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Roleplay Responses

{Second Chances}

Their Meeting:

There he sat, in the public library, trying to hide from another one of his mother's lessons. He understood that he is the heir to the company but he needed a break sometimes. It's bad enough that the kids at school were torturing him today, he didn't want one of his mom's instructors to torture him as well. He let out a long, loud sigh as he ran his finger up the bridge of his nose to push his glasses up. He glanced over at a table not to far from him to see a girl with her nose in a book.

She was really pretty. Long red hair, bright blue eyes, and freckles covering her skin. She was truly beautiful in his eyes, more beautiful than a model. He wondered why she was in the library, the girls at his school would never be caught dead here. So it was really surprising to see someone as beautiful as her to be here, let alone reading a book.

He attended a private school where everyone comes from a rich, prestige family. His family was on it's way of being the richest of them all but their plans were top secret. So he was just another rich kid at the school that was a nerd. So he wasn't, what you would say, a lady's man. In fact, women avoided him like he was diseased or something. With shaggy hair, large glasses, and no muscle what-so-ever, he wasn't what they were looking for in a guy.

He realized that the whole time he was lost in his thoughts, he was staring at the girl. He quickly looked away, hoping she hadn't noticed. He told himself not to look or he would get caught. But his curiousity got the best of him and he glanced over at her again. Their eyes met and he was prepared to look away again when something magical happened. She smiled at him! She actually smiled at him and it wasn't like the sneers he was used to getting. He felt the blood rush to his cheek and he looked away again.

He had to fight against the urge to turn around and glance at her again. He was doing really good till he felt a finger tap his shoulder and caused him to almost jump out of his seat. He glanced behind him to see the girl, she was smiling at him again, it made her look even more beautiful than she did before. How was that possible? "Hi, I saw you staring at the book so I assumed you were waiting to read it. So, here you go." She held out the book and he took it. "Sorry I was taking my time with it. I just couldn't put it down." She shrugged her slim shoulders.

"O-oh, it's okay." He muttered, nervously. She smiled again before waving goodbye and walking off. He placed his free hand, that wasn't holding the book, over his chest to calm his beating heart. It was no longer beating from being frighten but being around her made it race. He looked at the book, The Great Gatsby. Smart and beautiful. Though it was brief, he truly believed he had just met the love of his life.

His Choice:

He had spent the next few weeks going to that library to see her. He never had the courage to talk to her but one day she came and spoke to him. As soon as she spoke to him, he found the courage to speak to her. They spent hours talking about anything and everything. He kept alot of things about himself a secret though. Like where he went to school and that he was rich. But he learned what school she went to and on whim, he said he was going next year. The smile that came to her face gave him the courage to quit school and attend her's the next year.

His mother hated that he was throwing away all that she gave him, all that she taught him for some girl. She knew it was just a matter of time before he started spending all of his money on her. So she took away everything he had and placed it in an account, somewhere safe. But he didn't care, all he needed was her. She had become his best friends and his first love. He got a job and started to make his own money. He even moved out of his four story mansion and into a small apartment. His mother knew he would come back some day so she had the head of security watch him. The man watched how happy the boy was with the girl, after so many years, she got him out of the depressed state he was in.

Her name was Alice. Though his time with her was sweet, it was also very short. One day at school, Alice didn't show up and he became worried. So he went to her house after school to surprise her only to learn she was in the hospital. He quickly rushed to see the girl that he loved, the one he was ready to confess to. The strong and beautiful Alice laid in the hospital bed, she looked so pale and weak. She had a serious heart condition and needed a transplant but her family didn't have the money for the surgery. She would die without a new heart.

He returned to his mother that very night. With bloodshot eyes and tear stained cheeks, he begged his mother to pay for Alice's heart transplant. She agreed to it but only if he promised to never see her again and to return to his duties as the heir. Broken with no other way to save the girl he loved, he agreed to her terms.

His heart broke that day as he still lost the only love of his life.

Alice had a new heart and was better than before. She learned that her best friends had come to see her in the hospital and had stayed to hear her results of her surgery but that was the last time she saw or heard from him. She missed him so she went to his apartment to find it empty. She went to his job to learn he had quit and she found out he had left the school as well. There was nothing she could do but hold onto the sweet memories she had created with him.

Six Years Later:

So much time has passed since the two had last seen each other. But faith has decided it is time that the two be brought back together and not on the best terms.

Once Alice graduated high school, she went to college to get her degree in teaching. She's been teaching as a kindergarten teacher at a small elementary school for the past two years called Ashland Elementary. It's a poor school that is made up of poor kids and even children from orphanages. There are more students than there are desks or even books. The school is to poor to afford alot of it. Many of the teachers have had to do fundraisers and work extra jobs to help with alot but it's still not enough. Alice has even worked as the janitor and in the cafeteria for a few months so that the money that went towards their checks could be used for books.

He has become the president of his father's business, now a multi-billioner company. Over the past six years, he has become one of the most handsome men on Earth. As well as the biggest player. After losing Alice, he turned to sleeping around to fill the void. Eventually, the old him got lost in the new him. Recently, he's had his eyes on large piece of property where a sad, little elementary school sat. He could care less if he had to kick all of those kids out of the school. The town had enough public schools they could go to. They wouldn't miss this one. So he made a call to the principle and a deal was struck.

Their Second Meeting But Bitter:

When Alice learns that the school's principle is planning on selling the school she was angry. She tried to take her wrath out on the principle but the woman sent the scorned teacher to the very man that offered to buy it. Fueled by anger brought on by the fact that the school she loved was not only being sold but torn down, Alice stormed to the main building of the richest company in town. Somehow getting past the front desk, Alice storms into the boss' office to find him "interviewing' his secretary on his desk!

Not exactly the meeting that either expected. An angry woman and a man caught with his pants down. Where will this story take us? That's up to you.

I will play Alice and need the male. Though I might play minor characters to move the story along. But I won't be doubling.

It was surprising how much has happened in over six years. How she went from being on her deathbed because of a weak heart to being perfectly healthy thanks to an anonymous donor. How she lost her best friend who disappeared without a trace to being a highschool graduate. Than straight on to a college graduate than a teacher. It had been her dream to be a teacher ever since she was inspired by her own middle school teacher.

The woman went out of her way to make sure all of her students succeeded in school. She would tutor kids after school for free, for however long they wanted. All the students loved her and looked up to her, Alice hoped to be the same kind of person. That's why she decided to teach at Ashland Elementary. A school made up of the poorest kids in town. A school that gets left behind and forgotten, a place that she could truly make a difference. But when she woke up that morning, she didn't expect that it would soon be gone.

"You did what?!" Her voice rose way out of her inside voice as she quickly stood up and slammed her hands onto the principle's desk. The woman was unphased by Alice's actions, she obviously saw it coming. "I've sold the school. The man made a great offer that I couldn't refuse." The calmness in the woman's voice only made Alice angrier. "And were you aware that he plans on tearing it down before or after the deal?" She only prayed that it was after or her temper would go sky high.

"Before," the woman rose her hand before Alice could start screaming. "Ms. Snow, I know how much this school means to you but I had no choice. The building is falling apart, we have no books for the students or desk. It wasn't going to be long till the board closed us down, without paying. I plan to donate the money for school supplies and clothes for all of the children." Alice shook her head at the woman as she began pacing the room.

Do you plan on paying off all the kids that bully them too? Cause that's what going to happen as soon as they enter the other schools. That is, if their parents don't pull them out all together. They don't have the money to pay for field trips or extra help or for lunch. You are letting all of these kids down by doing this." She turned to storm out of the office when she paused. "Who was the man that bought the property?" She glanced over at the principle, who now looked puzzled.

"The president of Grant Corporation. Why?" Alice smiled at her, "No reason. I'll need a sub for my class, I'm taking the rest of the day off." She ignored the principles protest as she closed the door behind her. The worse the woman could do was fire her but if her plan didn't succeed than she'd have no job to come back to any way. But if it, than she'd be happy with the fact of knowing the school was safe...for now.

She hurried out to her car and got in. Starting it up, she pulled out of the parking lot and started to sped towards downtown, where Grant Corp. was located. She planned on giving the president a piece of her mind and she wasn't leaving till he backed out of the deal. Not even security would get her to leave. She was fueled by anger and no one wanted to face her wrath. So if the man was smart, he'd agree, quickly.

She pulled into a free parking spot at such a speed that her tires screeched. She ignored the looks she got as she stormed towards the Grant building and into the lobby, straight to a blonde secretary talking on the phone while filing her nails. "I'm here to talk to the president." The woman didn't even look up from her nails as she spoke. "Do you have an appointment?" "No but this is an emergency." "You can't see him without an appointment. Sorry."

"Let her through, Becky." Both girls looked over at an older man that spoke. "But sir-" The man rose his hand and it quickly shut the woman up. "This is an exception, one that the boss needs to have happen. Besides, he needs to be lectured once in a while. If you'll come with me ma'am. I'll take you to see him." Alice stared at the man, confused on why he was helping her but she walked over to him anyways. "And Becky, don't let him know we're coming."

The two stood in the elevator in silence. She glanced at the older man a few times as he stared at the doors. "You must be wondering why I'm helping you." "Well, yeah. He's your boss, won't he fire you for this?" The man turned to her and smiled. "I use to work for his dad, it's in my contract that neither him or his mother can fire me. If I want to leave than I can. And the reason for me helping you is simple. I believe it's time that he reunite with his old friend." She looked at him, extremely confused and was about to ask him what he meant when the doors opened.

"This is your floor ma'am." She nodded to him and walked off the elevator, she turned to ask him but the doors already closed. She stared at an door marked president and an empty desk in front of it. She figured the secretary was on break so she took this time to ambush the man. She pushed the door open and opened her mouth, ready to yell at him when she took in the scene before her. A woman was laid out on the desk while the man was..."Oh my god!" She slammed the door shut and covered her eyes. Did she really just see that?

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The Guardians: Tale of Heroes


"We are sworn to protect those who need it. To protect them from the evil that hides in the shadows of the Earth, with strength, power, and courage. We are the guardians."

Falcone City, a large city with water on one side, woods on another, and two highways leading to anywhere but there. Falcone is known for it's many crimes, many unsolved cases, missing persons, and murders. Falcone is a place that people try to avoid as much as possible and a place where the residents know to not go out at night. Falcone is runned by criminals and the mafia. The police can't do anything to stop it all, especially when there are so many dirty cops on the force.

Falcone needs a hero, maybe even more then one. Do you have it in you to save this city or will you be the one to help burn it up in flames? The choice is your's. Be a hero and save it or be a villian and destroy it.

Picture Link:
User Link:
Alias:For heroes, villians, and sidekicks only
Costume:Same as Alias
Abilities:Don't go crazy
Message me your skelly. Title the message with either Hero, Villian, Civilian, or Sidekick, with a sample post meeting the limit.

Pictures:I would like that people use real pictures. If it is to hard for you to find a picture to match your character then I will be more than happy to help you find one. I will not allow scene or emo pictures to take over the rp. I like pictures to look like they were done professionally not in the person's bathroom mirror. So no scene or emo picture, unless I like it then I might accept it. If not, I will make you change it before I even attempt to edit you in.
Romance:This is allowed but not to much and not to quickly. Though romance is a huge thing for alot of people this is still a roleplay based more on a broken world.
Action:LOTS OF IT!!!! Throw as much action in at as many places as possible. Please run all ideas you might have past me.
Don't Do:I do not want spamming, you want to talk so badly then take it to PMs or a chat. No cybering, skip all the dirty stuff. No godmodding unless someone has given you permission, same goes for killing people's characters.
Doubling:You may play as many characters as you can handle. Just remember to make a skeleton for all of them.
Posting:I won't make a posting order unless it is really needed. Just know, if it is your turn to post then post. Don't join then quit, it sucks. If you know you won't be able to post then don't bother joining. If you can't handle waiting a week for someone else to join then don't bother with this rp.
Limits:Proper grammar and correct spelling are a big thing for me. If you know you can't spell a lot of words correctly then go to a spell checker. I know I am bad at it sometimes but it's my rp so XP...Anyways, I also like there to be a 1,000 or more character limit per post. If you can't post that much then leave now. If you can, then yay! I understand that there are times where you won't be able to meet the limit, so just let me know.
Characters:I won't be accepting alot of people. So if you want to join than you'll need to hurry.

Citizens of Falcone:


Name:Charlie McClaine
Costume:A black special forces uniform with a silver T on the chest
Abilities:Superhuman strength, flight, invulnerability, superhuman speed


Name:Allena Gates
Costume:A black corset with a black skirt. Black combat boots and a black mask
Abilities:Telepathy, hand-to-hand combat, telekinesis
Weapon(s):Battle staff


Alias:Mr. Bones
Costume:A black suit with a face tattooed as a skeleton.
Abilities:Mental manipulation, the ability to manipulate others' minds.
Weapon(s):Anything sharp


Name:Bela Tablot
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{The Lesbian and the Player}

The name says it all.

Need an active roleplayer who can be a male.

Ryder Hawkins is very open with her sexuality. She's known she liked girls since she was fourteen. A year later, she started dating Anna and they had been together for two years. She was sure they had beat the odds, no one thought they'd last a week let alone two years. Now here they were, on their second year anniverary and she's ready to go another year. That's when Anna tells her that she's breaking up with her, for a guy

[Your character] is your typical player. All the girls want him and all the guys want to be him, and a few secretly want him. He has no problem breaking some hearts, he's all about Y.O.L.O and thinks high school is for sex, not love. In his freshman year, he made a pact with his friends that he could get any girl to sleep with him, no matter who it is. He's had his eyes set on Ryder, the school's lesbian, he'd be a legend if he could sleep with her. To bad he can't.

Heartbroken, Ryder doesn't understand why Anna could leave her for a guy. What made him so much better them her? Determined to find out, she goes to the one person that would be up for the challenge, [The Player]. She agrees to sleep with him, if he can get her to be attracted to guys. Thus begins the strangest couple ever, a lesbian and a player.


{1} Real pictures. No emo or scene ones and make the guy hot.

{2} No godmodding or spamming. That's what the chat box is for.

{3} Don't speed up the romance. Sure, your character can kiss her and stuff but don't have him fall in love after five posts.

{4} Drama, I want lots of it. That's what make these roleplays awesome.

{5} No cybering, now this will be mature as in hot and heavy make-out sessions. But skip the naughty stuff, please.

{6} I would like someone that is semi-lit and can post atleast 1,000 characters. As well as proper grammar and correct spelling.

{7} Send me a sample post.


The Player:Open

Peeking out from under the covers, the seventeen year old girl squinted at the bright sunlight that aimed it's rays towards her eyes. She quickly retreated back under the covers and let out a sigh. She's been like this for the past week. Her girlfriend ex-girlfriend broke up with her. They had been together for two long years and she really thought Anna loved her as much as she loved Anna. But the fact that Anna had been cheating on Ryder and than chose the guy over her, proved her otherwise. Yes, a guy!

What in the world did he have that Ryder didn't? Other than the fact that he stands when he uses the bathroom, they were mainly the same. She let out a long sigh and curled up into a ball. Would he be feeling as she did if Anna had choose her? She couldn't help but hope he would feel worse. She closed her eyes only to quickly open them at the sound of heels running up the stairs. No, no, no. She didn't want to face her. Her door flew open and slammed against the wall, than her blanket flew off her body.

"Ryder! Get your ass out of bed already. It's a lovely Saturday and you're finally single. Come out with me." Cassidy, her cousin who lived next door, said. "Go...Away." She said through clenched teeth, rolling over so her back was facing the girl. Cassidy sat beside her and pulled on Ryder's arm. "Come on, aside from going to school, you've been in this bed all week." She kept pulling on Ryder's arm before sighing and standing up. "Anna isn't laided up in bed being all depressed, why should you?" Ryder glared at her cousin. "Come on, we'll go to the arcade and get your mind off everything."

Cassidy was right, Anna was probably out with her boyfriend having the time of her life. And she was laying in bed like Eeyore. Maybe going to the arcade would do her some good, "Alright. Let me get ready." Cassidy let out a gleeful squeel before leaving the room so Ryder could get ready. She climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

Fourty-five minutes later;

Cassidy and Ryder walked into the arcade. Cassidy was all dressed up like she was going on a date while Ryder was dressed casual. She was wearing a pair of dark jeans, a gray boyfriend tee, and gray converse. She wasn't a dress girl, she never even wore a dress when she went on a date with Anna. "I'm going to go get some quarters." She walked over to the counter and handed the man a twenty. While she waited, she looked around the room to see Logan, the school's player.

For some reason, he liked to try and get at her. He knew she liked girls, everyone knew she liked girls but he kept trying. Watching him made her think of Anna and her new boyfriend. The curiousity of what Anna saw in guys now was killing her. She wanted to know so that maybe she could have some closure. But what guy wanted to attempt to date a lesbian. Than it hit her, she was staring at one! She took the cup, that the man put the quarters in, and headed over to Logan.

"Hey Logan, can I talk to you for a sec?"

Ryder tried her best not to roll her eyes as Logan called her babe. She was going to have to get used to it if he agreed to what she was about to ask. She glanced at his friend, that was obviously trying to eavedrop, and grabbed Logan's sleeve. "Let's go some where private." With that said, she pulled him over to an empty booth in the back of the arcade and sat down.

She didn't wait for him to start talking and just went ahead into asking him. "I'm sure you heard that Anna broke up with me for some guy." She was sure the whole school knew this by now. It was full of gossipers so someone didn't hear, than that would be a shock. "I have no idea when she started liking guys or what she even sees in them...no offense." She sighed as ran a hand through her long, dark hair and looked at the table top. This was crazy. Why was she even doing this?

"Okay, anyways, are you up for a challenge?" She asked as she looked back at him. "If you can get me to like guys, than I'll let you finally sleep with me. But that's only if you can get me to be attractive to guys and you can't tell anyone about this. And I mean anyone, I hear you told someone and I'll kill you. I'm serious." She pressed her back against the booth's cushion as she waited for him to give her an answer.

She was slightly hoping he'd say no but at the same time, he hoped he say yes. It was crazy and a weird way to cope but no one ever said she was normal in the first place.

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A famous explorer once said, that the extraordinary is in what we do, not what we are. We'd finally set out to make our mark, to find adventure. But instead adventure found us. In our darkest moments, when life flashes before us, we find something. Something that keeps us going. Something that pushes us. This is our story of how we survived when there was no hope.

One morning, a small group of friends boarded a small plane. Each one were on the plane for different reasons and had different destinations. But by the evening, something terrible happened. A freak storm appeared out of no where, a strike of lightning hit the plane's wing and caused it to ignite on fire. The plane ended up crashing on a remote island.

"We're not alone, are we?"

By the morning, the storm cleared, giving the group a chance to explore the island. It didn't take them long to learn they weren't alone. The island is inhabited by, not only savages, but creatures that should not exist. Each minute seems to become more and more dangerous for them.

"Will we even make it out of here alive?"

Slowly, the group starts to lose hope that they'll make it off the island. But they have a spark of hope when they hear another pilot on their radio. Before they can give their coordinates, the line dies. They knew they needed better signal and needed to get higher, to get on the top of the island's mountain. But in order to get to it, they must go through all the creatures and savages. So in order to survive, they must become warriors.


This was it, he was finally doing it. He was finally going to go to Europe to backpack. To see places like Amsterdam, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Paris, and London. It would be amazing, six whole months on the road, exploring the world. Or atleast, a continent of it. To get away from the stress of work and family. To be on his owns without having to worry about a nagging boss or an all to worried mom. He knew his mom wouldn't like the idea of him flying across the world, which is why he didn't tell her.

Things were getting to stressful for him. He hated his job. Working at a hardware store wasn't his dream job. But his dad kept insisting that he needed an actual job and not some pipe dream. He didn't think fighting for a living was a pipe dream. Fighting was his life. He did underground matches all the time when he was younger. Would have been the champ if his dad didn't find out about it and pull him out. He had the potential to be great but he never got the chance. Which made this trip even better. It'd help him get back in shape and maybe help him work up the nerve to let his dad know that he had quit the job the old man got him.

Now that he thought about it, his ex-boss probably already called. Lucky for him, he was already on a plane, heading out of the country. This probably wasn't the safest plane but it was the cheapest. Other than the pilot and himself, there was three other people. A raven haired girl who looked like she could hold her own in a fight, a blonde girl with alot of a tattoos, and another blonde with tattoos but this one was a guy. The girls looked like they knew one another, he didn't know the guys deal. He couldn't help but wonder why they all were on the plane. He was curious like that.

He watched each one for a few minutes, the blonde girl the most, before finally looking out his window. It was the middle of the night. He'd been on the plane for about five hours now and they were still flying over the ocean. He could see the stars and moon, a perfect clear night. He let out a sigh as he relaxed in his seat and closed his eyes. It was going to be a while till they got anywhere and he was a little tired from chewing his boss' ass out. So sleeping sounded pretty good right now.

He couldn't have been asleep for five minutes when the plane started to shake, wildly. His eyes shot open as he stared right out the window. He couldn't see the stars or the moon anymore. All he saw was dark, heavy clouds and flashes of lightning. This wasn't good, the skies were suppose to be clear the whole way. So where the hell did the storm come from. "I need you guys to fasten your seat belt!" The pilot was looking back at them, nothing but fear on his face. That didn't calm Tony down but he did as the man said. He was getting ready to ask the pilot what the hell was going on when a loud explosion caught his attention.

Staring out the window, one last time, he could see the wing had caught on fire. The pilot started messing with the radio. "Mayday, mayday. Our plane has been hit, our wing is on fire. We're going down." Just as he said that, the plane began to plummet to the ground. "I repeat, we're going down. We're ---"


The nose of the plane slammed down on the land that none of them knew was under them. The windows shattered, metal began to bend, and luggage started to fly around them. Tony was thrown around in his seat before hitting his head against something and losing consciousness.

This wasn't the adventure he was expecting. Nor was it the one he was hoping for. But whether he liked it or not, he just landed into the largest adventure of all. The adventure of survival.

Her arms were stung, her body was sore as if it had slammed in to a brick wall. Everything was black, she knew her eyes were closed but no matter how hard she tried to open them, they just wouldn't. She felt frustrated that she couldn't wake up, that she couldn't tell what was happening around her. 'Wake up. Liz, you have to wake up. Open your eyes,' She kept thinking to herself to wake up. To acknowledge her surroundings to do something other than hide in a world of unconsciousness.

It seemed like she was asleep for hours, maybe even months when her body finally acknowledged something other than pain and sleep. Someone's arms was lifting her up, she could tell by the sudden sense of floating. She knew she was dead weight in their arms but whoever was carrying her was doing a good job of not dropping her. She'd probably beat their ass once she woke up if they did.

It was mere seconds before she was placed onto the ground again. It cold, wet, rough ground made her miss her bed so much right now. The warmth of her large blanket, the comfort of her memory foam. She slowly opened her eyes only to close them again. Rain was pouring down so hard that it stung her eyes when she opened them. She forced her body to sit up even though it screamed in protest.

The first thing she looked at, as soon as her eyes opened, were her hands. There was so much blood on them that it took her a second to realize they were still bleeding from the glass that had cut them. She needed to stop the bleeding or she's bleed to death. That would be her luck, to die from blood lose after surviving a terrible plane crash.

She needed a first aid kit, she's been in fights and a car crash. She knew how to fix up any wound and be sure to not leave scars. But even with the danger of death, a new fear came to her mind, one that made her forget about her own well being. She looked at Quinn, who was already awake. "Quinn, are you okay?"

She started checking her friend for any wound that would seem life threatening. Ignoring the sudden dizziness that hit her. She needed to make sure her friend was safe, that she was okay. Her wounds did not matter until she knew for sure that Quinn was safe.

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In the, not to far, future, the world has changed drastically. Humans know about the world of wolves and they have lived peacefully together, but not for long. People started to fear that the wolves would try to become the more dominant species, that's when the Hunters were created. They started to hunt down the wolves and kill them off, one by one. A large group of wolves got tired of hiding in gutters and moved to a small town hidden in a large forest.

Everything was going great, they were living peacefully and happily, till a lone wolf trespassed on their territory and threw their whole world upside down. Their alpha begins to feel intense feelings for the girl, meaning his wolf has claimed her as their mate. Being a lone wolf, the girl wants to leave their town but if she leaves than so does Tony. Can they convince her to stay before they lose their alpha?

Candra Millers is young, beautiful, and a lone wolf. For seven years, she has been on her own since her own pack was killed. Her pack was made up of her parents and brother, she swore to never join another pack, losing love ones was to painful. She was running through the woods when she was captured by some other wolves and dragged into their small town. It's there that she meets the alpha, who her wolf claimed as their mate, but she won't give in to her instincts. She's stubborn, hotheaded, and not afraid to stand up to him.

He may be young but he is the best alpha his town has ever seen. He is always cool and collected, able to make the best choices with a clear mind. He can easily intimidate and persuade anyone, till Candra shows up. Having her around has brought out his temper and jealousy, the fact she never listens to him makes his temper flare even more. But she's stronge and fast, making her the perfect mate for him, though he fears that she might also be the death of him.

I will play as Candra so I need the alpha. I will double as another male is wanted.


{1} Real pictures. No emo or scene ones.

{2} No godmodding or spamming. That's what the chat box is for.

{3} Don't speed up the romance. Though he is accepting of the mate thing, she isn't. Keep that in mind. But I don't mind him just grabbing her to kiss her, it'll make things interesting.

{4} Drama, I want lots of it. That's what make these roleplays awesome. As well as action.

{5} No cybering, now this will be mature. But skip the naughty stuff, please.

{6} I would like someone that is semi-lit and can post atleast 1,000 characters. As well as proper grammar and correct spelling. We all make mistakes so I won't be a grammar nazi, just don't make it a habit.

{7} Send me a sample post.

The Autumn night was quiet and calm. The full moon shone in the sky, lighting up the way for the wolf, though she didn't need it. She sped through the trees, over fallen logs, and throwing up leaves as she ran. The wind blew through her fur, her heart pounded against her chest, as she gave out a slight howl of glee. It's been weeks since she's went running like this. Between Hunters and no room, she's had to stay in her human form.

She wishes she could be in her wolf form forever but any wolf found was to be killed on sight. She had come to these woods just last night and was to tired from traveling as well as setting up camp to go running. After resting, she scoped out the woods during the day than as soon as the sun set, she transformed and ran. Her white wolf form zoomed through the woods, the trees blurring past her. She prided herself with the fact that she is faster than a normal wolf.

Her speed is one of the reasons she lived for so long. Seven years ago, her family and her were running from Hunters, she was the only one that lived. Ever since than, she's been alone. Not joining any pack, not even interacting with another wolf. She slowed down to a trot as she neared a stream. She walked to the water's edge and began drink the cool liquid.

After taking one last, refreshing sip, she sat down and transformed into her human form. Laying on her back, she stared up at the full moon above her, the light illuminated on her bare skin. The pale moonlight made her skin look paler. She wasn't nicely tanned but she wasn't pale either. So the color looked strange on her. She closed her eyes, not at all worried that someone might be watching her.

Her hair started to stand on edge when she felt a presence and she opened her eyes and sat up. Across the stream were a group of men with guns. That's the bad thing about water, it messes with a wolf's sense of smell. She should have known they were coming, simply by their smell. But these guys are obviously trained in stealth bevause she never even heard them coming.

Before she could react, one of the men pulled the trigger and hit her. She looked down, expecting a bullet wound, but she saw a dart instead. She looked back at the men as everything started to spin and she began getting tunnel vision. She collapsed to the ground as the men ran through the stream towards her. The last thing she heard before blacking out was one of the men muttering something about being questioned by the alpha. Why? She didn't have much time to think about it.

She woke up, what seemed like years, with a pounding headache. She tried to rub her temples but one of her hands wouldn't budge. She squinted her eyes and glanced at it to see that it was handcuffed to the bed frame. Great. She sat up and looked around the room. No, the cell. She was in a cell. All she could think of was the Hunters. Had they finally caught her? No, one of the men said something about an alpha. So they had to be wolves, unless the Hunters were using nicknames now. She knew if she was dealing with Hunters than they would have killed her already.

She leaned back against the wall, just as her stomach started growling. "Hello?! Anyone out there?! The prisoner is hungry! Can I get something to eat?!" She yelled as loud as she could, hoping someone would be nice enough to bring her some bread or something. It was the least they could do since they kidnapped her and dragged her to where she was. "And some more appropriate clothes?!" She was wearing nothing more than a man's t-shirt that was way to large for her and was falling off her shoulder.

Between the loose fitting clothes and the growling that came from her stomach, Candra was getting very annoyed. What right did these men have to kidnap her? She hasn't done anything wrong. She hasn't pissed anyone off...recently. These men were obviously wolves, the place reeked of their stench. Either way, once she was out of the shackles, she was raising Hell. Never mess with a lone wolf, they have no regard for others. They care about themselves and that's it.

She was still leaning against the wall, staring at the one across from her, when she heard footsteps coming down a flight of stairs. She didn't bother to look at them when they finally stopped. She was being stubborn and slightly childish but she didn't care. They chained her to a wall for crying out loud. She literally felt like a chained dog and it wasn't a pleasent feeling at all. She glanced at one of the men as he spoke. He had to be the Alpha they were talking about. The way he spoke with a hint of authority, very Alpha like.

She stayed quiet as he spoke, trying her best not to be a smart ass like she'd like to be. The route wouldn't get her many answers, so silence was the best bet. Her eyes widened for a moment when he mentioned her name. How in the world did he know her name?! She was frozen for a moment as she stared at him, dumb founded. This complete stranger had her kidnapped and now wanted her to be his mate. He was insane, there was no denying it. She shook her head gently, to clear her thoughts before speaking. "Not a chance in Hell."

She glanced at the open door behind him and before anyone could move, she shifted into her wolf form. Easily slipping out of her handcuffs and running past the Alpha. She dodged the hands that reached out to grab her with ease. Though the shirt that was still wrapped around her body gave her a struggle on the stairs. Either way, she was still faster than them and was just inches from the door when one of her paws got caught in the shirt and she fell to the ground. Cursing to herself in her head, she transformed into her human form, shirt still on, and got to her feet. She pulled the door open and what she saw surprised her.

It was an entire town! A whole town hidden in the woods! People were walked around the square with not a care in the world. A few glanced at her with puzzled looks before going on their way. There was pups chasing each other around two women's feet. Was this a town of wolves? A whole town, how did they manage it with all of the raids? She tried to take a step out when a pair of arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her back in, the door slamming behind them.

She started to hit and kick like a child throwing a fit but whoever had a hold of her had a strong grip. "Let me go! You can't keep me chained up in some cell, I have rights! Let me go already!" She continued to struggle, even though she knew the person was much stronger than her but she didn't care. She'd continue fighting them till she couldn't fight anymore. "I'm not going to be anyone's mate so leave me alone!"

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Title:The Fallen

Welcome to Angelic Falls, a small town with a big secret. Six hundred years ago, a fallen angel had landed in the woods surrounding a village with no name. The villagers found him and believed he was sent to them by God. But the angel had evil intentions to destroy God's favorite creation, humans.

On the night of All Hollow's Eve, a blood red moon rose in the sky, giving off a eerie glow across the land. The fallen angel's pearly white wings turned to midnight black and set the village on fire. The villagers trembled in fear at his power, all but one. Martha Samuels, a good witch, did not fear him for she had a plan to destroy him. While the angel flew in the arm, calling his army of demons. Vampires, werewolves, evil witches, dark faeries, etc. He planned to start a war, one which humans would not succeed. Martha cast a spell on the angel, though she could not destroy him, she entombed him in stone and sent his army away to await their master's call again. The angel's statue was then buried under the new town that they built called Angelic Falls. Martha knew her powers were not strong enough but each generation would become stronger. She left behind a diary to warn future generations of what she forseen.

Two sisters,

One's blood will raise his army

The other's soul will send him to Hell

Six hundred years have passed, the story of the fallen angel was just a tale to tell the children. The town still holds many secrets. It is now inhabited not only by human but creatures that you think only exist in stories. Twenty-one years ago, twin sisters were born in Angelic Falls. Their mother died after giving birth to them. There was no family for the children to go to. They were taken to an orphange where the two were separated. On their twenty first birthday a white owl comes to them with a letter from a woman named Martha. The letter leads them to Angelic Falls where their past and destiny will be revealed to them.

_____ is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. But secretly, she has had a bad side to her. She is always looking for something to give her a thrill. At the same time she has been looking for her birth family. After jumping from foster home to foster home all her life and now living on her own, she can't help but wish there was someone out there that would love her and never want to let her go. When a strange owl drops a letter in front of her soon she is on a train heading to Angelic Falls which may or may not be the key to her whole destiny. But when she learns her blood releases a fallen angel from a stone prison and that he wants her to rule with him, will she do it?

Makenzie Daniels was raised in New York City by the chief of police and his wife. Mak alway rebels against her parents and has a knack of getting into trouble. Though she is a bad girl at heart, she is always the first to jump up and help someone. Being raised by a police family tends to make you have a large appetite of being curious. So at the peak of her teenage years, Mak learned that she was adopted and it might explain why she rebels. On her twenty-first birthday Mak recieves a letter from a owl that informs her where she was born. Mak knows she has to go to this Angelic Falls place to learn more about herself. But learning that her soul is the key to send a dark angel and his army to Hell was not what she expected to learn.

_____ is a shape shifter with no purpose. When he was a young boy, _____ learned that he could shape shift into any animal. His father was never around so his mother had to deal with this "curse" as she refers to it as. His mother locked him away from the world and tried to find ways to rid him of his "curse". In his teenage years, _____ couldn't take it anymore and ran away from home. He ended up in Angelic Falls which was twenty towns away from where he lived. It was then that he met Martha, who is now a spirit. She tells him the tale of the fallen angels and the two sisters who will either doom everyone or save them. _____ had found his purpose, he decided to become a proctector for these girls and watch over them till it was time to bring them home. He stayed in his owl form and sent the girls a letter that brought them back to Angelic Falls. But will he be able to stop the angel from rising? Will he be able to protect these girls?

Though they had tried to stop it, the fallen angel has still rose from his tomb of stone. Now his plan is set in motion to start a war that he planned to have six hundred years ago. The agnel is trying to make _____ become his queen and rule beside him. _____ is a naive girl who is in search of love but will she be fooled into becoming the angel's queen and become evil? And with Halloween just around the corner, the blood moon will soon rise again as will the angel's army. Will Mak have to sacrifice her life in order to safe the world? Who will survive and who will not make it to see tomorrow?

The Fallen Angel
The Owl/Protector
The Blood Twin/Martha's descendant
The Soul Twin/Martha's descendant
Martha's Ghost

Profile Link:
Picture Link:
Age: 21+
Role: From list, don't fill out if all the roles are taken!
Species: Human, vampire, werewolf, etc...
How you came to Angelic Falls:
Which side are you on? The Angel's or Martha's
Bio: 100+

Pictures:Real pictures but no scene or emo. No teenagers either, they must look over 21.
Romance:There will be some of this but not to quickly. Let it take it's course. Also, no cybering!
Action:What war rp wouldn't have violence? There will be as much action as possible but no killing people without permission.
No-No:I don't want any spamming in here. Go to my chat to talk. And no godmodding. Controlling people's characters is annoying.
Plot:Do not rush the storyline at all. The fallen angel won't be awaken right at the beginning of the rp. So if anyone wants to be the angel then they must be patient people. If you have ideas to add to the story then message me.
Literacy:You must have proper grammar and correct spelling. Mistakes are okay once in a while but don't make it a habit. If you can not post atleast 800 to 1,ooo characters then don't bother joining.


Username: Hanachan13
Name: Makenzie "Mak" Daniels
Age: 21
Role: Soul Twin/Martha's descendant
Species: Human/Witch
How you came to Angelic Falls: A strange owl left her a letter that lead her to Angelic Falls. Which is where she was born and never even knew it.
Which side are you on? Martha's all the way!!!
Bio: Makenzie Daniels was born in Angelic Falls on October 1st, 1990. Her mother gave birth to her and her twin sister before dying. Her mother was not married and had no relatives which forced the hospital to put Mak and her sister in an orphanage. It didn't take long for the two to get adopted. Mak went to New York City while her sister went to her first foster family. Mak learned to be tough with her dad as a police officer and how bad New York can get. She trained constantly to be the best fighter. In her teen years when she learned that she was adopted she tried to ask her parents about it but they denied it. Angry, Mak started to rebel against her parents. She would get into fights at school and sneak out at night. She grew up and forgave her parents but she still wishes to learn about the life that she left behind, the life she never had the chance to live. When she receives a letter from a woman named Martha she jumps at the chance to learn about her past and heads to Angelic Falls as soon as possible. But learning that her very sould might save the world from a terrible war was not what she expected to find. Mak isn't very happy to learn that she might have to die in order to save millions but will that really stop her from doing it?

It had been a long day. Makenzie works at a cafe uptown which is always busy then she goes and takes some night self defense classes. Makenzie stumbled into her apartment and locked the door behind her, all three bolts. You can never be to safe in New York City. She dropped her things on the couch and headed to her bedroom. She was so exhausted that she just kicked her shoes off and crawled under her blanket. It didn't take long for her to fall asleep.

The nightmare started again. She was surrounded by a burning town. Her lungs filled with the smoke and she started to cough violently as she tried to find her way out of the smoke. The sky was the color of blood as a red moon hung high above. She tripped over something and fell to the ground. She looked back but only saw the outline of a body, she couldn't see anymore then that. She started to army crawl under the smoke till she finally came to a clearing. She gasped at the clean air as she got to her feet only to be knocked down again. She looked up at the person who had knocked her down but all she saw was a shadow figure with black wings. Before she knew it the figure had drew out a sword and stabbed into her stomach. She let out a gasp as the figure drew the sword out, she looked down at the wound and pressed her hands on it to try to stop the bleeding. But it was to late, she could feel her life draining from her.

Makenzie sprung up, gasping, every night it was always the same dream. She could feel the pain in her stomach and looked down at her hands to see they were covered in blood. She felt a breeze and looked at the window to see the figure from her dream standing by the window. She quickly turned the light on only to see there was no blood, no figure, and the window was closed. She ran a hand through her hair that was now drenched in sweat.

She laided back down and stared at the ceiling, that's when the humming came. She could hear it every night after the nightmare and believed it to be nothing but her mind's way to calm herself. She then started to fall back asleep as she listened to the hum that filled her mind.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Mak woke up and looked up her parents that stood over her. "I knew I shouldn't have given you guys spare keys." She mumbled as she tried to roll over and go back to sleep. This just made her parents laugh, which annoyed her more. They were so immune to her attitudes now. Her dad pulled her out of bed while her mom was searching through her things. "Mom, what are you doing?" Mak asked as she glared at her dad who was now struggling with her as she tried to get back into bed. "I'm trying to find a dress for you to wear tonight but you don't seem to have one." Mak was a tomboy so she never bought herself a dress. Her mom was always buying her dresses when she was younger.

Her mom closed Mak's closet door and turned to face her daughter and husband. "Guess we'll have to buy you a dress then." She said as she walked over to them. Mak groaned at this idea. "Oh no, I will have no lip from you young lady. You go take a shower and then I'm taking you shopping for a dress." She grabbed her husband's arm and lead him out of the room. Mak sighed as she started to grab her clothes and headed to the bathroom.

She turned the shower on and undressed while it warmed up. She got into the shower and allowed the warm water to rush over her. She hoped to take as long as possible, hoping to avoid her mom's little shopping trip as much as possible. But she forgot how much her mom loved to shop so when the door bursted open and her mother opened the curtain. Mak quickly covered herself as best as possible and glared at her mom. "MOM! Seriously!" The woman just rolled her eyes at her. "Just wanted to let you know that I will drag you out if you don't hurry up." The woman then smiled and left the room. Mak really hated teaching her mom how to pick a lock.

After Mak finished with her shower and gotten dressed, her mom dragged her out of the apartment and to the car. All while her dad laughed at the pleads that Mak made with him. She sat in the passenger seat with her arms crossed, feeling like a teenager all over. Having a sour attitude as her mom forced her to go shopping. Her mom hummed happily as she pulled into the parking lot of her favorite store.

She slowly followed her mom into the school and watched as the woman instantly went for the bright colored dresses. Grabbing up yellow dresses and pink ones. Mak shuddered at the thought of wearing any of them. She moved to a section that was made up of black dresses and rummaged through them when she grabbed one that caught her eyes. It was a black strapless dress with gold studs that went around the waist. She looked at her mom and rolled her eyes. The woman was holding up the dresses she had picked, looking at herself in the mirror.

Mak took this chance to go to the dressing room and trying the dress on. It looked amazing on her. It showed off her curves and made her legs seem longer then they were. She stepped out to show her mother who pouted at first because it was black and not pink. But when she saw how great Mak looked she eased up and bought the dress.

Mak was able to get her mom to leave before she could head to the heels. She lied and said she owned a pair of heels that would go great with the dress. The two headed back to the apartment. Mak went to her room and changed into the dress. She allowed her mom to curl her hair, though she liked her hair the way it was, and even let her mom put make-up on her. Once her mom was all done she put on her Ash Thelma Black Trainers, which were converse/wedges. Her mom was happy about it but allowed Mak to get away with it.

Finally they were at the club that her parents reserved for the night. All Mak's friends were there as well as her parent's friends and family. Everyone was wishing her happy birthday and having small talk. Mak wasn't good with big parties, exspecially when she knew that the family here wasn't even her real family. It was like a stab to the heart and she left to the balcony to get some air.

She leaned against the balcony railing when she heard some sort of screeching and looked up to see an owl. It dropps a letter in front of her before flying away. She looked after it, confused before grabbing the letter up. She wondered if this was another trick of her mom's as she opened it and unfolded the paper. She read over what it said.

Dear Makenzie,

I apologize that I had to write you a letter instead of meeting you in person. But due to some physical problems that could not be arranged. My name is Martha and though you do not know me, I know you. I am a dear friend of your family, your real family. I know you want to know more about your past. Come to Angelic Falls and I will be able to explain everything to you. A dear friend of mine will meet you at the hotel in Angelic Falls, if you choose to come. He will have a room arranged for you and set up the meeting between us.



And that was all it took, a simple letter for Mak to be on a train heading to Angelic Falls. She now stood at the train station, watching the train leave before grabbing her suitcase and leaving the station. The station was right on the outside of the town so she head to the hotel, which seemed to be the only hotel. She pushed open the double doors of the hotel and walked to the desk. "Hi, I'm looking for someone. They had a room arranged for me. I'm Makenzie Daniels." The woman pointed to a man that sat in one of the chairs in the lobby. She walked over to him. "Excuse me. Are you Martha's friend?"
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Kiss Me, Kill Me

Peyton West use to go to an all girl school. She was a tomboy among a school full of Elite girls. She was the closest to a boy that the school had and she couldn't take it anymore. So she quit the school and went to a public school. Even there she gets mistaken for a boy and she wants to tell everyone she's a girl but when she gets a spot on the boy's soccer team, she just can' or she'll get kicked off. But she soon gets in the way of the school's bad boy, the gang banger, and things take a turn for the worse. He's already whooped her butt and then she soon learns that he's the captian of the soccer team. What will happen when he starts to have feelings for her and thinks he might be gay?

Why does he beat Peyton up? Well, every girl in school has a crush on Peyton and his little sister was one of them. His sister had given Peyton a love letter which she turned down and broke the young girl's heart. Now the older brother is mad.


Peyton: The main female character. Complete tomboy and loves soccer. Her mother doesn't accept her lifestyle, she wants Peyton to be more girly and into cheerleadins instead of soccer. Her dad likes her lifestyle, she's the son he never had. Played by Meh!

Male: Grew up on the poor side of town. His father is in jail and his mother is always working to support her children. He has to be the man of the house and is very protective of his little sister.

Amy: The most popular girl in school. She is in love with the main male and went as far as joining as the soccer teams manager. At times she gets jealous of Peyton but still thinks she is a he.

Cedez: The main male's younger sister. She is a total sweetheart and easily falls in love. She is very naive and can easily heartbroken.

Male 2: The main male's best friend. He is on the soccer team and was able to figure out Peyton's true gender her first day on the team. He likes to mess with her and his best friend.


Real pictures
No spamming, godmodding, or cybering.
Have proper grammar and post atleast 500 characters.
Peyton got out of her dad's truck and slammed the door shut. The two weren't on talking terms since she quit her other school, he was mad that he payed for the whole year and she didn't even stay. She told him to pay for a few months before going all in but he never listened to her. So here she was at her second month of public school and she had soccer practice today. Last week she had been randomly playing on the soccer field and the coach saw her. She was now a official member of the boy's soccer team. Which produced a problem because she was a girl and she shouldn't even be on the team. She had allowed everyone in the school to think she was a boy just to stay on the team. People think she was a boy was the main reason she left her old school which just now seemed weird to her.

Peyton headed inside the school, avoiding her new group of fan girls. A group of freshman who thought she was sooo dreamy. How did she know this? She could hear them say it everyday when she passes them. They also leave notes in her locker and somehow got her cellphone number. She had to cancel it because she would get so many text from them. She went to her locker, ignoring the girls' giggling, and spun the combination on the lock. She pulled the door open and grabbed her first two classes books out, along with notebooks, and a pen. She noticed there was yet another note and pulled it out. She unfolded it and was intantly overwelmed by all the hearts that were on it. This person had actually wrote the poem in pink with red and purple hearts.

Dear Peyton,
By a fleeting touch of your hand

You light up my skin and my heart

And I know that you are the man

With whom I just can't bare to part.

I feel love and passion so deep

That I'd rather spend every night

Watching you quietly as you sleep,

Shining softly with love so bright.

Not a crush, nor habit, nor lust...

No, I know now I've found in you

The love of my present and past,

The star that shall never go out.

There's no other power so strong,

No emotion, no bond of trust,

Life without you is just all wrong,

You are my first love and my last.

Peyton sighed and tossed the paper back into her locker. The person didn't even sign it so she wasn't sure how she was going to let the girl down. Just yesterday she turned down two freshman, one which ran off crying. Saying something about her big brother and what not. Peyton really couldn't careless. She started walking to her English class, oblivous to the danger that was just around the corner, literally. She turned the corner and there HE was. The school's bad boy, the guy you don't want to make mad.
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Name:Bailey Black
Personality:Hot-headed, stubborn, sarcastic, loyal, blunt, naive and friendly.
Short Bio:Bailey's life was simple once till her brother got into some sticky situations. Her older brother owns an auto shop down town, while working some illegal side jobs on the side. His boss realizes that some of his money is missing and all arrows point to Bailey's brother. Though he says he doesn't have the money the boss doesn't believe him and has two guys kidnap Bailey as leverage. But she was able to get away, only to be kidnapped again. Guess her life isn't as simple as she thought.

Betraying The Pack

Escaping a kidnapping duo, Bailey runs into a naked man in the middle of the woods. And he’s not alone.

Rescued by a quad of hunks, then kept against her will, she doesn’t know what to think or do—other than scream that is—when she discovers they are werewolves. Even more frightening, they want her as their mate despite her human status.

But there’s more to Bailey than meets the eye, and an evil force wants her. Can Bailey keep herself from his clutches, or will he somehow force her to betray the pack?

And just how does a girl raised with human morals come around to accepting pack law which states females can choose up to four mates?

But can she really create a bond with any of these males when there is so much going on? The evil force is after her and her brother's boss is still after her. Her brother is looking for her and now she has to deal with four female werewolves that want to be mates with the four males that Bailey met. Can she handle it all? Will her secret be exposed?

Brother's Boss
Evil Force
Werewolf Female #1
Werewolf Female #4

Picture URL:
Short Bio:

Username: Hanachan13
Name: Bailey Black
Role: Main Female
Age: 19
Personality: Hot-headed, stubborn, sarcastic, loyal, blunt, naive and friendly.
Short Bio: Bailey's life was simple once till her brother got into some sticky situations. Her older brother owns an auto shop down town, while working some illegal side jobs on the side. His boss realizes that some of his money is missing and all arrows point to Bailey's brother. Though he says he doesn't have the money the boss doesn't believe him and has two guys kidnap Bailey as leverage. But she was able to get away, only to be kidnapped again. Guess her life isn't as simple as she thought.

Real Pictures
Romance is a must just work up to it
Swearing why the fuck not?
Cybering TS or E-mail
Post atleast 800-1,000!
I will make a chair limit of 1,000 if i have to!
If you don'r post your intro three days after the rp started then you will be booted out.
If you take longer then a week to make a post without a good reason then you will be booted.
Most of all have fun ^^
The sounds of the cabin were eerie, creaking from one place and more creaking from another. The only thing the young captive could do was listen. Her captives had bounded her arms and legs, blinded and gagged her. To make matters worse, they had drugged her. She could still feel where they had pricked her with the needle in her arm. She felt weary, yet very aware of what was going on around her. She had her head hanging, pretending to be asleep. She didn't want them to think she was awake or they wouldn't speak so freely.

She kept hearing her brother's name get brought up and about some deal. What had her brother gotten himself into? She stiffened as one of them moved towards her. "So the boss said not to harm her?" The man closer to her asked. "That's what he said." The other man said. She could feel the man closer to her rub her shoulder before running a finger across her cheek. "She's drugged. Neither the boss or her would know anything happened." He said as he untied the bandana they had used to gag her. The other man just chuckled, she heard his chair shift and a door open. "Just make it quick. Don't want the boss walking in on you." Then the door closed and she was left alone with the other man.

Her heart was racing as he untied her legs then arms. She squeezed her eyes closed when he finally untied the bandana that blinded her. She felt him grab her up then lay her on a bed. She opened her eyes just as he tried to lay on top of her and kneed him between his legs. A groan escaped him as he fell to the side and curled against himself. She got out of the bed only to fall to the ground, the drugs were making it hard for her to control her body. But she knew if she didn't get out of here then she'd be dead and that got the adrenaline pumping in her veins.

She gotten to her feet just as the door flew open and the other man stood in the door way. She ran at him and tackled to him, not knowing that he was standing at the top of a flight of stairs. The impact caused the two of them to tumble down the stairs. The man had knocked out but Bailey was wide awake, well as awake as the drugs would allow her. Her entire body was sore as she got to her feet again. She staggered as she made her way to the door. She heard the other man come running down the stairs and turned to see him checking on his buddy that laided on the floor. He then looked at her and raised the gun that he held in his hands. He shot and the bullet barely missed Bailey's head.

She gasped as she looked where the bullet hit in the door before quickly pulling the door open. She took off out the door and into the woods. The winter air woke her up some more, but she knew she could fight the drug off for so long. She was freezing as she ran through the snow bare footed. They had took her from her apartment, from her bed. All she was wear where boy short underwear and a long, short sleeved t-shirt. Twigs tore at her skin and clothes, cutting them up.

She continued to run, arms pumping, chest heaving, her breathing coming in whimpering pants while her blood surged through her body. She could hear the two man following her, they weren't to close but close enough. She could hear them yelling to one another. She could feel her body getting weaker and weaker, if she stopped then she would be dead for sure. She let out a groan as she ran into some hard and...warm? She fell on to the ground from the force of the impact and now was laying in the snow, staring up a man. A naked man!

She started to crawl backwards, trying to get away from him. Great! She gotten away from two kidnappers, well she wasn't away from them yet. And now she runs into a crazy guy, running around the forest in the middle of the winter, naked. Though, she wasn't fully dressed herself. But she had no choice! She was taken from her home in this state. Him, he had a choice and he choose to be in the woods naked.

She felt something against her back and turned to see a tree. She had backed herself into a tree and the drug was truly starting to kick in now. She couldn't get to her feet, she would have to use other matters to fight these men off.
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Scandals of Chauncey Academy

"Everyone loves a good scandal."

Chauncey Academy is a prestige school in New York City. Only the elite and richest families attend this school. From the perspective of an outsider, this school would seem peaceful and normal. But in all honesty, it's nothing but the source of teen scandals. From sex tapes to drug rings. Student/Teacher relationships and bribery towards good grades. Constant back stabbing and even an unsolved murder. This school is the source of juicy drama and scandals that blow your mind.

Are you prepared to be scandalous?
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Student Files:
Picture Url:
User Url:
Name:First, M, Last
Grade(Age):Ex; Senior(17)
Classes:List in order of periods
Extracurricular Activity:You may list more than one
Scandal:Anything you can think of!
Sample Post:Must be 1,000+ characters

Teacher Files:
Picture Url:
User Url:
Name:First, M, Last
D.O.B(Age):Ex; June 10th(32)
Scandal:Again, anything you can think of
Sample Post:Must be 1,000+ characters

Sample posts do not have to do with the roleplay. They can be previous posts that you did in another roleplay. I want proof that you wrote it though.

Pictures:Real pictures. I like the pictures to look like they were done professionally, not in the bathroom mirror. With this being a rich school, I ask that no emo or scene pictures are used.
Romance:This is a roleplay that is all about scandals so romance will be allowed. Unless the relationship was already in place at the beginning of the roleplay, do not rush things. Now the roleplay is mature so there will be "sex". You can have hot make-out scenes but when it comes to the bed rolling stuff, timeskip it. We all know where it's going so you don't need to paint a picture for us.
Violence:What school doesn't have fights? Whether it's a hair-pulling cat fight or a tooth-knocking fist fight, either way there will be fights. But remember, don't godmod the fight for the other person, each person can fight fairly than the two of you figure out who wins. Simple. Also, I said about an unsolved murder, so I will allow killing in this. Just don't kill someone who didn't want to be killed off. Any godmodding and you're kick out of the roleplay.
Do Not Do This:No spamming, if need be, I will make a chat room for this roleplay. If I haven't said it enough, no godmodding, people hate it. No fights against roleplayers, I am hoping everyone can get along. If you want to join this but you don't like someone in the roleplay, don't let that stop you from joining. If the two of you can be civil than awesome, if not, don't expect me to kick the other person out so you can join. Sorry. Also, no text talk or first person, third person and proper spelling or nothing at all.
Doubling:I will only be allowing a certain amount of people. I ask that anyone that joins is capable of being more than one person. Two or more. Schools don't have just ten people in them so double up.
Posting:It's school time so alot of people are busy in during the week and sometimes on the weekend so I'm not going to push people to post in five days. I know how hard it is to post when you're trying to finish assignments. So if you join, please be okay with people taking some time to post I hate when people ditch because they're impatient. Good roleplays take time.
Literate:I ask that people can post 1,000+ characters per character. I know it can be hard but with the pressure off to rush, it gives you time to think of something awesome to type. Proper grammar and correct spelling is needed, I'm not saying it's a must because everyone makes mistakes but try your best and check your work. I know I tend to mess up but I try my best to make my posts great.
Ditching:No sure I really need to explain this one much. But no one likes a ditcher. So if you join than you need to commit and not ditch.

Chauncey's Student Body and Faculty:

Name:Claire A. Bolton
Classes:Biology, Geometry, Yearbook, Women In History, French, Study Hall, Dance
Extracurricular Activity:Cheerleading
Scandal:Claire's family is going bankrupt.
Background:Claire is the most popular girl in school, head cheerleader, and a royal birch. She takes pride in all three of these things. She's feared as well as loved. Normal people would be mad to learn people talking about her. But no matter how much they hate her, they still talk about her, even if it is an insult. Her dad is the C.E.O of ABM Industries and her mom is an editor of Vogue Magazine. Her family is really well of and one of the richest families in New York. Her dad was recently injured and due to the growing economy, he was let go. They're slowly going bankrupt and the only reason Claire is still in school is thanks to her dad being friends with the principle.

Name:Scarlett N. Tolkien
Classes:Calculus, Journalism, History of Government, Physics, Latin, Band, Choir
Extracurricular Activity:Student Council
Scandal:Was in rehab after trying to commit suicide.
Background:Scarlett is not a rich kid like all of the other students in Chauncey. The only reason she's there is thanks to the scholarship. She's a really smart, yet naive, girl. When she was younger, she was always a little chubby. By puberty, she gained so much weight that she became an easy target in school to tease. She spent three years of constant teasing before she couldn't take anymore and tried to commit suicide, twice. After the second attempt, she was sent to a rehab to get help and took the time to lose weight as well as get better in school. She spent her whole first year of high school in rehab but was able to attend Chauncey in her second year after receiving a high score on the scholarship application.

Name:Maxine D. Anderson
Classes:Creative Writing, World History, Chemistry, Spanish, Algebra, Study Hall, Art
Extracurricular Activity:Swimming and Drama
Scandal:Is having an affair with her Spanish teacher.
Background:Maxine is the kind of girl that could care less about what people think about her. Her family is very famous and not because they're rich. Her mother is an Oscar winning actress and has starred in over fifty movies. Her dad is the owner of Anderson Music Industries, he's represented all the big names in music. Last spring, Chauncey's old Spanish teacher, Mrs. Gomez, went into labor and resigned soon after to be a stay-at-home mom. They got a new, younger, and extremely handsome Spanish teacher, who is also Maxine's swim coach, who Maxine started having an affair with over the summer after running into him at a club. And still going when school started, the two have been doing a good job keeping it a secret. But this is Chauncey, there are eyes and ears everywhere.

Welcome to Chauncey's information account. Any information that wasn't previously discussed will be listed below. Have a wonderful day!

Bell Schedule;
Morning Announcements:8:05-8:15
First Period:8:18-9:08
Second Period:9:11-10:01
Third Period:10:04-10:54
Fourth Period:12:00-12:50
Fifth Period:12:53-2:43
*Sixth Period:1:46-2:36
Seventh Period:2:39-3:39
Afterschool activities are at 3:35 till 4:35
*Study hall for Seniors and Freshmen

Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, or Calculus

English 101, Creative Writing, Journalism, or Yearbook

US History, Women in History, World History, or History of the Government

Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, or Physics

Spanish, French, Latin, or German

Sophomores and Juniors pick two, Freshmen and Seniors pick one
Art, Choir, Band, Drama, Shop, Dance, or Home Economics

Extracurricular Activities;
Meets every Tuesday and Friday
Band, Computer Arts, Video/Film Production, Choir, Photography, and Drama

Language Taught:
Meets every Wednesday and Thursday
ASL, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Latin, Italian, and Spanish

Meets every Monday-Thursday
Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball, Cheerleading, Martial Arts, Softball, Track, Wrestling, Baseball, Swimming, Tennis, and Volleyball.

Meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Chess, Math, Science, Debate, Journalism, and Student Council

School Rules;
The following will result in immediate explusion
*The purchasing, selling or using of any drugs or alchol of any kind.
*Use of physical or verbal violence.
*Disobeying or disregarding the school's authorities.
*Destruction of school property.
*No gambling or smoking on school property.

In addition,
*No leaving the premises during school hours without written permission.
*Endangering the safety of self or others.
*No public displays of affection.
*Absence from a class, assembly, assigned study time or school without excuse.
*Academic Integrity (Cheating).
*Disruptive or inattentive behavior in class, assemblies, or anywhere in the school.
*Prohibited items.
*Uniform or grooming code violations.
*Being in off-limits areas of the campus.

School Uniform;
Top:White button up
Skirt:Black or navy pleated
Shoes:Black, no gym shoes
Accessories:White knee-high socks, black tie, no sharp jewelry

Top:White button up
Trousers:Black or khaki
Shoes:Black, no gym shoes
Accessories:Black belt, black tie

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Chauncey Academy is a school that should have it's named changed from Chauncey to Scandal Academy, hence the name. There is always something juicy going on every week, every day is more like it, something so shocking that simply reading it still wouldn't convince a person that it's true. But every word I type in this blog is the honest truth. I will be posting everything I see and some of my own events so no luck trying to figure out who I am. I will remain unanimous.

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[This was made simply out of boredom. Plus, I'm hoping it will help people stay caught up with what is going on in the roleplay. I won't say "who" the person is that writes this, because where is the fun in telling you guys? But I hope this is a little something you all can enjoy reading as well as guessing who the writer might be. If you would like to be a "follower" just message me and let me know. But please, people, you must be in the roleplay in order to be a follower.]

September 9th, 2013 8:10 a.m

The red head sat on the desk as she watched her spanish teacher button up his shirt. In her head, she was seeing all backwards and she just wanted to take him for another round. She hopped off the desk, her converse making a slight squeking sound, before walking over to him. Running her hands up his exposed chest, she got onto her tip-toes to bring her lips to his ear. "Wanna go again?," she whispered before gently nibbling on his earlobe. His chuckle filled the room as he placed his hands onto her waist and lightly pushed her away from him. "Class will be starting soon," he said in that sexy spanish accent that made it even harder for her to resist.

"Than let's skip school. We'll go back to your place, stay in bed all day, order take out." He shook his head as he walked around her and sat at his desk. "I have a class to teach, I can't play hooky. I'm sorry." She let out a loud sigh before just leaving the room. He had no problem with them having sex on his desk but he wouldn't take her back to his apartment anymore. It's been a month since she's last been there and she couldn't help the feeling that he was hiding something from her.

She walked down the hall, her arms crossed across her chest. Maybe she could just skip the rest of the day? Go do some shopping, get some sexy lingerie and surprise him when he gets home. The thought made her smile, there was no way he could turn her away in something like them. She turned the corner, prepared to go to her locker when the school bell rung, announcing that morning announcments were done. It didn't take long for the halls to fill up. Didn't matter to her, she still planned on skipping. "Ah, there you are Ms. Anderson." Great.

She turned to look at the principle with a smile on her face. "Good morning! How was your summer?" The bald man placed his hands in his pocket, "I hope you are not thinking about skipping school already?" Geez, this guy was good. "Because, you skip anymore days this year, I will be forced to suspend you and take you off the swim team. I know you were working on a sports scholarship. Wouldn't want to ruin your chances." She glared at the man as he turned and walked away. He knew way to fucking much.

She was tired of her parents controlling everything she did. As long as she used their money, they acted like she was nothing more than property. She wanted to get into a college on her own and try to be free from them. But if the principle kept bugging her, she'd never reach her goal.

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Title: Merlin Academy of Wizardry

America-Magic School-Preteens to Teens

Over three hundred years ago, the Salem Witch Trails began. Though they only lasted less than a year, 150 people were imprisoned and 20 were hung. Many of them were falsely accused and the others truly were wizards/witches. There has never been a school in America to train the young wizards and witches. Untrained and with no control over their abilities, it was hard for them to stay unexposed.

A year after the Salem Witch Trails, a retired headmaster from Hogwarts had come to America to visit a friend. News of the trail was one of the many things he heard. Not long after, he met many young, untrained wizards. He knew they needed a place to train, a place they can be themselves without fear. It wasn't long till he, and a few other wizards from Hogwarts, began constructing a school for them.

In 1698, Merlin Academy of Wizardry, was complete. Hidden deep in Superior Forest in Minnesota, the forest was so large that it hide the beautiful castle, and with the help of magic, the castle was cloaked from humans. For three hundred and fifteen years, the school has been peaceful and without problems.

But recently, wizards have been showing up, hung. The wizardry world is on edge as fear of another Salem Witch Trail creeps in the back of everyone's minds. Who could be doing this? Is it another wizard or a crazed human? How are they doing this? Guess there's only one way to find out.


Each house is named after a constellation that matches their crest:


Traits:Bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry

Colors:Black and white



Traits:Intelligence, knowledge, and wit

Colors:Purple and silver



Traits:Ambition, cunning and resourcefulness

Colors:Scarlett and bronze



Traits:Hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play

Colors:Brown and gold



Core Classes:



Dark Arts

Defence Against the Dark Arts



History of Magic



Electives :

Study of Ancient Runes


Muggle Studies

Care of Magical Creatures




Extra-curricular Subjects:

Ancient Studies


Earth Magic


Ghoul Studies

Magical Theory

Merlin's orchestra


Picture URL:

Profile Link:





Blood:Pure Blood, Half Blood, Muggle Born






Sample Post:


Pictures:I would like that people use real pictures. If it is to hard for you to find a picture to match your character then I will be more than happy to help you find one. I will not allow scene or emo pictures to take over the rp. I like pictures to look like they were done professionally not in the person's bathroom mirror. So no scene or emo picture, unless I like it then I might accept it. If not, I will make you change it before I even attempt to edit you in.

Romance:This is allowed but not to much and not to quickly. Though romance is a huge thing for alot of people this is still a roleplay based more on a magical world that might go extincted.

Action:LOTS OF IT!!!! Throw as much action in at as many places as possible. Please run all ideas you might have past me.

No-Nos:I do not want spamming, you want to talk so badly then take it to PMs or the chat. No cybering, skip all the dirty stuff. No godmodding unless someone has given you permission, same goes for killing people's characters.

Doubling:You may play as many characters as you can handle. Just remember to make a skeleton for all of them.

Posting:I won't make a posting order unless it is really needed. Just know, if it is your turn to post then post. Don't join then quit, it sucks. If you know you won't be able to post then don't bother joining. If you can't handle waiting a week for someone else to join then don't bother with this rp.

Character Limit:Proper grammar and correct spelling are a big thing for me. If you know you can't spell a lot of words correctly then go to a spell checker. I know I am bad at it sometimes but it's my rp so XP...Anyways, I also like there to be a 800-1,000 or more character limit per post. If you can't post that much then leave now. If you can, then yay! I understand that there are times where you won't be able to meet the limit, so just let me know.

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