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...rubs his head there there..
  / Mou / 6y 294d 17h 24m 12s
I'll fix it, I'm just kinda lost out of my mind :/
Sorry. I usually do a lot better at posting.
  Cross of Venus / Alum / 6y 294d 17h 52m 11s
Damn it Alum I don't get squat from that.
  / Mou / 6y 294d 23h 44m 17s
If we have no names, then what do we call each other? Why not give yourself your own name. Walk the world and be someone other than what others would want you to be?

He walked into the city dressed as though he were ready for anything, an adventurer, a person beyond what was given. He steps into a tavern and sits at a table to look about. "I am Sigma." he said, he took the symbol and made a name of himself.

<<>Sorry short post :P<>>
  Sigma / Alum / 6y 295d 3h 33m 5s
Chill, it was that, no the chill was I, I wasn't able to tell anymore geese days just seems as though nothing made any sense at all. The air was like tar and my nostrils flailed filtering out the constant dust whirling into the air. It burned, probably human remains floating about, rather disgusting to breathe in. I never understood but life consisted of that tait for some odd reason. Hair white body curvy and clothing that seemed like strips of fabric, seemed about right for a person of my caliber. The sky didn't even seem to sparkle the heart of lovers anymore it all seemed like a fairy take that it even existed that feeling , emotions to come to the fact. Why am I babbling, nothing is nothing right and it seem this world just keep licking at that nothing. A name, will always be the meaning of ones existence , that I existed, right? Then why must I walk with he hole of nothing that served the right of who I am but a sleazy symbol...a symbol that gets me no where but into a put of agony.

☯ roamed the dirt roads a dust seem to constipated the rest of the alleys, her hair in a tussle she lugged a large baseball bag onto her back as she sighed. Sounds of cars floating above made her cough the steam circling the dispersing into the air as she pulled down her hate then her skirt as the wind seem to take an interest into it. This was another day, it was muggy and he sand made everything feel like sickening grime to her. ☯ continued her walk, her thick boots sinking somewhat into the sand as she finally made it to pavement, steam circled the small city as she entered the grim setting offset to the desert scenery she was just in. There were different districts that seem to always have different levels of depression to her . It was always the same from her small shack to this sickening city.

Here the city seemed to die and blossom at the same time just like a night flower blooming into the sin, just disgusting. ☯nene there'd a bar where it seem machine smashed with Victorian style amusement was at hand. Steam Punk age was quite the great thing to have where there was steam there was life and she actually lived but that but something had not been right in the paste few days and being here just seemed like another factor of losing a chance to find out who's he was really was, what is my name?

  / Mou / 6y 297d 20h 51m 9s
<<>I shall wait o3o<>>
  Cross of Venus / Alum / 6y 298d 13h 31m 51s
Ok give me a day
  / Mou / 6y 298d 20h 3m 35s
Sounds interesting. You gonna post first?
  Ryou Kanzato / Alum / 6y 298d 20h 34m 29s
So it's basically like children born with no names instead of names they are given symbols but no one know what the symbols mean because we'll everyone is completely illiterate to much of anything though they are all high intellectuals. So intellectually that reading was never an option. So instead of having words the elders of the planet locked away they whole wording system so no one has a name till they die, it will usually appear around their necks.
  / Mou / 6y 298d 22h 15m 18s
Well, I dunno where to start off and what we're doing :P
  Ryou Kanzato / Alum / 6y 298d 22h 18m 55s
Alum you trash, winging my ass
  / Mou / 6y 298d 22h 43m 16s
And this is winging it.
  Ryou Kanzato / Alum / 6y 298d 22h 46m 31s
I can't idk what to do
  / Mou / 6y 298d 23h 45m 21s
Then you start us off, cause I usually bounce things off the wall. :P
  Ryou Kanzato / Alum / 6y 299d 5h 22m 1s
Yes let's do it already.
  / Mou / 6y 299d 11h 24m 42s

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