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[center [size12 https://i.imgur.com/XXE3dZt.jpg | [ ]]]

[#FFFFFF •••][size12 [b [u Josiah Fenris Lupei]]]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 [b Age:] {Eighteen & Older}]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 [b Animal:] None, most animals fear him]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 [b What Race Are You:] Werewolf]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 [b History:] {This is your Bio, it must be 200+ Words, if it's not I'll ask you to add onto it}]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/nfJWk3r.jpg]]
[center [size12 https://i.imgur.com/nfJWk3r.jpg | [ ]]]

[#FFFFFF •••][size12 [b [u Pheonix Middle Storm]]]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 [b Age:] Nineteen]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 [b Animal:] {If you have one, what breed is it, Name, and how long you've had it}]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 [b What Race Are You:] Banshee]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 [b History:] {This is your Bio, it must be 200+ Words, if it's not I'll ask you to add onto it}]
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[pic http://iv1.lisimg.com/image/15683909/736full-katya-miró.jpg]
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delpнι ѕтrawвerry ѕervιce

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/KEwjydC.gif]]
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[center [size12 Profile Url | Picture Url]]

[#F •••][size12 [b [u Name]]]

[#F •••••]»[size10 Age]
[#F •••••]»[size10 Relationship status]
[#F •••••]»[size10 Occupation]
[#F •••••]»[size10 Powers]

[#F •••••]»[size10 Bio and personality]

[center [pic https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/camphalfbloodroleplay/images/4/41/Tumblr_static_tumblr_me6hp6jreg1rm6jd7o1_r1_500.png/revision/latest?cb=20151210001021]]

Oliver Welch
pic link: http://i.imgur.com/TZwfKlD.png
profile link: http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=22165

••»Twenty Two
•••••» Zoo Veterinarian Technician
•••••» Shape shifting (Animals)
•••••»Oliver always preferred being around his numerous pets growing up- except for his close friends. He is on the quieter side most of the time, very much a follower in his friend group instead of a leader. He is the person who has opinions but keeps them to himself. He is quite empathetic when it comes to his friends that he has and cares about them a lot. The only time he can be seen to get visibly angry is when he witnesses someone hurt a helpless animal.

The Haven

Haven's Orphange For Lost Children

Twelve years ago, a fire burnt down Haven's Orphange, home of fifteen clinically insane children. Only six bodies were found along with the two nuns that ran the orphange and three orderlies. Only one person survived, a boy who has been in a coma these last twelve years with third degree burns to his entire body.

The fire has been a cold case since. With no suspect, no clues, and eight bodies missing, whatever
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[pic https://i.redditmedia.com/PYFwWsbynmp-M-PzpOoxFK8zbGJ-iAB9EKGkhQo1CYw.jpg?fit=crop&crop=faces%2Centropy&arh=2&w=640&s=7650770ad10626acee03dc2eeb29acf5]
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[https://i.pinimg.com/736x/09/c7/1b/09c71b5a1ccba2da736660b5272625c2--nick-bateman-jackets-fashion.jpg Incubus] - [https://i.pinimg.com/474x/a4/a1/1a/a4a11a2f6613fac561fd4ba2f378e674--nick-bateman-sexy-men.jpg Smaller]
[https://data.whicdn.com/images/302319559/large.jpg Vampire] - [https://i.pinimg.com/originals/af/92/80/af928032d774f0e8d283260c368d8dce.jpg Smaller]
[https://i.pinimg.com/originals/9c/a2/90/9ca2901bc5037b3f263d710077fe8a6d.jpg Skin Walker] - [https://i.pinimg.com/originals/36/a2/e1/36a2e10f36d2d038af47db1e015bd320.png Smaller]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/BlKRs7F.jpg]][right [pic http://i.imgur.com/0RagOHR.jpg]]
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[center [size12 These are the members of the Flying Dutchman. They are not to be stolen or replicated, for Davy Jones may steal your soul.]]

[center [size12 [http://i.imgur.com/b33bAzD.jpg Davy Jones]]]
[center [size12 [http://www.short-haircut.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Hot-blonde-short-hair.jpg Grace O’Malley]]]
[center [size12 [http://i.imgur.com/Q9cjEPK.jpg Calico Jack]]]
[center [size12 [http://i.imgur.com/9brr6X7.jpg Katrina]]]
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[center [b [u Hidden In A Peach Tree]]]

[center [size12 [i A small breeze ruffled the tree's leaves around her. A small smiled played on her lips as the breeze filled her nose with a mixture of peaches and grapes, as well as water from the creek nearby. She could hear her younger sibling splashing around in the water, giggling so contently. "Hiding from the morning chores, are we?" She sat up and looked down at her older brother Edwin, who wore a cheesy grin on his face. "Oh, never. I was merely hiding from the stench of you mucking with your dear bosom friends, the pigs. But alas, I can not hide from the smell." The look of shock on his face made her laugh so hard she nearly fell out of the tree.]]]

[center [size12 [i "Is that any way to treat your brother after he is back from war!?" He grabbed up a peach that fell and tossed it at her. Though he purposely missed her, she still flinched. "Brother or tyrant? Did mother not teach you to treat girls with more respect?"]]]

[center [size12 [i "I see no girl here. Only a monkey in a tree." Katrina gasped before quickly climbing out of the tree and chasing after him. This would be one of her last happy memories with her family.]]]

[center [b [u Flames As Far As The Eye Can See]]]

[center [size12 [i After all the chores were finished and the family had a large feast, the two eldest sibling went for a night stroll while their parents put the younger ones to bed. They seemed to walk the farm for hours, which was very possible given the size of it. Their father used to be a well known aristocrat until he met their mother. He gave up the many balls and swooning women for a peaceful life in the country, using all of his money to buy as much land that he could. Their parents than began growing fruits, vegetables, and raising live stock. They always lived a peaceful life, until tonight.]]]

[center [size12 [i She began to yawn non-stop so they both agreed they could catch up some more and should head back to the house. Edwin turned around first, Katrina was slow to do so as something caught her eye in the distance. A fire, in the orchid? "Katrina, get to the horses." Confused, she slowly turned to face him, ready to ask him why when she realized that where their home once stood was a huge blaze. "Hurry, I'll meet you there!" He pushed her in the direction of the stable and took off running from the house.]]]

[center [size12 [i She was frozen to the very spot she stood, she didn't know how or when, but she had started running towards the stable. She held the hem of her skirt in one hand, the other flaying at her side. She threw the stable doors open, scaring the horses as the doors slammed against the walls. She started grabbing the saddles for the horses, getting them prepared for when her family got there. For when the joined her to escape the fire. They were going to be here soon, they had to be. She jumped onto her horse, Peaches, and stared at the stable's entrance. Waiting from someone to show up.]]]

[center [size12 [i The fire was getting closer, she could hear the flamed crackling as they burned the trees nearby. She heard foot steps, she ushered Peaches to the door, just was Edwin appeared. Her relieved smile soon turned to a look of fear as she took in the sight of her brother. His clothes were burned and he was covered in blood. "Edwin," she moved her leg to hop off the horse but he stopped her. "No, you have to go. You have to get away."]]]

[center [size12 [i She shook her head, tears started to well up in her eyes. She could tell by Edwin's face that he meant that it was only her who had to go. No mother, no father, not the twins. Not Edwin. "Someone set the fire, they're on their way. You have to leave now." She continued shaking her head, "Now!" He slapped the horse's rear causing the horse to jerk forward before taking off at full speed.]]]

[center [size12 [i Through blurry eyes, she looked back at her brother to see him fighting some men. She wanted to turn back around but she heard him screaming for her to keep running. So she did. Like the child that she was, she ran. She was almost out of range when she heard a whistle and felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. An arrow had logged inside into her shoulder, she had to duck from the others that was shot at her.]]]

[center [size12 [i Even with the arrows being shot at her, the one in her shoulder, she had been able to escape. She was found in the morning from a nearby villager, unconscious from blood lose. She had fall off her horse at some point and caused an injury to her head. The village's doctor took her in until she was better to move. After a few days, she returned home to find the land was nothing more than smoke and char.]]]

[center [size12 [i The authority found the bodies of everyone but her brother Edwin, which led her to believe he may still be alive. Which brought her to where she was now. After following all the leads she could, she was now in some seaboard city, where she was at a dead end...unless she could get some ship to grant her passage to her next destination. England.]]]

[center [b [u The Agreement]]]

[center [size12 "Look, girl, no ship is going to let a woman on their ship without some sort of payment." The port master sneered at her. Of course, why would he look at her with any sort of respect? Her gown was in tatters, her feet were bare, and her skin was covered in dirt. "Now if ya have no coins, move along. Ye be wasting my time." He shoved her out of his way, moving to a more potential customer. Katrina huffed, refraining herself from throwing something at the man. How did he expect her get any coins, she used the little she had to get where she was.]]

[center [size12 "Our ship will take her." The both of them quickly turned to look at the voice that spoke. Katrina had to look up to look at the man's face. He was about six feet tall, dark eyes, and shoulder length black hair. His face was scruffy and she could see chest hair peeking out from his shirt. The strange thing was that he was pale, for a seaman, he should have some sort of tan but his didn't. The male smirked at her as he now spoke only to her. "That is, if ye is up to work?"]]

[center [size12 Katrina raised an eyebrow in suspicion. "And what work would that be? I'm not a worker from the brothel, if that's what you are assuming." The man began to chuckle and shook his head, "Course not. Far to beautiful to be one in this town. No, lass, you would work as a maid of sorts. As well as a guard, there is a man on my ship that needs to be put into his place and I can tell you are up to the task." She was still wasn't very sure about this, but somehow she ended up on the ship. How in the world did this man convince her to come on the ship as some sort of maid as well as a guard?]]

[center [size12 Yet here she was, on the ship, watching as the shore slowly became smaller and smaller in the distance. She turned around to look at the crew members, one amond them stood out the most. A female with a wicked smile on her face. "Welcome to the Flying Dutchman, lass." Katrina's plummeted to her stomach at those two words. "What!?"]]
  {pιraтeѕ} / hana_panda13 / 271d 8h 44m 27s
[pic https://festileaks.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Dua-Lipa-1.jpg]

[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/a7fb2deecb656d054af7083f77b5af55/tumblr_nwne1ix3nN1uo0jdxo1_500.jpg]
[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/04/7d/82/047d8289399fc6844a3d330527964863.jpg]
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[center [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/1c2edd66030ce3cefec1e2eb67309f38/tumblr_o5i5jwc7FN1vpddw1o5_500.gif]]
[center [size12 Below are a few of my Ilvermorny characters. These are all characters of my making. DO NOT STEAL. Plagiarism is not cute.]]

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/GiwKBbz.jpg]]
[center [size12 http://i.imgur.com/GiwKBbz.jpg | [ ]]]

[center [size10 [i "There are very few things I genuinely give a shit about. Do yourself the favour of not messing with any of them."]]]

[#FFFFFF •••][size12 [b [u Lucas Drexel]]]

[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Age:] Seventeen]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Gender:] Male]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Sexuality:] Heterosexual]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Wizard Heritage:] Pureblood]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Date of Birth:] October 1st]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Relationship Status:] Single]

[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Height:] 5'11"]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Weight:] 145 lbs.]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Hair Color:] Black]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Eye Color:] Gray]

[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Owl:] Great horned owl, Gorgon]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Pet(s):] None]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Wand:] 9 “, ashwood, dragon heartstring core, unyielding]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Patronus:] Bull]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Personality:] Determined, athletic, cunning, fighter, sarcastic, hot-tempered]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/a0Q9d3G.jpg]]
[center [size12 http://i.imgur.com/a0Q9d3G.jpg | [ ]]]

[center [size10 [i "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart."]]]

[#FFFFFF •••][size12 [b [u Lena Rose]]]

[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Age:] Sixteen]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Gender:] Female]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Sexuality:] Pansexual]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Wizard Heritage:] Half Blood]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Date of Birth:] July 9th]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Relationship Status:] Single]

[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Height:] 5'6"]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Weight:] 132lbs.]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Hair Color:] Brunette with bleached tips]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Eye Color:] Brown]

[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Owl:] Eastern screech owl named Screech]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Pet(s):] Bengal kitten named Gypsy]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Wand:] 9 ¾ “, cedar, unicorn hair, surprisingly swishy]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Patronus:] Elephant]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Personality:] Creative, loyal, kind, overly trusting, reckless, stubborn]
  {ιlverмorny} / hana_panda13 / 1y 95d 16h 58m 32s
[center [pic http://45.media.tumblr.com/2034ba7d704c272e50b733077b4786b2/tumblr_mo6rmadnmd1sretbqo6_250.gif][#FFFFFF •••][pic http://i64.tinypic.com/6xrcco.gif]]
[center [u [size20 тнe ѕoυl тнaт ѕeeѕ вeaυтy[#FFFFFF ••••••••]]]][center [size20 [#FFFFFF •••••••••]мay ѕoмeтιмeѕ walĸ alone]]

Julius Adalwolf
[https://40.media.tumblr.com/a743cf98cf11ce47150112029c1e646d/tumblr_o5bktzXzux1s496v0o1_500.jpg Wolf]-[http://data.whicdn.com/images/32824275/original.jpg Human]

Katrina Adalwolf
[http://s4.favim.com/orig/141022/animal-beautiful-landscape-nature-Favim.com-2171354.jpg Wolf]-[http://41.media.tumblr.com/b164f7a20ec487d5379ed4b8666c2c05/tumblr_nhjvbkDfLk1u6l7axo7_500.jpg Human]

[center [pic http://45.media.tumblr.com/817976b126970078e5229f32f7ed0ac5/tumblr_nsk1ynslYB1uceks3o2_400.gif][#FFFFFF •••][pic http://33.media.tumblr.com/8fea9d8dd58b9c53bc362f9525de7012/tumblr_inline_na07cgVymM1slhrpd.gif]]
[center [u [size20 we were вorn тo вe real[#FFFFFF •••]]]][center [size20 [#FFFFFF •••••••••]noт тo вe perғecт]]

Saoirse O'Shea
[http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc3opmKdqU1rupmu8o1_1280.jpg Deer]-[https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/c8/d7/70/c8d77059aec0612dfd04c82235d394cc.jpg Human]

Thorbern Mathiasen
[http://41.media.tumblr.com/341d2e2d007787c49d1531441e9e5963/tumblr_mgsv28TwmX1rtdluoo1_500.jpg Bear]-[http://40.media.tumblr.com/be40c0124b9e06a19d88e71713a41945/tumblr_npyo8mfnVE1ty9hjco3_1280.jpg Human]
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»Animal Picture Link: http://i.imgur.com/tMIxrXK.jpg
»Profile Link/Username: http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=47294 BrokenScars-
»Name: Nathaiel Wings
»Age: Twenty-Six
»Species: Panther
»Personality: Cunning, Smart, Hardheaded, Caring, Stubborn.

»Animal Picture Link: http://i.imgur.com/VldTvOO.jpg
»Profile Link/Username: http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=47294 BrokenScars-
»Name: Lydia Sampson
»Age: Twenty-Four
»Species: Eagle
»Personality: Shy, Smart, Loving, Weak, Soft spoken

•••••» Misha Hartford

•••••» •••••» Twenty-four

•••••» •••••» canιѕ lυpυѕ

•••••» •••••» .

[left [pic ]]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size12 [ Eliza Chavenko]]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size12 ]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size12 Twenty-three]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size12 panтнera pardυѕ]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size12 Eliza is very head-strong, and tends to do things before she acts. She's very stubborn, and well never back down from a fight, even if the odds aren't always in her favor. When you catch her on a good day, Eliza can be the sweetest person in the world....sometimes.]

[left [pic ]]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size12 [ ]]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size12 ]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size12 ]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size12 ]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size12 Misha is a very happy-go-lucky person. He loves to make anyone smile with some corny joke or a trick, and he tries his best to do whats right. He's popular with the ladies, though very oblivious to it. His only fault, according to others, is his clumsiness.]

[left [pic ]]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size12 [ ]]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size12 ]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size12 ]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size12 ]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size12 ]
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[center [http://qtsie.tumblr.com/ qтѕιe]]
[center [http://photo1.ask.fm/455/056/191/-239996978-1sespel-4gilq4hn26adg7f/original/avatar.jpg ¢υтє ∂єαтн]]
[center [http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy288/HanaCullen/tumblr_m85nd4jsCo1qenzgso1_1280_zpsgnpjfuuo.jpg Batgirl]]
[center [http://67.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lzkknbU0e81r9skd3o1_1280.png Koi]]
  {cυтє} / Hana_Panda13 / 1y 265d 4h 10m 38s
[center [pic http://oi68.tinypic.com/21liuy1.jpg]]
[center [size12 Below is are a few of my Hogwarts characters. These are all characters of my making. DO NOT STEAL.]]

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/Izz2bNF.jpg]]
[center [size12 http://i.imgur.com/Izz2bNF.jpg | [#CB4335 #CB4335]]]

[center [size10 [i "Bravery is not having no fear, but is having the courage to face your fears."]]]

[#FFFFFF •••][size12 [b [u Oliver Stone]]]

[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Age:] Seventeen]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Gender:] Male]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Sexuality:] Heterosexual]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Blood Type:] Pureblood]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Date of Birth:] August 26th]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Relationship Status:] Single]

[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Height:] 6'1"]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Weight:] 171.3 lbs]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Hair Color:] Brown]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Eye Color:] Hazel]

[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Owl:] Tawny owl named Marley]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Pet(s):] None]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Wand:] 12" Beechwood, Hippogriff Heartstring, Sturdy]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Patronus:] [http://patron-a-bum.tumblr.com/search/phoenix The Phoenix]]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Personality:] Adventurous, ambitious, confident, fearless]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/jJfzFvY.jpg]]
[center [size12 http://i.imgur.com/jJfzFvY.jpg | [#FFD700 #FFD700]]]

[center [size10 [i "If nothing else, be kind. Radiate positivity; this world could use it."]]]

[#FFFFFF •••][size12 [b [u Gabriela Nunes]]]

[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Age:] Sixteen]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Gender:] Female]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Sexuality:] Bi-Sexual]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Blood Type:] Half Blood]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Date of Birth:] October 23rd]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Relationship Status:] Mentally dating famous people]

[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Height:] 5'8"]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Weight:] 115 lbs.]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Hair Color:] Pink]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Eye Color:] Brown]

[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Owl:] Burrowing owl names Renato]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Pet(s):] Brazilian rabbit named Mariana]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Wand:] 7¾" Mahogany, Unicorn Mane, Whippy]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Patronus:] [http://patron-a-bum.tumblr.com/post/48616338216/patronus-analysis-031-the-hummingbird-the The Hummingbird]]
[#FFFFFF •••••][size10 [b Personality:] Patient, witty, imaginative, kind hearted]
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[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/6f/34/fd/6f34fdc74dfaaf2a500fcce7f13f93b8.gif]]

[center [size10 Random, random, random.]]

[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=387655 [pic http://i.imgur.com/sibBEb3.jpg]] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=387655 [pic http://i.imgur.com/K4QqXW5.jpg]] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=387655 [pic http://i.imgur.com/VTXKfiv.jpg]] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=387655 [pic http://i.imgur.com/MR6aams.jpg]]]
  {вlyтнewood advenтυreѕ} / Hana_Panda13 / 1y 265d 4h 16m 30s
[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/PdZyWVD.jpg]]
[center [size12 http://i.imgur.com/PdZyWVD.jpg | [#cbab5f #cbab5f]]]

[#FFFFFF •••][size12 [b [u Mireya Analia Teeven]]]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Twenty-One]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Pansexual]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Has the ability to bring her art work to life.]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 She is the definition of the girl-next-door. She's very shy and quiet, only finding her confidence in her art work. She is terrible at lying and cannot remain cool under pressure.]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Mireya started showing her abilities at a young age. It was very weird in the beggining because she had no control over it, so she would bring to life her drawings at five. They weren't the best thing to see. With her showing her gifts at such a young age, her parents took her out of school and homeschooled her. Growing up without siblings and friends, she would constantly draw and became very talented, too bad it didn't help with her social skills. She only has Darius as a friend now and it's mainly because he pretty much forced his friendship on her.]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/lCkT30m.jpg]]
[center [size12 http://i.imgur.com/lCkT30m.jpg | [#7fc485 #7fc485]]]

[#FFFFFF •••][size12 [b [u Darius Rowan Maloney]]]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Twenty-Two]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Homosexual]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Can grow plants from anything without the need of water or sunlight.]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Can be very sassy and sarcastic, especially when pissed off. But he's really a big teddy bear and a total sweetheart. He can easily make friends and just as easily make enemies.]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Darius found out about his abilities in highschool when he made poison ivy grow on his bully's junk. It was the best day of his life, defeating his bully was the icing on the cake. It wasn't so fun when he had to drop out right after. Being an open gay kind in highschool, having the power to grow flowers from anything is worse. He lived in a small town and people rioted when they found out, literally. Thankfully he found Blythewood not to long after and he feels right at home.]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/Upq5cHB.jpg]]
[center [size12 http://i.imgur.com/Upq5cHB.jpg | [#e52fa0 #e52fa0]]]

[#FFFFFF •••][size12 [b [u Jaelyn Dinah Moreau]]]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Twenty-One]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Heterosexual]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Can compel the weak minded to do as she says.]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Is pretty much a bitch, there is no better word to describe her. She is extremely confident, self-centered and egotistical. She's very sharp-tongued and takes any chance she can to put people down.]
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[left [pic ]]
[center [size12 Picture Link | [#517d6e #517d6e]]]

[#FFFFFF •••][size12 [b [u Name]]]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Age]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Sexuality]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Ability]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Personality]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Short Bio]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/u8BaTeL.jpg]]
[center [size12 http://i.imgur.com/u8BaTeL.jpg | [#8f4c7d #8f4c7d]]]

[#FFFFFF •••][size12 [b [u Genevieve Engström]]]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Nineteen]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Heterosexual]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Can heal any wound and even bring someone back from the dead within a few minutes of them dying]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Personality]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Short Bio]
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[center [pic http://66.media.tumblr.com/88a9a9c0994fcc3e7a81b136ec40e2fd/tumblr_mr2m6qf4ti1s9g37ro2_r1_250.gif][#FFFFFF •••][pic http://49.media.tumblr.com/42aa66fba1aa384fc98f0d3a4c783e27/tumblr_mr2m6qf4ti1s9g37ro3_250.gif]]
[center [u [size20 мagιc ιѕ everywнere[#FFFFFF ••••••••]]]][center [size20 [#FFFFFF •••••••••]ιғ yoυ ĸnow wнere тo looĸ]]

[size12 [b Name:] ??? de Chantraine]

[b [u [size15 BASICS]]]
[size12 [b Name]]
[size12 [b Meaning]]
[size12 [b Nickname]]
[size12 [b Birthday]]
[size12 [b Gender]]
[size12 [b Species]]

[b [u [size15 PHYSICAL APPEARANCE]]]
[size12 [b Age]]
[size12 [b Eye Color]]
[size12 [b Hair color]]
[size12 [b Height]]
[size12 [b Weight]]
[size12 [b Nationality]]
[size12 [b Distinguishing Marks]]

[b [u [size15 BACKGROUND]]]
[size12 [b Hometown]]
[size12 [b Type of childhood]]
[size12 [b First memory]]
[size12 [b Education]]

[b [u [size15 RELATIONSHIPS]]]
[size12 [b Mother]]
[size12 [b Relationship with her]]
[size12 [b Father]]
[size12 [b Relationship with him]]
[size12 [b Siblings]]
[size12 [b Relationship with each]]
[size12 [b Children of Siblings]]
[size12 [b Extended family ]]
[size12 [b Close to family?]]
[size12 [b Friends]]
[size12 [b Significant other]]

[b [u [size15 OCCUPATION]]]
[size12 [b Where does character work?]]
[size12 [b How many years?]]
[size12 [b Relationship with co-workers?]]
[size12 [b Like his/her job?]]
[size12 [b Why or why not?]]
[size12 [b Dream job]]

[b [u [size15 ATTITUDE]]]
[size12 [b Greatest fear]]
[size12 [b Worst thing that could happen to him/her?]]
[size12 [b Character is most at ease when]]
[size12 [b Most ill at ease when]]
[size12 [b Priorities]]
[size12 [b How s/he feels about self]]
[size12 [b If granted one wish, what would it be?]]
[size12 [b Why?]]
[size12 [b Daredevil or cautious?]]
[size12 [b Biggest regret?]]
[size12 [b Biggest accomplishment]]
[size12 [b Character's darkest secret]]
[size12 [b Does anyone else know?]]

[b [u [size15 PERSONALITY]]]
[size12 [b Greatest source of strength in character's personality ]]
[size12 [b Greatest source of weakness in character's personality]]
[size12 [b Character's soft spot]]
[size12 [b Biggest vulnerability]]
[size12 [b Which of the 7 deadly sins does character fight]]
[size12 [b Which of the 7 virtues does your character have ]]
[size12 [b Quirks]]

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