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~Look Down, Look Down, Your Standing In Your Grave~

A hidden supernatural nation thrives behind the eyes of the humans, hidden in plain sight of the world. While to human's these creatures are nothing but legends, to the creatures the humans are nothing but ignorant. For hundreds of years upper class vampires have blended into the human society without a blink of an eye. Their fangs hidden up in their gums making it appear as if they only had pointy eye-teeth. Not only that but the upper class vampires have a system of monarchy, a king and queen to protect their nation. The people who if they fall the rest of the race will go down with them unless an orb of power has been transferred to another being.

However it wasn't long before the queen fell at the hands of one she had once harmed and a new queen was sitting on the throne. Though that was shortly lived, only months after the woman had taken the throne did the queen go missing and a king was declared without his knowledge. A noble man whose 'wife'; the crowned prince of Atlantian's, and children where his world, and his world was nothing without them. It wasn't long though before tragedy struck again and the king's wife went missing. The prince of Atlantian's vanishing from sight and the last thing heard of him was a scream. Hell bent on finding his wife, the king leaves his twin children in the care of a vampire whom he trusted with his life.

Nineteen years has passed since the queen has gone missing and in that time the twin children of the king have managed to cause a hell of a lot of trouble. The vampire council who once ruled the lands has fallen into chaos in decision of what to do with these trouble making twins, and just as a verdict was to be reached the twins disappeared off the map. Sakuyo Elijah and his twin sister have found themselves in a human college, working to build a life for themselves that the council will not be able to corrupt. All while determined to find out the truth about their mother, and what had truly happened to him. With the help of their cousin; Aido Jackoli

Male One is a supernatural creature who was saved by the hands of Sakuyo Elijah and his twin sister. Determined to make up for what was given to him, Male One has sought out the twins college and made it his personal duty to aid Sakuyo in any way possible to help his mother. What Male One didn't expect was that Sakuyo Elijah wouldn't give in to someone's help so easily. New's has come to them though that an council whom was hidden from the sight of the vampire world has broken free. The Mad Council as they are called because of their strange ways and antics, and they have made it their personal duty to hunt down all the children of the king.

Strange things have begun to happen on campus and the humans are starting to become aware that something not so human is going on. Everyday is an adventure and it seems like there is no such thing as normal for these cousins anymore. To top it all off, Male Two has shown up insisting on helping the cousins to bring peace back onto the campus and separate the supernatural world's chaos from the human worlds. What the cousin's don't know is that Male Two is hiding his own secrets, ones that could potentially endanger their lives. Sakuyo Elijah has no choice but to accept the help of Male One to prevent anything bad from happening to the students. Will everything ever return to normal? Will the male queen ever be found? And will the Mad Council be stopped before they destroy everything? Find out by joining Hell's Paradise.


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  • Literacy: I am asking for at least 2000 hundred characters but I do understand writers block so I will be locking it at 1500.
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  • Romance: Is wanted, there will eventually be romance in this story. However it will not be the total focus of the story, this is also an adventure.
  • Pictures: I'm asking for real, please no emo or scene. If you do have one that is like that and you really want to use I'll make an exception if its not over the top.
  • Homosexuality: It is present in the role-play. If your uncomfortable with it, then please don't join and keep your comments to yourself.
  • Violence: There may be violence in this, not over the top but there may be violence
  • Story: If your confused on anything let me know, I will give you further details on the council and the mad council once you join to clear the air.
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Listening to the man as he spoke, Sakuyo gives a small nod. Moving in the middle of the year? That was a little bit out there but if that's what the man's story was he was not going to try to poke holes through it. Though when the man spoke up about living across the hall the look of shock he could see on Aido's face made him laugh just a little inside. "Your sharing a room with Aido here then. His roommate dropped out middle semester because he was to big into partying rather then getting his work done." Part of that was true, and part of it was not.

The main reason the boy had fled was because he had walked in on Aido feeding from another male student, a human who knew the truth only because of the way he had been raised. Shifting around on the bed, the blonde lets out a sigh before flipping the damn computer shut his fingers ruffling through his blonde hair. "We go to supper about six everyday so your welcome to join us if you want. Sis your phones going off." An off the wall statement escaped the males lips as he let his eyes land on the man in front of him. There was no doubt that this guy was attractive in his mind, hell one might even go as far as to say he was sexy.

Watching his sister shuffle for her phone before bouncing out of the room, Sakuyo rolls his eyes. No doubt a text from Riley letting her know he was here and wanted in the building. "Ignore any odd behavior Aido might have, unless your not human ether." To any normal person that would seem like an off the wall statement, and the fact that Aido's eyes were widening like saucers told him that the blonde was a tiny bit freaked out at what he had just said. The blonde stumbling over his words as he tried to speak up. "I..uh what he means is..."

Aido could feel his face heating up as his cousins words left before he could stop him, this was a stranger and his room mate not someone for Sakuyo to talk to like he knew for a hundred years. "P.please forgive my cousin hes being a little irrational right now." Giving a half concerned look to the male, Aido could feel the lump in his throat building. His cousin was known for making statements like that but the fact he had said it so loudly in front of a stranger made his stomach churn. Neither of the twins had a filter and Aido knew it, just to do it in front of a human was something he was not used too.

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Caspian was a little caught off guard as the other twin intervened, giving their names, which were not the names he had been given beforehand. It was a little confusing, but he tried to keep a smooth smile on his face afterwards. He looked from the boy to the girl and back again. "It is a pleasure to meet you both, I'm sure." One thing that had been left out of what he was told was that the boy was quite beautiful. Of course, he was meant to be a vampire, and many were quite lovely in their own right. But he was something different entirely.

Once he was invited in, he nodded gratefully and let himself into the room without consequence. It was nice inside, and it felt rather welcoming to him. His false green eyes moved to Megan as she got up from the bed, and then back to the boy who had introduced himself as Morgan, which Cas was still trying to determine in his head. These two had to be the right ones, it was quite obvious to him, but calling them by anything other than what they had been introduced as would have been entirely too suspicious. He broke free from his train of thought when he was asked a question, looking back again.

"I haven't actually decided on a major, to be honest. I'm mostly just freelancing it until I figure out what it is I'd like to do. What about you? He tilted his head, watching Morgan play with his computer before getting somewhat irritated with it. Caspian furrowed his brow. "Is something wrong?" He asked softly, before he turned back again as Megan and another blonde came into the room. It made him somewhat uncomfortable to be so severely outnumbered, but he tried not to show it so much. He had to keep his cool.

"I transferred from my last school after moving. It was quite the inconvenience to do it at this time in the year, but it was unavoidable. I live just across the hall." For some reason or another, the new person in the room had drawn his attention, but he pulled it quickly back to the person he was meant to be talking to. "If you ever need anything, you're more than welcome to come to me."

  .:Paradise:. / TheGreatEscape / 5y 319d 19h 10m 4s

Blinking once, then twice before it finally registered in his mind what this man was saying. A new neighbor huh? This late into the semester? It was odd enough in itself, but Sakuyo dare not ask. The blonde male letting his blue eyes move over the man standing straight in front of him. Built, handsome, and definitely not human. "I'm.." The words barely left the males pale pink lips before a soft yet rough white hand was on his shoulder, blonde hair tickling his neck as his sister leaned into him. "We are Megan and Morgan Balie. What brings you here so late in the semester?"

Swallowing hard, the blonde could tell by the tone of his sisters voice that she didn't trust the man that was before them..but why? After all he was just a neighbor who was stopping by to say hello. "Uh yeah, I'm Morgan Balie. Welcome to Morningside, I hope that the campus treats you alright. If you ever need anything feel free to ask." Stepping back to see if the male would follow, Sakuyo runs his fingers through his blonde hair. "You can come in you know, would you like to come in?" Moving to replace himself on the seat of his bed, Sakuyo folds his legs underneath him looking out the window before glancing towards his sister once more.

"Ding dong forgot his keys again you might wanna go and let him in. What room are you in Caspian?" The words came out quietly as a simple question, the blonde opening his laptop and hitting the on button on the screen. The sound of his sister pushing herself up and out of the bed and her boots clicking filled the room before the sound of the access door slamming replaced her boots. "What are you studying?" Lifting his eyes in curiosity, Sakuyo lets them run over the man again. There was no doubt he was an attractive man living on a co-ed hall, and many of the woman would be all over him.

Blinking as the welcome sound filled the room, Sakuyo turns his attention onto the computer in front of him. The male hitting the internet button and going to check his emails, a small sound of swearing filling the room as he glanced at who exactly he had gotten one from. "I don't want to talk to you now leave me the hell alone.." The words were mumbled under the blondes breath, his eyes lifting as he heard the sound of the access door opening again followed by the normal sound of boots that came from his sister. A larger blonde male following closely behind her pushing his fingers together in a way he normally did when he got embarrassed.

Aido was known for his stupidity but what many people didn't know was he was the son of one of the vampire council. Aido had come to the college in order to escape his fathers strong grasp and find himself a home in which he could make a pleasant life, setting his intentions on becoming a teacher for high-school English classes. Something the blonde's father wasn't very approving of, the males blue eyes flickering to the new comer by the door before back on the floor in a nervous manner. His stomach churning as the face looked so very familiar but not at the same time, a slight difference then someone he had seen upon the vampire council's throne.

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College. That was hilarious. How had Caspian found his way here again? Oh yeah, by the wishes of his uncle Josep DeMarco. The man had promised him a spot on the Mad Council by his side if he would do this for him. Find the De Romanus twins, find out about them, use any means necessary. That's how he'd ended up in Morningside College, struggling to withhold his hunger from those around him. He'd been forced to wear irritating contacts that made his eyes appear green since they tended to stay red a lot of the time. That would have been a dead giveaway on his part, and it couldn't be tolerated. He kept his fangs hidden well within his top teeth, and he swelled his hunger with a stash of blood bags supplied to him by his uncle. The man's voice came to his head.

"A lot is riding on your shoulders, Caspian. Do not fail me."

A shudder lit up Caspian's spine as he crossed the campus, heading for the dorm building. It was cool outside, and even though it didn't bother him, he wore a jacket to feign the appearance of being a human. Such small things came in handy to blend in, he had been told. Caspian had spent little time around humans, especially such a diverse group of them. His blood slaves were really all the human interaction he received growing up. He was surprised to smell all of the different flavors of blood hovering around him. Some smelled exquisite, like the blood that royalty feasted upon. Others were disgusting, only fit for the dogs of their kind. He could no imagine what vile creatures they must have been to have such abhorrent blood.

Caspian reached the dorms and let himself in, trying to remember all that he had been told about this process. Still, the young vampire had trouble with it and let a growl roll from his lips. Somehow, his uncle had managed to get him established in the same building as the twins, and even on the same floor. Caspian finally managed to find his way there, granted it caused him significant trouble. His room was empty, thankfully. Either he had yet to receive a roommate, or they were simply not here yet. The former was preferred, as rooming with a human sounded horrid to him. With a soft sigh, he dug in his pocket for that damned piece of paper and looked at the room number that was written down, letting himself back out into the hallway. It was just next door.

Caspian checked that his fangs were still in check, and that his contacts were in place. He hadn't entirely understood what had been done to him to sever any ties that may lead back to the Council, but it had happened, to protect him and them at all costs. Once he was ready, he knocked on the door, shoving the scrap of paper back into his pocket just before it was opened. A lovely blonde stood before him with a surprised look on his face, as if he'd been expecting someone else. Caspian simply smiled at him.

"Hello, I'm sorry to bother you." Caspian said, his deep voice full of charm as it breached his lips. "I'm your new neighbor." He motioned to the room next door, tilting his head a bit. "I thought I would come and introduce myself. I'm Caspian." Last names were better left unsaid at the moment. Besides, he couldn't for the life of him remember the false surname his uncle had registered him under at this dreadful school. Better not to use the real one, considering he shared it with his uncle, who was a well known member of the Mad Council. Caspian extended his hand to the male on the other side of the threshold, making sure to keep his hand on his side of it. No part of him could cross the door frame without a formal invitation, less he begin to bleed from the eyes. It was perhaps the only bad thing about being a vampire, really.

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The cold novembers air began to nip at the pale white skin that was exposed underneath the overly large orange jacket the blonde always choose to wear. Cascades of bronzesish blonde hair falling down into the face of the feminine looking male that was walking along the path that lead straight towards the dorms that he was staying in.

The quiet sound of people bustling past him something that had become so normal in his time of being here. Sakuyo Elijah was now a sophomore in college at Morningside College; and the routine of walking from the science building back to his dorms in the middle of campus had become almost inevitable.

The dull roar of people seemed like a blur when the blonde would walk alone, absent of his twin sister who was at this time likely on the bed in the dorm room they shared eating her sacked lunch. It wasn't very often that one was found without the other, or that she was found without one of her best friends in the world Riley. Though the male didn't attend college here it seemed like he was on the college grounds more then he honestly should of been. Not that Sakuyo minded, the male was fun to talk to and entertaining to watch hang around with his twin sister.

The dull smell of something walking not to far off from him was starting to become stronger, the almost inhuman smell any vampire or werewolf possessed. The blonde's foot-steps quickening to reach the large black framed doors that were nothing but glass and flinging the thing open a little to harshly as he rushed inside.

The faint thought that this was another attempt to stop them by the council running through the males head as he let himself into the second set of doors and hurried himself up the stairs entering through the final set of doors before reaching the hall in which he lived on with Lorian.

Heart thundering the blonde slowly peels the door open, dropping his book-bag down onto the chair. His blue eyes lifting to meet his sisters for a split second before she swallowed her food hard deciding to speak up first. "Hey Kuyo how was class today? Anything new?"

The females voice was soothing to the blonde as he dropped down onto his bed, lifting one pale hand to run it through his hair. "It was alright, nothing terribly new about it. Though there is something on campus again, I sure as hell hope we don't have to play with the damned council again."

The blonde knew his tone sounded a lot harsher then it should of, but with the building stress he had been through these past few days it was almost needed to release the tension inside. His sister unphazed blinking as she shifted on her bed reaching to take a quick sip of the coke balanced on the stand of her bed.

"Anyways any news yet?" Swallowing the blonde lifted his blue eyes to meet his sisters, a faint hope that something had come up about their mother boiling in his chest. Despite the dull hope that was nearly gone, a small one was kept by the picture of their parents set delicately a top of the fridge Lestat had been so kind to give them.

"Not yet, Lestat said dad got close again but not close enough. It's like the council wants to play games to keep an king or queen off of the throne, but whatever not like we can control it." Watching her roll her blue eyes, Sakuyo lifts a hand to his mouth to stifle a laugh. No matter how stressful it had been whenever he and his sister were together being serious seemed hard.

The sound of a loud knock on the door breaking the blonde's trance as he stood, half expecting it to be Riley waiting outside. The blonde unsure how it was the male had gotten up without texting his sister to come down and let him in. Sakuyo blinking as the door opened to find a male in the doorway, and the male was definitely not Riley.

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