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Eh, I've just decided that I'm bored a lot and I wouldn't mind doing profiles if someone wants it.

I have plenty that I have done which most can be found here

Do with it what you will, I take no offense to people changing it to something else. Just don't take complete credit over something I have made.

And if you could do me a favor by putting a theme onto what you want and any description of you.

Thanks~ Buh bye for now~

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Like darkness, kinda sad, morbid in a sense, etc.
  *Journal* / SunKitChi / 6y 326d 20h 10m 14s
Yeah it might take me a little bit though.
So when you say darker you mean like darkness, night time, or like something else?
  Ghostie / 6y 326d 20h 22m 17s
Hello again. I was wondering if maybe you could redo my profile again only darker? It would fit so much better with my life right now.
  *Journal* / SunKitChi / 6y 326d 20h 25m 52s
Hello~ I'll see what I can do, but recently I have become swamped with other things. Thank you so much on your feedback, and I will be working on it when I have enough time to.

  Ghostie / 7y 20d 15h 6m 31s
I saw the other profiles you've made and they are incredible. If it isn't too much trouble I just need a basic profile with a few gifs and pictures, possibly a few sayings, themed around the sun and light.
Please and thank you for your time.
  *Journal* / SunKitChi / 7y 21d 15m 18s
If your not too busy would you be able to make a profile with a Rin kagamine (vocaloid) theme ? With the same description as I have on it now?
  Robot / rinkokoro / 7y 22d 21h 44m 7s
I dont wan something detailed or cramped, but something simply surrounding the idea of death and/or the colour black p-lease.
  Kiyoa / 7y 22d 21h 58m 14s
Thank you! ^_^
  mangawolves / 7y 22d 22h 27m 52s
I'll see what I can do, after Elly's. ^^

  Ghostie / 7y 22d 22h 29m 8s
Could you do an agito/akito themed profile for me? And the info, would be nicknames:manga or wolf; relationship status:single; age:20; status:feeling a little lost. Could the font be alternated between something sharp/dangerous, and something sweet/naive? If it's not to much trouble, then thank you! ^_^
  mangawolves / 7y 22d 22h 31m 36s
Okay, that's of no problem. ^^ I'll be working on it now. Thank you~

  Ghostie / 7y 22d 22h 55m 37s
Ello! I want to see if I could actually have a bit more.. Better, introduction on my profile. Before people reach the more stranger stuff. If you could, I'd like a little bit f a enchanted theme.

And here's what I'd be alright with being placed on it.

Kayla | Call me a kid | Straight all the way | Female | Strange yet sweet

  Elly_Rose / 7y 22d 22h 56m 33s
Thank you!
  {OOC} / EveyFawkes / 7y 23d 13h 38m 51s
Okay, I'll be working on it now then. ^^ I'll be sure to try and get everything that is needed. I'll PM you when I get done with it.

  Ghostie / 7y 23d 13h 40m 38s
Time travelling and space sounds really good. Psychic, much? :3 I wasn't quite sure what I meant by what I said, but that encompasses it really well.

Um, just what I have on my profile now, I think, which is:

Ash | Eighteen | College Freshmen | Time Traveler

Something similar to that for the last one anyways. I have Slytherin in that place now, but it's time for something different.
  {OOC} / EveyFawkes / 7y 23d 13h 41m 47s

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