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If you like pictures, there are none here. Sorry, I like the sound of my own typing.

Hi. This is another one of those really lame search threads that everybody does. But, yeah, I need more people to talk to and roleplay with. 'Cause if you can't tell, my Recent Activity bar is shockingly barren. I have no example work that I could share with you, as I delete roleplays when I'm done with them . Yeah, so, sorry about that.

If you haven't been able to gather already, I have a very dry sense of what may be mistaken as humour. A long time ago I was really sweet, I promise, so I am capable of portraying that in my characters. Don't expect me to be the life of the party in OC chats; expect me to be the cynic in the corner making sarcastic partially rude comments. If you can't deal with that, I'm afraid you should probably stop reading now.

Now. What I'm looking for in a partner.

  • Literacy: I am not asking you to be a novelist. I am asking you to write at a twelfth grade level or above. Of course I understand that some days you don't exactly feel into writing the next Harry Potter book, but please do not go under one thousand characters. I don't think that's too much to ask of someone who wants a dedicated part of my literary life.
  • Posting Schedule: I will admit that I am horrible about posting on time. I will ask a one week maximum period to post . Though, with this, I will give you my e-mail so you can yell at me when I don't post. I hope that is compensation enough. I am very understanding if something come up in your life and you need more time. You are human, just as I, so I get it. Don't fret about that. My purpose for the posting schedule is for the reason that we keep the roleplay going, and not to add stress if you lead a busy life.
  • Characters: Depending on the story line that we choose to lead, I will adapt to your characters. I ask only a few simple tasks of you; make them believable, make them their own, do not god-mod my character. Aside from that, I have no real general requirements.
  • Genres: I will do almost any genre, including mixing and matching. I know most people are very strict about romance in the things that they participate in, but I am more lenient in what I like. I enjoy a bit of romance when it adds to the story; for example, if it is post-apocalyptic and the lovers are on rivaling sides, I will gladly leap at such opportunity. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, and Troubled Youth are a few of my favourite genres, so keep that in mind.
  • Things that I ask of you: Please, please just ask me if there are any misunderstandings during all of this. I know I haven't covered everything in this short requirement list, however I ask you to be open with me. No matter how cruel or unsociable I may seem, I enjoy answering people I click with. Even if I didn't list something such as your favorite genre or a schedule that works for you, if you are interested, I'm sure I can bend to your needs just as I ask you to bend to mine. Now that my hands are getting tired, I'm gonna shut up and move on.
Now that the lengthy, bitter, utterly annoying part to write is over, I can move on. I didn't make this much to read, as that is often a turn-off for most literary people , but I hope that I did get my point across. Yes, I'm harsh and rude, but I hope that you can see past that and give me a chance >w<.

Private Message me if you wish to roleplay with me! I hope to hear from all of you that managed to deal with me this long in the near future!

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