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Name:Kara Carter
Sexuality:Depends on how much she's drank
Personality:Kara is the wild child of the bunch.If there is a party she will be there.She tends to drink alittle more then she should but she doesn't care.She is carefree,wild,and flirty.
Short Bio:Kara doesn't really care about anything, she just wants to have fun. The truth is that she is trying as much as the rest of the group to be something else. She's got balls but she really wants to be this strong person who doesn't allow herself to be hurt by others. She is the most party-obsessed, sexually voracious and impulsive of the group. Her impulsive behaviour often gets her into trouble, usually with her friends. Not much is known about her home life, mainly because she doesn't talk about it. None of her friends have even gone to her home or met her family.



Name:Chachita "Cha-Cha" Marquez
Personality:Chachita is a sweet and caring girl. She is naive to somethings, ecspecially people's feelings or when someone is flirting with her. She can be hotheaded sometimes, she blames it on being Puerto Rican. She is the good girl but sometimes she can do bad things too.
Short Bio:Chachita, or Cha-Cha as some call her, is a good girl. She doesn't drink or smoke, do drugs, and she's a virgin. Sometimes she'll have a few beers or have one drug, but only when she's upset. But she's not very at at handling either, both cause her become very honest and she ends up forgetting everything the next day. She lives with her ten year old brother and their mom, their dad left them with her brother was only two. He was addicted to herion, her mom told him to choose between his family or the drug. It's obvious which he decided on. He tends to show up once in a while and tricks her mom, saying he's clean and trying to start over. But he only does it to get more money for the herion than leaves again. Each time she has to help her devasted mom back on her feet. She hates her dad with a passion and any mention of him drives her mad.


Name:Mickey Bennet
Personality:Mickey is bubbly, and cheerful person who rarely gets angry. But when she does get mad, look out, it's not pretty. She can be excitable and flirty. She'll do things that no one expects. She is extremely friendly and has a great sense of humor.
Short Bio:Mickey is the kind of girl that is always seen with a smile, no matter what. Her home life is pretty bad and even though she doesn't like to talk about it, she'll open up to those that she can trust. Her dad left her and her mom when she was really young. She's watched guy after guy come in and out of the house. Her mom started to sell her body in order to support Mickey's doctors and pay for hospital bills. Mickey had a kidney failure when she was younger and needed a transplant. Her mom has been paying for the bills ever since.

Name:Tessa "Tess" Wickham
Personality:Full sentences
Short Bio:

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Name: Luna Loveheart
Nickname(s): None
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Vampire
Hair: Red
Eyes: Silver
Power(s): She can heal others.The power was mentioned to her but she hasn't used it before.
Hobbies: Drawing, when she has the time
Family: Richard Loveheart [Father], Annabelle Loveheart [Mother], Lily Loveheart [Younger Sister]
Bio: Luna became a victim of a mass murder in 2008.Like all his other victims,she was tortured and dumped in an alley for the rats.But unlike all the other victims she was still alive,barely.A vampire by the name of Lestat found her and gave her the choose of immortality.As you can see,she took it and forever became a vampire that very night.Luna was the most cautious young woman when she was human.She did everything her parents asked her to.She had a very bright future ahead of her till the day she was taken by the murder.As soon as she was turned she went back to the man's home and got revenge for her and the other victims.Two years later she now lives with Lestat,who left her not to long after,in a beach house in LA.She's been traveling with Alex long before the government told the world about them.She was once taken by the government and was under their control from a chip in the back of her neck.They made her do terrible things that still haunt her and she keeps them from Alex,she actually keeps alot from him.


Name: Silver Sterling
Nickname(s): None
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Witch
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Power(s): The power to control the elements(Air,Fire,Earth,Water) and times when she can control a fifth element that many never learned to control, spirit.
Hobbies: Working on spells.
Family: Reverend John Sterling [Father], Martha Sterling [Mother]
Bio: Silver comes from a family that is all about the church. So when she learned she was a witch, she had to keep it a secret. But when she almost burns down the church with one of her elements, her parents kick her out and she's lived on the streets for two years. She avoids other beings, able to sense what the are just by being close to them. Also, trying to hide from the government even though they haven't started looking fr witches, so she was safe......for now. Being a witch, Silver can also cast spells that come in handy, though some tend to backfire on her.


Name: Melody Young
Nickname(s): None
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Race: Succubus
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Power(s): Can steal people's life-force through their mouths with a kiss, to bewitch people with a touch, and to feed from sexual energy.
Hobbies: Getting info out of people
Family: None
Bio: Melody was already used to hiding. For three years, she's been on the run whe one of her "feedings" went to far and she killed her boyfriend at the time. She had just cam into her powers and didn't know how to control them. After three years, she has a better control but there are times where she'll get really close to losing it. To get one thing straight, she doesn't have a devil tail or wings like in the myths. Plus, if her hazel eyes turn a bright blue, beware, she's hungry.


Name: Candra Millers
Nickname(s): Candy Cane
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Werewolf
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Blue
Power(s): Is faster than most wolves, even faster than some alphas, both in human and wolf form
Hobbies: Running through the woods in her wolf form
Family:Victor Millers[Father/Deceased], Annabelle Millers/[MotherDeceased], Conor Millers[Older Brother/Deceased]
Bio: When Candra was born, her parents named her after a princess of Kediri. She was said to be the incarnation of Dewi Ratih, goddess of love. Her name meaning "glowing like the moon". Candra grew up with her parents and older brother, her pack, in a small cabin far deep in the woods. Her life had been peaceful till she was sixteen, when the hunters came. They came in the middle of the night and attacked. The pack turned ino their wolf forms and ran, trying to get away. Because she was the fastest, Candra was the only one to escape. She swore to never join a pack, so that she'll never have to lose another important person in her life. Seven years have passed and she's been a lone wolf since. She's been able to avoid hunters and other wolves this whole time. But when she was running through the woods, she ends up getting caught and taken to a small town full of wolves. It's here where she, unfortunately, meets her mate. Who so happens to be the alpha and won't let her leave.

(size12 Face:One-Two

Name: Marcus West
Nickname(s): West
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Werewolf
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Power(s): None
Hobbies:None that he will talk about
Family: Orphaned, April Richards[Mate/Deceased]
Bio: When Marcus was younger, he was an orphan. He didn't know his family but grew up with the others kids as his family. When he got older, he wanted to help protect the neighborhood and became a cop to do so. No one was aware that he was a werewolf and when people did leave about supernatural creatures, his neighborhood still aceepted him. He was engaged to his beautiful mate, April, and everything was perfect in his life. But it wasn't long till his fiancee became sick and died not to long afterwards. Though he become more closed off, he still does what he can for his new pack as well as where he grew up.


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Name:Ionessa Lena Dounas
Nicknames:Io, Nessa, Ness
Where You Are From:Oia, Greece
Why Are You Leaving:Io comes from a family of Succubi/Incubi, it's in her blood to be a being that seduces men than sucks their love force. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't see herself being that thing. So after coming into her powers at the age of eighteen, she spent the past few years trying to control herself so that she can be with humans without wanting to suck their faces off. It took her some time but she eventually got the hang of it. That night, she ran into a man on the beach and there was an instant connection. The two started to date in secret, she couldn't risk her family learning she fell for a human. But when he proposed to her, word got out and her family soon heard all about her secret romance. They threatened to disown her if she didn't break ties with the man but she stood her ground and it cost her dearly. She later found her fiancee, dead, his life sucked out of him. Heartbroken, she left home in hopes to find people she could call a true family.
Spot You Want:Female Three
What Creature Are You:Succubus
Likes:Romance, a star filled sky, dancing, sweets, and her hometown
Dislikes:Fighting, blood, her hunger, cigarettes, and rude people
Personality:Io is a very cheerful and bubbly person. She always looks for the good in people and is the first to lend a helpful hand. Though she grew up in a harsh family, she is the sweetest person you'll meet. You can't find a bad bone in her body.
Personal Life:Io grew up in a large house in Greece. The household was made up of her, her brother and sister, parents, and grandfather on her father's side. Her Bapi(Grandfather) being the head of the house. Greek is her native tongue but she learned English when she was younger but due to her accent, it can be hard to understand her at times.
Bio:The Dounas family has always been a pureblood family. Crossing species was not allowed and especially with humans. To them, humans were nothing more than a food supplies. They were not meant to be friends or love interests, a meal and nothing more. Io was always the odd one out, the black sheep of the family. Ever since she was younger, she had tried to be a part of the human world. She tried to make friends with kids at the playground or at school but her family wouldn't allow it. They eventually took her out of the public school and started to homeschool her. She had no interaction with the outside world. As she grew older, her hunger started to grow. Not being near humans, she had no control over it. If her family brought a human home for "dinner," she would have to barricade herself somewhere before she attack the person herself. Her family could careless that she would go into a frenzy, they actually encouraged it. So she had to learn to control her hunger on her own, with no help from someone more experienced, it was a huge problem. But with hard work and dedication, she was finally able to control herself any time someone brought a "meal" home. With her no longer being a child, her family couldn't hold her hostage anymore and she was finally able to venture outside of her home. She decided to get a job and once again, try to be normal. With no previous work experience, it was hard finding a job but a kind woman that owned a coffee shop finally gave Io a chance. Her first few days were a disaster but her fellow co-worker, Kostas, was a huge help. After working together for a few months, their relationship took a turn down a more romantic road. But it was short lived, her family learned about their relationship and recent engagement, and one of them killed him. That was the last straw, Io could no longer take her family's ways and she finally decided to leave to make a better life for herself.
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