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Throughout the course of the drive, Chloe was too focused on thoughts of seeing Alphonse and himbeing so close that she forgot to even think about her old training to be ever so careful, to the point she didnt even look out the rear window to notice a car following.

There was a man wearing a fedora and sharp clothes,a man with attitude who was Alphonse and Chloe didnt even notice this because she was in fucking dreamland, thinking about a man who was a great lover, her best friend turned in hurtful animal.
The moment she pulled into the driveway was the moment she looked out her rear veiw mirrorand saw nothing as Al parked furtherdown being a swift, cunning male that he was and it was within that moment that she felt safeand secure.

No one had followed.

Well, she thought.

Inside the house, paper bags down onto the counter top it was there that Chloe started to unpack the groceries, groceries enough to keep them all alive for at least 2 weeks and during that time, Chloe needed to figure out ways of money.
Ada danced around the room like a ballerina, listening to the gramaphone play records while Henry remained on the lounge room floor playing with toys that he took from his room and hid in his bag.

The loud music and the dancing on Ada along with the car noises the little boy were making were enough to set a woman on the edge off but for Chloe, standing in the kitchen she watched her daughter and ..stepson play and a smile crossed her lips.
They were going to be just fine.
Just fine.

Looking down by the sink, it was there Chloe tookaknife in her hand and started to peel potatoesand wash them before cutting them up into quaters, placing them in pot of water not knowing what was happening outside that Alphonse had found them and stood there...watching intently.

Truthfully, what Chloe wouldnt give for Alphonse to come to her, sweep her off her feet and delcare his love by speaking on him not doing that dangerous bullshit that tore them apart.
Flashes of the two meeting,kissing and making love flooded her mindwhich made her smile in a way that Ada stopped dancing and tilted her head to the side.
[+red "Youre smiling funny...."] Ada muttered staring at her mother to which Chloer listened and tilted her head up- noticing her daughter standing there.

[b "Just thinking about your Dad, thats all.."]
[+red "Will he be home soon?"]

[b "I hope so sweetheart. I hope so. Now come on you two, bathtime...put on your pyjamas and we'll have dinner then brush your teeth and go to bed..."]
  Chloe Darling - / MeisjeKelly / 5y 333d 4h 33m 45s
Capone was behind a car that looked rather familiar to him and if not for the events that had only just taken place he probably also would have recognized the dark haired woman that was driving. Instead his mind took him to a place where everything was dark, it was however the honk followed by yelling that brought the man back to, Chloe.

Now, looking more intensely he began to follow the car, keeping his distance as he would when following the enemy. Thankfully she seemed distracted in her own thoughts and appeared not to notice that she was being followed. To be honest, her careless mistake brought an anger to the man. Had she learned nothing in all her years? What if it hadn't been him that was following her but rather one of his enemies. Surely the woman was not fit to be living on her own.

Just a few yards away he watched as she climbed out of the vehicle, grabbed a paperbag and made her way towards the door. The cabin was one he had not seen before, at least she had that going for her. He watched intently as Ava opened the door and quickly the woman shuffled in, locking the door behind her no doubt. At least his children were safe, but safety was only temporary when it came to being family of the notorious gangster.

As he sat there, devising a plan for how he would barge the doors, sweep the woman off her feet and carry them away with him he watched as a pair of headlights stopped behind him. Suddenly it was him who had not been so careful.
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 5y 333d 5h 43m 31s
Several more steps down the street at the car she stood against - it was within that moment that Chloe couldnt help but finally drop those brown paper bags filled with the goodies that were meant to secure a family in hygiene and health fell to the ground with a crash.

Bringing a hand to her mouth, that was when Chloe broke down and started to cry a river all over again as her heart hurt.
Her whole chest felt like it was caving in along with her head as within that moment she knew it was a mistake in sending the letter but it was too late to get it back.
It was too late to get Alphonse back as he chose the life he wanted to live.

Sure he wanted to be the Great Alphonse Capone with all the money and the power like before but he also wanted his children to be with him therefore be involved.
There kids, if Alphonse was too ever fuck up with anything, his enemy will go one for the one thing he held dear to his heart and that was Ava, that was Henry and still hopefully Chloe.

Chloe hoped that he still loved her.

Chloe and Alphonse belonged together but not, it was just a dream.

Wiping those tears from her make up free face, Chloe tilted her head up to the sky and stared up as she regained her breathing before finally with a shake of her head, Chloe dropped onto her knees and started to pick up all of her belongings along the pavement looking like a fool.
Items in the bag now not so much in order, Chloe got into the car, placed her things on the passenger's side do and revved the engine.

Going forward, Chloe turned that left corner only to stop in the middle of the street - beeping her horn, making a scene at one particular teenage boy who just decided to run across the road not even looking.
"LOOK WHERE YOU'RE GOING NEXT TIME!..." Chloe screamed out, livid - angry, heartbroken only to put her foot on the gas once again and drive off after from screaming out.

Down the road, driving those miles back it wasnt long until Chloe parked her car infront of the little cottage and got out with a sigh.
Items in hand, up at the door she knocked upon it.
"Ava. Open the door please..." she spoke, waiting patiently for that door too open.

"Coming, Momma!.."

 Door opening, Chloe stepped inside, making sure Ava closed the door properly - locking it before placing the groceries on the bench..

"Did anything happen while I was out.."

*No..* Henry muttered on the floor as he played with blocks while Ava too shook her head.

"You're a good girl for looking after Henry."
  Chloe Darling - / MeisjeKelly / 5y 341d 20h 25m 47s
Before Capone had the chance to drive away a tall male approached his vehicle, it was t was George "Bugs" Moran. Moran had long despised Capone, mockingly referring to him as "The Beast." The hatrid had been developed after Capone had murdered the infamous Dion O'Banion, O'Banion had proven himself untrustworthy in the eyes of Torrio as well as Capone and his elimination was unavoidable. It was after that murder however that Capone had become more than a careful man, he had become almost paranoid. He even had his vehicle designed for him, bullet proof and a complete safe machine. He had more than doubled his security and had his own band of body guards. Moran was the only real threat to the American Gangster for his gang and what was left of Dion O'Banion's band of bootleggers had united in efforts to eliminate him as well as Torrio. Capone decided that with Torrio out of the way Capone was the only remaining target.

It was in seeing his enemy that Capone's grip tightened around the wheel, [+green "Capone, what a surprise to see you around here without your band of protection, have you not forgotten what drove you to them in the first place?"]

Gritting his teeth Capone had to hold back every bone in his body that was telling him to pull of his pistol and shoot the man between the eyes. [b "Perhaps I was hoping we could be friends again."] he smiled sarcastically.

[+green "Kindness Capone? Perhaps you have just gotten weak."]

[b “Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.” ] Those would be the last few words that the male would say to the man as he drove off, he had a bigger task at hand; his children.
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 5y 342d 10h 47m 42s
Walking passed the alleyway still holding the brown paper bags, it was walking passed it that Chloe decided to take a step back and walk inside only to back up against the wall breathing hard.

The last thing she needed was for Alphonse to know she was there, living in that town with his children.
Al was in such a state now, from hitting a person than before when he was off the rails and punished the female with pain.

[b "How does he know im even here!...."] she muttered to herself, still breathing heavily not wanting to be hurt by him anymore whether it came from physical touching or verbal abuse.
What happened to him?
What happened to the magnificent, creative - talented and kind gentleman that was so mysterious that Chloe fell for straight away.

Stepping out from the alleyway slowly, Chloe turned her head to the side and watched as Alphonse scooped up the injured older male in his arms and made sure that he was perfectly fine before letting go, letting him go over to the proper authorities before finally she looked down at the pavement, regretting sending that letter.
If Alphonse was who he was, the violent animal he would of just driven off and not cared and continued to be on the hunt for Chloe and the kids.

[i "I guess anyone can change"] one woman spoke to another to which Chloe heard and tilted her head back up, eyeing Alphonse, in love all over again but it was for the best.
Chloe had to leave him.
Chloe couldnt keep playing this game with Al anymore as her heart couldnt take it.

One more fight, one more push up against the wall and being spoken too in such a way after the sweet words of him loving her, she couldnt.
It hurt too much.

So it wazas with that choice, Chloe turned her back and started to wander down the road with the bags in her hands and her beautiful black hair dancing in the wind.
The scent of the vanilla perfume filling the air.

Chloe needed to get back to her children.
  MeisjeKelly / 5y 342d 16h 35m 30s
Capone smiled, looking out onto the townspeople who had such a fearful respect. Although he loved being a man of such authority he also didn't want his time as boss to be this way once more. He walked over to the old man and scooped him up in his arms, not caring as blood stained his suit. Looking down at the old man he felt horrid, what had he became? [b "Sir, please be alive."]

With that it was as though a miracle had happened.
The man opened his eyes. [+blue "What happened? I, I can't feel my legs."]

His voice was ragged and broken, blood stained the corners of his mouth, but there was hope. [b "You were in an accident involving my car. I had been lost in thought and never saw you coming, you are going to be alright."] He then carried him while the people gasped in shock all the way towards the nearest medic. [b "I need some help over here!"]

A man in a white dress coat ran over to him, hesitating slightly at Capone before looking to the elder, [+dodgeblue "What happened?"]

[b "This man needs assitance, what ever the cost consider it paid."]

Nodding the white coat lead him into a room where only a bed resided, after placing the man gently on it he brushed back his silver hair, [b "Thank you for bringing me to the light old man, now rest easy."] With a smile and a nod he exited the room to allow the doctor to work.

Outside more people had gathered and many were gossiping among themselves. [+hotpink "I always thought he was a monster"] one had said, [+purple "I guess anyone can change"] he heard another.

Without saying a word he made his way to his car that had been almost undamaged at all, only a small dent in the hood that could easily be fixed. Something inside of Capone changed in that very moment, it was as though all of his anger had faded from him and he was seeing things for the first time. Maybe this was the beginning of something better than before. He didn't want to be feared and respected, he wanted to be respected.
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It was just one of those things that Chloe had to do when it came to expressing her feelings.
She was never good with speaking on how she truely felt as she would often ramble and say things thatshe really didnt mean so writing down a letter, proved to be more successful and needed to say her peace and put in her two cents worth.

The letter was nice.
It was hard and it explained on why she indeed left the career she once had and that reason was a little girl.
Chloe explained that she had no intention on bringing the children back ...did decide in her mind that if Alphonse swore away his old life to begin a new one with her..being a lawyer then the family would reunite and they would marry as soon as they could.

She didnt write that down.

The letter needed to be quick and two the point.

Folding in up in three, her fingers slid it into the envelope and she licked it to activate the glue and closed it before placing a single stamp onto the right hand corner of the thing paper package.

Writing down the address in cursive, neat writing, Chloe breathed in deep and slowly exhaledbefore shifting herself up from the seat, grabbing her jacket, watching her daughter and Henry sitting at the table, getting to know one another.
[b "Mommy will be out for a few minutes. I'm going to get food. Youre the big girl now Ava. Behave yourselves, both of you. I'll be back soon..."] Chloe spoke out sternly, in warning that there would be a quick ass whooping if she was to get home and they misbehaved.

Wandering over, giving the two kids a kiss on the cheek, it wasnt long until Chloe exited the house, got into the car and droive to the local town of Willowmavin and parked her car, turning off the engine, grabbing her purse and got out.
Along the pavement she walked and approached the post office box to which she slid the letter inside after being so hesitant.

Thoughts in her mind were going a million miles an hour.

Should she go back?
Should she stay?

Dropping the envelope in the slot, Chloe backed away from it and walked off as quick as she could looking for the local general store to grab supplies, food for her and the kids.
Once finding and stepping in, Chloe grabbed a basket and begun to shop.
Pasta along with sauces.

At the counter, Chloe smiled at the clerk and started take the items out of the basket and rang it up, paying for it before grabbing the paper bag heading towards the front door before hearing the loudes noise and the horrific screams she had ever heard.

People stopped and looked on as an edlerly gentleman was run over by a car and a man got out to which Chloe opened her eyes the moment she walked out.
Holding a bag to her face, Chloe looked down at the pavement, she started to walk away.

[i Oh my god....] she whispered to herself, wandering those steps back to her car first approaching an alleyway.
  Chloe Darling - / MeisjeKelly / 5y 343d 4h 18m 6s
The wheels against dirt and asphalt made quiet the noise, it was the only noise that Capone heard as he made his way through the town in search of the children that had been taken from his home. If it wasn't for the fact that he knew what would happen to Chloe Alphonse would have made that one call to the men that he had left to be an honest man only to return to. Men that were the kindest of men yet held in the deepest and darkest of secrets to a past that he had only wanted to leave behind.

He had been so lost in thought that Capone had never even seen the elderly man in the road, he hadn't even had a moment to react before flesh and bone tore and cracked as his car began to shake the way it did when hitting something with force. Focus returning his windshield had been covered by a layer of blood, what had he just done?

The screams of horror came from all around as town folk began to gather around to witness the scene. Stepping out of the car it was a gory one, one that could only be explained with a horror movie. [b "Sir?"] he began, noticing the mangled and broken body of the male he had hit. [b "Are you alright?"] What kind of question was that? How would anyone be alright after being hit by a car that never even slowed in speed?

[+dodgerblue "You are a monster!"] a woman began to shout before Capone turned towards her and she saw his face, [+dodgerblue "Oh dear God, it's you."]

It was him, it was the him that installed so much fear into those people that they began to back away, pretending as though nothing had just happened and there was not a lifeless elder laying in the road. He watched the scene, it brought a smile to his face that he had not expected. How could one deny loving that amount of power?
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 5y 343d 12h 11m 54s
The cottage was a beautiful home.

It was small but it had everything Chloe needed when she was...what she was in the past only for now, she would have to go out and buy several things in order to make the house a family home.
It would work.
Chloe didnt need a man in her life, especuially one who thrusted her up against the wall and held her face in a way she could feel her teeth crack from the pressure.

Alphonse said the worst things.
Showing how powerless she really was, but in what way? Killing her? Silencing her?

Sitting upon the couch, Chloe raised a hand and pinched the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes thinking about what she was going to do.
She had just walked out of the house with Alphonse's children. What was she thinking?

The way Al was at this moment if finding out, he wouldnt love Chloe anymore but consider her a kidnapper.
He didnt love her anymore.
He didnt love her enough to stay as a Lawyer and just say no to the job he gave up.

Shifting up from the couch, it waswandering to the little study nook that she took out a peice of paper and a fountain pen and began to write the date.

[i April 18th, 1931]

[i Alphonse.]
[i This was not the way I wanted to live a life. I gave up my world to start a new world, one that you had abandoned but God suprised me with a beautiful gift to which, was far more important than all the money and all the jewels in the world. I gave up that world. The children are safe. They wake up every morning with a smile on their little gorgeous faces because they are loved. So loved. We did leave. Were not coming back as you want to live the dangerous life that I refuse for the little ones to be apart of. They need no involvement. I am sorry, Alphonse. I love you more than life itself. I was going to marry you, I bore one child from you and almost a little boy, but I cannot go down this road. Im so sorry... I love you. I hope one day you will forgive me and still hold a heart for me...]

[i Chloe.]

Reading over it, Chloe lent back on the chair and bit her lower lip, as a letter seemed right but she was lonely.

More lonely than she ever would imagine knowing where she was, Al wouldnt find her....
  MeisjeKelly / 5y 344d 3h 42m 52s
Capone lay there in his drunken state, unable to completely evaluate the pain the had resulted from the fall. It was while laying there that he began to laugh, what better way to relieve his stress? It started as a chuckle before gradually erupting into a full blown fit of laughter, he wasn't sure what it was he was laughing about but he couldn't seem to stop it from escaping.

After what had seemed an eternity he was finally able to lift himself from the floor, holding his back to brace himself and hearing it crack as he did. [b "Now that's the spot."] he spoke aloud before making his way towards the kitchen and examining the damage he had cost. It was not so much the cosmetic damage but rather the emotion that would cost him the most. What exactly had he done, what had he allowed himself to become? Realizing it was nothing that he could take back he shook the thought from his mind and returned to the stairs, this time being more successful in his endeavor.

[b "Look Chloe, I know we have our-"] The room was empty. There was no Chloe, no Ava and no Henry. The room was dark, empty, abandoned. He supposed it was the only thing he could relate to.

[b "Chloe! Ava! Henry!"] he began to call with no avail.

[b "Where the fuck are my children?!"] He could feel his blood beginning to boil once more as he practically flew down the stairs and out of the house towards his car.

He wasn't sure where it was he was going, but he was going to get there in record time.
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 5y 344d 4h 5m 19s
[+red "Mommy. I dont want to leave Daddy. I WANT DADDY!"]

Chloe kept her eyes the road - hands on the steering wheel and it was listening to her daughter that Chloe almost cried.
So close but truthfully she couldnt cry anymore purely based on that she cried out her heart moments before in the house the moment Alphonse laid hands upon her in such a way he promnised he never would.

False hope.
Empty promises and lies.

Henry was quiet.
His head turned to the side and simply watched out the window at the people walking passed - the animals on leaches before finally coming to forest land a good hour later as they travelled out of Chicago towards the little hunble cabin in the woods.

Ava refuse to stop.

There were times on the road that Chloe pulled over and raised her voice, turning around to face her daughter only to point and threaten to leave her there where they had stopped.
Ava finally got the hint and stopped her wingeing like a little girl and kept silent for her Mother who she saw started to cry.

Chloe let go and cried silently, wiping her tears as she drove all those miles away from Alphonse, his office, their home and the life that they started to build together.
The children would never get involved in any of that shit, Chloe was going to make sure of it.

Coming to the cabin, getting out and grabbing the kids - it wasnt long until Henry ran towards the door - Ava grabbed some luggage while it was Chloe who copped most of the handling only to reach into her purse and pulled out a set of keys hidden in a special compartment.
Opening up the door, the three wandered inside and Chloe closed the door, locking it behind her for security and protection.

[b "Okay. Just ...go play. I need to make arrangements..."] Chloe muttered to the children before sitting down on the couch - thinking..
  MeisjeKelly / 5y 344d 4h 19m 25s
Capone drank himself into a stooper, what else did he have to lose anyways? It was clear to him that Chloe would never be the woman that he needed her to be, she was too stuck in her own ways, stuck in getting things done her way and by her demand. But Capone was no ones dog. He was a man of power, and man of tribute. He was a man that could melt your heart and crush your bones in the same smile, he could never be the house trained husband that she needed and the sooner she realized that, the better off the two could have been.

Stumbling out of his office the house was far too quiet, [b "Chloe, come out of your hiding!"] he called, the bottle of Jameson splashing over his hand and onto his shoes and floor. [b "There is nothing to be afraid of."]

[i Lies]
Of course there was something to be afraid of,
Who he had become.
Who he had always been deep inside.

Capone was a friendly monster, covering his deceit behind a gentleman's smile. He was not cut out for the life he tried to live, he needed to be unleashed, free to be the man he had long buried away.

[b "Where the fuck are you woman?"] he continued to call, the echo of his voice bouncing off the wall and back into his ears. [i Where the fuck is she?]

Making his way up the stairs Capone began to lose his vision, apparently whiskey was not so pleasant when mixed a potent batch pf his famous moonshine. As he had grabbed for the railing for support it was not railing that he grabbed and the man went tumbling towards the hard floor beneath him, [b "Fucking bitch!"] he screamed towards the woman who had long left him, taking his children with her.
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 5y 344d 4h 42m 31s
This could not be happening.
Not again.
The moment the two of them got closer and expressed there undying love, they were torn apart.

Perhaps that's on how it was supposed to be.
Perhaps that was a sign.

Standing by the counter, Chloe's hands continued to hold your jug of orange juice and spoke her peace towards Alphonse.
He needed to think about what he had done but the words that he muttered in reply was what made the female tilt her head back up and glance his way with eyes that were completely and utterly destroyed by crying out her little heart.

[i "I think I've spent enough of my time thinking about what I have done Chloe. You sit there on your high horse looking down on me as though I am beneath you when you have no idea the man I am or who I have become. You envy Catherine?"]

[b "I have never ever considered me to be the higher woman. Not once. I know who you have become. Right now you are a man who is power hungry and family life has slipped from you. How did it get like this?"]

[i "did not end my career for some skirt, I ended it for my son, to keep him from all of this. You will never know anything about me and honestly, I don't give a fuck, there are plenty of other skirts in this town begging to suck my cock and none of them use their mouths for anything more."]

[b "How can you say that to me? How can you stand there and speak of other women sucking your cock? Things aren't ever going to be the same. You've changed. You're not my Alphonse...."]

It was true.
He wasn't.

With a final speech from her romeo, Alphonse shifted out from the kitchen and walked out like he did in the past.
Chloe stayed in the kitchen broken and completely destroyed but with losing everything she had ever known, it was there the woman wandered up the stairs and grabbed the children.

Outside Al was gone.

Placing clothes in the spare car, all they needed, Chloe buckled up the children and got into the car herself before driving away from the house that had horrid memories.

Some.memories were nice.

[+red "where are we going mommy?"]

[b "We're hiding from Daddy. In a little cottage in a forest..."]

The cottage was one of
Chloe's private getaways.
it was a cottage that no one knew about but still had and held it close to her heart.
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 5y 344d 4h 53m 18s
Capone was on a rampage, he was seeing red and he didn't know how to calm himself. He was thankful to be alone however, he had no idea what could happen if he was to get into it with Chloe while he felt this way. As his body began to relax and his temper came down it was then that she came into the kitchen, saying nothing but rather opening the fridge and grabbing a drink. [+crimson "You laid your hands on me, one thing you promised you would never do...I think you should go and think about what you've done...."]

[b "I think I've spent enough of my time thinking about what I have done Chloe. You sit there on your high horse looking down on me as though I am beneath you when you have no idea the man I am or who I have become. You envy Catherine? Why not ask her where the scars and bruises came from. Don't be mistaken, I did not end my career for some skirt, I ended it for my son, to keep him from all of this. You will never know anything about me and honestly, I don't give a fuck, there are plenty of other skirts in this town begging to suck my cock and none of them use their mouths for anything more."]

That was it, no longer was Capone the sweet and loving man. He had been turned into a monster, the true gangster that his business had longed for him to become. Finally looking at the woman he saw the puffy redness in her eyes and the tear stains on her cheeks, it was the same thing he often saw on Catherine's face. [b "Maybe it is you whom should think about what you have done for a change."]

Coldly, he walked past her, leaving her there alone as he had been for all those years. He made his way towards his office, shutting the door behind him and closing off the world.
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 5y 344d 5h 39m 28s
That was it.
That was the moment that Chloe knew all bets were of.
Never in her life will she ever experience that white wedding to the man of her dreams as always something, always that fucking something comes in and covers their union in shit.

It was the moment that made the woman throw up her hands knowing full well that Alphonse was beyond angry at that point as her ears heard that deafening sound of the plaster wall of the beautiful house crack and break under his forceful attack.
Chloe didnt care.
Chloe couldn't care anymore as this was just absolutely pathetic even for him.

[i "If you hate me then why do you keep popping up in my life, if you had done as I asked and kept the fucking children quiet none of this would be happening you fucking cunt!"]
[b "Oh thats real nice, Alphonse. Real mature!..."] Chloe called out, throwing up her hands in total disgust but the second after she did so, it was there that she felt hands grip her body.
Hands that were harsh - rough and had cruel intentions.
Harsh enough for the poor woman to fall back, stumble and almost break her neck before backing up against the wall with a hard thud.

Hard enough for the back of her head to somewhat bleed due to the thrust up and collision.
[b "Ow, Al..."] she muttered in a whisper, feeling hands on her shoulders, holding her hard.

Hair covered half of her bare naked face.
No make up.
Nothing to hide her and the tears that welled up.

[b "You're hurting me..."]
[i "You speak of how this life is one that is horrible and yet who was it that was also walking a similar path. You may have chose to take the hard way in life and be a precious little bitch wife but don't tell me that you do not miss it."]
[b "I dont miss it. I love being a Mother and that is far more important than any job and any amount of cash..."]
[i . "I see it in your eyes and if you think I am going to let a pussy tell me how to live my life than your dead wrong."]
[b "Well, Catherine must of had a wonderful pussy for you to give it all up to be a lawyer. A prettier pussy than mine.."]

Head turned to the side, Chloe closed her eyes the moment her face was squeezed.
Fingers tight against her face - Chloe winced at the pain and squealed out.

[b "Al..."]
[i "You will never speak to me the way you do again or I will show you just how powerless a woman really is."]

Within moments, Alphonse let Chloe go and left without looking back.
It was a good thing he didnt as Chloe brought a hand up to her mouth and slowly backed up against the wall.
Her body hunched over forward, the other hand pressed up against her stomach until she fell onto her knees, crying her little broken heart out.

On the floor, Ava stood on the steps and watched her Mother lose her soul and her heart.
[+red Mommy...]
[b "Hunny. Sweetheart. Go upstairs and pack your things. Get Henry..tell him were going to go hiding again. Go. Now..."] Chloe spoke softly in a whisper, making sure Alphonse did not hear, the moment she shifted up from the floor, wiping her tears from her face, pushing Ava up the stairs gently.

Breathing deep, Chloe's face hurt and it burned from the pain but she shook her head and wandered up the stairs towards her children.

Opening the door, she watched as Ava and Henry packed thinking they were going on another holiday.
It was over.
Alphonse laid a hand on her, hurt her and made her feel like nothing when...she gave up that life to be a somebody.

[b "We'll wait til Daddy is gone then we will go hide..."] she spoke softly, faking a smile before closing the door and wandered back down the stairs, breathing deep and sauntered into the kitchen, witnessing Alphonse stand there.

Chloe didnt say anything.

Wandering to the Fridge, Chloe opened it up and grabbed out a jug of orange juice.

[b "You laid your hands on me, one thing you promised you would never do...I think you should go and think about what youve done...."]
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