooling her off from the summer heat. It was dark inside, beside from the light coming from the exhibits with the cats inside them. She slowly walked through, looking through each window at the cats before sitting down on a bench across from the lions.

She let out a sigh as she ran her hand through her pixie hair. She did have long, curly hair at one point but when she was working her waitress job when some kid stuck gum in it. Instead of just getting the gum out, she just chopped it all off and actually liked it. She hated ditching her mom and Dani but she couldn't exactly deal with all of it right now. She loved her mom but she wasn't ready to "love" Dani like they wanted her to.

She pulled knees up to her chest, hugging her legs, and resting her chin on her knee. It was kind of weird how empty the cat exhibit was. It was really hot outside so normally, people would want to be inside but it was a ghost town here. Atleast it was quiet, it gave her the silence she needed to think. She closed her eyes, taking a soothing breath in before letting out.

Her eyes flashed open when a noise caught her attention. It sounded like nails on a concrete floor. She looked at the lions, thinking it was them but they were all asleep. She heard the noise again coming from the right, she turned to look and saw a large form in the shadows. She stood up and squinted her eyes to get a better view, a head stuck out of the shadows and she let out a relieved sigh. The form looked like a lion. She started to laugh, "I'm sorry, I thought you were..."

She froze as the "man" stepped out of the shadows. She backed up, covering her mouth in fear. There was not a human body connected to the human head. There was a red lion body connected to it, connected to the lion body was a scorpion tail. She had to be dreaming, this was all a dream and soon Harry Potter would jump in and save her...right? The man-lion-scary-thing started to walk towards her, each step it took, she took a step back.

Where the bloody hell was Harry? "Are you scared, child?" IT WAS TALKING NOW! In a weird trumpet-like voice. The thing smiled with three, count them, three rows of sharp teeth. That's it, she was getting out here, she backed up some more, getting ready to run when it's tail shot out at her. Like slow motion, she quickly ducked out of the way, more like fell to the floor. She quickly got to her feet before the thing struck again when she ran into someone.

She stared up at the guy as he moved her behind him. She gave him a weird looked as he stared the creature down. "Who the bloody hell are you?" What kind of question was that? The guy was staring down the creepy lion thing that she was running away from, why question who he was? But to be totally honest, even though this wasn't the time to be thinking this, she didn't like the guy. That was a weird thought, she normally liked everyone. Well, not the lion thing, she hated the lion thing.

The boy looked down at her before speaking, "Get out of here." She looked at him confused, did he really expect to fight this thing? How? The light hit something and she looked down to see he had a sword. What was he going to do with that sword? Well, that should be obvious really. "Get the hell out of here." He repeated, his voice leaving no room for question. She started backing up but didn't go far. She couldn't leave him alone with that thing.

Stevie went and hide while the guy faced off against the red lion thing. The lion wasted no time to attack and shot it's tail at the boy, who dodged it with ease. The lion shot again, this time the boy brought his sword down on the scorpion tail, cutting it clean off. She covered her ears as it hollered out in pain with a trumpet-like scream. The thing snarled at the boy before running towards him. Stevie was in awe at how the boy didn't even flinch, he easily dodged the creature.

He kicked it in it's side, causing it to topple over before burying his sword into it's chest, causing it to burst into dust. That was so ace! If she wasn't slightly freaked out she would be cheering him on. But at the same time, she still couldn't fight the feeling of dislike towards the guy, even if he did save her.

And just like that, she ended up in New York, at some camp, being talked to by a man-horse about she was. Learning that she was a demi-god was mind blowing. She didn't know what to say about the matter, let alone how to react. So as Chiron, that's what the man-horse Centaur explained to her that she was attacked by a Manticore and her dad was actually some guy named Hephaestus, she just stared at him and nodded.

Her dad wasn't her real dad? Well, she had her suspicions but to find out the truth broke her heart. He's raised her for as long as she could remember, he was her dad. Chiron placed a hand on her shoulder. "This is alot to take, why don't you rest some." Stevie shook her head, "I'm fine, thank you. I think I'll just...look around."

Chiron nodded to her, understanding, "Lukas will give you a tour." She looked over to the boy that saved her, forgetting that he was even there. Her mind was in such a haze that she didn't even bother to argue. She just thanked Chiron again before leaving the room. She walked outside and sighed, this was barmy (crazy).

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Thirteen hours, thirteen long hours from Chicago to New York. The ride seemed alot longer in the seventeen year old's little, blue 1980 Mazda GLC car. The air conditioner went out in it half way here and her windows got stuck. The only one that was working was the driver's side but it only went down about two inches. She was now about to die from heat stroke as she was taking a piece of clothing off every hour. What started out as a pair of skinny jeans, black hightop converse, and a plain black t-shirt was now no shoes, a pair of shorts, and a light gray tank top. Even that didn't help with the heat.

To make matters worse, her twin brother was in the back seat, panting like a dog and whining every second. She glanced in the rear view mirror to see Nick was laided out in the back seat in nothing but his swim trunks. She rolled her eyes but really, she couldn't complain. She was sweating like crazy and had to tie her long, wavy, brown hair up into a loose bun, so that it would be up and off her neck. She hated this car with a passion and it was shown when she cursed it out as soon as the air conditioner went out. She had been pounding on the steering wheel and everything, getting weird looks from people as she did so, as well as her twin.

She had still been cussing, under her breathe, when she pulled over to a gas station and changed her clothes so she'd be cooler. More strange looks then as well but she ignored them. Nick just stripped while he was in the back seat. She still hated the car but there was nothing she could do about it, it was the only one her dad could afford them, so they were stuck with it. But was getting to the point where she wanted to pull the car over and beat the snot out of Nick. He was complaining again but by the smirk she saw on his face through the rearview mirror, he was just messing with her now.

She pulled down the road that lead to camp and swore when her engine started to smoke. "Gods!" She was able to get the car pulled over and parked with all of the other ones before it completely died out on her. She threw the keys into the passenger seat, not planning on getting them. If any of the Hermes kids wanted the car then they could have it, she no longer wanted it. She popped the hood, got out of the car, and walked to the front. She pulled the hood open and began to cough as smoke filled her lungs. Nick came walking beside her and whistled, "That looks pretty bad."

She gave Nick a dirty look before looking at the engine. She was not an expert on cars but even she could tell that whatever was wrong with it was bad. She groaned and slammed the hood shut before going to the back seat to get her bags. She had two suitcases and that was it, she grabbed her socks and shoes to pull them back on, not bothering to tie her shoes. She looked at Nick, "I'm heading to the cabin and taking a shower. I'll meet up with you at dinner." She didn't wait for him to answer before walking off.

She stared at the cabin door, Aphrodite. The goddess that was her mom. She looked inside the cabin, since the door was wide open, many other kids were running around. All of them were daughters and sons of Aphrodite, even though it was four years later, it was still weird having so many half siblings. Let alone all of the kids in the Eros cabin were like her nieces and nephews. This place was really weird to her. She walked into the cabin, avoiding all of her siblings as they avoided her. They knew that she liked to be left alone, unless it was Nick, so they didn't bother.

She wished that she still unclaimed sometimes, she couldn't help it. Finding out that her mom is the goddess of love and she left all of these kids, it just annoyed her. Maybe one day she'll be able to forgive her mom but it wouldn't be anytime soon. Besides, almost every kid in this camp only had one parent around. She walked over to her bunk and dropped her bags on the floor next to it. She unzipped one and grabbed some clothes then went to take a shower, she needed it.

Once she got out of the shower she pulled on a pair of ripped, skinny jeans with a, wait for it, black top with the yellow Batman symbol on it. Yup, Batman, hanging out with guys all your life, you become alittle of a tomboy. She was a big nerd about Batman, sue her. She pulled on her black converse that had the Batman symbol on the sides of them. She pulled on her large, black nerd glasses as well. She wore those glasses all the time, she didn't need them but she loved them. It made her different from all of the other Aphrodite kids. None of them wore glasses even if they did they weren't large nerd ones.

She went back to her cabin and pulled a trash bag out from her suitcase and tossed her sweaty clothes inside. She hoped to be able to get the clothes clean sometime this week. She headed back out the cabin, going for a walk before meeting up with Nick or Charlie. Charlie is the only female person that Nikki hung out with. Guess you could consider Charlie as Nikki's best friend.

She kicked some dirt as she walked. Normally she would be sitting in her bunk listening to her ipod while she was reading her comic books before doing anything. But since all of her siblings were getting settled in today, because it was the first day, the cabin would not be quiet. Normally they would be out tanning or flirting with someone so it gave her the peace and quiet she wanted.

She had her handphones on and listened to the Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother. She wondered if she could get some training in real quick before she met with anyone. She loved to train, it was her passion. Some would find it pointless to train since she quit MMA but she sees it as the closest she'll ever get to the sport she loves dearly. She hopes when she is older, she can start fighting again but for now, she'll put her dreams on the side to keep her dad in business.

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Though her body laid still, Mia was screaming in pain on the inside. Her entire body felt like it was on fire and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She could hear muttered voices around her but none could hear her as she called out to them. Why was she still in so much pain? Had no one called a healer yet? Had she fainted in a room full of Arcaneon's soldiers? She was going to die that's all she knew now.

She'd never see Beth or her parents or her brother again. She'd never get to learn all she could about her powers. She'd never get to know everything there is about the pendants and the bound they jave with one another. Or make the chocolate chip cookies that she promised Damon. Funny how he was the last one on her mind before she died.

Slowly her pain began to fade and when she opened her eyes, she was taken back by the hauntingly beauty of the scenery. A mist covered the ground, a pond was a few steps from her with a stream trickling into it. But what really caught her attention was the large tree in front of her. It was covered in beautiful red flowers, petals slowly fell from it and disappeared beneath the mist.

"Hello Mia," a woman stepped out from behind the tree and smiled at her. She was as beautiful as everything else here. She had chestnut brown hair that stopped just below her shoulders, blue eyes like water, and a hint of freckles on her face and shoulders. On right shoulder was a tattoo of a compass with a red ribbon tying a branch to it. The branch was covered in the same red flowers that were on the tree. "Who are you? Where am I?"

"My name is Leela, I'm the Anchor."


"Yes, I am what connects the living to the other side. When one passes away, they must go through me to get to the other side."

Having the dead pass through you sounded painful and extremely creepy in Mia's opinion. "To answer your second question, you're in the world between. Where people go when they're close to death."

"Shouldn't I be dead? I was poisoned."

"You should but it seems your dragon king had other plans." She walked towards the pond and motioned Mia to follow. They both looked into the reflection of the water to see Damon holding Mia's body to his chest, crying. "He bound his life to your's. If you die than so does he."

"What!? That idiot." She wanted to smack him.

Her words made Leela chuckle. "Love makes people do foolish things. Now it's your turn to decide. Go back or move on. No one can decide for you."

Mia looked between Damon, rocking back and forth than to Leela's open arms. Closing her eyes, she took a step forward, making her choice.

[center ~♡~]

Mia gasped as all the air came rushing back into her lungs. She weakly looked up at Damon and weakly glared at her. "Idiot," she muttered, still to weak. Her color slowly started coming back to her skin as she slowly healed. She closed her eyes, she felt so tired and just wanted to sleep now. She didn't have enough energy to freak out that the front of her dress was cut open, leaving her exposed.
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[left [size12 [#006400 Traditionalism]]]
[center [size12 [#C0C0C0 Cunning]]]
[right [size12 [#006400 Ambition]]]
[left [size12 [#C0C0C0 Leadership qualities]]]
[center [size12 [#006400 Self-Preservation]]]
[right [size12 [#C0C0C0 Determination]]]
[left [size12 [#006400 Cleverness]]]
[center [size12 [#C0C0C0 Fraternity]]]
[right [size12 [#006400 Power]]]

[center [size12 [#C0C0C0 _]]]
[center [size20 [#006400 The House of Slytherin]]]
[center [size12 [#C0C0C0 _]]]
[center [pic http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy288/HanaCullen/Hogwarts/CLs9hcC4vRtx_zpsiv0kxy85.jpeg]]
[right [pic ]]

[size12 [b Name:] ]
[size12 [b Nickname:] ]
[size12 [b Age:] ]
[size12 [b Gender:] ]
[size12 [b Sexuality:] ]
[size12 [b Blood Type:] ]
[size12 [b Date of Birth:] ]
[size12 [b Relationship Status:] ]

[size12 [b Height:] ]
[size12 [b Weight:] ]
[size12 [b Hair Color:] ]
[size12 [b Eye Color:] ]

[size12 [b Wand:] ]
[size12 [b Patronus:] ]
[size12 [b Occupation:] ]
[size12 [b Personality:] ]

[size12 [b Pet(s):]]
[size12 [b Family:]]
[size12 [b Friends:]]

[size12 [b Roleplay(s):]None]
[size12 [b Font:] ]
[size12 [b Color:][ ]]
[size12 [b Model:] ]

[center [#C0C0C0 #C0C0C0]]
[center [#006400 #006400]]

[center [pic http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy288/HanaCullen/Hogwarts/zIwQEWiN9lmW_zpsixywz3t2.jpeg]]
[hr ]
[right [b [u Must Edit:]]]
[right [s One]]
[right [http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy288/HanaCullen/Awesome%20Sauce/Originals%202/D5Mm9DHah98_zpsoym7c9tp.jpeg Two]]
[right [http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy288/HanaCullen/Awesome%20Sauce/Originals%202/cKVN5isWNL0_zpsth3yis3k.jpeg Three]]
[right [http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy288/HanaCullen/Awesome%20Sauce/Originals%202/br3rWHN-WSE_zpsx2fbsdqh.jpeg Four]]
[right [http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy288/HanaCullen/Awesome%20Sauce/Originals%202/lva7t3r2nUg_zpsx1wnnmh4.jpeg Five]]
[hr ]
[left [size12 [#00009C Intelligence]]]
[center [size12 [#8C7853 Wit]]]
[right [size12 [#00009C Wisdom]]]
[left [size12 [#8C7853 Creativity]]]
[center [size12 [#00009C Originality]]]
[right [size12 [#8C7853 Individuality]]]
[left [size12 [#00009C Acceptance]]]

[center [size12 [#8C7853 _]]]
[center [size20 [#00009C The House of Ravenclaw]]]
[center [size12 [#8C7853 _]]]

[center [pic ]]

[size12 [b Name:] ]
[size12 [b Nickname:] ]
[size12 [b Age:] ]
[size12 [b Gender:] ]
[size12 [b Sexuality:] ]
[size12 [b Blood Type:] ]
[size12 [b Date of Birth:] ]
[size12 [b Relationship Status:] ]

[size12 [b Height:] ]
[size12 [b Weight:] ]
[size12 [b Hair Color:] ]
[size12 [b Eye Color:] ]

[size12 [b Wand:] ]
[size12 [b Patronus:] ]
[size12 [b Occupation:] ]
[size12 [b Personality:] ]

[size12 [b Pet(s):]]
[size12 [b Family:]]
[size12 [b Friends:]]

[size12 [b Roleplay(s):]None]
[size12 [b Font:] ]
[size12 [b Color:][ ]]
[size12 [b Model:] ]

[#8C7853 #8C7853]
[#00009C #00009C]
[hr ]
[right [b [u Must Edit:]]]
[right [http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy288/HanaCullen/Awesome%20Sauce/Originals%202/x_df959025_zpswgu92lii.jpeg One]]
[right [http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy288/HanaCullen/Awesome%20Sauce/Originals%202/gr5KTgcPm2k_zpsg4mkgkeo.jpeg Two]]
[right [s Three]]
[right [http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy288/HanaCullen/Awesome%20Sauce/Originals%202/large-4_zpslgzj9nxz.jpeg Four]]
[right [http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy288/HanaCullen/Awesome%20Sauce/Originals%202/large-5_zpsrxfxiorv.jpeg Five]]
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