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Rohland gave her a questioning look, "Something recent or something old?" he turned his look into a smile to the girl and took a couple more bites. His eyes met hers for a second, they were nearly the same age, he might have been a year older than her.

Riolu stood up and then crumpled the wrapper a bit then set it on the table before going over to the Treecko. He walked around and hid behind Rohland's legs slightly as he peered over to the pokemon.
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Bridget shrugged, she didn't really care what the story was about, she cared about the story. Surely he would have something to say about all of this. She leaned forward onto her arm and propping up her head.

"I'd be happy to hear anything that you have to say, only if you want to though." She said simply. She reached up and brushed back a long piece of her brunette hair behind her ear and gave him a charming smile.

The Treecko seemed to notice the Riolu, and tilted his head at the Riolu, and then tittered and shoved another handful into his mouth.
  Bridget Williams / WhimsicalMuffinman / 6y 314d 2m 7s
He gave a look to her that showed his concern. "I try to be strong for my companions." he said to her. "But I won't hesitate to take one down that has gone mad or is under the command of someone abusive or uses them for nefarious deeds." he said to her, "Then for survival of my own." he gave a look as though he has been humbled.

Riolu looked back to the Treecko and held his head back to look at it. He was curious of the pokemon.

"I don't know what stories I'd have, I was an ace trainer before Cynthia became the champion." he gave a betwixt look.
  Pokemon Trainer(Return) / Alum / 6y 314d 18h 54m 36s
Bridget gave him a slightly saddened look.

"I lost a good friend in battle." she said, looking over to Treecko, who seemed a little saddened too at the thought. She patted it's head lightly, then glancing back up at him. "I would have kept up, but I learned a hard lesson that people don't care what they take from others."

November shoved the open food bag into it's mouth and hopped over to one of the walls, climbing up the side and digging around in the bag and shoving a handful of food into it's mouth. He was quite protective of his food.

"That's really interesting though, I'd love to hear some stories if you'd care to share some." she said with a smile and a laugh.
  Bridget Williams / WhimsicalMuffinman / 6y 314d 19h 17m 8s
"I'm on my way back from home." he said to her and then began to eat a bit, "I've been all over the world so far, eh, about as far as the boat captains will take me." he remarked and then paused eating for a second to socialize.

Riolu turned to look over to the other pokemon and gave a blank look to the creature. He then finished the snack and looked up to Rohland for what to do next. He gave a gesture by waving his two fingers and the Riolu got up to stretch then paced himself a bit.

"You too were an adventurer?" he put emphasis on the 'were'. "What happened to make you stop?"
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"Bridget Williams, the pleasure is all mine." she said with a wide smile. "Canaclave City is a fairly long walk from here, have you been travelling long?" she asked, taking a seat at a table across from him, not wanting to just invite herself to sit with him. That seemed a little rude.

November jumped from the counter onto the table and made his way over to her butting his head against her and asking for food. She laughed and pulled out yet another packet of treats and opening it, holding a few out to the Treecko, letting him eat from the palm of her hand. She patted November's head and looked back up at the young man.

"I used to be an adventurer myself." she said with a disheartened chuckle.
  Bridget Williams / WhimsicalMuffinman / 6y 315d 16h 39m 6s
He sat back a bit in the chair as he waited for the meal. Riolu was yawning a bit as they waited. He didn't pay much mind to the others and just sat around.

The girl brought the meal, it wasn't what Rohland was use to, neither was the pokemon food for Riolu. He smiled though and answered her, "Yes, I am a traveller, but I am just returning here after some time, my hometown is Canaclave City." Riolu looked up at her. He gave a blank look to the girl as though he had been wronged. "He is cute, but his appetite more follows his mother's." Rohland remarked and then made a gesture to the pokemon so he knew it was ok to eat. "I'm Rohland Dyre, its a pleasure to meet you."
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Bridget nodded and turned to walk off and put in his order. She let November off of her shoulder, and he climbed his way up to his post, which was just a counter that he usually stood on.

The food didn't take long, so she brought it out to him just a few minutes after he'd ordered. She noticed Riolu this time around and smiled at him.

"He's absolutely adorable." She chuckled, setting the plate down in front of him. She looked at him, studying his face. "I didn't think I recognized you. You're a traveller, aren't you? That'd be exciting."

She thought for a moment, and then reached into the front pocket of her apron and pulling out a package with some pokemon treats in it and sat it on the table for him to decide if he should give them the treats.

"They're homemade, for the little one."
  Bridget Williams / WhimsicalMuffinman / 6y 317d 4h 7m 6s
It had been a while since Rohland had been to Eternia City. Gardenia wasn't the gym leader when he came through the first time, but my second go around she was amazed by how he grew with my pokemon. She soon saw much in me and even noted that his methods of survival in the harsh wilderness were acceptable in her eyes. Grass type trainers don't often see things that way, but she was understanding enough on such things.

He start on through, passing the ruins of the old Galactic building that he had helped tear down after the crisis at Mt. Cornett. The portal still remains open. He ponders a bit and looks up at the sky.

His mind goes blank, it goes clear, it is silent.

Then he walks, he was growing hungry from his trek through the wilderness of Sinnoh and went to a local restaurant to sit down. He sat back in the chair and breathed deeply as his Riolu sat about on the floor. The jackal was his closest companion, one that would never leave his side. Of course, its mother Lucario was once his main companion, but after she showed dominance over the Metachap, he took her baby as his new companion to train. She is still the strongest pokemon he has, Riolu being his second strongest.

He noticed the girl walk in with her Treecko. "Good morning." he said to her with a weathered smile. "I would be glad to take your special for the day." he said grabbing a few wild flowers and pocketing them for later use.
  Pokemon Trainer(Return) / Alum / 6y 317d 18h 44m 13s
Bridget hummed to herself, reaching down and plucking a wildflower that had made it's home off to the side of the road. Her Treecko, November, had come along to help her, and had a basket balanced on it's head with hundreds of colorful wildflowers. It made a curious noise and walked over to her, offering her the basket.

Bridget placed the small flower into the basket, the blue bud falling amongst the others in a sea of bright colors. She was collecting flowers for the reastaurant that she worked at to set up on the tables. It was a small place in Eterna City, and was sort of a hole-in-the-wall little place that didn't recieve much tourist business and was really quaint.

She'd been in retirement in Eterna City for since she'd lost a Luxray that had been killed in a battle with a very cruel trainer that had no respect for the life of pokemon. She had raised the pokemone herself, and it had taken it's toll on her. She'd bonded so much with her pokemon that she choose to retire over putting another one at risk.

November seemed to notice that she was upset, and me made a disapproving trilling noise.

"Right, November, let's get back to the restaurant." she said, smiling down at him. She stood up, the thought of the loss of her pokemon somehow segued her into thinking about news that she'd heard of an evil pokemon team known as Team Galactic, she wondered if there had been any trouble in the area. She grew a little irritated and anxious thinking about it, she hadn't WANTED to stop adventuring, but she didn't want to see her precious pokemon hurt either.

When she was drawn from her thoughts, she realized that she was at the door to the restaurant, so she pushed it open, allowing November through the door as he kept the basket balanced before going through herself.

She was a little surprised to see and unfamiliar face in the Cafe that day, but it certainly wasn't unwelcome. She loved to talk to the partons from out of town and hear about their adventures, since she was unwilling to go on her own.

She smiled, lifting the basket off of November's head and pulling a few flowers out of the basket. Treecko took them from her and climbed his way up her arm and perched himself on her shoulder while still gripping the flowers.

She walked over to the new patron, Treecko offered him the flowers.

"Hello, welcome to our fine establishment, please have some complimentary wildflowers and enjoy your meal. If there's anything that I can get you, let me know, my name is Bridget and November and I would love to help you." she said cheerfully, shooting him a winning smile, and Treecko made a noise that seemed to be in agreement.
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