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Capone welcomed the embrace of his children, not caring about the suit he was wearing as he rolled around in the leaves and grass with them. [+crimson [b "He is going back to work soon. Daddy just came by to say hello...."]] Not looking up to her it was her feet, crunching against leaves that told the male she had came towards them.

[+crimson [b "Speaking of which, shouldnt you leave now? I want you off my property, now Capone.."]] Well, that was a new one. [+crimson [b "Your time is up...."]]

He looked up at her. Although it had not been all that long since their last encounter her face was plain as was her clothing. She looked more like a middle class mother than the elegant woman he had fallen in love with. Still, the love her carried for her had not faltered. [+crimson [b "Leave. Now..."]]

It was then that he grabbed a child in each arm and hoisted himself up so that he was standing inches above her. [+hotpink [b "Can't daddy stay a little while longer?"]] Ava began to whimper. [+teal [b "Yeah, longer."]] Henry mimicked.

Placing them back on their feet he adjusted Ava's dress and patted Henry's head, tousling his hair. [b "Now now children, listen to your mother and don't give her a hard time. Go, run along inside and find something to munch on while I talk to your mother."]

[+hotpink [b "Okay!"]] Ava gladly obliged, grabbing Henry's hand and racing towards the house. [+hotpink [b "C'mon Henry, I know where there are some cookies!"]]

Capone starred into the eyes of the woman he once held so intimately. He did not say a word, only starred at her as though she would know exactly what he was trying to find the words to explain.

[b "Chloe."] He began, but stopping decided he would need a cigarette for such a conversation.

[b "We need to talk."] He began again, the white tubing between his lips as he inhaled the nicotine. [b "You're not safe here. The man who now run things has ordered that I take your life. He says that you are a threat but I have a feeling he knows about us. What we are- were."]

He took another drag, [b "He told me I had until nightfall tonight, but Chloe he isn't going to wait that long which is why I need to get you and the children as far away from here as possible."]
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 5y 318d 6h 20m 20s
Everything was going well.

Who needed a man?

Chloe had always felt the need to have a man by her side, fuck them, have them as a companion for a short time befored doing away with them because they would always disobey her or simply broke her heart.
What could Chloe say? She was a sucker for love.

A hopeless romantic up until the moment she gave them a Columbian neck tie.

So much violence.

There had been so much violence in Chloe's life and it was mainly her giving the orders to break someones heart waste their puny, pathetic life.

Standing out in the backyard, Chloe bit her lower lip as her eyes watched her kids intently and ever so carefully as they played with the leaves that had fallen due to the season.
It wasamagical moment.
It was a perfect moment up until the moment she witnessed Henry stop what he was doing and turn his head to the side and screamed out the one thing Chloe wasnt ready for.

Not again.

[i Daddy!]


Ava was the next to be drawn in by Capone's fatherly charm.

[i "We missed you daddy!"]
[+red "Yeah, but mommy knew you'd be home soon."]

[b "He is going back to work soon. Daddy just came by to say hello...."] Chloe spoke, keeping her arms crossed against her full, blossomed chest and took those steps forward towards her kids and the one man that dumped her for his job.

Such an asshole.

[b "Speaking of which, shouldnt you leave now? I want you off my property, now Capone.."] she hissed, not having remembered the name she called him. Chloe hadnt called her lover ...ex lover that in a long time. [b "Your time is up...."]

Ever since living in this cottage with her children, Chloe couldnt be bothered in looking how she used too.
Her face was make up free.
Her clothes were casual, still expensive but casual just the same with no red lips that were her signature mark.

[b "Leave. Now..."]
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Without waiting for a response, Capone was left alone. He was almost positive that his mouth had flown open, in all his time he never thought he would be ordered to bump off one of the few people in this world he truly cared about. In fact, how could he? How could he walk up to that hard-headed, stubborn woman that he cared so deeply for and put a gun to her head only to pull the trigger? The answer? He couldn't. Or more so, he wouldn't.

He spent the night laying in bed awake as an anger began to fester from somewhere within him, he was almost certain that Leroy knew just what she was to him and he was using her as a means to try and show his dominance. But, that was not going to shake the male, for he was the true powerhouse of this organization.

Grabbing his coat, Capone quickened his pace out the door and towards the car, if he was right about Leroy then he would need to warn Chloe of the males plans. Nightfall was less than 10 hours from now, but he presumed Gallecio wouldn't wait that long.


The ride, although somewhat of a long one, seemed to be over before Capone realized he had even been driving. He was parked in the driveway to the cabin and trying to collect his thoughts. How was he going to tell her that her life was in danger? How would he assure her that he was going to protect her at all costs? Looking at himself in the mirror he whisked back a loose strand of hair and took one final safety look behind him. The last thing he would need was one of the few minions to Leroy tailing him and discovering where Chloe was hiding.

The closer he made it towards the front door, the louder the sound of laughter became. It wasn't coming from inside however, it seemed as though it was coming from the backyard. Curious, Capone kept one hand around his pistol as he tip-toed to the back.

[+blue [b "Daddy!"]] Henry came barreling over, his voice alerting his sister who in turn, came running towards him as well.

It wasn't exactly the way he had planned for this meeting to go, still, holding them both in his arms, his anger seemed to fade away. [+blue [b "We missed you daddy!"]] [+hotpink [b "Yeah, but mommy knew you'd be home soon."]] With large smiles, they gave even larger hugs.
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[b "Okay. Come on, up. Up, lets get up...."]

Chloe closed her eyes and gave out a little sigh a it was the same thing all over again.
Henry and Ava removed themselves from the bed and ran out of the room, being all excited for a brand new day.

Sitting up slowly, it wasn't long until the female yawned and placed two feet onto the ground and stood up slowly, arching her back and raised her hands up the air and stretched - giving out a moan of relief just for a second before walking out of the bedroom towards the kitchen.
At the stove, Chloe placed water from the tap into a kettle and lit up the stove and let it heat up for a coffee.

Cooking the kids breakfast, Chloe lent up against the counter and held the cup of coffee in her hands watching her little ones eat like perfect children they were and she smiled.
This wasn't so hard.
The thing that was hard was the fct she every night she would go to bed, lay on the mtress under the sheet snd feel the coldness and not having the love of her life by her side, wrapped in his arms.

It hurt.
It hurt more than anything else in the world but was his choice. Alphonse chose his work over her and the family.

Within a good solid 30 minutes, every single person in that family got dressed and walked outside by the back of the house an Chloe stood in the backyard, watching Ava and Henry play in the leaves that had fallen from the tree.

Fall had set in.
Orange, Red and Yellow leaves fell to the grass which gave the children smiles and a good solid hour or more play time.

Henry jumped into a pile of leaves while Ava grabbed and threw some in the air.

Leaning up against the railing of the balcony, Chloe watched on ever so intently, carefully before she too removed herself and wandered in the backyard to enjoy time with her family.

It was sad that Alphonse wasn't there.

It was horrible, but Chloe tried.
Chloe gave it her everything only to have Alphonse reject.

[b "How could you do this Alphonse? How could you leave your kids...even me?...."] she whispered as her eyes continued to watch her precious jewels play.
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Capone spent the night at the mansion, drinking himself into a stupor and catching up on old time with the men that had remained forever loyal to him. It was strange, even though he was no longer the boss of the business the men still looked to him as though he was. Al was sure that would cause some gripe between and the old bastard.

Waking up Capone was surrounded by naked women in a sea of skin, booze and cigar smoke. The night was still a little fuzzy to him, but judging by the size headache he had brewing, it had been one of those nights you didn't exactly want to remember. [+green [b "Alphonse, good your up. Look, I know it's early and it's only your first day being back but here's the thing, crime in the streets doesn't wait, so I've got a job for you."]] The old bastard loved it, it was only a few short years ago he was working beneath Capone, but to now have complete control over the powerhouse? The feeling would be indescribable.

Gathering his clothing, Capone dressed himself before climbing over the mound of women and following the gray haired man into the hall. [+green [b "I can only imagine how awkward it must be, taking orders from someone you once owned, but I do hope your respect for me will be of equal value to the respect I held once for you Mr. Capone."]]

Respect? What respect had he ever had for Capone, he had been secretly praying for the day that Capone roll over in his grave or retire so he could take over. That was not respect, that was pure envy in it's ugliest form. Just because he wasn't trying to murder him on the daily did not mean that he respected him at all. [b "Of course."]

Making their way into Capone's- uh, Leroy Gallecio's office, Al shut the door behind them and took a seat. [+green [b "Al, first of let me tell you have incredibly happy I am to have you back. We need someone around here with your experience and skill, I'm sure you haven't notice the way things have been around here and it's time we change that."]] He leaned back in the red leather chair that Capone had had custom built for him, it was made for a man of his size and stature, not a male of 6'3, 210lbs, he looked more like a parent sitting in a childs toy than a man in a chair.

[+green [b "There is one loose end that needs tying up Alphonse, one of the late rivals that ordered the hit of our beloved Torrio."]]

Capone's eyes widened, was he really about to order Chloe to be whacked?

[+green [b "Chloe Darling, I am sure you have heard of her, or at least her old associate Frank. Anyways, I want her head Capone. I want to see her burn for what she did to us and who better for the job than you. Please see that it is ended by nightfall tomorrow."]]
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 5y 320d 12h 17m 56s
This was it.

Chloe didnt go back even though her heart was yearning for him.
Chloe remained inside the house against the door but within a split second, the female shifted to the window and looked out.
Her eyes peered through the glass.
Her eyes witness the love of her life get back into his car and start it up, only to turn on the lights and reverse from the driveway only to vanish from sight.

This made her heart heavy.

This was just too much and she just...Chloe could do it anymore as this continued to happen over and over.
Reaching out to the side, her right hand grabbed the curtain that was off to the side and pulled it closed, shutting out from the world.

Stepping away, Chloe brought a hand to her mouth and started to cry once more but all she could do was shake her head and turned off all the lights to the house, making her back to the bedroom and closed the door softly, not wanting to wake up the children that Alphonse abandoned all because of a stupid, fucked up career.

Undressing herself as tears continue to stream down her face, it wasnt long until Chloe shifted onto the mattress, crawled under the sheet and dug herself in to get comfortable.
Head resting against the pillow, Chloe's eyes stared infront and stared into nothing, just pure darkness before finally closing her hues and fell asleep with a broken, shattered heart.

It was 8am.
8 am and the door of her bedroom opened with the children running in and jumped onto the bed which woke the sleeping beauty up with a smile.
Grabbing both kids who laughed and smiled Chloe wrapped her arms around them both and laid them down beside her, cradling them.

[+red "Has daddy come home yet?..."] Ava asked while Henry played with his little teddy that was in his hands.

Alphonse come home but he didnt stay.

That wasnt something Chloe was going to speak of.

[b "No sweetheart. Daddy didnt come home..."]
  Chloe Darling - / MeisjeKelly / 5y 320d 18h 12m 58s
As he approached his car Capone took a finally glance back to the porch, but instead of seeing his lover begging him with her eyes to come back, there was nothing but the chill of a cold Chicago night. Chloe Darling no longer cared for him, he had hurt her past the point of a future. Opening the door he sighed before climbing in, what more was there for him to do? He could not force the woman to be with a man she no longer cared for.

The sound of tire against gravel was one of eerie, it was the sound of his life changing into something that quite possible could send him into a downward spiral. But, with Chloe out of his life, what more was there to lose anyways. He pushed the thoughts from his mind as tire met asphalt and let the rubber carry him to the home he had once lived in, the home he would once again make his own.


[+green [b "Capone, it is always a pleasure to see you."]] Lies. It was never a pleasure to lay eyes on the male that had taken everything from you and was planning to do just that.

[b "Likewise."] More lies, it was the lies upon lies that made the life of an american gangster one of such deceit.

Making their way into the great room Capone was greeted by all the other man he had once controlled as his own little empire. Although he would have been lying to say it wasn't nice to see him, it was the circumstances that made the reunion one that was bitter sweet. [b "What, no welcome home party?"]

There it was, that cool, calm and confident tyrant that was respected highly to the men that stood in that room. You could take the man out of the lifestyle, but you can't take the lifestyle out of the man. [b "Alright, so who is going to fill me in and get me back up to speed?"] Immediately the men began to talk at once, bringing a smile to Capone's face for her know the loyalty was still strong between them.
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[i "You're right Chloe. I don't belong here, I don't belong with you and I don't belong near our children. But do not tell me that I am not welcome when the breaths your making tell me otherwise."]

[b "My breathing is not because ...its not because of my affection its because you found me here, because you are here..."] Chloe muttered, staring deep into Alphonse's eyes only to witness him turn his head and glanced at his car before he reached into the inside of his jacket pocket and pulled out a packet of cigarettes, cigarettes which were the same ones as Chloe had breathed down moments earlier.

They were meant to be together..

[i "Funny, I haven't smoked one in years, yet they are always still in my pocket."]

[b 'I smoke the sames ones...."]
[i "Chloe, I know that this is not what you wanted for us, I know that you are fearful for our children. I am as well, but this isn't something I can just walk away from. You know this."]
[i "This isnt what I wanted for us. Its like everytime we finally get together and get our life back on track, something happens or you ruin it. I am not more fearful to my children than I have ever been..."]
[i "I left because apart of me wanted to while the other part knew that I had to. I was becoming an honest man, but inside it turned me into something far worse than what I was before. The Alphonse Capone you knew would never lay hands on you."]

Chloe crossed her arms over the front of her body and wrapped herself tighter inside the jacket to keep her warm while her eyes continued to watch the most gorgeous man she had ever seen.

[b "You did lay a hand on me. You did and you pushed me to the point where I didn't see a future with us anymore. I dont anymore, Alphonse. I am terrified of you and im terrified that..with this career path your one and you make one little mistake they will come for our children just to bring you down..."]

[i "I don't want to hurt you and I especially don't want to hurt Ava or Henry, but I can't just walk away, not right now anyways."]
[b "You are hurting them. Youre hurting me....."] she muttered the moment Al's hands caressed her face gently and ever so softly, and it was because of this, memories flooded her mind to where she first sang for him to the moment they first made love.

[i "Which is why until I can get away from all of this for good, I can't be the man you deserve. They must never know about us, they must never find you."]

There it was.

Alphonse was breaking up with her yet again,..

[b "Alphonse, you will never be the man I deserve ..because you love this work more than you do me and the children. You will never come back...Never..."]

[i "Know that I can't live without seeing you."]

Alphonse stepped off the porch, leaving Chloe on on her own.

Chloe didnt speak another single word but just watched the love of her life go to the car while she on the other hand didnt chase after him as she knew once she wrapped her arms around him or kissed, she would never let him go.

Alphonse wanted to go.

Stepping back, Chloe turned and opened the door and sauntered inside back into the home the same home that harbored a bed and that bed was going to be cold as she would be more than alone.

[b "Goodbye Al..."] Chloe muttered before closing the door softly.
  MeisjeKelly / 5y 320d 23h 26m 52s
[+crimson "Go away, you hurtful man.."] The female spoke, pushing away his touch before turning to look him in the eyes, [+crimson "Youre not welcome here. A man ...of what you do, does not belong near me ...or your children..."]

[b "You're right Chloe. I don't belong here, I don't belong with you and I don't belong near our children. But do not tell me that I am not welcome when the breaths your making tell me otherwise."]

He took a step away from her, turning his attention to the driveway before pulling out a pack of cigarettes and placing one between his lips. [b "Funny, I haven't smoked one in years, yet they are always still in my pocket."] He turned to her with a gentle smile before lighting the end and taking a deep, long drag. [b "Chloe, I know that this is not what you wanted for us, I know that you are fearful for our children. I am as well, but this isn't something I can just walk away from. You know this."]

Taking another drag he pressed himself against one of the wooden poles, [b "I left because apart of me wanted to while the other part knew that I had to. I was becoming an honest man, but inside it turned me into something far worse than what I was before. The Alphonse Capone you knew would never lay hands on you."] Another drag, the nicotine causing a little buzz in his head. [b "I don't want to hurt you and I especially don't want to hurt Ava or Henry, but I can't just walk away, not right now anyways."] Dropping the cigarette to the ground he crushed it with the sole of his shoe before reaching his hand to her face. [b "Which is why until I can get away from all of this for good, I can't be the man you deserve. They must never know about us, they must never find you."]

His brows pulled together in genuine concern for the woman's safety. [b "Know that I can't live without seeing you."]

Turning from her he began to make his way down the steps and towards his car. He hoped that by some small miracle the woman would stop him, rush to him and kiss him to show him she still loved him. To show him that together they would get through this as quickly and safely as possible, but more so to show him they were in this together.
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Whatever happened between Al and Catherine, Chloe didnt know and really if ...she would never to know, she would turn away and not hear about it.
It was funny.
Years ago, Chloe would do anything to murder somebody as they...did the wrong thing by her only for now, too even look at a gun, she was afraid let alone hold one.

Chloe found something more important in this life and that was her beautiful daughter that Alphonse had given her out of love and mutual affection even it if it was just for a floundering moment upstairs in the bed room - only to watch her fiance walk out that door..lusting for a better life..

A better life.

Oh, how Chloe wished that Alphonse realized that his life, the better life he was after was in her arms, kissing the lips of the woman he loved and receive the cuddles of his daughter and his son.

If only he understood.

It was standing on the porch, wrapped in a thick coat that kept her body warm from the freezing cold wind, Chloe continued to smoke the cigarette.
Over and over she brought the toxic stick in-between her lips and inhaled before exhaling the transparent blue smoke.

In the distance, lights caught her attention as a car started to make its way around the bed. The lights shone through the gaps in the trees creating a strobe light effect but she didnt care, not until the moment her gorgeous eyes upon her make up less face witnessed the car pulling into her driveway.

No no ...

Dropping the cigarette from in between her fingers having known exactly who it was.

Her heart was beating through her chest the moment she witnessed the tall handsome man step out from his car to which she just turned around and started to breathe heavily.


Bringing a hand to her chest, Chloe stared inside the house seeing that no children were up.

Get away from me.

A hand rested upon her shoulder the moment Alphonse came closer and all she could do was close her eyes at his touch and somewhat melt from his voice in speaking her name.
It was incredible.
It was amazing an she missed that.

[i "Chloe"]

[b "Go away, you hurtful man.."] Chloe hissed before pushing his hand off from her body only for the female to turn around and face the man who gave up his family life...too be a criminal. [b "Youre not welcome here. A man ...of what you do, does not belong near me ...or your children..."]
  Chloe Darling - / MeisjeKelly / 5y 321d 14h 54m 9s
With one last look, Capone turned his back and headed towards his car. He left that woman as though she had never been anything more to him than a piece of trash, it was as though she belonged in that landfill. Looking at his hands he sighed at the dirt underneath his nails, of course Alphonse had once been a very dangerous man, I mean, one time he had caved in the back of a mans head with a wooden baseball bat simply for having an idea that the man was no longer loyal to Capone family name, but it did not mean that he liked the dirt that came along with the job.

Pushing the thought from his mind he opened the door to his car and slid into the seat once more. Catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror there was a speckle of Catherine's blood just above the scars on his left cheek. [b "You have to be fucking kidding me."] he groaned aloud, taking her purse and finding a hankie inside of it to clean up with.

As he ran the material over his face he thought about the night he had received those scars, he was only a young male at the time, working at four deuces for a man far more violent than he could ever imagine. It was while he was cleaning a table that he noticed a woman, she was stunning. Capone, having no fear nor shame walked right up to the woman. [i [b "Honey you have a nice ass, and I mean that as a compliment."]] Apparently the charm was not found when a male, later known to him as the dame's brother stood and punched Capone in the face. Had he been wiser, he would have let the fight end there, but even all those years ago, that just wasn't him. He fought that male until he pulled a knife, slashing Capone in the face several times and leaving him with those scars. Sure they added character to the gangster, but still, he hated the nickname that followed... Scar face.

Driving once more, Capone made his way back towards the cabin. As his mind wandered to his younger days they also made their way to the more recent and painful, Chloe. He still had not completely decided what exactly it was he was going to do upon their reunion. Apart of him wanted to choke the last breath from her while another, stronger part wanted to fuck her senseless. He supposed it would be a decision he would make when the time came... A time that was coming far too quickly for as his wheels turned down the dirt driveway, a red beam of light came from the porch.

Stepping out he walked towards the woman, her body was turned from him and he wasn't sure she even knew he was there at all. She did not move, not even flinch while he made his way closer to her, closing the gap with every step. [b "Chloe."] He spoke finally, his hand resting on her shoulder.
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Chloe had no idea about the car that was waiting just passed her driveway.
Chloe had no idea that Alphonse found her and was watching everything she did from the window - peering in.

Chloe didnt know about Catherine finding her partner and the two adventure they shared in the car and out in the landfill where she met her untimely death.

Shifting the hand from her face, Chloe wiped away her tears of heartbreak and remained infront of the fire, staring at the flame that continued to dance with each other like lovers and again, Chloe felt alone.
She felt she more than alone.
She felt like she was going to die alone with no more love in her life, well except for the love of her children which was perfect but the love of a man, a companion was what she needed and ...Alphonse she thought was the one only for him to prove her again..she was wrong.

Leaving the glass of wine on the lounge room table by the fireplace, Chloe pushed herself up from the floor and stood up on her feet and started to make her way to the bedroom and opened up the door, peering in - witnessing the children fast sleep in dreamland in the bed which...make her smile.

They were safe.
The kids were safe and forever will be.

Giving off a faint smile watching Ava shift her body to hug Henry, Chloe stepped back and closed the door and wandered towards the front door and stepped out but not grabbing a packet of cigarettes and matches only to walk outside and lit up.

Around her body rested a long white fur jacket that she held tight against her body and stood there, looking at darkness from the porch and puffed away trying to relax to mind...body and her soul but it was all crying for Alphonse, but she couldnt go back.

He hurt her.
He broke her spirit.

Alphonse wasnt going to come back and swept her off her feet and kiss her hand, speak of never going back to that horrible occupation.
It wasnt him.
That was his life.

Chloe wasnt anymore....yet again..

[+purple 'Youre such an asshole, Alphonse Capone. You did this and you cannot even find me...'] she muttered before taking another drag, not knowing that he already had..
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Catherine stared upon the man before her eyes hardened, [+hotpink "I was afraid you would say that Capone."] She wiped a tear from her cheek before reaching into her small purse for what Alphonse expected to be a tissue. Instead she pulled out a small pistol and pointed it at the mans head, [+hotpink "I am tired of being your second best when it is that woman who does such horrible things to your head. If I can't have you then no one can Al, no one."]

Looking down the barrel it was not fear that came to the male, it was not fear nor anger or even remorse. Instead, it was relief. Relief in knowing that if she did pull the trigger, if she did end his life, then never again would he have to worry about putting the woman he loved in jeopardy again. That never would his family be in danger by fault of himself, that never would he have to see the look of pain, anger and disappointment in Chloe's eyes. But relief also in the fact that if she did not pull the trigger, if she did not kill him, then it would be him who would end her life and with doing so, destroy the possibility of her ever trying to take Henry from them.

He smiled

Not one of those fun loving smiles that you offer to someone you know, love or feel you can trust. No. He smiled one of those sinister smiles which immediately would set a person on edge.

And that's exactly what it did.
[+hotpink "Don't look at me like that Al, don't you realize that I will blow your fucking brains all over this pretty little car of yours?"]

It was cute, the way she was trying to sound intimidating yet her words were trembling with fear. [b "Well go on then, pull the trigger."]

Grabbing the barrel he pressed it to his forehead and continued to smile, [b "Pull the fucking trigger Catherine."]

[+hotpink "Alphonse?"]

[b "Pull the fucking trigger!"] he yelled, this time grabbing the gun from her hand and using it to bask her in the side of the skull, rendering her unconscious. [b "Next time, just pull the fucking trigger."] He smiled once more, driving down the road as though not a thing had just happened.

He proceeded to drive towards one of the many landfills of Chicago. They were always vacant around this time of night and it was the perfect place to dispose of a body if you knew a thing or two about the layout, something Capone knew very well. Grabbing his dame he lifted her out of the car and placed her on the ground while he removed any traces of blood from the interior of his 'pretty little car' and then carried her once more towards one of the deep holes.

It was already partial filled which meant that they would not bother to rummage through the area and thus, find her body. Setting her down he lightly slapped her face and she came to, looking around, still a little dazed. [+hotpink "Whe- Where am I? Alphonse? Why did you bring me here?"] She was about to try to stand, probably even try to make a run for it when Capone took out the same pistol she had pulled on him.[+hotpink "What are you doing? Alphonse please, I'll do anything."]

He smiled before pulling back on the trigger and sending a single bullet through the woman's skull, her blood leaving a trail down her delicate face as she fell, face first, onto the ground. [b "You should have just pulled the trigger."]
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Standing infront of the stove, it was tilting her head down at the stew slowly coming to a simmer in a pot that she began to stir it with a wooden spoon, listening to the children in the bedroom.
Ada and Henry removed there clothes and rummaged in their bags for pajamas to which they found and placed them onto their tiny bodies and came rushing out towards the table and sat upon the chairs.

Ava watched Chloe dish up while Henry on the other hand held a toy wooden car and began to play with it on the table.
[b "Henry. No toys at the dinner table please..."] she muttered, turning towards the children and placed two bowls infront of them followed by a loaf of bread already cut in the middle of the piece of furniture.

[b "Henry. I said no toys..."] Chloe muttered before leaning over and grabbed the wooden toy and shifted back, placing the child's play thing onto the counter top. [b "Eat your dinner..."]

Raising one child was hard.
Raising two proved to be a little harder, alot harder but Chloe had to endure it and face the fact that it was only her now.
Alphonse backed out the moment he drank and decided to go back to his old ways in being a criminal.
Alphonse checked out of the relationship, not her.

Chloe didnt eat any dinner, she couldnt. Her..stomach was hungry but her body just refused to feel hunger or even eat, considering everything that had happened mere hours before.
Once the children finished their meals, Henry and Ada were allowed to play for a half an hour before finally, it reached 7pm and it was time for the munchkins to pack it all in and go to bed.

Patting their heads, Chloe shifted them into the bedroom and the two of them jumped onto the mattress and scooted underneth the blankets, head upon the pillows and got warm, comfortable and relaxed.
[b "I love you both..."] the Mother whispered, leaning down at each little one and kissed them upon the forehead before smiling, hearing their wonderful replies.
[+purple "We love you too..."]
[b 'Sleep now...']

Stepping out of the room, Chloe closed the door softly and gently before wandering to the lounge room, opening up the glass cabinet and took out whiskey and poured herself a big..big glass before parking her sweet ass down infront of the fire that burned.
Chloe's lip quivered.
The memory of heard Alphonse infront of the fire flooded through her mind and that was when she broke down.

Closing her eyes, she cried infront of an window that had the curtains open, with a hand onto her face and cried...cried and cried a river while becoming warm but her heart broken again for the umpteenth time.
  Chloe Darling - / MeisjeKelly / 5y 327d 22h 9m 48s
Staring at the two beams of light Capone immediately regretted having followed Chloe's car. If he would to be the reason to put them into danger he would never be able to live with himself. Watching the lights went dim and the sound of a door could be heard followed with footsteps. With his hand clenched deeply to his pistol he rolled down the window while a woman approached. [b "Catherine?"]

[+hotpink "Look, I know I shouldn't follow you, but I had to see you Capone, I couldn't go on without speaking my peace."]

Looking back to the cottage he sighed before releasing his grip on the butt of his gun and unlocking the doors. [b "Get in, we will go for a drive."]

Within only a few moments the woman slid into the seat beside him, her hair was done up like Chloe's and she was wearing dark lipstick. He knew immediately what he intentions were and had he not been in love, he would have taken her up on them.

Putting the car into drive he turned away from the cottage and back onto the road towards town, [b "You can't follow me any more Catherine, we are not meant to be happy together, you will never be my wife. In fact, you will never be anything more to me than a woman I laid with when mine had turned away from me."] His words were harsh and full of venom, but he did not try to candy coat them. He was not in love with this woman although she would have done anything for his happiness and followed him to the ends of the world.

[+hotpink "You don't have to love someone to be with them Alphonse, why can't you see that? Why can't you see that I can be the woman that she never will be. I know who you are, I have seen your darkest days and still I want to be by your side. To be there when you are in need of comfort."]

Stopping at a red light, Capone turned his eyes to hers, [b "I will never be with you Catherine, it is not the way it is supposed to be."]
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 5y 328d 8h 22m 21s

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