Music Is My Life (1x1 Need guy!)

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Kelsi Mason Is the #1 pop singer in america and she loves to sing. Kelsi loves her fans and her family. When Kelsi moves into a new town with her mom Kelsi has to go to a new high school. When she goes there Kelsi meets a guy and starts to fall for him. Will she relize he only likes her for her fame or will he actually fall for her?


Romance: yeah!!
Cybering: No!! Time skip or PM
One Liners: No! Must be over 4 sentences minimum
Spamming: Nope!! Will be deleted but please PM If it's nessesary
Please be online everyday!!
Be active!!
Have fun! (:

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** please someone join!! I really wanna try this roleplay out! (: **
  *Kelsi* / Xskatergirlx / 8y 318d 2h 59m 33s

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