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"I so dead..."

Biting her lower lip out of pure habit, Chloe moved both hands from her chest that still continued to beat a million miles an hour and placed them both onto her face where she breathed in and out.
So many thoughts ran through her mind right at that moment and a few of them, were good.
So many thoughts and only two were good as deep down she knew what would happen if Frankie ever found out the emotion she was actually feeling or he found out what he said to the Stranger while her lover had walked off in a huff.

Walking away from the stage, Chloe entered her dressing room and began to undress herself slowly, closing her eyes now and again only to remember the feeling of the male's fingertips upon her skin and it was thinking about it that other, naughty and ...erotic images entered her brain only to burn into her memory.
Those memories would keep her warm at night.
Those images would help her, the nights where Frankie came home and wanted to fuck the female who made him money by showing off her body and her voice.

"Do you know him?..."

The moment Frankie entered her chambers, was the moment Chloe almost had a heart attack and turned round, her hands holding onto her dress that was half off her naked body.
"Do I know who?..."
"Do not, play with me Chloe. You know exactly, who I amt talking about."
"You're drunk...."

Turning away from Frankie only caused his anger to erupt.
His anger was building up the moment he saw that Male stare st his girl in such a way, he knew exactly what the Stranger was thinking as Frankie made that look too, the very first time he laid eyes on Chloe.
The door slammed.
The door slammed enough for the body of the female to jump which caused her hands to loosen grip of her dress and it fell to the ground.
That was when Frankie stepped forward and placed both hands onto Chloe, gripping his arms tight to the point they started to become numb.
"Frankie, you're hurting me..."
"Who is he?!!" he screamed, thrusting his girl up against the wall with the back of her head hitting the panel so hard as she started to see stars, but that wasn't enough for him.
Tossing his woman onto the ground, Frankie didn't believe a word that was coming out from her mouth and just laughed, seeing her suffer.

Chloe closed her eyes and tried so hard not to cry.
She tried so hard to keep her composure but there was a line and Frankie was getting close to crossing it.
"Dont even bother coming home. There is no room for you tonight...." he spoke before walking over her body towards the door and exited the room, leaving her to suffer in her own defeat.

As the door closed, Chloe stood up slowly and breathed out, battered and broken yet still was capable on putting on her white, skin tight dress that stopped at her knees.
A white fur jacket and her purse, leaving her hat behind as she knew she would come back to her dressing room to stay the night.

It was getting dark, the moment Chloe stepped out from the club and wandered the streets of Chicago to clear her head.

Frankie left and did what he always did.
Conducting business and fucking other women in front of his friends while they drank and smoked cigarettes.

Wandering the streets was never a good thing for a woman to do - but Chloe had to clear her head on what to do with her life, but she already knew.
She could not get out of that relationship.

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Alphonse Capone made his way down the wet, crowded streets of Chicago with the melody of the beautiful, delicate woman buzzing in his ears, he had even caught himself beginning to hum. Never once did he look back however, not out of fear, but out of respect. It was not his establishment for him to be able to cause a scene that Mr. Costello would have most definitely provoked had he stayed. Still he wondered what it would have been like to quite literally sweep his babe off her feet and carry her into the darkness to another neon building. A smile crept upon his lips, but resulted in more of a smirk.

Ducking his head bellow his Fedora Alphonse made his way down the dark alleyway, he did not look to the hungry beggars, boozers and drug addicts, instead he made his way to the strip that light up the opposite end. It was the lights that fashioned the entry way to Capones first Chicago establishment, 'Four Deuces' it was a place where clients could drink and gamble downstairs or visit a prostitue upstairs. He was only the manager when he started back in Sicily, it was there that he gained respect with well known gangster, Johnny Torrio. Capone has earned enough respect from Torrio that he would send him on small jobs that grew more increasingly important, building him up in Torrio's organization. It was safe to say that it was Johnny who taught Alphonse everything that he knew. He was, however, unlike the other violent gangsters, instead he was a sophisticated gentleman who preferred cooperation and negotiation to rule his crime organization. This was exactly the traits that Torrio passed onto Capone.

When he made his way into the club one of the slender ladies immediately took his hat and jacket, "Would you like me to make you up a bed Mr. Capone?"

The woman spoke softly with a hint of seduction, it was here that he often came not just to check up on the joint but to also get a piece of fine ass. "No, Gabriella, not tonight, grab me a whiskey on the rocks though will you have one of the girls bring it to me, I'll be in my office"

Before he had the chance to even sit a tall brunette with long curls that bounced when she walked knocked on his door, "Your whiskey Mr. Capone." she too was a soft spoken young girl, but unlike Gabriella she had painted eyes and lips almost like the dame he had only just left.

"I don't think I have seen you around here before? Are you one of the new can can girls?" it was what he called all of his girls should any coppers come poking around.

"Yes Mr. Capone, my name is Jane." the young girl blushed when she spoke to him.

"Jane, if you wouldn't mind accompanying me this evening." he spoke in more of a statement rather then a question, the girl nodded in an understanding and made her way over to him. Kneeling she carefully pulled down his suspenders and tugged at his pants.
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Only once in life, Chloe truly believed, that she would find someone who could completely turn her whole world around. She tell them things that she'd never shared with another soul and they would absorb everything she would say and actually want to hear more. They would both share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown. When something wonderful happened, Chloe not wait to tell them about it, knowing they will share in the excitement. Never would they hurt her feelings or make her feel like she was not good enough, but rather they build her up and show her the things about herself that make Chloe feel special and even beautiful. There is never any pressure, jealousy or competition but only a quiet calmness when they are around. Chloe could be herself and not worry about what they will think because they love they woman for who she was.

The things that seem insignificant to most people such as a note, song or walk become invaluable treasures kept safe in heart to cherish forever.
Memories of childhood come back and are so clear and vivid, it’s like being young again.
Colours seem brighter and more brilliant.
Laughter seems part of daily life where before it was infrequent or didn’t exist at all. A phone call or two during the day would help Chloe through a long day’s work and always brings a smile to her face. In their presence, there’s no need for continuous conversation, but she would find she was quite content in just having her lover nearby. Things that never interested her before would become fascinating because she would know they are important to this person who is so special.

Biting her lower lip the moment she knew that Frankie was no longer in the room, her eyes continued to stare into the eyes of the man that she would bend over backwards for.
It was a strange feeling.
She hardly knew this man, she didn't know him at all yet she was drawn to him like a mosquito to a blue light.
(i "I do not run from any man because I do not fear anyone, to run is to be afraid"
"Then be safe..." she replied, closing her hues the moment his fingertips caressed the delicate skin upon her cheek.

My my my...
This man knew how to get her motor running.

As the music continued to play a little louder this time, it was there that Chloe opened her eyes and bit her lower lip before leaning up and sauntered back towards the stage - finishing off the song that would forever now, be her favourite as it was the song that played while her ears listened to his voice.

With all the good things in life entering, there was always times that those perfect little moment had to come crashing down and get blown away in the wind and that was when the Stranger got up, placed on his jacket after placing the cigar in-between his teeth was walk off and out of the club.
Biting her lower lip out of habit, Chloe reeled herself back and shifted her body before wandering off back to the stage, behind the curtain - letting the music simmer down and the lights finally shut themselves off.

Chloe stood behind the red velvet curtain, breathing hard to where she raised her hand to her chest only to feel her heart beat a million miles an hour from that moment shared with the handsome devil.
"Im so....dead..." she muttered to herself before breathing out a sigh - heading towards the backstage and into her secure dressing chambers.
  Chloe Darling - / MeisjeKelly / 6y 211d 18h 47m 24s
The young man sat at his seat, but instead of looking to the stage he looked directly at Frankie and winked. He did not fear the man who had allegedly formed an alliance with mobster Luciano and overtaken the city of Chicago, to what did he have to fear? If the man would try to have him killed, he would kill him himself. There was nothing to fear but fear itself, and fear was something the Alphonse Capone knew not how to do.

He turned his attention back to the stage and watched his beautiful flower as her heart sang through her red, plump lips. He watched as she returned to the floor again making every heart in the place skip a beat. But now it was time for his, as she made her way over to him once more he felt the cavity in his chest thump loudly behind his ears. "What you did, I know- need to leave, right now. Run and don't come back...."she whispered as the bands noise overtook the room.

Smiling he finally reached out to the beautiful maden and touched her check with the back of his forefingers, "I do run from any man because I do not fear anyone, to run is to be afraid"

He looked deeply into each of her eyes until the band began to slow the tempo and it was time for her to sing again, he leaned back into his seat with his coy boyish smile and watched her as though they were the only two souls in the room, as though everyone else in the joint had vanished. It had continued this way until there was a shriek that came from the back, everyone had turned to see what had caused it except for the two that were starring into one another's eyes like they could see straight to their souls. He winked at her before casually standing up, returning his cigar to his mouth and strolling out of the club doors onto the street. He disappeared with the crowd.
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 6y 211d 19h 5m 24s
How could one woman, be entranced by another human being so suddenly?
How could one woman be entranced so much by a man that her partner, who was in the same room as the female, was no longer being noticed and became striving for attention.

This pissed Frankie off to no end.

It was sitting in the VIP section in the corner of the room where Frankie raised his eyebrow a little more from the way was staring at Chloe who now rested upon the stage.
Yes, she beautiful and very talented but Chloe was Frankie's girl.
He wasn't stupid.
Frank was not a stupid man at all, but any means and he knew that men tared at his love all day everyday - hell, the more that stared, the better for his business however when the look came from a male who made a face that was filled with lust and desperate wanting, that was a big no no.

"Wherever he goes, you follow. He has Chloe in his sights. Take care of it...." Frankie spoke as he lent over to the side just a little to where he whispered in the ear of one of his right hand men.
Benjamin turned his head slightly, half focusing on Chloe who continued to sing on stage but the other half, he listened ever so intently before nodding.
"You got it Boss..."
"Do not, cause a scene.." Frankie replied, leaning back straight and sat in his seat bringing another cigarette to his lips, witnessing the Stranger stand up and walk off to which Ben, as ordered - followed.

10 minutes had gone by and Chloe, standing on stage - performing three songs that she knew off by heart and were her favourite, knew that the young, handsome gentleman stood up and wandered off and truth be told - she did glance at Benjamin leave Frankie's side only to follow.
Chloe wasn't stupid.
She acted stupid, but she knew what Frankie did and what he was capable off, so it was only natural for her to keep her beautiful mouth shut.

Chloe strived for attention.
Frankie refused to give her what she wanted no a days and ...rejected her in bed when deep down she wanted to get married and create a family.
That wasn't going to happen.

A good ten minutes had gone by, and it was singing the last song that Chloe's eyes saw the most gorgeous man she had ever seen come back to his seat and sat down slowly without Ben.
This caused an alarm with Frankie and he jumped from his seat and exited the main room to find his right hand man.

Stepping down from the stage once more, shifting across the floor again taunting and teasing them men who sat there- smiling the biggest grins, it was reaching the table again with the newcomer that Chloe lent forward and whispered in the ear while the Big Band continued showing off there music.
"What you did, I know - need to leave, right now. Run and don't come back...."
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Alphonse shifted in his seat so that both of his long legs were pointed to the floor, he watched with a passion filling his brown eyes as the fair skinned dame with the painted eyes and lips approached him. When her fingertips touched his tie it sent a shock of electricity through his body, he had to fight back the urge to reach out and touch her soft, smooth skin. Although he was used to women flocking around him somehow this particular woman filled him with a different type of lust, he didn't just want to roll her around in his sheets for a few hours, she was the type of gal he wanted to wake up beside. The look that she gave him when she leaned over towards him and bit her lip, assures him he wasn't the only one.

He watched his hips as she slowly escaped away from him, returning onstage. He grabbed his chin with his left and and rubbed it watching her, he wants now more than ever to taste this woman, to feel her skin against his lips, sink his teeth gently into her neck and run his fingers through her black hair. One of the flapper girls stood in front of him blocking his view from the damsel, "Cigarette?"

He pointed to the cigar that was slowly burning to ash in the ashtray, "Does it look like I need a fucking cigarette?"

"My apologies sir" she quickly scooted away from him to the next table.

There she was again, singing into the microphone as if she were singing to him. He had been so engulfed in starring at her that he hadn't even noticed that there was a man in a pinstripes suit only tables away who was starring at him.

It wasn't until he had gotten up to empty the one eyed snake that he noticed the man. It was his first encounter with the infamous Frank Costello, the first of many more to come. He watched the man out of the corner of his eye recognizing as he leaned over to one of the men at his table who immediately rose and headed his way. Al adjusted him tie and carries on, pushing his way past the black sheet that covered the latrine. He never once looks back, he wanted the man to think he has the element of surprise.

Behind the cover of the curtain Al waited, once the curtain opened he quickly wrapped it around the mans neck, "I hope you didn't think you were going to be sneaking up on me."

The man struggled beneath Alphonse grip as he gasped for any amount of air, but Al kept the curtain tight until he stopped kicking and became lifeless. Having forgot why he had gone there in the first place he straightened his vest and stepped over the man to return to his seat and watch his dame dance about the stage singing with her harmonic voice.
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7:23am on July 15th, a little girl - was born.
[i Chloe Marie Busion] or better known as Chloe Marie Darling was a real piece of heaven, to Margaret.
It wasn't a secret throughout Vegas that Margaret only wanted to enjoy life, enjoy the nightlife and what it had to bring and it was because of such passion that she was a notable Showgirl.
Performing for Celebrities, the rich and powerful - Margie had found solace in the arms of men and the beds of men until one moment, sleeping with a man who had nothing and nothing to show for it, that the loved Showgirl found herself pregnant and alone after a shitty one night stand.

9 months later after in the beginning the thoughts of destroying the little one consumed Marg to the point she felt guilty and changed her mind.

Growing up with a fabulous mother, watching her perform and make herself up almost every night from the side lines, that was probably the turning point for Chloe to realise that she too wanted to live a glamorous life like her mother.
To put on make up and dance in sequins.
To ruffle a few feathers and make powerful, rich men fall in love.
At the age of 12, watching her mother perform with 9 other beautiful women was the turning point here Chloe decided on her future, a future that she, growing older into a very beautiful lady - fulfilled.

Only now, she was the lover - the girl who belonged to Frankie Luciano.


Standing tall, poised - delicate with nothing but her voice, Chloe gave of that tantalising smile as she tilted her head down and stared upon a paying customer who, stared back with a wide grin the moment Chloe held out a hand to which - he gladly took.

[b If you had prepared twenty years ago]
[b You wouldn't be a-wanderin' from door to door]
[b Why don't you do right, like some other men do?]
[b Get out of here and get me some money too]
It was singing those words that the male released the woman's hand and slowly shifted himself out from the seat only for Chloe to place a hand onto his chest and pushed him back down onto his ass only before letting her fingertips tug and tease his silk tie.

This guy had money.
It was clearly obvious however he didn't have as much money as her Frankie.

Frankie was a very bad man.
Frankie loved money even more so than Chloe and, knowing this sooner somewhat spared her life as fighting it, creating an argument would of turned into something a little more drastic.
It wasn't all bad however as there were days - nights where Frankie would spoil his lady with the finest of diamonds, fur jackets and taking her away to paradise.
Frankie did indeed love Chloe but, Chloe grew to put up with him, slowly became frightened of him as lately, her other half became more of a monster than the kind and gentle soul she knew behind closed doors.

A few little slaps across the face, never hurt anyone.
A few little slaps that were always fixed with makeup.

Shifting away from the beaming customer, it was turning her body around to where her eyes landed upon the owner of the club.
The man who slapped her silly just from being pissed off or out of pure annoyance that she looked away within a second only to a handsome man who she had never seen before in this town.
The man who she knew now would fill her dreams with lust and fire like passion.
The man who suddenly made the female quiver under her under-garments as she bit her lower lip to control herself and fight the urges.
How was it possible?
She had never..ever met the man - he was a stranger, but that was enough.

[b I fell for your jivin' and I took you in]
[b Now all you got to offer me's a drink of gin]
[b Why don't you do right, like some other men do?]
[b Get out of here and get me some money too]

Taunting the patrons along the sidelines, Chloe walked forward, her hips swaying from side to side as she approached the table that was soon occupied by the handsome stranger, leaning over, letting her fine ass perch itself out and gave the man attention he craved for, paid for with the purchasing of cigarettes ands alcohol.
A hand reached out, letting her fingertips pull at his tie making the stranger lean forward, eyes staring into his own.

How could this be happening?

Biting her lower lip out of habit, Chloe reeled herself back and shifted her body before wandering off back to the stage leaving Frankie having his eyebrow raised.
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Alphonse had only just arrived to the city of Chicago that morning but he never could resist those neon lights. It was something about a club that drew him in, like a shark to the smell of blood. A cigar hung from his lips and his wallet was filled to the brim with scratch. He was a sheik young man in his late 20's and a rising star in the gangster world. He carried himself with such confidence that all the bims and babes swooned at his feet, some would have described him as a well refined cake-eater. Dressed in only the finest Italian suits he was notorious for packing heat, which helped him to attract the bearcat of the crowd.

When he entered the room several of the cigarette girls were quick to greet him but he had his eyes on a different type of dame tonight. She was a slender gal with dark hair, her white dress shimmered in the clouded air and the slit that made its way up her thigh teased him with the temptation to see what was underneath. He brushed his way past the crowd of broads and took his seat at one of the red clothed tables. Taking a long puff from his cigar he closed his eyes as her voice filled his ears with the sound of serenity. She was, perfection and beauty all wrapped up in one, he didn't know her name but she had already taken his heart.

He could have listened to her melodies for the rest of his days, he watched her like a lion stalking its prey as she made her way through the crowd teasing all the young goons and grifters that filled the seats. As she slowly grew nearer he leaned back into his chair and crossed his leg over his lap. Her body was equally as majestic as her voice, and from a closer view he could see the perfect roundness of her breasts, oh what he would have done to be able to hold them in his hands and tease her nipples with his tongue. The thought of being bedded with this woman sent a chill straight down to his man organ. He took a deep breath, she was only tables away.
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The City was incredibly beautiful during the day where people walked along the pavements speaking with friends or simply walking alone basking in their penniless thoughts.
The night was when everything and everyone came alive.
At night the clubs within the heart of Chicago would light up, seducing people to come in and tempt them to commit sins whether it was gambling, drinking for fornicating with the opposite sex.
One club on the main strip of Chicago Noir Poet was the hottest spot to go every night during the week especially on the Friday and Saturday nights when Chloe would perform.

Chloe was a great asset to the club.
Chloe was charming, a great singer and incredibly beautiful which seduced the young men to come in and spend a great deal of money on drinks and cigarettes.
This, all of the money brought a smile to the Owner of the club, Frankie Costello who just happened to be one of the most notorious MOB leaders in all Chicago.
He was loathed by many but envied by most - loathed by all the money and sometimes envied at the fact that he had a girlfriend who deserved her spot up in lights.

The night was beginning to spark up.
Men and women entered the club and sat down around the circular tables where a single candle remained lit in the middle upon the gorgeous red velvet table cloth.
The patrons lit up after purchasing there desired cigarettes from a woman who walked around offering - while the others bought drinks awaiting the show.
The Big Band began to tune up and began to make that sombre noise that turned Chloe on in so many ways as she stood behind the red velvet curtain biting her lower lip - breathing in and out knowing full well that her man was out there.
Performing infront of the man who loved her and did everything in his power to make her happy was still, to that very day - intimidating.

"You had plenty money in 1922....." Chloe began to chime out as the band started.
Her long slender leg peeked out from the slit in fabric to where she showed it off for a moment before the curtain opened and she, began to walk along the stage wearing nothing but white sparkly dress.
The dress accentuated her large firm breasts while the cuts in the cloth against her leg, men caught eyes of her lace panties in little segments from the way she sauntered upon the stage.
Frankie had always told her, sex selled and he wasn't wrong.
Frankie never was and no one could ever disagree.
"You let all the women make a ..fool of you. Why don't you do right? Like some other men do..." Chloe chimed again as she made her way down from the podium and taunted - teased the men by tugging on their ties, messing up their hair after sitting on their laps.
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