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[center [b [size12 These gods are the creation of mine and my friend, [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=33631 Brit]. Some are based off of friends of ours and will not be touched. If any information, names, or content is stolen it will be handled with severe punishment. You have been warned.]]]
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[center The elite and skilled gods/goddesses of Esian]
[size12 [b [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=45465 Zatheiul:]]]
[size10 The king of the gods. He is the god of equal treatment, freedom in sexuality, and parties.]

[size12 [b [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=33631 Belovieve:]]]
[size10 The queen of the gods. Goddess of story telling, poems, music, and shipping.]

[size12 [b [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=10519 Braduve:]]]
[size10 Husband of Zatheiul. God of sex and fertility.]

[right [pic http://oi61.tinypic.com/2prs6q8.jpg]]
[center [b [u Emchelia:]]]
[center [size12 Based off of my younger sister]]
[center [size10 Goddess of youth, innocence, and imagination.]]
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[left [pic http://oi60.tinypic.com/rs7sxy.jpg]]
[center [b [http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy288/HanaCullen/Demi%20Gods/Gods%20and%20Goddesses/Esians/314pm5j_zpsh5ygu9mk.jpeg Kasana:]]]
[center [size12 Based off of [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=494 myself]]]
[center [size10 The virginal goddess of the moon, the stars, and dreams.]]
[center [#F .]]
[center [#F .]]
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[center [#F .]]

[right [pic http://oi60.tinypic.com/sm3694.jpg]]
[center [b [u Melona:]]]
[center [size12 Based off of [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=34251 Meg]]]
[center [size10 Goddess of the sun, nature, and elves.]]
[center [#F .]]
[center [#F .]]
[center [#F .]]
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[left [pic http://oi61.tinypic.com/2u8y0l4.jpg]]
[center [b [u Joscelin:]]]
[center [size12 Based off of [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=695 Josie]]]
[center [size10 Goddess of protection, justice, and combat.]]
[center [#F .]]
[center [#F .]]
[center [#F .]]
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[right [pic http://oi62.tinypic.com/2wdvqcj.jpg]]
[center [b [u Demeaos:]]]
[center [size12 Based off of no one]]
[center [size10 God of chaos, war, and trickery]]
[center [#F .]]
[center [#F .]]
[center [#F .]]
[center [#F .]]
[center [#F .]]

[size12 [b [u Louhi:]]]
[size10 Goddess of magic, spirits, and wisdom.]

[size12 [b [u Hyremire:]]]
[size10 The virginal God of punishment, execution, death and law.]

[size12 [b [u Veronis:]]]
[size10 God of love, beauty, marraige and immortality.]

[size12 [b [u Kavyck:]]]
[size10 Gender-fluid god of luck, good fortune, pranks, humor and addictive habits.]

[right [b [u To Edit:]]]
[right [http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7q5gaQCyi1r7uxhho1_500.jpg Demeaos]]
[right [http://famousface.us/wp-content/gallery/zoe-saldana/Zoe-Saldana-(2).png Joscelin]]
[right [http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/30900000/Emilie-de-Ravin-once-upon-a-time-30941249-936-1153.jpg Melona]]
[right [http://36.media.tumblr.com/5d22ed422a1857af10637219f52aca03/tumblr_n205diG1k51spqz35o1_500.png Emchelia]]
[right [s Louhi]]
  {Gwen J. Winter} / cherryblossomgirl13 / 4y 301d 14h 2m 35s

On an island resides a school, protected by a barrier. A school for the very things humans call monsters and fairytales. Things that are nothing more than "make believe" but truly exist. The school is hidden from the eyes of humans, for the students protection as well as the humans.

The school is ran by the Elders, immortal beings known as the creators of the magic realm, and the creators of St. Stoker Academy. They enforce the law in the school and have their own police force, the Reapers.

The Reapers are there to protect the students of the school and to guard the barrier. They make sure humans don't enter through the barrier, though it is impossible for a human to enter, as well as Ghouls.

Ghouls are the living dead humans and supernatural beings that have been brought back with black magic. Their only goal in life is to eat the aura of purebloods and even halfling supernatural beings.

Purebloods are full blooded species, they are much like the upperclass of supernatural beings. Hybrids are the offsring of two species and though it is rare for species to mate, they are still accepted into the Pureblood's society. But Halflings are a different story, any offspring of a human and supernatural being is frowned upon and shunned.

St. Stoker Academy is much like a college university, students from the ages 18 to 24 come to learn about their abilities as well as train. Students recieve an acceptance letter, which is delivered by Phoenixes. Phoenixes have always done the bidding of the Elders.

Long ago, a Phoenix once gave it's life to save the life of an Elder. As a reward, the Phoenix was granted a human form. Soon all Phoenixes were granted human forms but if they die, only a bird will rise from the ashes.

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Occ:This is alot longer than I thought it would be. Hope you like it though.

A week ago, if you had told Emilia that she'd be heading to a school on an island, she wouldn't believe you. Then again, she wouldn't believe you if you had said Phoenixes existed, but apparently they did. A few days ago, she had been sitting in her room, working on a paper when in flew this "bird". Not any normal bird, that would have been far too easy. No, this was a large swan-sized bird with red and gold plumage, it's tail was as long as a peacock's. Her room had been really dim at the moment, the only light that was on was the one on the desk. So when the "bird" flew into the dark room, it's scarlet feathers glowed faintly in the darkness. She was freaking out at the sight of this bird as it dropped a letter onto her bed and flew back out the window.

She spent hours searching up the bird only to come across a Phoenix over and over. To her, there was no possible way that a bird like could exist. But there was only one way to find out, she read the acceptance letter the Phoenix dropped in her room and decided to check out this St. Stoker Academy. So after a few days of getting ready, here she was, on a boat, heading an island that looked very empty.

"Um, ma'am? Are you sure this is where you're wanting to go? This island has been empty for years." Emilia came out of her little flashback to look at the man that was driving the boat. Uh," she looked at the empty island. There was nothing on the island. No school, no boats, not even a dock. She bite her lip as she looked back at the man. "Are you sure this is the right place?" The man simply nodded so she let out a sigh. "Than, yeah, I'm sure." The man shrugged his shoulders as he pulled the boat as close to the island as he could so not to mess up his boat.

She jumped out of the side of the boat, thankful that she didn't fall into the water. The man tossed her her bags. "I can wait if you want me to." She gave him a kind smile as she shook her head. "It's fine. Thank you." She couldn't exactly tell him, but she felt it in her bones that this was the right place. And, after seeing a Phoenix, she believed anything was possible. She waved the man goodbye as he turned his boat around and disappeared in the fog that started to form. She wrapped her coat tighter around her as she turned around, even though it was only the beginning of fall, she couldn't really handle the cold. If it wasn't warm than she was wearing a coat, she never knew why.

Taking in a deep breath, she picked up her bags and started to make it farther inland. She only took a few steps when she felt this sort of vibration run through her body. The weird feeling caused her close her eyes for a split second. When she re-opened them, she gasped as she was taken back by what she saw. Standing before her was a large castle, there was more buildings than the castle, but her eyes were glued to the castle. How had she not seen this?!

She took a step towards it when she was tackled to the ground. She stared up at her tackler, gasping for air as she saw her reflection on the SWORD in his hand! "Who are you? How did you get past the barrier?" Emilia wasn't sure what to say, her voice was caught in her breath. Standing over her was a large figure in a black cloak. Buried deep in the fabric where a face should be was a skeleton. "I will not ask again. Who are you." He pressed the sword closer to her neck and she instantly found her voice. "I'm Emilia. I-I got a letter." She rummaged through her pockets and quickly pulled out the letter.

The man snatched it from her hands with his free hand. There was a few moments of silence as he read the letter, or at least she thought he was reading it, she couldn't tell since he had no eyeballs. He slowly removed the sword from her throat and placed in into it's hilt. He grabbed a hold of Emilia's wrist and pulled her to her feet. "Follow me." Emilia didn't even try to question, nor argue with him. She stayed quiet as he lead her on a path that lead down to the water before making a sharp left to a boathouse. Her first thought that came to mind was that he was about to kill her. Cut off her head and dump her body for the piranhas. Okay, maybe she was exaggerating a little. But still, why in the world was he leading her here?

He opened the door and disappeared into the darkness inside. She slowly followed him, pausing for a second to allow her eyes to adjust to the sudden light change. "Oh my gosh." It wasn't a boathouse, it was an alter. There was a shrine set up with hundreds of white candles. Hanging on the wall above the candles was a painting of six people dressed in white cloaks. She couldn't tell what they looked like, due to the cloaks covering their faces. She turned to look at the skeleton man as her touched some random bricks on the wall beside them. What on Earth was he doing? She opened her mouth to ask this very question when a low rumbling sound caused her voice to falter.

The wall began to split in two and open into a doorway. It was like something out of Lara Croft. It was awesome! And slightly creepy. The Skeleton Man, which was now what she decided to call him, turned to her and held a hand up. "Wait here," he turned and disappeared into the dark hole in the wall. As soon as he entered, the wall closed behind him, leaving her alone in the creepy alter room. She sat on one of the benches, which seemed to be for ages, before the wall finally opened again. The Skeleton Man stepped out and motioned for her to follow him out of the alter room. She watched as the wall closed again as they left.

She couldn't hold it anymore, she had so many questions to ask and they were itching at her to be asked. "Where did that lead?" She quickly asked, trying her best to stay in pace with his long strides. "To the Elders' council room." "Okay, gotcha. Cool. But, uh, who are the Elders?" "They're the creators of the school as well as the magical realm." Hmm, that was pretty cool. "Sweet. So, mind telling me why I'm here? I'm not exactly magical." "We are aware but you gotten past the barrier. The Elders hope to learn what you truly are in due time."

He made a slight pointing motion with his head, causing Emilia to look in the direction he pointed. Without realizing it, he had lead her to the entrance of the school. She turned to thank him but he was gone, as if he disappeared out of thin air. Biting her lip, she slowly pushed open the door. Though she seemed calm exteriorly, she was freaking out interiorly. If phoenixes and magic realms exist, than what else did this school have in store for her?

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News of the new girl had spread like wild fire. It was only around elven in the morning and it was the biggest topic through out the whole place. Parker, he wasn't much for gossip, but he was interested in women. What do you expect from an incubus? He wondered if the girl was as cute as some of the people had said. Rumor was, she smelled human, really human. Which wasn't possible with the barrier, there was no way a human got it. But this rumor made him even more intrigued than he was before.

He leaned against the wall, staring a some water nymphes that walked around with thin clothes and no shoes. Gotta love the perks of the school. The unlimited supplies of women. He turned and started to head down the hall. The school here, isn't like most schools. They don't teach you about Algebra or Health. No, here, they teach you to survive. To make it out in the world without getting your face eaten off by Ghouls. They teach you the history of Ghouls and how to defend yourself against them. As well as the history of your own species and how to control the abilities that you have. Not to mention, how to hide from humans.

But let's go back to the Ghouls for a second. These things feed off the energy that other species give off. They either started off as humans or a werewolf or a fairy or any species. The way they become a Ghoul depends, they could have dipped into some dark magic and that's the price they pay. Or they were cursed by someone who was using dark magic. See the pattern, dark magic is very bad mojo. Parker was watching a girl walking infront of him when someone bumped into him. He looked over at the smaller man, he reeked of the smell of wet dog and blood. A hybrid, they were frowned upon by purebreeds like Parker. He sneered at the male before continuing on his way.

Purebreeds are seen as they only way to live, if you mix species than you're an automatic outcast. Vampire/werewolf, Succubus/Mermaid, any of them are frowned upon. But the worse kind? Mixing with humans. Most supernatural beings use humans as a food source. No one should play with their food, let alone have an offspring with it.

  {Sinners} / hana_panda13 / 5y 341d 15h 47m 59s
[center [pic http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy288/HanaCullen/Demi%20Gods/73258d6d1378_zps682a4628.gif]]
[center [size12 All through out time there have been legends of higher beings, of gods. Supreme beings worshiped for having power over things, such as nature or human fortunes. Every culture has these legends. They even have ones about these gods mating with mortals and conceiving children. These children were called, demigods. Some still say that the stories of these half gods, half humans were nothing more than legends. They would even say that the gods themselves are nothing more than relics. But are they truly?]]

[center [size12 Have you ever wondered of the possibility that gods and demigods could exist? That demigods live among you and you wouldn't even notice? What if I told you that they do exist? There is probably one near you, right now. Your so called "normal world" would unravel at the seams as you learn the truth. The world is not normal, supreme beings do exist.]]

[center [size12 Hidden away from the world on an island created just for them in the Bermuda Triangle, there is a school especially for offspring of gods. A school where they can be trained to control their god-like abilites. Where they learn about their parent, as well as the truth about their heritage. Where they learn to fight the monsters that were once thought to be as imaginary as the boogeyman.]]

[center [size12 Welcome to the Demigod Academy.]]

[center [size15 [b [u School Rules:]]]]
[right [size10 [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=286873 Roleplay Rules]]]
[b [u RULE #1:]]
[size12 School starts September 22nd and ends June 26th. The border protecting the school will be let down on these two days to allow your mortal parents to pick you up or drop you off. Do not attempt to bring a mortal through the border at any other time, it will not end well for them.]

[b [u RULE #2:]]
[size12 Once school begins, all students are to live on the campus. No one is allowed off grounds during school hours.]

[b [u RULE #3:]]
[size12 Classes begin at 8am and end at 3pm. The gym is open until dusk.]

[b [u RULE #4:]]
[size12 Giving offers to one's God(ess) parent is recommended but not required.]

[b [u RULE #5:]]
[size12 Pets are allowed on campus but must remain in the dorm areas at all times. Any animals left to run loose among the grounds will be picked up and taken to the campus' pound where they will wait to go home for the rest of the school year.]

[b [u RULE #6:]]
[size12 No fights are allowed on the school grounds. Any and all confrontation shall be settled in the gym, through a battle of brawns or wit.]

[b [u RULE #7:]]
[size12 If you ever leave school grounds, you cannot wear any part of your uniform and must not tell anyone about the school nor it's location.]

[b [u RULE #8:]]
[size12 All students will go on atleast one quest throughout the school year. Be prepared for [i anything] when on one.]

[center [size15 [b [u Classes:]]]]
[center [size12 Intro to Mythology; Each culture has one]][center [size12 Creatures 101; A class for each culture]][center [size12 Equestrianism]][center [size12 Fencing]][center [size12 Archery]][center [size12 Hand-to-hand combat]][center [size12 Battle Strategizing]][center [size12 Basics to Magic]][center [size12 Metal/Weaponry Shop]]

[center [size15 [b [u Gods/Goddesses:]]]]
[center [size12 [http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/african-mythology.php African]]]
[center [size12 [http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/aztec-mythology.php Aztec]]]
[center [size12 [http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/celtic-mythology.php Celtic]]]
[center [size12 [http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/egyptian-mythology.php Egyptian]]]
[center [size12 [http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/greek-mythology.php Greek]]]
[center [size12 [http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/indian-mythology.php Hindu/Indian]]]
[center [size12 [http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/japanese-mythology.php Japanese]]]
[center [size12 [http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/native-american-mythology.php Native American]]]
[center [size12 [http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/norse-mythology.php Norse]]]
[center [size12 [http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/roman-mythology.php Roman]]]

[center [size15 [b [u Current Residents:]]]]
[center [size12 [i Profile Link] | [i Picture Link]]][center [size12 [i Username] | [i Name] | [i Age] | [i Gender] | [i Parent] | [i Personality]]]

[center [b [u Celtic:]]]
[center [pic http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy288/HanaCullen/Demi%20Gods/Edits/waiting_here_by_dgphotographyjax-d5t7ic8_zpseb8cbb3b.jpg]][center [size12 [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=494 Hana_Panda13] | Aife Keegan | Sixteen | Female | Nuada]][center [size12 Personality]]

[center [b [u Egyptian:]]]

[center [b [u Greek:]]]
[center [pic http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy288/HanaCullen/Demi%20Gods/Edits/alexis-ren-2-23_zps9cc4b18e.jpg]][center [size12 [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=494 Hana_Panda13] | Olivia Lebihan | Seventeen | Female | Aphrodite]][center [size12 Olivia is, in simple terms, a bitch. Coming from a rich family, she already feels superior to everyone. She tends to be rude to everyone, even adults, and belittles anyone that crosses her path. There is no one, in her mind, that's to her level.]]

[center [b [u Hindu/Indian:]]]

[center [b [u Japanese:]]]

[center [b [u Native American:]]]
[center [pic http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy288/HanaCullen/Demi%20Gods/Edits/Imu9vcFVPQhM_zpsdhbzsvlz.jpeg]][center [size12 [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=494 Hana_Panda13] | Len Brennan | Seventeen | Male | Coyote]][center [size12 Len is an extreme jokester. He can't help himself when it comes to pulling a prank or making some sort of joke. He is constantly flirting with women, badly. By using bad pick up lines and poor choice of words, he isn't exactly a ladies man. He's a smart kid, though no one takes him seriously when he tries to prove it.]]

[center [b [u Norse:]]]

[center [b [u Roman:]]]
  ||Plotting|| / CherryBlossomGirl13 / 6y 6d 14h 15m 49s
The moon was full and bright above her. A few clouds were in the sky but not enough to hide that large moon. It was strange, it seemed so sad to look at. Like the moon itself was sad. She heard a buzzing in her ear, like far off talking. She looked away from the moon to look at her surroundings. She was in the woods, a fall breeze sent shivers down her spine, there was no light aside from the torches that a crowd infront of her held. They were saying something but she couldn't make out the words that were being said. They're facial expressions showed anger and some showed fear. They were dressed in 14th century attire.

She felt like these clothings were normal fo her to see but she wasn't sure why. Slowly, their words started to make sense. "Burn the witch! Kill her!" Burn? Witch? What was going on? Who were they talking about? They were all facing in her direction, she tried to see if the person was behind her but her body was stuck in it's place. All at once, she realized her hands were bound behind her and her feet were tied. Her back was pressed against an unsmoothed piece of wood, she could feel the splinters scrape her back. Looking down, she could see she was dressed in a white undergarnment gown and was surrounded by logs placed in a circle around her.

They were talking about her! They were going to burn her! "Wait, please. This is a huge mistake," she begged them as she tried to squirm free. This all felt to real.

  hana_panda13 / 6y 82d 20h 44m 25s

Charmed The Next Generation

Supernatural - Magic - Witches - Demons

~Made by Meh, harvestmoonfanboy, and BrokenWings~

The Plot:

Many years have passed, since the Charmed ones had defeated all evil. Now that there was no need for magic, the Halliwell line, has been spread and scattered. The sisters decide that with no evil that their children can live a normal life without magic. So they strip their childrens' powers and hope for the best. All the children went on to live normal lives with no worries of demons or warlocks.

Little did the sisters know, a large amount of demons escaped from an alternate realm. Waiting and preparing for their next move. Now the Halliwell line has been broken, and their knowledge of magic forgotten. They must relearn, and find their magic roots, that they had lost a long time ago, with the help of Darryl as a mentor.

When a family friend passes away, all the Halliwell children return to the manor for the funeral. On the night of a full moon. They all soon regain their powers when the youngest daughter of Piper and Leo, Melinda, recites the spell from the Book of Shadows.

And why must they do this, you ask. The Demons are back, and a new Source of evil, has started to rise. Can the long lost Halliwell line find each other again step up to the plate? Well that my friends, is up to you.

Original Characters Needed:

Pearl Matthews-Mitchell:Paige

Henry Jr. Matthews-Mitchell:Paige

Chris Perry Halliwell:Piper

Caleb Turner:Cole

Micheal "Mikey" Morris:Darryl

Darryl Morris Jr.:Darryl

Darryl Morris


Profile Link:

Picture Link:






Parents:For main children only.

Siblings:For main children only.

Powers:Limited, not for the humans.

Short Bio: 100+ words!!!


Real Pictures. I must aprrove of it, not to big on scene and emo pictures.

Romance is a must just work up to it.

Swearing, sure just not every other sentence.

Cybering don't do it here.

Don't ask to join and ditch!

This is Mine, Brokenwings, and Harvestmoonfanboys idea. So dont Steal it. You do and we will hunt you down.

Char limit of 1,000.

Proper grammar and no godmodding or spamming.

Most of all have fun

Me, Harvest, and Broken must all approve of your skelly before you may join.


Name: Melinda Prudence Halliwell


Age: 20

Sexualilty: Bi but leans more towards boys

Race: Witch

Parents: Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt

Siblings: Chris and Wyatt

Powers: Telekinesis, Astral Projection, and Molecular Immobilization

Short Bio: The third and final child of Piper and Leo and their only daughter, Melinda is the only non-hybrid in the family due to the fact she was born after Leo clipped his wings and before he reclaimed his title as a whitelighter and latter became an Elder. Melinda has the knack of helping people and having a kind heart. When she turned 18, she left the country to Africa to help out with the people there. She'd write her parents everyday, but she hadn't seen them in two years. It wasn't till the death of a close family friend did she find the time to be able to leave Africa and join her family to mourn. She tends to be curious, so on the night of the funeral, when she comes across an old dusty book in the attic, she can't help but want to read it. It's her fault everyone regains her powers yet, she couldn't be happier to help people even more now. Melinda is bi, she dates guys more then she dates girls. But if she likes a girl enough then she'll date one of them but it doesn't happen often.

  hana_panda13 / 6y 82d 20h 44m 50s

What would you do if you learned about the existence of vampires? Would you run in fear when you learn that they are truly nothing more than blood thirsty creatures?

Shay's dad has always had an issue with gambling and debt. She's has had to work since she was ten in order to pay for his debts. As soon as she turned eighteen, she finally moved to the college of her choice on a scholarship. She was free of her dad's debt for three years till one night, he called her in a frantic panic. He begs her for some help, which she eventually agrees to do.

Though she didn't meet the man that her dad owes, she does meet another male who works for him. The two of them are able to strike a deal in order to pay off her dad's debt. If she works during the day as an in-home maid for the whole year, than all of her dad's debt will be gone. Shay saw it as being the easiest way to clear the debt.

During her first week in the mansion, she starts experiencing some weird things. Strange noises, the feeling of being watched, and even strange sights. But out of all things, she's yet to see the master of the house. But when his "sister" shows up for a dinner, Shay finally meets him while serving the dinner. But after a knife mishap, she learns that everyone in the house is a vampire!

Now that she knows the truth about the tenants of the house, she not allowed to leave, ever. To make matters worse, after smelling her sweet blood, she's the food source of the master of the house who is possessive, hot-headed, violent at times, perverted, but can come off as sweet...rarely.

Real pictures
1,000 characters
Proper grammar and correct spelling
The usual ES rules

Why? Why did every time she tried to get away from that man, he always brought her right back in? No matter how hard she tried, how far she moved, he always had a hold on her. Even if she cut off ties from him, her dad would always have a hold on her. He'd always be able to guilt trip her into leaving the life she made for herself in order to bail him out of another one of his gambling debts.

"Shay, I really need you this time. You don't understand, these guys aren't afraid to use force in order to get the money. I've heard that they even killed a man that owed. You don't want your dad to die, do you? Than you'd be an orphan. What would your mom think if you let me get killed?"

The bastard, bringing her deceased mom into it. It was his problem, why couldn't he just deal with it? She let out a frustrated groan as she got out of her car. After a long drive from the university, she found out who the guy was that he owed, and where he lived. So here she was, in the driveway of a large, rather creepy, mansion. It looked like something out of a horror flick.

She walked up the stairs, noticing the cracks in them as she headed to the door. A large, gargoyle knocker stared back at her with ruby, red eyes. Yup, officially a creepy place. She slowly took the knocker into her hand and tapped it against the wood. It seemed to barely make a sound but as she reached out to knock again. The door flew open, startling her. For a split second, she expected to see an old, creepy butler but instead she saw man in his late twenties.

He raised an eyebrow at her before speaking in a British accent. "May I help you?" Wow, he was handsome. Like, unhumanly handsome, it wasn't fair. The man lifted up his hand to interrupted her before stepping aside to let her in. She looked at him for a second before heading inside. She was surprised that the inside of the house looked less creepy than the outside.

The large foyer was painted in lighter colors with paintings, going back to the 1800's, lining the walls. The man closed the door behind her, causing at booming echo. It caused her to jump, she hated being so jumpy. She followed the man as he headed down the hall to the right before disappearing into the first room. Inside was a large library, a fireplace stood on the wall across from the door, a fire already blazing inside. Two large, white couches sat across from one another in front of the fire. The man sat on one and she took a seat across from him.

"You're here about your father's debt, am I correct?" She simply nodded, he was so serious, it was a bit unnerving. "I see. Neither of you have the money to pay. My boss won't be to happy if he doesn't get his money." Shay's eye's widened, "You're not the head of the house?!" He shook his head, with an annoyed look on his face. "No, I'm merely an employee. I handle these things so that he does not need to be bother with it."

"I know that neither you or your father will be able to pay, but you are in luck. I might have a solution to help with this problem. Our maid recently was...let go and we are in need for a new one." He paused, as if calculating something in his head. "If you work here for a year, without pay. You should be able to pay off his debt." Shay started shaking her head like a mad man. "That's perfect!" She'd get to live in a mansion and pay off her dad's debt at the same time.

"Excellent. Now, of course, there are some rules you must follow. You will start your work just after the sunrises and are to finish before it sets. After which, you are to return to your room and are not to come out. The cellar and upper left wing are forbidden, we have another that cleans those areas. I know these rules are strange but they are for your safety, the master of the house has many guests that may try to harm you." The rules were really strange but she figured she could handle it. She figured she could handle all of this.

She was wrong.

She was only there for a week when she relieved that she was terrible for this job. The mansion scared her. She always heard weird noises and even see weird things out of the corner of her eye. To make matters worse, she always felt like she was being watched, it sent shivers up her spine. It was always at night when she was in her room, during the day it was calm. She wondered if her room was haunted as she headed back after finishing her chores. She paused as she noticed a note on her door. She grabbed ahold of it and unfolded the piece of paper.

Dear Miss Daniels,
The master of the house's sister is coming over for dinner tonight and we are short on staff. So please, once you have finished your chores, shower and put on the outfit I have left on your bed. Dinner will be served at eight on the dot, do not be late.



8:00 p.m.

She's spent the last two hours, setting the dining room up and helping out the chef. When Ritcher said 'short on staff', he should have said there was literally no one else but her. She said as she fixed the white apron that was protecting the black spaghetti strap dress Ritcher left her. It's skirt stopped at her knees and swayed when she walked. The bust of it was alittle tight and made her breast seem bigger than they were. She never saw Ritcher to be a boob guy, or maybe the "master" of the house told him to get this for her.

She leaned against the counter inside the kitchen as the chef finished off the last plate of steaks. "There, now hurry." He handed her the tray of three plates and she headed for the swinging door. She hand just made it out the door when he stopped her. "You forgot the knives," he held them out to her and before he could flip them around so she could grab the handles, she grabbed one of the blades. Causing it to cut her palm, the sudden pain made her drop the tray and clutch her bleeding hand. "Shit." she paused when she noticed the three stand up, out of the corner of her eye.

She looked up and let out a blood curdling scream as she saw their red eyes!

  hana_panda13 / 6y 114d 2h 2m 13s
Only accepting a few people

"The world is dead. People are dead. More and more die every day. Friends and family. In ways, I'm dead. No one is who they were before this all happened. A piece of our old selves die more the longer we live in this Hell. But this isn't living, this is surviving."
-Luke Lane

Two years ago, the dead had risen from their graves. The world has gone insane. People not only fearful of zombies but other humans as well. Some find strength in numberd, others find it in their own company. But to truly survive, you must be a survivor.

Profile Link:
Picture Link:
Weapon(s) of choice:
How many zombies have you killed?:
How many people have you killed?:
Post Sample:

Pictures:This is a real picture roleplay. I am picky when it comes to pictures. No scene, emo, or pictures that were done in a mirror. I will only accept professionally taken photos.
Action:The dead is walking so there will be alot of action. And remember, some of these people might not like each other but what choice do they have? So I will allow some fist fights to break out between charries. Please, keep it fair, no godmodding.
Romance:Yes, I know, everyone loves a good romance. I know some sci-fi stuff have it but it will not be the main thing for this roleplay. I am allowing it to happen, just not to quickly. And when it comes to sex? Skip all the details. Via timeskip or taking it to messages, don't mind either way.
Unacceptable:I'm cool with alot of things, but even I have boundaries. I do not like it when people try to godmod other's characters or fill up my roleplay with spam. I have chatrooms for that and there's a reason ES has the message system. Plus, no on likes their characters being controlled by anyone but themselves. Another thing, please try to be civil to the other roleplayers. We are here to express our creative minds and write, not to start drama. And no text talk!
Doubling:I'm always playing more than one character, it's rare for me to play only one. So I would like to have people that are willing to double, I'm not saying you have to. But if I am in need of more roleplayers and can't find anyone for days, I'd like to know that someone already in the rp might step up and double. If you do join as multiple characters, please be sure you can handle so many.
Posting/Literacy:It's that time of year again when kids are going back to school from their break. I know how hard it is to post between school, work, and life in general, so i'm not asking for a daily post. I would like for people to try and post once a week, atleast. To those that are capable of posting often, please be patient with those that can't. When it comes to the literacy, I ask that people can post atleast 1,000-1,500 characters, 800 is my limit. I will not accept any post that go below that and if you only post 800, give others something to work with. Proper grammar and correct spelling would be nice but I'm not going to correct you if you make any mistakes, I know how it is.
Ditching:I hate this. Do not bother joining this if you are going to ditch. If you will be gone for some time than let me know so I don't give you the boot. The roleplay will not be put on hold, and I hope this doesn't come off as rude, while you are gone but I will try to keep you in the rp and let you know what all has happened. If people haven't posted and I see you have deleted the rp from your list, I will take you off the roleplay, no questions asked. I know sometimes the site messes up and takes things off of user's lists, so keep an eye out on the rp cause I will not message you about it. Mainly because 9 out of 10, people take the roleplay off.

Name:Alexandria Lane
Weapon(s) of choice:A baseball bat and a katana
How many zombies have you killed?:Over thirty
How many people have you killed?:None

Name:Luke Lane
Weapon(s) of choice:A shotgun and hunting knife
How many zombies have you killed?:To many to count
How many people have you killed?:One
Why?:He attacked my sister
  {Survivors} / hana_panda13 / 6y 114d 2h 11m 47s

Title: It Girl

Catergories:Drama-Jealousy-Romance-Parties-High School

To who it may concern,

Welcome to Waverly Academy, home of the Waverly Owls. Located in Rhinecliff, New York. Waverly Academy is a place were students are to be respectful and grow into excellent young adults. Any student that enters Waverly is sure to be accepted to the top colleges, such as Yale or Harvard. With a slight admission fee you dreams for a bright future for your child will be granted.


Principle Humphrey

School Map:

The Waverly Academy's main building holds the classes and the main office. The Chapel is were assemblies are held. Students recite the school's song and a prayer at the beginning of each assembly. The girls dorm and boys dorms were added after the school was turned into a private school. In 1998, the boys dorm had burnt down over some break and a new one had to be built.

Now a welcome from the students, all the teachers think all of us students are perfect angels when we really aren't. Every weekend there a party somewhere. Almost every night someone is sleeping with someone, somewhere. Guess we just can't resist the temptation. But there is one thing here that is the BIG thing...

And that's the It Girl, the queen bee of the school. The person that every wants to be or be with. Every year, each girl fights to become the It Girl. Tinsley has always been the It Girl since the beginning of the school year. But who will replace her?

Jennifer White
Callie Vernon:xUndyingLovex
Brett Lenore Messerschmidt
Tinsley Adea Carmichael
Brandon Buchanan
Benny Cunningham
Isaac Dresden
Isla Dresden
Sage Francis
Julian McCafferty
Yvonne Stidder
Alan St. Girard
Sebastian Valenti
Easy Walsh
Kara Whalen:Hana_Panda13
Heath Ferro

Pictures:All pictures must be real. I ask that scene and emo pictures are not used.
Godmodding or Spamming:If anyone starts controlling someone without permission then they will be kicked out of the rp. I don't want any spamming that is why I have the chat room. So all OCC must go there.
Romance:Of coure there will be romance! All good drama rps have them. I just ask that people don't rush into things. That just causes the rp to die because everything went to quickly.
Drama:I do ask that alot of drama happens. Make up as much drama that you can think of. I accept cussing, drugs, drinking, and violence.
Cybering:Now this is one thing I have alot of problems with. No one likes to read people doing the dirty. So TS if it comes to that. The rp is Rated-R which means nudity and talk about sex might be used but no actual intercourse.
Doubling:People may double but only as many characters as they can control. Don't ask to double if you can't do it.
My RP:This is my rp! Do not dare take this idea or you shall suffer my wrath. So think twice before you take my rp idea.
Lit:This rp is going to be semi-lit. If you can not post 800-1,000 then do not join.
To join:Send me a sample post then ask for which part you want. I will reserve it for you, if I don't like you sample post then I will re-open the spot you asked for.
Most of all, HAVE FUN!!!


Categories: Characters-It Girl-Chat

A Waverly Owl shouldn't attempt secret trysts. Someone is always watching.

This here the the school's e-mail site. Even though students are not allowed to have phones, they have them anyways. All the gossip is spread through text messages and e-mails.

Waverly Students:

Jennifer White

Jenny White is a new student at school. She arrives at Waverly Academy after having been expelled from the Constance Billard School for Girls. Jenny is eager to reinvent herself as 'New Jenny,' a more confident and more popular version of her former self, and to make an impression on her new classmates. Although Jenny gets off to a rocky start at Waverly, the attention she receives from the other students generally gets more positive as the time progresses.

Callie Vernon

With strawberry-blond hair and warm hazel eyes, Callie's all-preppy look suits her position as daughter of the governor of Georgia. Prior to the beginning of the year, Callie was best friends with Brett Messerschmidt and Tinsley Carmichael, and the three of them were the most popular girls at Waverly. However, the three of them got caught taking Ecstasy during their sophomore year, which resulted in the expulsion of Tinsley and the probation of Brett and Callie. She tends to turn to Tinsley for friendship and support more than anyone else, partly due to her deep-seated envy and admiration of her friend who always seems to have it together. The two usually team up against Jenny, whom Callie resents for stealing the beloved Easy Walsh away from her. However, Callie and Jenny do get along but their relationship is usually complicated by their ever changing love triangle with Easy Walsh.

Brett Lenore Messerschmidt

Smart, driven, and an all-rounder aiming to get into Brown, Brett is also one of Waverly's elite. She stands out from her aristocratic classmates due to her jaded appearance: her hair is dyed red and she habitually wears seven gold earrings in one of her ears. She loves Dorothy Parker and often quotes the author to herself. Brett claims to have lost her virginity, and that her parents are doctors who run an organic farm in East Hampton but in actuality, she is a virgin, and her parents are nouveau riche from New Jersey . Brett is the junior class prefect and a member of the Disciplinary Committee. Brett is in the closet about her sexuality and even starts a relationship with Benny but keeps it a secret.

Tinsley Adea Carmichael

The leader of Waverly's elite, Tinsley makes a dramatic return in the second semester of the year, after being unceremoniously kicked out at the end of her sophomore year for getting caught taking Ecstasy with Callie Vernon and Brett Messerschmidt. It is revealed that Tinsley was the only one who was expelled because she was the only one who confessed to taking the drugs; Brett and Callie both denied it. She was accepted back into Waverly when the school authorities learned that she spent her summer in Africa producing a documentary with her father.

Brandon Buchanan

Brandon is something of a metrosexual. Despite being dumped by Callie Vernon for Easy Walsh, he remains hopelessly in love with Callie, hoping to win her back someday. Conversely, he has nothing but hate for Easy whom he feels stole Callie away from him. When Jenny White first arrives at Waverly, he is attracted to her, but is quickly disappointed when she first makes out with his horny roommate Heath Ferro, and later confesses to Brandon that she likes Easy. Nevertheless, Brandon remains a good friend to Jenny in spite of his perception that she has exceedingly poor taste in guys.

Benny Cunningham

A horsey looking girl, with brown hair and brown eyes, Benny is a friend of Tinsley, Callie, and Brett. She is also Sage's best friend. She comes from a very aristocratic background and is referred to as "American Royalty." Benny is one of the only people who willingly admits her sexual preference for females.

Isaac Dresden

Son of the new dean, Dr. Henry Dresden, and brother to Isla Dresden. He has dark wavy/curly hair, pale green eyes, and smooth, tanned skin. Like the rest of the students he is unbelievably gorgeous and rich. He immediately takes a liking to Jenny. Together with Jenny, he plans a party at the dean's house which went terribly wrong. Despite seeming sweet, he had some secrets.

Isla Dresden

Daughter of the new dean, Dr. Henry Dresden, and sister to Isaac Dresden. Like her brother she has dark wavy hair and green eyes. Throughout the year, she goes from being Tinsley's best friend to her worst enemy. She tends to go to several different schools per semester due to her "high-spirited" behavior which includes having an affair with a Brad Pitt-like teacher at a school in Senegal. She loves to take risks and break the rules and takes advantage of her being a "daddy's girl" to easily manipulate her parents and others into giving her what she wants. She does her Jan Plan project with Tinsley which causes the two to become fast friends but the two have a falling out when Isla blames Tinsley for breaking an expensive stained glass window. She attempts to explain herself to Tinsley by claiming that if their situations were reversed, Tinsley would've done exactly the same thing. However, Tinsley disagrees and ends their friendship.

Sage Francis

Best friends with Benny Cunningham, Sage is initially thought to be just another ditzy, blonde, gossiping minion of Callie's but is revealed that she is very unpretentious and sweet. She has a crush on Brandon who finds out from Yvonne Stidder, Dean Marymount's niece. The two begin dating but Sage breaks up with him because Brandon is "too sweet" and "too feminine".

Julian McCafferty

Tall, very hot, blond, and with a penchant for wearing funky T-shirts, Julian is somewhat of a mystery to the other Waverly students. Despite being a freshman, he hangs out with the junior-year boys in his dorm, usually Heath Ferro and Brandon Buchanan. He doesn't talk about himself much. In the second semester of the year, he kisses Tinsley Carmichael, but Tinsley insists that they keep their relationship a secret. Julian complies, but in the third semester he finds himself attracted to Jenny White, whom he often bumps into when hanging around Tinsley's dorm.

Yvonne Stidder

A saxophone player and member of the Jazz Band with a slight British accent, Yvonne is eager to join the in crowd, though she is generally ignored by the more important population of Waverly. She is also the new dean's niece Yvonne is the first girl Jenny meets at Waverly. In a game of I Never which kicks off most of the drama, Yvonne reveals that she is a virgin. Her house in New York, she holds a party while her parents are away. She is known for her bad fashion sense and eagerness to boost her own popularity, which often fails dramatically and is laughed at by Tinsley and Heath especially.

Alan St. Girard

The roommate of Easy Walsh. Notorious for smoking pot, and never shaving his beard. He and Easy spend their times together playing on his Xbox in their dorm room and he dates Alison Quentin but the two break up over Thanksgiving break due to the fact that Alan is planning on meeting up with an old pot-smoking girlfriend and cannot promise to be faithful. Alan and Callie are paired as perfect match. While the two do not get involved romantically, Alan gives Callie advice on how to deal with her feelings for both Brandon and Easy which backfires.

Sebastian Valenti

Brett has been ordered to tutor Sebastian. He has shiny, long black hair which he puts gel in and has a New Jersey accent. He has 'cheekbones that you only see in Armani ads', an olive skin tone, and dark, almost black eyes. He once gives Brett a ride to her house during Thanksgiving break. They realize his best friend used to date Brett in 8th grade. They flirt, argue and tease each other often. Brett later invites him to Thanksgiving under false pretenses. He likes her tacky cropped black shirt and leopard print skirt and her family's animal print furniture, and bonds well with her parents. He and Brett make a bet about whether he knows how to attract girls - Sebastian claims that if he changed his appearance and put on a polo shirt, girls would chase after him. He goes on a couple of dates with Callie, who tries to morph him into her ideal boyfriend, making Brett go into a jealous rage. She finally admits her feelings towards Sebastian as they kiss and get together. Though Brett breaks up with him, after jumping into conclusions that he is talking to his past ex-girlfriends, only to be found later on that he was calling to tell them that he was off the dating market. He and Brett get back together in the end. But eventually Brett reveals that she likes girls and they stay good friends.

Easy Walsh

Artsy and mysterious, Easy pretty much stole Callie Vernon from her then-boyfriend Brandon Buchanan at a party during their sophomore year, causing Brandon to hate him. Easy's feelings for Callie are cooling off, replaced by newfound feelings for Jenny White. At one point during the beginning of the year, Callie and Easy are about to sleep together when Easy accidentally topples Callie's nightstand, making an awful amount of noise. Callie leaves the room in disgust and Easy climbs into bed with Jenny, although nothing happens. The two of them are caught, and Callie persuades Easy to flirt with Jenny in order to make his supposed relationship with Jenny look authentic - all so that Jenny can take the fall. Easy finds himself drawn to Jenny and eventually dumps Callie for Jenny. Their relationship is exposed by Tinsley Carmichael when Tinsley sees the two in New York together.However, things between Easy and Jenny start to cool off and Easy finds himself drawn once more to Callie. During Waverly's Trustee Weekend, Easy brings Callie to dinner with his father without telling Jenny, reasoning that Jenny might not be able to handle his hard-ass father the way Callie can. During dinner, Easy listens to Callie talk and joke around with his father and his old feelings come rushing back - more so after Callie defends Easy when his father lectures him about his art. Later on, during a dorm party, Easy kisses Callie. Unfortunately, their dinner date is exposed by Tinsley, causing Jenny and Easy to later break up. Easy then confesses to Callie that he loves her, and the two of them end up consummating their love in a barn during an off-campus Cinephiles party. Everyone finds out when the barn burns down and the two of them are forced to flee half-clothed. When rumors start flying around that Easy and Callie may have set the barn alight due to their smoking habits, Easy worries that the two of them may be blamed. Easy begins to become suspicious that Callie and Tinsley are trying to pin the fire on Jenny. Easy discusses the issue with Brandon Buchanan who speaks against it. Despite Brandon's opinion, Easy's suspicion deepens. After confronting Callie, he finds out that she was scheming with Tinsley and he angrily walks away. Easy is still mad at Callie for what she did to Jenny and calls her a spoiled bitch, causing Callie to decide to go away on a vacation suggested by her mother, which ends up in fact being a rehab facility in Maine. In the end, after Jenny and Tinsley inform Easy of Callie's predicament, Easy goes to retrieve her and ends up fortuitously saving her from death. The two end up together again. The happiness is short-lived however when the principal meets them at the airport and since Easy had been on probation for bad behaviour is then expelled from Waverly. Easy is no longer attending Waverly but is at Military school. He gives Callie a ring and asks her to meet him in New York after he sneaks out of Military school. Callie instantly accepts. However she loses the ring after a snowball fight with a boy named Ellis she met at Yvonne Stidder's party and decides that she can no longer be with Easy and dumps him. Easy comes back to Waverly. At a party, the new dean's daughter falls through the glass ceiling and when Easy catches her, the dean lets him back into Waverly. He sees Callie at the party, holding hands with Brandon, but when she sees Easy, she immediately abandons any thoughts for Brandon. Callie later finds Easy in the stables. She doesn't think things are actually done between her and Easy.

Kara Whalen

Kara first is noticed during a party held at Dumbarton. She becomes popular after throwing beer in Heaths face as revenge for teasing her when she was fat. She also tricks him into going into the Chapel before an assembly, telling him to leave his clothes by the door and she'll meet him there. She takes off with his clothes and leaves in the Chapel, naked, just as all the stuents and teachers show up. Her mother is a fashion designer, which also contributes to her popularity. Sage, Benny and the others are known for wearing her clothes.

Heath Ferro

Heath is attractive, wealthy, egotistical, and major womanizer as well as being obnoxious and as big of a gossip as any girl at Waverly. Yet, he has a dorky side which includes being a fan of comic books and superheroes. He and his roommate Brandon Buchanan do not always get along due to Heath's messy habits. He was nicknamed "Pony" because he got more ass than a pony at a county fair. Despite the suggestions otherwise, Heath proves himself to be trustworthy when he keeps a lesbian relationship a secret. However, he falls in love with Kara, who initially rejected him due to his teasing of her during freshman year. For someone who never really cared about his relationships, Heath was surprisingly deeply hurt about the rejection. He was looking out for Kara during the Inferno party he hosted, probably in hopes of getting with her. Heath and Brandon's relationship throughout the year improved somewhat, mostly in part to his rejection with Kara which allowed Brandon and Heath to empathize with each other. But Heath doesn't give up on Kara and hopes to show her that he has changed for the better, he even stops his womanizing ways.
  Hana_Panda13 / 6y 179d 21h 8m 54s

In thirty six years from now, the world you see before you will be drastically changed. Cars are no longer bound to the ground but now have access to the sky as well. Robots have been invented, going from mindless machines that help clean the house to intelligent beings that are seen as citizens. As well as spaceships no longer being only accessed by NASA. A world that you've only seen on tv and in books.

In 2050, the discovery of other galaxies were made, as well as other living beings. We were no longer alone in this world, but this small enjoyment was shortly lived when the first wave of Kraygans attacked. A race of reptiles known for destroying planets. These aliens had a mass army and was slowly winning the war. The humans became desperate and sent people out to find help. They made many allies that were willing to fight beside them and after ten years, they finally drove them away. They lost millions of people through out those years.

With Earth being the war zone, the planet had to be rebuilt, which took forty years to do. Through out this time, their allies opened their home to the citizens that had no where to live. Though many of the humans moved back to Earth, there are still colonies of them on other planets.

Thirty five years and everything has been peaceful, aside from small Kraygan attacks on other planets. Earth has opened up their own home to the alien species. But there is always worried about another war happening. Their fear comes true when reports come in of human colonies being attacked by Kraygans and learning that the survivors have been taken hostage. Not knowing the whereabouts of the Kraygans planet, Unicae V. The ship, Federation SR1, has been sent out to investigate.

This is a roleplay about the crew of the federation, the investigation, and the events leading to the war of 2135.

Known Alien Species:
More can be added later on

Description:An albino humanoid race known for the colorful markings on their bodies and telekinetic abilities. Though their planet was destroyed, they still worship their goddess, Bellatrizi.

Description:A romantic humanoid race that are known more for peace than war. They will travel the universe and seek out their soul mates. And they mate for life. Made by Zebra

Home-World:Unicae V[Unknown]
Description:A race of reptiles known for being thirsty for constant war and blood shed. Their soldiers ritually burn their own flesh as a demonstration of their bravery, leaving them horribly scarred.

Home-World:Kuul 4
Description:A race of friendly reptiles. They can build biological machines. They are extremely arrogant and consider most other species to be inferior forms of life.

Home-World:Argal IX
Description:A race of hypochondriacs with metallic silver skin. They use advanced teleportation technology to explore the galaxy. Sex is extremely important in their society, and is used as a form of social ranking. Highly successful individuals who are deemed to contribute more to society are permitted to have multiple spouses, while ordinary citizens are only permitted to have one. Taking more sexual partners than your social rank permits is a criminal offense

Description:A race of philosophical creatures with an acute sense of smell. They have no emotions. They punish criminals by forcing them to become servants of their victims.

Description:The average member of this race has a build similar to that of humans and is quite tall. They have fair complexions and have blond or brown hair. 99% of their race has blue eyes, but a few rare members have green or gray, signalling superior genetics. They come from a cold, inhospitable climate. Many of them place high importance on patriotism and honor. Every member of the race is first a warrior, second a scholar and finally a profession of their choice. Made by TheNerdJock

Home-World:Sector 48, Gulan asteroid belt
Description:A cybernetic group of machines. Built originally for mining and ore smelting by the Gal. One day the Vectors got an upgrade in their software that sparked something new, Artificial Intelligence. The few Vectors rebelled against their old masters and started their own government in all 3 billion asteroids they were mining at. Made by X-000


Picture Link:
Profile Link:
Leader:Aka Username
Species:If an alien, it can be one of the ones listed or a *new one.
Role:What is their part on the Federation
How long have they been there?:
Sample Post:1,000+ characters

*If you are using a new species, than fill out a second skeleton. Inculde the name, home-world and description.

Crew Members:

Leader:Occ Charrie
Name:Tadvan Neemas
How long have they been there?:Six years

Name:Melanie Frost
Role:Flight Lieutenant/Pilot
How long have they been there?:Three years

Name:Jhené T'Soni
Role:Assistant Nurse
How long have they been there?:Two months


Pictures:This is a real picture roleplay. I am picky when it comes to pictures. Since this is based in the future, please try to find a futuristic/alien pictures. No scene, emo, or pictures that were done in a mirror. I will only accept professionally taken photos.
Action:This is a war zone, people! There will be alot of action, especially when Kraygans show up. And don't forget, these people are trapped on a ship most of the time, there will be tension. So I will allow some fist fights to break out between charries. Please, keep it fair, no godmodding.
Romance:Yes, I know, everyone loves a good romance. I know some sci-fi stuff have it but it will not be the main thing for this roleplay. I am allowing it to happen, just not to quickly. And when it comes to sex? Like I said, alot of tension on the ship, but skip all the details. Via timeskip or taking it to messages, don't mind either way.
Unacceptable:I'm cool with alot of things, but even I have boundaries. I do not like it when people try to godmod other's characters or fill up my roleplay with spam. I have chatrooms for that and there's a reason ES has the message system. Plus, no on likes their characters being controlled by anyone but themselves. Another thing, please try to be civil to the other roleplayers. We are here to express our creative minds and write, not to start drama. And no text talk!
Doubling:I'm always playing more than one character, it's rare for me to play only one. So I would like to have people that are willing to double, I'm not saying you have to. But if I am in need of more roleplayers and can't find anyone for days, I'd like to know that someone already in the rp might step up and double. If you do join as multiple characters, please be sure you can handle so many.
Posting/Literacy:It's that time of year again when kids are going back to school from their break. I know how hard it is to post between school, work, and life in general, so i'm not asking for a daily post. I would like for people to try and post once a week, atleast. To those that are capable of posting often, please be patient with those that can't. When it comes to the literacy, I ask that people can post atleast 1,000-1,500 characters, 800 is my limit. I will not accept any post that go below that and if you only post 800, give others something to work with. Proper grammar and correct spelling would be nice but I'm not going to correct you if you make any mistakes, I know how it is.
Ditching:I hate this. Do not bother joining this if you are going to ditch. If you will be gone for some time than let me know so I don't give you the boot. The roleplay will not be put on hold, and I hope this doesn't come off as rude, while you are gone but I will try to keep you in the rp and let you know what all has happened. If people haven't posted and I see you have deleted the rp from your list, I will take you off the roleplay, no questions asked. I know sometimes the site messes up and takes things off of user's lists, so keep an eye out on the rp cause I will not message you about it. Mainly because 9 out of 10, people take the roleplay off.

"We're taking heavy fire!" An explosion was heard. "Get to the escape pods!" There was a flash of a bright light and than a high pitched scream.

Melanie flew up into a sitting position, gasping for air. Her entire body was covered in a cold sweat. "Miss Frost, are you okay? I've detected an accelerated heart rate. Should I call Dr.Neemas?" Melanie sighed as her body started to calm down from the shock of her dream. "No, I'm fine. It was just a bad dream." She ran a hand through her, now damp, hair and climbed out of bed. At the slightest touch of the cool floor below her, caused her to shiver. It was a quick change to her heated body.

Her bare feet padded against the floor as she made her way to the bathroom. "Shower on." By voice command, the shower began to run, she stripped out of her clothes as she walked towards it. The warm water, hitting her body made her feel slightly better. But not even a nice shower would release the pressure on her heart. She closed her eyes and just let the water run on her as her dream played back in her head. But, it wasn't a dream, it was a memory. A memory she dearly wished she could forget.

After her shower, she got dressed in her uniform and let her quarters. The ship was quiet, but she knew it wouldn't last. She went to the mess hall and grabbed a bottle of water. As soon as the cool liquid hit her tongue, she realized how parched she was and finished the whole thing in a matter of seconds. She let out a sigh, her thirst now satisfied and stared out the window. Millions of stars stared back at her as they slowly sailed through space.

She was brought back when someone tapped on her shoulder. She must have been sitting there long than she had planned, for the mess hall was full and noisy. She looked up at the person that had tapped on her to be faced with a pale girl with purple markings around her eyes and on her lips. It was Jhené, the Bethmoora, that was helping Dr. Neemas in the infirmary. "Miss Shepard, are you okay? You've been staring out the window for thirty minutes now." Melanie nodded and stood up, "I'm fine." She started to walk around the other female when Jhené lightly touched her arm. "I'm sorry for your loss." Melanie turned quickly and stared at the pale girl, confused.

"I heard your thoughts. You were thinking about---" Melanie quickly put her hand up to stop her. "You'r new to being around humans so I'm going to give you a word of advice. We don't like people in our heads and even if you can't help it, don't let us know you're there. Got it?" Her tone was harsh but it made the girl nod in agreement before hurrying off. Melanie sighed before heading to the cockpit. She just needed this day to go by fast and be over, than she'll be fine. Or, as fine as she has been. She took her seat in pilot's seat and started to switch things out of auto-pilot.

  Hana_Panda13 / 6y 169d 17h 30m 3s

Ionessa Casado is the daughter of César Casado, a feared drug lord in Cuba. All her life, she wanted nothing to do with her father or his trade. But no matter how hard she tried, she was constantly reminded of the world she lived in. Two years ago, her father started to grow sick with a terminal disease and no chance of recovering. Io knew that this was her only chance to finally be free of the crime filled world.

Unfortunately, after her father's death, a rival drug lord took over and has a bounty on Io's head due to her knowing too much. Fearing for her life, she was able to have one of the last few allies of her father's, get into America. She spent the last six months starting a new life in Gotham as an intern at Gotham Gazette under the name Lola Milian, a friend who was killed during one of the gang wars.

Life as Lola has been good and peaceful, but trouble always seems to find her as she ends up getting caught up with Blackmask. But that's the least of her problems when her past catches up with her and she learns that Cuba's new drug lord has sent assassins after her.

Where is the cape crusader when she needs him?

Pictures of the characters from the movies
1,000 characters
Proper grammar and correct spelling
The usual ES rules

  hana_panda13 / 6y 194d 22h 34m 9s
I wanna thank Meg, Night, and Zane for helping me. You guys are amazing!

For centuries, good and evil have always fought against one another. In New Orleans, two covens continue the war for the past 200 years. Each practices in witchcraft, though one uses black magic.

Hear now the words of the witches,
The secrets we hid in the night.
The oldest of gods are invoked here,
The great work of magic is sought.
In this night and in this hour,
We call upon the ancient power
Bring together we witches five.
Embrace the power.
Unite the Power!

This coven is made up of hereditary witches. Each member of the coven have come from a long line of practiced witches. They all come into their powers at the age of twenty one and if they haven't been trained, their powers could be out of control. Though they practiced all types of magic, they are strong in the usage of the elements.

With this knot I seal this hex
You will not sleep, you will not rest
Knots of anger, knots of hate
Discord brings you to your fate
I tie this second knot makes two
Bringing darkness over you
Slander, discord, evil too
Bringing darkness straight to you
With this third knot, I do bind
Weaving chaos in your mind
Hex of anger, hex of hate
Bring him down, I will not wait

This coven practices black magic. Though some might have been born a witch, not all of them were. Few are humans and few are other supernatural beings. Each has sold their soul to the devil and do not care about any consequence that might come with their usage of magic.

Profile Link:
Picture Link:
Coven:Good or Evil
Short Bio:

Pictures:Real pictures. I like the pictures to look like they were done professionally, not in the bathroom mirror. I ask that no emo or scene pictures are used, unless I approve of them.
Romance:This is a roleplay that is all about magic. And what isn't more magical than love. So yes, I do accept romance but not any quick ones.
Violence:What war based rp doesn't have some violence? But remember, don't godmod the fight for the other person, each person can fight fairly than the two of you figure out who wins. Simple. Don't kill someone who didn't want to be killed off. Any godmodding and you're kick out of the roleplay.
Do Not Do This:No spamming, if need be, I will make a chat room for this roleplay. If I haven't said it enough, no godmodding, people hate it. No fights against roleplayers, I am hoping everyone can get along. If you want to join this but you don't like someone in the roleplay, don't let that stop you from joining. If the two of you can be civil than awesome, if not, don't expect me to kick the other person out so you can join. Sorry. Also, no text talk or first person. Third person and proper spelling or nothing at all.
Doubling:I will only be allowing a certain amount of people. You are more than welcomed to double, at some point I might. But be sure you can handle it.
Posting:It's school time so alot of people are busy in during the week and sometimes on the weekend so I'm not going to push people to post in five days. I know how hard it is to post when you're trying to finish assignments. So if you join, please be okay with people taking some time to post I hate when people ditch because they're impatient. Good roleplays take time.
Literate:I ask that people can post 1,000+ characters per character. I know it can be hard but with the pressure off to rush, it gives you time to think of something awesome to type. Proper grammar and correct spelling is needed, I'm not saying it's a must because everyone makes mistakes but try your best and check your work. I know I tend to mess up but I try my best to make my posts great.
Ditching:No sure I really need to explain this one much. But no one likes a ditcher. So if you join than you need to commit and not ditch.

Name:Felicity Anne Frost
Age:Just turned twenty-one
Short Bio:When Felicity was just a baby, she lost her parents to a fire. She was placed into a foster care system. She's spent the next twenty one years of her life in New York City with her new family. All her life, she was unaware that she was a witch. But alot of strange things happened to her, she always just brushed them off. It wasn't till her twenty first birthday, when she went to blow out her candles and caused the whole tent, that had been set up, to tumble. She was able to convince the guest that it was purely a coincidence but she didn't believe her own story. She started to do some digging into her background and learned where her birth family was from. She set off to New Orleans in hope to learn some truth. Only to be thrown into the world of witchcraft and a two hundred year old war.

  hana_panda13 / 6y 243d 13h 35m 17s

Title: The Chosen One

Catergories: Monsters-Super Powers-Teens

Years ago a witch had learned how to possess control over demons. Near the witch's lair was a small village that was runned by six elders. The elders possessed more power then the witch and it angered her. So she called upon the demons to destroy the village and the elders. But the elders knew of the witch's plan and call upon four of the villages teenage sons. Each boy possessed strong will, strength of mind and body, as well as selflessness. The elders gave each boy the powers to fight off the demons and they were able to save their village.

Angry, the witch waited till the boys had died to try again but the elders had the powers passed down to the next generation. The witch was not aware of this and the demons were not able to tell which of the teenagers were the chosen ones. So the witch cast a spell on them, every generation would be born with a birthmark that gives off a smell so that the demons can tell that they are the chosen ones are. That was hundreds of years ago and now the new generation is born.

Among the four teenagers is one that connects them all and is the strongest of them all. For years the elders have always chose a male but recently they have chosen a female to be the chosen one. No one quite understands why the elders chose a female but they do know that she is the one that will end the war with the demons.

Twenty years ago, the chosen one went rogue and started to drink the blood of the demons to become more powerful. Whenever a new generation is born, the generation before them loses their powers. He did not want to lose the power that he had, upon drinking the demon bloos he was able to keep his powers as well as the powers as the demon powers. He is now on the side with the witch and the demons. And soon, a war is coming to the world that only the chosen teens can stop.

  hana_panda13 / 6y 286d 9h 3m 18s

Title: Welcome Home Little Sister

Catergories: Family - Romance - Drama - Friendship - Chat


Ian Matthews, the father of four boys, recently got a promotion and moved his family from a small town in Iowa to sunny California. Through the first year things started to get rough for the family. Ian was always stressed as was his wife with their kids, all a year apart. The couple began to fight constantly about the kids and Ian's job. Eventually Ian started to stay out late and avoid going home as much as possible. That's when he met Isabella, a 21 year old bartender. The two started to see each other and his wife found out. He had to break off the relationship even though he learned that she was pregnant with his child.


Sixteen years later, a young girl named Tanner learns about her father at getting a letter from him on her death bed. Ian Matthews developed lung cancer two years ago and when he learns that that the treatments are not working he wrote a letter to the daughter he never knew. He knew that she would never get the chance to know her but he wanted her to have the chance to know her brothers. The day that the letter was mailed out Ian passed away in the hospital. Will Tanner go meet her brothers after sixteen years? Will the accept her if she does? This takes place the day of Ian's funeral.


Pictures:They must be real. Have them look their age.

Godmodding or Spamming:If anyone starts controlling someone without permission then they will be kicked out of the rp. I don't want any spamming that is why I have the chat box above. So all OCC must go there.

Doubling:I will allow people to double but they must be small parts to add drama. I can break this rule cause it's my rp.

Romance:Of coure there will be romance! All good drama rps have them. I just ask that people don't rush into things. That just causes the rp to die because everything went to quickly.

Drama:I do ask that alot of drama happens. Make up as much drama that you can think of. I accept cussing, drugs, drinking, and violence.

Cybering:Now this is one thing I have alot of problems with. No one likes to read people doing the dirty. So TS if it comes to that. The rp is Rated-R which means nudity and talk about sex might be used but no actually intercourse.

My RP:If I see anyone using my rp word for word then I will be coming after you with my family of demons. So think twice before you take my rp.

Lit:I want this rp to be semi-lit which means no one liners. If you cannot post over 800 character then don't bother joining.

Post atleast once every three days so I know that you are still in the rp. Let me know if you'll be done for a while or you will be kicked out. Do not leave anyone behind.


Profile URL:

Picture URL:






Short bio:Inculde personality

Roles Open:

Oldest Matthews,20

Second oldest Matthews,19

Second youngest Matthews,18

Youngest Matthews,17

Tanner's Crush

Second oldest's Crush/GF


Name: Tanner Belle Walker
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight
Role: Lost Daughter/ _____'s crush
Short bio: Tanner is a complete sweetheart. She is bubbly, friendly, and a bit naive. She is always seen with a smile even when it's time to cry. She knew her mother had an affair with a married man and was okay with him not being in their life. They learned to live without him and everything was going great for them. But when she received the letter then her life became a whirl wind. Learning that about her father and brother then about her father's death really made life difficult. She's terrified about what her brothers will think of her, if they will want anything to do with her.


Name: Raven Rose Roulette

Age: 16

Sexuality: Bi

Role: Second youngest's Crush/ Tanner's BFF

Short bio: Raven is hotheaded and stubborn. She is very blunt and if you make her mad she will let her fist do the talking. She has always been a loner till her met Tanner who brought the best out of her. She is completely loyal to Tanner and always sticks up for her. She is constantly at Tanner's house, never wanting to go home to the Hello Hole. Her father is constantly getting drunk, beats Raven and her mom. Raven mom is always sleeping around with other men, hoping one of them will take her away from her husband but they never do. Tanner had no idea of Raven's home life and Raven plans to keep it that way. Raven doesn't believe in love and will do anything it takes to make sure no one falls for her.

  hana_panda13 / 6y 286d 9h 3m 44s

Title: Teen Zombie Fighters

Categories: Teenagers - Zombies

Being a kid can really suck sometimes and other times be alot of fun. You could either be going through puberty or trying to find yourself in the world. But never once do you expect to be the only age among the humans that are immune to a virus that turns all the adults into zombies. Yeah, that really sucks.

In the year of 2009, a scientist did an expirement to see if he could help with the cure for advanced brain cancer. Something went terribly wrong and the so called cure became airborne but it was no cure, it was a virus. The virus changed everyone that was over the age of seventeen into a zombie.

Now all the kids under the age of seventeen must learn to survive in a world with no grown up and zombies. So being a kid really sucks.

Profile URL:
Short Bio:

Pictures:Must have real pictures! No anime pictures. They all must look seventeen or younger and not alot of scene or emo pics.
Romance:This will happen but not to soon that's just lame. NO CYBERING!!!
Cussing:YES! But only among the older kids.
Joinage:No joining and then quiting. That sucks.
Literacy:Post atleast 800-1,000. Must have proper grammar and proper spelling. Mistakes are okay but don't make it a habit.
Intros/Posts:If you don't post your intro three days after the rp starts without a good reason then you'll be booted. Same goes for posting. Take to long without a good reason then you'll be booted.
Age:There will be a limit on all the ages. Don't want to to many people joining as a certain age.
Most of all have fun

Name: Siobhan "Siv" Fallon
Username: Hanachan13
Age: 16
Personality: Siv is blunt, hot headed, and stubborn but she can be extremely loyal as well. She tends to scare people off with her personality but once people give her the chance they see how kind she can be.
Weapon: Crossbow and a hand gun
Short Bio: Siv once lived in a happy home with her parents and little brother. But when the virus became airborne that all changed. The minute her parents turned into zombies, Siv grabbed her little brother and ran. She avoids everyone, in these times no one can be trusted. She and her brother stay in a building with a generator. Siv trains and supplies while trying her best to take care of her younger brother.
  hana_panda13 / 6y 286d 9h 4m 46s

Title: The Vampire's Bride

Catergories: 1x1-Slayer-Vampire

Ten years ago...

Eight year old Rose, sits upon a swing in an empty park. Her long, brown locks covered her face as tears run down her cheeks. A few hours ago, they had buried their mother who lost a long battle to cancer. She had hoped that her mother was asleep, in her mind she was. But when they place her coffin in the ground and buried it, the truth became to real. Her mother was gone and she wasn't coming back.

Her father had left as soon as the funeral was over, leaving his young daughter to handle this lose on her own. Her father lived the life of a traveling hunter, he started to hunt alot when his wife became ill. He could not handle watching her die, he lives the life of a vampire slayer and sees enough of the dead. He did not need to see his wife as close as death as the things he kills. Rose gripped the chains of the swing as tight as she could. She quickly opened her eyes when she felt a hand brush her cheek. She looked up to see a young male, around his twenties but his eyes were so much older.

The man asked her what was wrong with so much caring in his eyes. Rose broke down and told this strange everything. About her mother, about her father, everything. He sat there, quietly and listened to her. When he did speak, he spoke these words that seemed to warm Rose's cold heart.

"When you're older, would you like for me to come and take you away from here? We can get married and live in a large castle."

Being only eight, Rose quickly agreed, having no clue what she had gotten herself into.


Rose is now eighteen and on her way to college. The promise she made eight years ago was long forgotten till a familiar man appears at her job one day. Rose soon remembers who he is and learns that he is a vampire! With her father being a vampire slayer, she knows that this man will be slain. But she had promised him and a promise with a vampire was not one you can break. So without telling her dad, she on the next flight to Romania, to a castle. Where her wedding is to be held in front of a crowd of vampires. This is Rose's story of being a vampire's bride. Oh and did I mention, being a vampire's bride also means he drink no other's blood but your's? Yup, good luck Rose.

Rose: MEH!
Vampire: ???

Real pictures
No cybering, TS it.
No godmodding or one liners
Must be semi-lit, between 800-1,000. 500 characters for writer block.
  hana_panda13 / 6y 286d 9h 5m 32s

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