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Hey guys. I'm not living at home anymore. My dad hit me again the other day, so I called DHS and they're coming to talk to me today at school. I have a bruised eye and a welt by my nose. My ear is also red from him hitting me. He hit the side of my head and I said, "Ow" and he said "That didn't hurt. But this one might." and then he hit my eye.

My mom stood by and did nothing.

He left after that to go hunting with my brother. My dad took my phone, too. I used my mom's phone when he left to call DHS and my boyfriend. I'm staying with my boyfriend and his family now, and they're all concerned about me and such...I miss my little brother. I kept crying when I gave him a hug, and he promised to take care of my cat. </3

I miss my brother. I'm safe though, now. I should be okay.
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