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he nodded and ran too the tree. he had gone past a point of return he was in this now he was embracing his own mutant side.
  Galt (kid/ young teen) / simmal / 6y 305d 4h 22m 15s
Walks to the boy and Riri. Go to that tree. Points to the largest tree in the forest.
  RAAM / X-000 / 6y 305d 4h 50m 2s
It returned back to base, no subjects, yet it knew where they were and where they were headed. The creature obediently walked backed into its cell, settling down.
Amos couldn't help but mutter several a few choice words. Upon his shoulder sat the raven. He looked towards his pet, eyes glowing.
"Well, at least we now know. And you saw yourself, so let us go. Seems we have to do it ourselves once again."
Amos growled softly to himself, "Seems that kid has finally shown his true colors, a damned 'mutant-lover'. Too bad his little 'mind tricks' will prove useless against the shadows."
  Amos / Dragoncita / 6y 305d 5h 38m 10s
he hid in some brush. he felt her breathing become deeper as she slept. he picked her u[ and slid her into his coat hiding her from view and concealing her body heat with his. he had read the file on this thing it sensed through heat from what he had gathered so this should hid her from it
  Galt (kid/ young teen) / simmal / 6y 307d 9h 42m 48s
Rin was tired from running. She had climbed on to his head and curled up, soon falling asleep. She was still aware of the danger so kept herself in just a light sleep.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 308d 16h 7m 46s
Hisses and raises my hand and signals the Reaver's to head for riri and the boy.
  RAAM / X-000 / 6y 310d 17h 1m 57s
The flap upon its head had raised up, 'seeing' the different forms of other creatures. It seemed to hiss, then rocket upwards, disappearing into the cloudcover.
  Unknown 2 / Dragoncita / 6y 310d 18h 23m 19s
he reached over and pet the small neko. "thanks" he said looking around. he wasn't sure what to do now. he was safe from the thing so hopefully since she was with him it would leave her alone but what of the others.
  Galt (kid/ young teen) / simmal / 6y 310d 20h 23m 14s
Rin looked down. She mqnaged to wriggle from his grasp but instead of jumping down she sat on his shoulder.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 311d 19h 2m 36s
he held her "hey i'm not going to take you back i promise." he siad softly "im trying to help you the thing on't hurt me you'll be safe."
  Galt (kid/ young teen) / simmal / 6y 312d 12h 11m 48s
Rin whimpered. She was shaking like a scared kitten. The young neko didn't want to go back to the labs. She tried to squirm away, as her main instinc was to run when she sensed danger.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 312d 20h 15m 11s
Nods to the boy then looks up when i hear the screech. Hisses and looks at the sky. A louder screech is heard then truck size flying creatures fly up and one lands near me and i climb onto it and settle into a sattle and grabs a double barrel heavy machine gun, holding it like a rifle. Fly Reavers. Hisses and the creature screeches and takes to the skies. The 8 glowing eyes lock onto the experiment and flied towards it.
  RAAM / X-000 / 6y 316d 18h 8m 3s
It stopped, looking around. It heard voices, could sense several different presences nearby. The flap upon its head rose up once again, searching for any heat signatures. It had felt the boy run past, but didn't pay too much mind to it.
The creature stood there for several more moments, then started to run. As it gained speed, it took a leap, soon taking flight once again into the sky. The creature flew low, then releasing a screech for all to hear, letting all know the ultimate predator was out and searching for prey.
  Unknown 2 / Dragoncita / 6y 316d 19h 1m 41s
he was running faster. the sky got darker and a weird black goo fell from the sky. he had no time to question it as he ran to the large thing. “they sent an experiment after you be careful it has no need for sight so the darkness won’t stop it. he saw the young one take off and looked at the large thing. “be careful i’ll get her.” he said taking off after the neko. why was he helping them he wondered. he shook his head he didn’t know why but he was something in his was different he no longer saw them as things but as living things. he ran after her thankfully running faster. he scooped her up. “hey...” he said breathlessly. “don’t take off like that theres something in these woods that wants you take you back to those labs.” he said looking down at her
  Galt (kid/ young teen) / simmal / 6y 316d 20h 8m 8s
Rin was staring to get scared. The young Neko started to panics and started to speed up in to a run.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 317d 1h 54m 56s

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