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A hour and a half went by and Chloe wandered back into the couch with Ava infront sitting in the wheelchair that was being pushed by Chloe's smooth, gentle hands.
Ben, the young man who was more than happy to help the two ladies with their shopping waddled in behind with 4 brown bags filled with food while Ava held a little porcelian doll with brown curly hair and the rosiest of cheeks in her hands.

The doll was something Ava fell in love with the moment she clept eyes on the toy.
This reminded Chloe on when she was a little girl and her Father who made money for the first time spent it on a load of break, milk and a little stuffed teddy to keep Chloe warm at night.
Chloe didnt have much as a child and what she felt the moment that Teddy was in her arms was complete and utter happiness and one would never forget it.

[+purple "Where would you like these, Miss Chloe?.."]
[b "On the kitchen bench would be lovely. Thank you Ben. Youve been great help today. I dont know what id do without you. I owe you for your help.."] Chloe muttered as she pushed Ava to the table and unstrapped the child only to help Ava down onto the seat infront of a colouring book and crayons.

[+purple "Let me take you to dinner and we'll forget you owing me anything..."]

Chloe stood up straight and stared upon the handsome man in the doorway but she didnt understand why the moment he spoke, the image of Ben vanished and Alphonse came clear and he was the one asking her.
The man who kissed her with passion and made her feel like a woman.
The man who drove her wild and made Chloe quiver in her loins.

[+green "Oooohhhhh. Say yes. He likes you..."] Ava spoke softly, watching the two grown up with a smile on your face.
[b "Okay. Is tomorrow okay? ..Its my night off. I'll have to ask Mr Capone first but it should be fine..."]
[+purple "I'll be here at 7..."]
[b "Okay."]
[+purple "Au Revoir, and you too miss Ava.."]
[+green "Bye!..."]

Chloe smiled and bit her lower lip before shifting from Ava towards the counter and started to unpack the brown paper bags.

[b "Okay Ava. When you Dad walk's in, I want you to say this..Je te aime, papa.]
[+green Je te aime , papa. What does that mean?..]
[b "I love you, Daddy.."]
[+green Ohhh. DADDY!...DADDY! ...Je te aime, papa.!!!]

Chloe smiled and laughed as she continued to unpack and the moment it was finished, there - she started to cook.
  Colette Rey / MeisjeKelly / 5y 211d 22h 48m 52s
Capone was a hardworking man, there was no doubt about that, but still, he felt as though there was something missing. Looking at the clock on the wall he had at least a few moments to himself before he would be expecting his colleagues, he took that moment to pull out a small photo from under the leather cover on his desk. It was a photo he had taken of Chloe just a few nights after they had met. It was taken at tge pier where the two had enjoyed sipping coffee and taking in each others presence. It was true that he missed that woman, anyone who had had the chance to love her would and did. Smiling, it was then that he heard a knock from outsid outside his office. "You dont look so good boss."

[b "You shouldn't walk in on a man who isn't aware of your presence."] He spoke in a firm voice, shoving the photo out of site before smoothing out his chest. [b "I wasnt expecting you for a little while, its not like you to be.... well, on time."]

The man smiled, removing his hat before taking a seat in one of the two chairs symmetrical to the desk. "I guess you can say I'm finally learning a thing or two boss."

[b "Lucky me."] He scofed. [b "Close the door, I thought you said you were learning."]
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 5y 211d 23h 13m 1s
[i "We are going to have a few guests for dinner tonight, a few work mates if you will.]

That was exactly what Colette needed at her first..somewhat day on the job.
Not only did she have to look after a gorgeous little girl with big dreams, she also had to make dinner for several people who were friends of Alphonse. Talk about pressure.

Oh well.

It was just going to be more money handed over for Colette to grab mussels that just happened to be expensive.
It didnt bother her. It wasnt coming out of her paycheck.

[b "Well if that is the case, I ...will have to buy more food than expected, though it'll be nice seeing friends of yours. Isnt that right Ava?..."] Colette spoke from the bench, eyes glancing over to the little girl who dropped her fork and glanced up at the woman and nodded in agreement to make Capone happy.
It seemed Ava didnt like his friends.
It seemed that Ava hated the fact that her father was always with them and didnt give her the time of day.


[i "It won't be long this time my muffin, I promise. Your driver should be here shortly, I had him place an envelope in the backseat, inside you should find all that you will need for today's events."]
[b "Thank you.."]

Keeping up appearances.
That was all.

Being employed, Colette could not afford to be fired from this job, so even though she had many words to say, the girl bit her tongue and didnt speak a single work that may help in her losing her job.

The moment Capone walked out was the moment that the Driver walked in and it somewhat took Colette by surprise.
The man was handsome, young and looked intoxicating in a suit along with a hat upon his head.

[+purple "Miss Ava. Are we rea-....hello..."] he muttered the moment he saw Colette shifting out from behind the counter towards Ava who motioned she was ready to go.

[b "Hello..."]
[+purple "Are you the new nanny?..."]
[b "Oui."]
[+purple "Vous êtes alot plus jolie que la dernière."] [i Youre alot prettier than the last.."]

Colette looked down and blushed before giving off a smile, shifting closer to Ava who just watched and listened to the two in awe, wondering on what they were saying to each other.

[b "Vous êtes très en avant et franc, honnête . Vous n'êtes pas trop mauvais vous-même."] [i Youre very forward and blunt, honest. You are not too bad yourself.]

Shifting Ava back from the table, Colette started to roll the little princess out from the kitchen toward the door that was open.
[+pink "What did you two say?..."]
[b "Have said I was pretty. I said he was too.."]
[+pink 'Ooooooh. Can you teach me how to talk like you?.."]

Colette smile and laughed. [b "When we get back. While im making dinner, i'll teach you. Okay?.."]
[+pink "Okay."]
[b "No. Say, Bien"]
[+pink "Bien"]
[b "There you go. You just said, Okay.."]

The chauffer smiled as he walked behind Colette, staring at her ass she pushed the wheelchair towards the car that waited.
  Colette Rey / MeisjeKelly / 5y 259d 21h 27m 15s
Capone stood there, dumbfounded by what had just taken place. He was not a man to be rejected, nor was he one to take such rejection lightly. Still, he felt her desire and she left it there on his fingertips. Smiling he rubbed the moistness from them before shaking his head and making his way back to the kitchen.

[b "We are going to have a few guests for dinner tonight, a few work mates if you will."] he looked at Ava who sighed pushing bits of pancakes around her plate. She always hated when her father had to work, but she hated it even more when he brought work home with him.

[b "It won't be long this time my muffin, I promise."] Kissing her head he gentle tussled her hair once more before grabbing the paper and his mug, [b "Your driver should be here shortly, I had him place an envelope in the backseat, inside you should find all that you will need for today's events."]

Then, just like that, he snaked his way out of the kitchen and down the hall to his study. Taking a deep breath as he closed the door. Surely he had not made her feel like all she was to him was someone to tidy his home, wash his clothing and take care of his daughter. Surely she knew there was something more brewing between them. Still, there was work to be done, calls to be made and money to be had.
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 5y 264d 1h 11m 5s
The one thing she did not want to do, was to walk into the pantry and keep herself scarce from Alphonse but after last night - how could she possible even WANT to stand in the same room as he?
It was awkward.
It was intense.

Breathing out, Colette simply raised a hand and wiped the sweat of nervousness off her brow and bit her lower lip the moment ears heard the comment that came out of Capone's mouth.
[i "I was thinking the two of you could do some shopping today, I could have my assistant provide you with a driver and an extra pair of hands to help with Ava's transportation. It has been so long since she has had anything new to call her own and I am not one to make appropriate choices on a young girls clothing."]

It was a rather nice gesture indeed. There would be a car and ..a helping hand, money that would be given to her from Alphonse to buy whatever it was that Ava and Colette needed.
It was a dream come true but all Colette seemed to do was clear her throat in acknowledgement although she did want to speak a simple yes, nothing came out.

Moules Marinières was for dinner.

A recipe from the west of France where one would cook the mussels in a white wine broth with shallots and parsley.

Leaning down in the pantry in order to get the bottles of wine and the herbs along with the shallots, Colette knew on her day out with Ava she would have to get the mussels which was not a problem.
The moment Alphonse entered the pantry however and gradually placed his hand underneth her dress and felt her up was the moment that Colette stood up straight ever so slowly trying to keep her cool.

It was nice.

The way Alphonse's fingertips caressed her silk undergarments that cradled her moist and warm womanhood was enough to send her over the edge but Colette had to act professional.
How could she with that rugged and ....husky voice in her ear?

[i You certainly are a woman like no other.]

Colette raised her eyebrow and as much as she didnt want to turn around, she did and stared deep into Alphonse's eyes.

[b "No. Your wife was a woman like no other. Im just a woman who cleans your toilet and does your dishes..."] Colette replied while with her free hand shifted Capone's own out from under her dress before she started to head towards the door of the pantry.
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Judging the way her body reacted to his moving closer Capone knew that there was something array. Still, this was no topic to be discussed in front of his innocent Ava. Instead, grabbing his cup he took a seat beside her, stealing a blueberry from her plate before kissing her forehead and grabbing the morning paper. [b "I was thinking the two of you could do some shopping today, I could have my assistant provide you with a driver and an extra pair of hands to help with Ava's transportation. It has been so long since she has had anything new to call her own and I am not one to make appropriate choices on a young girls clothing."] he was speaking to his paper due to Colette having made her way into the pantry.

Feeling a set of eyes glaring at him he folded down the corner to witness Ava beaming at him in shock, awe and happiness. [b "Of course if that would be alright with you Ms. Ava Capone."] He smiled, watching her head nod so frantically parts of her hair came loose. [b "Well then that settles it."] Shifting himself he made his way over to their refrigerator in search of something quick to nibble on before a long day of work cooped up in his office; he settled on some yogurt.

Looking over to the pantry he thought it odd that he hadn't yet heard a peep from Colette, after giving a glance to Ava he let his curiosity take him into the small room. She was bent over in a way that made something deep in the pit of Capone's stomach flutter, he wanted her, badly. Without a word he moved until he was behind her, her ass resting just at his hips. With a smile he let a hand wander under her skirt, feeling her silk panties at his finger tips. [b "Mmm"] He breathed out, caressing her skin as his hips rocked into her. [b "You certainly are a woman like no other."]
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 5y 266d 1h 57m 14s
How could on be so stupid?

For a moment, Colette lost herself in a moment that captured her emotion of want, need and lust.
It had been a long time since she had been with a man, truth be told the last time Colette was intimate, she was intimate with a boy at the age of 20 and he was 18, now with her being older, she wanted a man.
Capone was that man.
Yes, she was 22 years of age, half the age that Alphonse was but - age wasnt an issue.

Stepping out of the room, Colette cursed and spoke on Alphonse being a pig until she got into her bedroom and shut the door - falling asleep even though it was hard to do so.
Was he thinking about her?
Was he even ...considering her feelings?

Waking up the next morning, Colette was the first one up and showered herself until her skin smelt of the vanilla and orchid soap that she had made back with her family, it wasnt long until she dried herself off and got dressed the the outfit she was doomed to wear.
Black dress with a white apron with a white cap upon her head with lace frills.
Pantyhose that hung on a garter.
Small heels upon her dainty feet that deep down inside, she wanted Alphonse to kiss and kneel infront of like he did his wife... ex wife...

Colette managed to wake up Ava and showered her, dressed her like a respectable little girl should of been and slowly carried her down the staircase before placing her down into the wheel chair.
[b "Blueberry pancakes for breakfast?..."] Colette asked as she pushed the chair into the kitchen and placed Ava by the table with the veiw of the gorgeous backyard basking in the sunrise.

Ava nodded.

This was the clear sign that it was exactly what she wanted.

It was in the kitchen that Colette made the pancakes and placed them on a plate infront of the intoxicating child along with orange juice and she started to eat up until the moment Alphonse sauntered into the room and this ...robbed a beat of Colette's heart for a moment.
Ava spoke on the breakfast being made and Alphonse spoke out in a way that Colette shifted to the bench and started to make Alphonse coffee without saying a single solitary word.

[i "She did did she? Well then I guess we should keep her around, what do you think? Thank-you for making breakfast Colette, it's been a while since she's had one that didn't come in a bag or a box."]

[b "No problem..."]
[i "Did you sleep well?..."]

Colette raised her eyebrow and turned her head towards the handsome male and stared upon him.
Those lips.
Those eyes.
Those words.
That body..

[b "Comment pensez-vous que je dormais? vous dominateur, être humain sans émotion ..."] [i How do you think I slept? you overbearing, emotionless human being..] she muttered as she backed away from the countertop and wandered away towards the pantry and walked inside it as it was a small Butlers kitchen. Large enough for 4 people to fit inside.
  MeisjeKelly / 5y 266d 20h 57m 25s
Capone tried not to watch as the young woman collected her clothing and scurried out of his room. He did not want her to see the regret in his eyes or to see that he wanted her to stay. It had been a long time since he had felt the touch of a woman other than his daughter and, although welcoming, it was possibly all too fast for him. The thought made him smile, when had anything been too fast for the infamous Al Capone? Still, he hoped he would not have to fire the woman over his laps in judgment.

The next morning Alphonse felt like a stranger in his own home as he half tip-toed down the hall towards the kitchen, peaking in to catch his daughter laughing while Collete made breakfast. Blueberry pancakes, just as he had told her.

[+red "Good morning daddy!"] a bubbly voice errupted as his daughter caught him lurking. [+red "Collete made breakfast."]

Seeing his daughters face all lite up and smiling made the usually grumpy male smile himself, [b "She did did she? Well then I guess we should keep her around, what do you think?"]

With a giggle the growing girl smiled as his hand ruffled through her long hair. [b "Thank-you for making breakfast Collete, it's been a while since she's had one that didn't come in a bag or a box."]

He walked around the island to grab himself a cup of coffee, trying to examine just what type of mood their.... events last night had left her in. [b "Did you sleep well?"]
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[i “Productiveness is your acceptance of morality, your recognition of the fact that you choose to live--that productive work is the process by which man's consciousness controls his existence, a constant process of acquiring knowledge and shaping matter to fit one's purpose, of translating an idea into physical form, of remaking the earth in the image of one's values--that all work is creative work if done by a thinking mind, and no work is creative if done by a blank who repeats in uncritical stupor a routine he has learned from others--that your work is yours to choose, and the choice is as wide as your mind, that nothing more is possible to you and nothing less is human--that to cheat your way into a job bigger than your mind can handle is to become a fear-corroded ape on borrowed motions and borrowed time, and to settle down into a job that requires less than your mind's full capacity is to cut your motor and sentence yourself to another kind of motion: decay."]

This was Colette's choice of work.

She enjoyed looking after families. She enjoyed seeing the smiles on the children's faces when they were beaming up with light and pure enjoyment when they were having a good time.

This was one of those times where Colette loved her job. It wasnt because of the situation she found herself but it was because the place she was in and the responsibility.
Mr Capone was just a bonus.
[i "This is so wrong it should be illegal. The wrong that would make a sane man fall ill."]
[b "How poetic. I like that...."] Colette muttered before the moment her body became thrusted up against the wall with so much force, that the young ..petite female hit the back of her head and became somewhat dazed.
It didnt matter.
Within that moment, it was fucking incredible and it was intoxicating to where she shook her head, trying to shake it off.

Kissing Mr Capone, Colette smiled as she did so the moment her long lifted up and wrapped around his waist, holding him in tight close against her body.
Colette kissed those lips hard, hard that made her moan out as she held onto Alphonse's shoulders with her eyes closed but pulled back the moment she collided with the armoire.
Alphonse pushed inside of the new employee and a gasp escaped from her throat but before the fun began, it ended very quickly.

Eyes stared deep into Alphonse's own, ears perked up and listened to him speak.

[i "This isn't over."]
[b "Well, I hope not...."] she muttered before she felt the male who was powerful, pull out, away and stepped back.

[i "Blueberry pancakes, it's Ava's favorite. See to it that she wakes up to a plate of them in the morning, good night Colette."]

What the hell just happened?

How embaressing.

Colette nodded and kept her mouth shut the moment she reached over, grabbed her clothes and placed them put on her naked body quick and effiently before walking out of Alphonse's room and closed the door behind her.

[b "Qu'est-ce que un cochon"] [i What a pig...]

Stepping into her room, Colette closed the door, set up her alarm for the morning and got into her bed - eyes at the ceiling.
  MeisjeKelly / 5y 271d 15h 10m 33s
Capone knew right and wrong, he knew what was acceptable from what was not, but he did not care. Standing there in his undergarments he had pressed his lips against hers before feeling her skin in her bear-like hands. Kisses that deepened, moans that grew more passionately and clothing that became no more. His fingertips admired her skin while his tongue flickered against hers, it was a moment that had been long overdue for the male.

When the young woman stepped away from him he grabbed his lips as though he was savoring her taste, [+crimson "This is wrong..isn't it?"]

He looked up at her with deep brown hues, [b "The worst kind of wrong"]

With his quirky half smile he stepped forward again, this time his arms lifting her so that she wrapped long legs around his waist. [b "This is so wrong it should be illegal."] He slammed her back against the wall, pressing himself between her thighs before biting her neck with a gentle roughness. [b "The wrong that would make a sane man fall ill."] Whipping her around her pushed her against the armoire, lips never leaving her skin.

With a finaly thrust into her thighs he stopped himself, it was not time to sleep with this woman. He returned her to her feet before grabbing the back of her neck with one hand and pulling her ear to his lips, [b "This isn't over."]

Walking away from her he picked up the clothing she had dropped, [b "Blueberry pancakes, it's Ava's favorite. See to it that she wakes up to a plate of them in the morning, good night Colette."] He smiled, his back turned to her as he slide the clothing onto his body.
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 5y 276d 17h 23m 0s
Colette knew that this predicament wasn't a good one.

Knowing that she was in Alphonse's bedroom, speaking the way she did, acting the way she did...was not professional.
If Al had a right in he would kick her out and shut the door and keep their relationship strictly on the good side rather than it being awkward.

Colette asked if there was anything else she could do for him.
Part of it was indeed secure which was just ...odd for her considering that they had just met but the other side of her question was asking if Alphonse needed anything to make him comfortable.
He did have a fall.
He did need help.

Standing in the bedroom with her arms still wrapped up in a bundle of his clothes, Colette kept her eyes on the handsome older gentleman and just continued to stare without saying a single solitary word when it came to his hand gently brushing the soft skin of her arm before pushing the strap of her teddy to where it belonged upon her shoulder.

Colette was guilty in closing her eyes.

Colette was guilty in knowing it was wrong to feel the tingles the way she did but she was only human and a female who needed man.

However with the moment over, Colette was just about to open her eyes and clear her throat and wander out of the room but instead found herself in the same position with the feeling of Alphonse's body against her own while his lips caressed and kissed the mouth of the blonde haired woman who was employed to help.

The kisses deepend within seconds.
Colette dropped the clothes that were in her arms onto the floor and slowly ran her hands up Alphonse's chest feeling the rippling muscles and kissed back passionately, hard and hungrily.

Moans that were soft but only seemed to get louder the moment Al's hands slid down her back down to her ass and gripped.

This was it.
This was the moment Colette had always wanted.

Releasing her hands from his body, they shifted to her teddy and gripped the material tight and slowly slid it off from her body knowing that this was a mistake.

Standing there naked, breaking the kiss just to slip the silk over her head, Colette breathed heavily only to glance into Alphonse's eyes once more.

They had just met.
She worked for him.

Colette knew she had to put her teddy back on and walk away.

"This is wrong..isn't it?"
  MeisjeKelly / 5y 319d 20h 23m 35s
Capone knew the affect he had on women, he knew the little things that could drive them wild with lust. He knew all of these things yet he did not care. He was a man of such power, even without his title as a mobster. He knew that it was that power that women wanted in a man. He heard her words, the ones that told him she was craving him. But he decided it best to let her stew on such thoughts, at least for now.

[+crimson "I saw a picture of her in Ava's bedroom. She was very beautiful, Sir.."] she began, making her way over to his bed to take the clothing he had just been wearing. [b "That she was."] He had forgotten all about that picture, it was the only one of her in the house. Capone wasn't heartless to the idea of seeing Chloe's face in a portrait everyday, the memory was just simply too painful.

Looking over to her his eyes were drawn to her shoulder that had been exposed. There was something so beautiful about a woman's naked skin, even something as innocent as a shoulder. With a small, seductive smile he walked over to her, still only wearing his pajama bottoms and caressed her arm before his fingers met fabric and he lightly returned the strap to it's place. [+crimson "Will you be needing anything else, this evening?... Anything?..."]

Something inside of Capone changed, like an animal responding to instinct. With hand still on her shoulder he leaned in slowly before placing tender lips against hers. Feeling the softness in hers before gradually turning up the intensity until hands were digging themselves into her lower back and firm buttocks.
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 5y 320d 7h 20m 9s
Why was Alphonse so..hesitant?
Why did he react strongly towards Colette biting her lower lip earlier and why was he hesitant now on taking a drink filled with someone thing men enjoyed and ..made one forget about the pain of heartbreak.

[i You really don't need to make such a fuss....]
[b "I know I don't have too but it is my job, Mr Capone; too look after you and Ava.."]

The way she moved around his room was in a way that seemed that she knew where everything was.
Men were always the same.
They placed there stuff in one area while the rest was either in a garage or in the study, in Alphonse's case, it was his study and his clothes were all in one place as usual.
Taking out his pants, Colette retreated back to the bed and laid them down onto the mattress only to step back and give Capone a smile, a voice and the habit of biting her lower lip.

[i "It seems that all the woman in my life do that same thing. Bite their lip that is."]
[b "Oh? I dont even realize Im doing it....."]

Colette seemed to bite it harder the moment Alphonse stood up slowly and began to remove his shirt from his body.
Hands unbuttoning the buttons one by one as Colette in her mind, wishing it was her hands that were doing it for the handsome older male.

[i "Why is that? It's such an odd thing."]
[b "I do it out of nervousness. Makes me feel a little better than figiting but...sometimes I do it when I see something ..or someone I want..."] she replied, staring into Alphonse's eyes the moment he looked at her but continued to stare upon his body the moment he looked away and removed his trousers.


His ass....Colette had to look away.

Turning her head to the side, she breathed out slowly, singing to herself in her mind only to stop and listen to Al's words which made the young blonde woman turn back to give out her full attention.
Alphonse stood there, teasing her and those naughty thoughts with him being half naked. Wearing pyjama bottoms without a shirt. Alphonse was ever so tall, dark and handsome yet so mysterious but nothing would ever come from it.

This was her Boss.
The man of the house.


[i "My late wife used to do that same thing, it always drove me crazy. At least she would have been my wife."]
[b "I saw a picture of her in Ava's bedroom. She was very beautiful, Sir.."] Colette spoke out, taking a step forward and another towards the bed where she lent over the mattress and picked up Capone's clothes in her arms, ones that she would place in the laundry and wash tomorrow.

The strap of her silk teddy crept down her shoulder the moment she lent down and didn't fix it the moment she turned around to face her Employer who finished off his whisky.
[b "Will you be needing anything else, this evening?... Anything?..."]
  Colette Rey / MeisjeKelly / 5y 321d 1h 51m 18s
Colette helped Alphonse back to his room although it was not what he wanted, he had never allowed anyone to make much of a fuss over him and this was no exception. [+crimson "Drink'll make the pain go away. I'll just go get your pyjamas..."]

He looked up at her, taking the glass and putting it to his lips with a slight hesitation, remembering that alcohol had nearly killed his relationship with Chloe; in a way it had. [b "You really don't need to make such a fuss...."] His eyes were following her as she moved over to where his pajamas were folded neatly in his drawers.

[b "If I didn't know better I would say that you've spent some time snooping in my things."] He teased.

[+crimson "Ill leave them on the bed. Are you sure you dont need an ambulance? Is there anything.....I can do for you. Anything at all?..."] She was biting her lip again. [+crimson "If not, I will....see you in the morning..."]

[b "It seems that all the woman in my life do that same thing."] He spoke, placing the glass on his nightstand before standing and beginning to remove his shirt, [b "Bite their lip that is."]

Setting his shirt on the bed he looked over at her, [b "Why is that? It's such an odd thing."] He asked, now removing his trousers and setting them on the bed as well.

By now he was standing before her wearing nothing but his undergarments. Standing at a tall 5"10' he was fairly taller than she, but that was the way he preferred his woman; short, petite and well mannered. [b "My late wife used to do that same thing, it always drove me crazy."] He looked over at her, [b "At least she would have been my wife."]

He walked over and picked up the glass placing it to his lips once more while the warm liquid burned down his throat before settling in his stomach.
  Alphonse 'Al' Capone / MamaStapes / 5y 321d 5h 9m 36s
How did Alphonse even manage to fall down the stairs?
Why was he so close to them?

The only way he could of is if he was walking down them and fell the 12 steps or he was letting his eyes pry into her bedroom, watching the female ever so intently.


Alphonse would of never of done that.

He was a gentleman and a wonderful father, he would never do something like that.

Kneeling down beside her new Employer, Colette slowly and ever so gently placed a single hand underneth the back of his head, cradleing him in such a way that all Alphonse did was sit up, being careful, ever so careful.
He was beautiful.
Gorgeous and ...even though he was a older man, it didnt seem to bother Colette as his eyes were still so young.

[b "I'll call an ambulance, for you Sir..."]
[i "It was just a little fall is all, nothing to worry about. Please, go back upstairs, I'm alright."]
[b "Im not going to leave you like this. You fell down, it'll be horrible of me to just leave you on the ground...."] she muttered, leaning down a little more and slowly but surely helped Alphonse up onto his two feet and held him close to her body.
It was a nice moment.
Colette's body pressed up against Alphonse's own, feeling his heart beat as he could feel her own but that perfect moment was short lived and slowly Colette walked her Boss back up the stairs gently, one step at a time - into his bed room and placed him down onto the mattress.

[i "I didn't mean to wake you."]
[b "You did not wake me. I was still wide awake..."]

Giving off a smile, Colette let Alphonse go and shifted off to the other side of the room where a cupboard and liqour was kept for his own purposes and within moments, Colette poured the Boss a nice glass of whiskey and handed it too him.
[b "Drink'll make the pain go away. I'll just go get your pyjamas..."] she muttered, again walking over to the other side of the room and grabbed his cotton bottoms and wandering back, letting her long...beautiful hair sway.

[b "Ill leave them on the bed. Are you sure you dont need an ambulance? Is there anything.....I can do for you. Anything at all?..."] Colette muttered, biting her lower lip again out of habit as she lent back from the bed and stood tall and poised...wearing nothing but a silk teddy upon her skin.

[b "If not, I will....see you in the morning..."]
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