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After a while, when the ambulance had left, the cruiser that carried the once famous Alphonse Capone drove towards the Chicago Police Station. It was there that he was photographed, fingerprinted and thrown into the iron caged cell under charges of attempted manslaughter. However, what none of the officers on duty knew, was that Capone, as he always did, had a plan.

[+orange "You have one phone call bub, try not to waste it calling your mom."]

Al, saying nothing stood and awaited for his cell to be unlocked and the door to slide open. He was lead down a long concrete hallway and into a room where six phones were lined on the walls, [+orange "You have five minutes."]

[b "That's four more than I need."] he replied sarcastically before wobbling over to the nearest phone with chains jingling on his wrists, feet and waist.

*Ring Ring*

[+green "What's your location."] an expecting voice picked up after the second ring.

[b "Chicago, 18th district."]


Curious, the officer tilted his head, [+orange "I certainly hope you know what you're doing Capone."] he said, leading the male silently to his prison cell.

Twenty minutes.
That was all it took.

Twenty minutes and an officer was coming to release Capone, [+orange "You're free to go under bail, let's try not to do anything stupid to get yourself back in here."]

Capone smiled to the male before having his cuffs released and walking towards the front to collect his belongings. [+green "I was wondering when I would be hearing from you again."]

[b "I'm not back, this was only a one time thing."]

[+green "We'll see."] he said before walking out of the station with Capone by his heels. [+green "Is there anything else you need, boss."]

[b "Car, I need a car. Give me your keys."]
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Henry slowly shifted into a slumber.
Ava on the other hand continued to rest against her mother but played with the lace hen of the dress that Chloe wore not speaking a single word but rather listened to Henry breathe out.

It was soothing.

[b "Ava. Come on, go to sleep. Daddy will be here soon."]
[+hotpink "I want to stay up with you..."]
-When your old enough, you can stay up but right now miss, go to bed. Come on...- Chloe spoke out, shifting away from the couch only to lean back down and scooped the little boy Into her arms.
Ava followed off the side as the three traveled upstairs into a room and slowly tucked the two siblings together under a thick blanket.

[b "Go to sleep. I'll be downstairs..."] Chloe whispered leaning down, kissing Ava's forehead along with Henry's cheek who still was asleep, all tuckered out.

[b "Goodnight my babies..."]

Walking out of the bed room, closing the door it wasn't long until Chloe went downstairs back Into the room where the fire burnt bright and sat down upon the couch - waiting patiently in the lounge.

[b "Alphonse. Hurry up. Come on baby
Come home and marry me...."]
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It seemed like Capone had been sitting in the car for hours before finally a police officer came to take his statement. [+orange "It seems like you've had quite the interesting night, Mr..."]

[b "Capone, Alphonse Capone."]

He must have known the name because in that moment the male took a step away from the car as if to regain himself. [+orange "Mr. Capone, we are going to need to ask you a few questions."]

[b "Whatever you need."]

[+orange "Lets start with what happened here tonight."]

[b "My ex fiance, my duaghter and my ex's husband came for dinner. Her ex crossed the line with my son's mother and I beat him to inches of his life."] he spoke as though it was nothing too serious, like nothing had been wrong.

[+orange "And where is the daughter and ex fiance?"]

[b "Wouldn't you like to know?"]

A little flustered the officer took a deep breath before taking some notes down on his pad, [+orange "Do you understand you could be facing charges for attempted manslaughter sir?"]

[b "I do."]

With that the officer was at a loss for words.
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Henry and Ava placed themselves onto the couch.

Together they sat and spoke to one another, playing a little game with there hands where they would clap over and over, put hands together then clap again while they sang.
Well, it was more Ava than Henry but they were enjoying themselves none the less.

It was standing in front of the fire that now roared - the flames dancing while it attacked the logs of wood that Chloe placed a hand onto the mantle and began to think and worry at the same time and for Chloe to do that, hell often broke loose as she was prone to assume things.
Alot of things that were crazy.
Alot of things that could ruin a life, her own and a prime example of this was the moment she stood upon the balcony only to climb the railing, desperately wanted to jump, 2 weeks after Alphonse walked out on her.

Luckily, God had other plans.
Chloe had to be brave then and she had to be brave now for the sake of the two beautiful children that one just happened to be hers...

Turning her head, eyes watched the two playing with one another - enjoying each other's company as Brother and Sister.
They caught the jist, as they both had the same father.

[+red "When is Daddy coming here, Mommy?..."]
[b "I dont know, sweetheart. Soon, he promised..."] Chloe spoke, shifting away from the fireplace only to wander over to the couch and sat down beside Henry who yawned, tired, so so tired.

[+blue "Were playing..hide and seek..."] the little one spoke out, closing his eyes, shifting over closer to Chloe and placed his head upon his lap.

[b "Yes we are, honey. Hide and seek..."]

[i Come on, Al. Where are you?..."]
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Capone watched as the car vanished into the night, and as they did, the sirens were coming up the driveway. Immediately he raised his hands and dropped to his knees.

Catherine came running outside, but upon seeing Alphonse ran towards him instead. [+hotpink "I thought you would have been long gone by now."] she said, forgetting the words he had only just said to her moments ago. [+hotpink "Where is our son?"]

[b "Safe."]

[+hotpink "He's with that woman isn't he? How could you Alphonse? How could you take my child and give him to another woman?"]

He had opened his mouth to say something rude to her when a police officer came over to the two of them, [b "We got a call about an injured male, is that you sir?"] he asked, looking at him slightly confused as to why he was sitting on the ground.

[b "No, he's inside, in the downstairs bathroom, the second door on your right."] It was then that Capone began to stand, [b "But before you go in there, you might want to put me in the back of your cruiser before I put a bullet in the back of her head."]

With that Capone was cuffed and placed into the back of the cruiser, watching while the EMT's brought the lifeless body of Eric Harrison out on a stretcher and another took down a statement from Catherine. What they did not know, was that he was right where he needed to be.
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[i "Alphonse!!"]

The sirens got closer and closer to the point, the nerves and somewhat adrenaline started to boil up inside of her body.
The feeling she had all of years ago, the feeling that she thought was long gone started to rise and Chloe knew that once it settled in, it was going to stay there.

The safety of her little girl depended on Chloe keeping away from that side of work.

Holding onto Ava tighter by the door, Chloe started to bounce the little up up and down, turning her head to stare deep into Ava's eyes and smiled, a smile that was returned by her little Princess who didn't seem to be frightened at all, but thinking this was all just a game.
[b "Are you going to be a good girl?..."]
[+red "Yes mommy.."]
[b "Are you angry with me?.."]

Ava shook her head and clung onto her mother tighter, head upon Chloe's shoulder to which Chloe's head tilted to the side rested up against the little girl's own and the two bonded in silence while the adventures upstairs were happening with clashes, loud bangs before the sound of Henry's voice was heard.
[i Thank god....] Chloe whispered to herself before tilting her head up, seeing Alphonse finally make his way down stairs with his little boy in his arms, a motion that Chloe finally stood back from the door and placed a hand upon the handle.
[i "We will take my car, it's faster."]
[b "Alright."] came her reply the moment the door opened and Al placed a hand onto her lower back, ushering her out of the house, rushing the kids to the car opening up both back doors on each side and placed them inside.

[i "We won't have enough time to leave here and not be seen. I am going to need some help for this one."]
[b "Help?.."] Chloe replied, leaning into the car and buckled up Ava strong and securely. [b "What do you mean help?..."] came another reply the moment she lent up and closed the door, walking around the car to Alphonse by the driver's side, looking up at him with eyes on not understanding a word.

[i "I need you to take the children and go to my safe house. I assume you remember the place? The whore house you shot down. Go there and wait for my arrival."]
[b "Alphonse, I know where it is but im not going without you..."]

Was he serious?
What the fuck was this?

Her sentence fell upon deaf ears.
Alphonse still opened the driver's side door and placed Chloe into the seat, an action she was hesitant on doing but complied knowing full well how Al was if his demands weren't meant.
[i "Chloe... If I'm not there by sunrise, clear the safe and leave Chicago."]
[b "You will come back. If not for me, for the children. You will come back, I know you will..."] Chloe muttered before starting the car, leaning in - kissing Al's sweet, intoxicating lips just for a short moment before reversing out of the driveway, turning the wheel and sped off down the road only to vanish from sight.

The drive wasnt long but, it seemed that way because she was constantly looking over her shoulder for the Police or ..well, just hoping that Al was indeed behind.
He wasnt.
He wasnt even close.

Arriving that the building, Chloe parked the car out the front and gathered up the children from the backseat and hand in hand - brought them up the stairs to the door and rummaged for the keys, looking under the mat - up on top of the door until finally, finding it buried in a potplant.
Key in the hole, Chlo turned the device and the door unlocked, opened for the three most important people in Alphonse's life and they all scurried inside.

[b "We wont be here long. Daddy will be here soon...."]
[+blue "Are we playing hide and seek?..."]

Chloe looked at Henry and knelt down infront of him, slowly taking off his jacket.
[b "Yes. Were hiding...."]
[+blue "Hiding!.."] he called out before running into a room, a room that Chloe turned on the lights for and lit the fire to give out warmth.
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The moment Al barged through the door Catherine began to panic, [+hotpink "Just leave Alphonse, can't you hear her calling for you? Go be with her and leave us!"]

[b "I'm going no where without my son."] He continued to look around the room, trying to be careful not to flip anything over for fear that it would hit Henry.

Catherine stayed at his heels, trying to plead with the man that she loved. [+hotpink "Please don't do this Alphonse, I can't stand to lose you and my son, please."]

He ignored her, carrying on with his search until it brought him to the closet door. [+hotpink "No!"] Catherine cried, running towards him and grabbing his arm, [+hotpink "Stay away from there."]

With one swift movement, Capone had pushed the woman back until she fell onto the bed. [b "Do not ever put your hands on me again."] he said before opening the door and sifting through the clothing.

[+teal "Daddy found me."] Henry smiled, looking up at his father with bright blue eyes. [+teal "Again."]

Capone lifted his son as Catherine began to cry, [b "This time we are going to hide from mommy okay? Close your eyes and keep them closed."]

Nodding the youngster did as told, closing his eyes and putting his hands over them. It was then when Alphonse walked to his night stand and pulled the revolver out of the drawer.

Pointing it to Catherine he spoke words that would forever stay with her for as long as she lived, [b "If I ever see you again, I will not hesitate to kill you."]

With that he left her to cry, alone.

Downstairs the sirens were nearly to the house, [b "We will take my car, it's faster."] He put his arm to the small of Chloe's back, his other holding onto Chloe and the four of them scurried out of the house, leaving Catherine and Eric behind.

Capone's car was the same, yet newer, all black cadillac. Quickly he placed Henry in the back seat while Chloe did the same for Ava. [b "We won't have enough time to leave here and not be seen. I am going to need some help for this one."] he spoke, before giving each of the kids a kiss on the cheek.

After closing the back door he looked at Chloe and gave her the look that he hoped he would never have to give her, [b "I need you to take the children and go to my safe house. I assume you remember the place? The whore house you shot down. Go there and wait for my arrival."] He spoke as he lead her into the front seat and closed the door. [b "Oh and Chloe... If I'm not there by sunrise, clear the safe and leave Chicago."] Finally he gave her a kiss before slapping the roof for her to leave.
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Hands were upon Alphonse's face.
Eyes stared deep into his hues, pleading, speaking to them in such a way to know she wasn't joking.
The safety of the children was important and quite frankly, the two babies should never of been included in the events of the evening

Alphonse needed to get himself together, he needed to get up and put his foot down in order to get his son from a woman who was a former drug addict, a junkie - someone who would take a life and their own to save heartbreak.

[b "Alphonse. You need to get up and get your son. I'll be fine here with Ava. Go get Henry..."] Chloe spoke once again, shifting hands away from his gorgeous yet aging face and stepped away.
The moment Al called out his girlfriends name, Chloe knew it was time to get things organized.

Rushing over to Ava, the mother fell onto her knees and started to place the warm jacket upon her daughter as quick as she could.
[+hotpink "What happened to daddy?..."]
[b "He is going to get Henry and we're going on a holiday. Does that sound fun?"]
[+hotpink "Other daddy..."] Ava pointed out to Eric who remained on the ground, battered and bruised.
[B "The good doctors are coming now to help him. He will be fine sweetheart. Daddy said we could go..."]


Placing the jacket together, Chloe put all the buttons through the holes and picked up Ava only to place her on the side of her body, on her hip before walking to the door.

[B "Alphonse! We have to go!"] Chloe called out from the foyer, turning back and stared upon the staircase wondering what was going on up there...

[b "Alphonse!"]
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Upstairs Catherine slammed and locked the door before setting Henry on the bed, [+teal "Want Daddy."] he began to cry.

[+hotpink "I know, I know sweetie, but daddy and mommy are playing a game okay? Just like you played with Julia do you remember?"]

Nodding the young dark haired boy placed his hands over his eyes. [+teal "Hide momma! Hide!"]

[+hotpink "Good boy."] she cooed, grabbing some clothing and throwing them into a sack.

[center ----]

The moment that Catherine left with Henry was the moment that Chloe ran over to him, grabbing his face with her loving hands and forcing him to stare into her green hues. [+crimson ""Catherine has gone upstairs and locked the door. She is a woman with mental issues. This has not gone her way. Is there a possibility of her harming Henry?..."] she said to him, breathing heavily. [b "I will ki-"] [+crimson "Get your little boy, do whatever it is you have to do to get him, we are leaving tonight. You wanted me to prove my love for you, here it is..."] he was stopped.

Alphonse looked at her for a moment, this was a side of Chloe he had not seen in a long time, with the sound of sirens faint in the background he knew it was time to fly or fry.

Pulling himself up it was at though a weight had been lifted off of him, no longer did he feel the alcohol running deep in his veins, he was as sober as a horse. [b "Catherine!"] He hollered before making his way up the stairway.

[center -]

Catherine stopped what she was doing, hearing the voice of Capone echoing in the hall. [+hotpink "Daddy's coming, quick Henry hide and dont say a word okay?"] With his finger over mouth Catherine grabbed the little boy before placing him gently behind the hanging clothing in their closet. [+hotpink "Mommy will be right back, and remember, don't make a sound."] smiling he placed his finger to his mouth once more, signaling that he understood.

[center -----]

Never had Alphonse realized just how out of shape he had become until he was heaving himself up a flight of stairs. Finally reaching the top he stopped only momentarily to take a breath. [b "Don't make this hard Catherine, give me my son."]

Walking to his bedroom Capone jiggled the handle, knowing it would be locked. [b "Open the door Catherine."]

[+hotpink "You're never going to find us daddy!"] She hollered from the other side of the door.

This only angered the man even more, but knowing it would only be Henry who would get hurt, he played her little game. [+hotpink "Mommy, don't you know, there is no where you can hide that daddy can't find you."] With that he pressed himself hard into the door, [b "One, two, three, here I come!"] Pressing again he could feel the door beginning to give way. [b "Almost there Henry!"] With one final shove the door gave way, slamming against the wall behind it. [b "Come out, come out, where ever you are!"]
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Chloe had a plan.
She had a plan deep inside of her mind but it was horrible, it would break hearts, it would totally ruin people but ...she was arrogant and it was time that she was free from all of this.
There was a long way to go but Chloe had to try,if it got her nowhere, well, she could say she tried..

Speaking on Ava, telling the little girl to get her things, was the moment that Alphonse turned around and stared at Chloe with those broken hearted eyes, eyes that were pleading with her in not taking his little girl away from him.
Not again.
Capone wouldnt be able to handle it that time, Chloe knew that.

[i "Don't take my child. Please."]
[b "Alpho-"]
[+red "Well I hope you both get what you deserve, you are perfect for one another, both arrogant, self centered and down right selfish."]

Chloe turned her head to Catherine who moved passed swiftly and took Henry into her arms, off the ground and spoke her peace.
What a bitch of a woman.
One does not speak like that infront of children.

Eyes watched Catherine make her move up the stairs in a rush and Chloe's ears perked up in hearing the door slam with the lock securing itself, it was there and then that Chloe rushed up to Alphonse and placed both hands onto either side of his face, making the make stare at her - deep into her eyes making him understand the words she was speaking next up.
[i "This was never supposed to go this way. Maybe you should leave. Both of you, I will clean up this mess."]
[b "Catherine has gone upstairs and locked the door. She is a woman with mental issues. This has not gone her way. Is there a possibility of her harming Henry?..."] Chloe asked, breathing heavily. [b "Get your little boy, do whatever it is you have to do to get him, we are leaving tonight. You wanted me to prove my love for you, here it is..."]
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Catherine was in complete shock, here was the man she loved pouring out his heart and love, but to another woman. Her heart was breaking, how could this be happening? She looked to the man he had beaten nearly to death, thankful that Capone's rage had been unleashed on him rather than on her. Yet still, through it all, the woman felt guilty. It was her who had sent him flying over the edge, it was her who had pushed him to such a point that he snapped. Or so she thought.

Holding onto his children was the one thing that had melted Capone from the inside out. It was a love like none other, the love between father and child. A love that could never be broken, nor should it ever have to be. But when it was, it was by the voice of Chloe.

[+crimson "Ava. We have to go. Get your things, now please...."]

Turning to her his heart was breaking, [b "Don't take my child. Please."]

Catherine became furious once more, running over and scooping up Henry before facing the both of them. [+hotpink "Well I hope you both get what you deserve, you are perfect for one another, both arrogant, self centered and down right selfish."] With that, she carried Henry upstairs, locking a slammed door behind her.

[b "This was never supposed to go this way. Maybe you should leave. Both of you, I will clean up this mess."]
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After everything that Alphonse had said to her in the last 30 minutes, didn't make her want to Eric and shift over to help him as deep down, after everything..she pretty much told Alphonse in her mind, to suck it.
Chloe sat at that table and told Alphonse the truth in hiding the fact fact that the baby she lost was indeed his own and lied to Eric and said it was his.

Her life was nothing but a big...fat lie and how dare Alphonse treat her in such a manner when her heart was already and still breaking from the loss of a child.

However, never minding all that - there was still a part of Chloe that knew Alphonse was in shock about it all so helping him off the floor and back onto his feet wasn't a big deal.
[i You truly are an angel.] Al spoke out to a woman who stared back and listened to his words only to reply the only remark she could think of.
[b "You hit your head. You're not thinking straight...."]

Oh he definitely wasn't.

A hand raised and slowly it made its way onto Chloe's tearful but beautiful face before feeling the most..incredible emotion one person could ever give to another.
A kiss upon the lips.
Hard and passionate and desperately wanting.
It was like that single kiss a loved one gave after being missing for years.
It was the kiss that was given when a loved one came back from war swearing to never go back.

A kiss that Chloe closed her eyes for and returned deep with a slight moan escaping her throat.

Pulling away moments later, the upset and livid voice of Catherine was heard in the background and all Chloe could do was place a hand into her lips knowing she had just done the wrong thing and in front of Alphonse mate.

[b "Catherine, I'm so sor-"]

Her sentence was cut off by words from the other female who had a point.
Chloe was never there for Alphonse.
She wasn't there when he cried or...was there to pick up the pieces when Alphonse would break. At the end of the day, Chloe did tell Al to leave and never come back.

But then, the magic words were spoke.
Al turned back to Chloe and said the best way that he could about being in love with Chloe and still BEING in love.

A smile crossed her lips.
A smile that for wider the moment Alphonse wandered passed the women towards the children in the next room who were close to tears, hands upon ears only for their father to drop onto his knees and hold them close in an embrace.

[i There is nothing to be afraid of my strong and beautiful babies. Daddy will never harm you.]
[+purple "Daddy?."] Ava whispered before leaning in, hugging Alphonse hard that pulled at Chloe's heartstrings.

[b "Ava. We have to go. Get your things, now please...."]
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Feeling Chloe at his side immediately soothed Capone, no longer did he feel he needed to put his guards up, no longer did he feel he needed to be strong. It was in that moment that she helped him up that he looked into her eyes and was back in a place so long ago. [b "You truly are an angel."] he smiled before grabbing her cheek and kissing her passionately.

[+crimson "What the fuck are you doing!?"] Catherine cried, as sobs began to flow uncontrollably. [+crimson "Where was she when you were broken, when you cried out her name over and over in your sleep? Where was she when you were fucking me but never once calling me by my own name. She told you to leave and at first sight you are back into her arms? She was not there, I was!"]

All Alphonse could do was look at Catherine and say in a calm voice, [b "But you will never be the woman I love."] then his gaze returned to Chloe, [b "I never should have yelled at you, who am I to be angry when it is me alone who caused you so much pain? I will never be able to make that up to you Chloe."]

Suddenly he looked to Henry, he saw the way the two had looked, holding their small innocent hands over their eyes and ears. What had he became, what had he done so wrong? Releasing himself from her arms he staggered over to them and dropped to his knees, [b "There is nothing to be afraid of my strong and beautiful babies. Daddy will never harm you."] He grabbed them, holding them in a loving embrace.
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[+red "You have no room to talk with the way you have been parading around her all evening, if anything my son was only trying to teach you a lesson. You don't know the half about me, or my rights in how to act about this situation, but what I will say is that I sure as heck am handling it a lot better than you!"]
[+blue You dont know half the shit I have been through. I could of easily walked out on my marriage knowing those two were still in love with each other but I stayed and tried to make it work and for the sake of Ava. Chloe asked me to stay instead of him so I did. It was hard, believe me but I know your dying on the inside that..that m,an in that other room right now will never be fully yours. Welcome to my world.."]


There it was.

Chloe had poured out her heart and told the man she was crazy in love with - the truth.
So racked up with guilt, Alphonse deserved the right to know, after all he was indeed the father of each one.

Deep down inside Chloe desperately wanted Alphonse to shift away from the chair with open arms and drag Chloe up from her seat and embrace her body, telling her sweet things like "it was going to be okay..." - but the smashing on the glass against the table, made Chloe jump in her seat quick before looking down knowing this wasnt going to be the way she planned it.

[i "How dare you?"]
[b "How dare I?...Are you kidding?"] Chloe replied, finally having enough guts to tilt her head up and stare upon Alphonse who drank, drank more than he could, seeing the shimmer of alcohol against the side of his mouth. [i "All these years, all these fucking years and you never once tried telling me. Not fucking once!"]
[b "How could I? I told you to leave and never come back. Like before, I didn't know where the fuck you are were with. Well, funny, now I do. Now I know what you've been up too, screwing a cheap druggie, fucking her wishing it was me and made a baby with her...good for you!"] Chloe spoke out, both hands slamming onto the table as she lent forward, glaring at Alphonse.

However not another word was said, not after hearing what came from the other room that sent Alphonse up from his seat and walked out fast in a huff.

[i "You are unfucking believable do you know that?"]
[b "And you're still a heartless, son of a bitch..."]

Shifting from her seat, Chloe followed fast but it wasnt fast enough to save Eric from the violent Alphonse that she knew, would eventually come out sooner or later when it came to her husband. It only had to speak on how to raise a child, that made Alphonse finally black out and severely punish Eric for all his words and actions.

[b "Alphonse, stop! ...Stop it!.."] Chloe screamed out, the two children in the background, covering their ears and closing there eyes not wanting to see any of the violence.


Kneeling by her Husband, Chloe brought a hand to her moth and covered it knowing full well the ambulance was on their way to pick up Eric who was still breathing, just like Alphonse however he didnt wake up like the man who attacked him.

Hearing Al's voice, Chloe turned her head and stared upon the two lovebirds, the drug fucked cheap woman and the man who belonged with her, speaking to each other in such a way that made her sick.
[i "Fuck no, I can drive myself!"]
[b "He is right, he can..."]
[+red "Chloe, I need your help over here..."]

Chloe turned her head back and stared upon her husband, the one man that hurt her all the time by speaking and doing the wrong things but she knew she would be in caring hands of Catherine, so too that she stood up and wandered over to Alphonse, grabbed his arm and slowly pulled him up onto his feet.
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[pic] Catherine became a little offended when Eric had told her that her son needed table manners. How dare he after the way he had been acting all evening. Tossing the rag to the counter she placed her hand on her hip, [+hotpink "Maybe it is more of a wonderful judge in character."] she began, pulling her eyebrows together in anger. [+hotpink "You have no room to talk with the way you have been parading around her all evening, if anything my son was only trying to teach you a lesson. You don't know the half about me, or my rights in how to act about this situation, but what I will say is that I sure as heck am handling it a lot better than you!"]

[center ------]

Watching her with conserned eyes, Alphonse expected Chloe to tell him about just what was happening between her and Eric. He even begin to plot in his head how he would barge into the restroom and dislodge the mans teeth against his toilet. But this, had nothing to do with Eric at all.

[+crimson "Of course you remember, you were there. Um... that night, um, well that night ...the little boy, I told you that i lost, in the park today, was your son.."]

Leaning back in his chair, Chloe began to cry, [+crimson "I didnt find out until 3 weeks later in rehab. I was 7 months when I lost him because I fell down the stairs with a load of washing in a basket I was carrying and I missed a step, so all of this..this house, you with her and ...Henry is a"]

He could not believe his own ears, all this time he had spent blaming himself for having barged to Eric about Chloe being pregnant, yet all those years she hid one of the biggest details from him. How dare she. [+crimson "He is such a handsome and ..charismatic boy."]

Alphonse closed his eyes, rubbing them with his fingers before taking a long drink from his bottle of whiskey. So long so that the liquid began to pour from the edges of his mouth. [b "How dare you?"] He finally asked, slamming the bottle against the table. [b "All these years, all these fucking years and you never once tried telling me. Not fucking once!"]

It was then that Al heard Catherine hollering from the bathroom. [b "You are unfucking believable do you know that?"] he said before pushing back in his chair and stomping towards the bathroom.

[b "What the fuck is going on in here?"]

[+hotpink "Your friend here seems to think it's okay to tell me how to raise my son!"] Catherine was still standing with her arms crossed, glaring at Eric.

[b "Fuck you!"] then he blacked out.

[center ---------]

[i [+hotpink "Alphonse?"]]

[b "Hmm?"]

[i [+hotpink "Alphonse, can you hear me?"]]

Opening his eyes the first thing Al saw was Catherine bent over him, [b "Where am I?"]

[+hotpink "Easy baby, you're in the bathroom, there's been an accident."]

Lifting his body Capone saw nothing but blood, [b "What the fuck happened? What did I do?"]

Catherine helped him lift himself up, only to see a lifeless body that was Eric Harrison. [+hotpink "He's still alive, but the ambulance is on there, way. Chloe is going to take you out of here okay?"]

[b "Fuck no, I can drive myself!"]

[+hotpink "Chloe, I need your help over here!"]
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