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She ran after him and was having a lot of fun with him.
  Keeva Black / wolfyaranel120 / 4y 124d 3h 17m 47s
Sirius lets out a howl of amusement, nuzzling her to show his pride. He winks one eye, and crouches in to a predator stance. Jumping over her, he nips at the tip of her tail, running off further in to the trees behind the park.
  Sirius Black / Kooza / 4y 124d 4h 2m 11s
She played with her dad and licked his cheek. She carefully found a prey and caught it and showed her dad to see if he was proud of her hunting skills.
  Keeva Black / wolfyaranel120 / 4y 128d 3h 39m 47s
Sirius' excitement is obvious in his dark eyes. He hesitates at the door, only when Remus calls his name. With a huff in the man's direction, he bolts after Keeva. Giving her a playful growl, he taunts her in to a chase, taking large strides with each step.

From the house, Harry watches with slight amusement from one of the windows. It was nice to see his godfather having fun, especially when he's stuck in the house all the time. He does feel a twinge of jealousy that he quickly pushes away. It wasn't fair to the girl, who had just found her father. So, he allows his friends to drag him away to Ron's room, leaving Sirius and Keeva to their privacy.
  Sirius Black / Kooza / 4y 128d 4h 18m 34s
She smiled and changed into a snow white wolf. She opened the door with her teeth and nuzzled her dad's neck slightly. She ran out and stopped in the park across the street waiting for him.
  Keeva Black / wolfyaranel120 / 4y 132d 4h 58m 16s
Watching her with the animal makes Remus' defences drop a little bit. There was no question now that this girl belonged to Sirius, but it still didn't mean she wasn't a threat. After all, she had shown up out of the blue with little more than a scrap of paper. Someone could have sent her along as a spy.

Still, Sirius pays the Order no mind as his eyes light up at the aspect of leaving the house. "Might I join you? I'm not in need of a hunt, but I would feel more comfortable if I was there to watch over you. Think of it as keeping you company," he smiles warmly, pressing his hand over Remus' mouth as he begins to protest.

In seconds, a black, rugged looking dog has taken Sirius' place, eyeing Keeva mischievously.
  Sirius Black / Kooza / 4y 132d 5h 14m 41s
She smiled softly at his welcome. Keeva pushed Night off and put the necklace on. "Night, I have to go hunting, keep an eye on our new friend, okay? And if any death eaters or one of His followers get close, I want you to warn of them, can you do that?" She asked. He barked an affirmative and got a pat on the head.
  Keeva Black / wolfyaranel120 / 4y 138d 11h 11m 41s
Sirius takes the necklace with a shaky hand. It was indeed the present he had given her mother, on that night that he remembers so vividly. "I gave this to her many years ago," he murmurs under his breath.

"Sirius, what do you think we should do?" Remus asks quietly.

It was clear to him that his friend was thrown off by this confession, and the werewolf didn't know what was going to happen. He locks eyes with Harry, an uncertain message passing between the two.

Sirius doesn't respond; instead, he hands the necklace back to her, gently closing her fingers over the chain. "Welcome home," his voice is soft as he speaks to her.
  Sirius Black / Kooza / 4y 138d 11h 43m 35s
"why would I lie?" She whispered and held out the necklace her mother had. "she never took it off, she told me you gave it to her." She squeaked as Night, her wolf jumped on her. "Night, off you big fuzzball." She said as he laid on her stomach. "you think you're really funny, don't you?" He wagged his tail and kept laying on her.
  Keeva Black / wolfyaranel120 / 4y 147d 13h 47m 27s
Though he had been anxious to get to the girl, Sirius feels his footsteps become as heavy as lead, the closer he gets. His heart races in his chest as he hears voices talking lowly, knowing there is only a few walls separating them. He hesitates before moving to the doorway, taking in the scene before him.

The girl, while a stranger to him, is frighteningly familiar. Her features are recognizable, as are her mannerisms. The room falls to a hushed silence as his boots scrape across the floor. Lowering himself to his knees, Sirius meets her eyes. "Is it true?" his voice wavers.
  Sirius Black / Kooza / 4y 147d 14h 15m 28s
She closed her eyes and listened to the sounds around her. She had never felt like she was completely human and was kind of happy about it and yet, she didn't like being in that constant in between stage. Her eyes snapped open as she heard a dog yelping for help outside. She growled and set crookshanks aside. She quickly went outside, knocked the guy beating up the dog and grabbed the pit bull bringing him inside. She took off the crude chain collar and smeared medicinal herb mush on his once white belly, a little on his nose and some on his head. She wiped her hand on her already dirty shirt and noticed his tail. "one day, you're gonna wag that to death." She teased. "you're lucky I've owned pit bulls before." She said and pulled out a small thing of liquid bandaid. She carefully painted it over the bloody tip of the pit bull's tail. She looked up as Sirius came down.
  Keeva Black / wolfyaranel120 / 4y 159d 30m 10s
Harry stood dumbly silent for a minute before weakly nodding his head. Though Lupin places a hand on his shoulder to refrain him from seeking out his godfather, Harry shrugs it off and backs out of the foyer. As he retreats, he can hear the sounds of Remus ordering everyone in to the den. Climbing the stairs two at a time, the slip of paper feels strangely heavy in his hand.

Reaching the worn out door, he tentatively raises a hand and knocks. Harry briefly hears shuffling before the door is thrown open and Sirius Black stands before him, looking exceedingly more healthy than Harry had ever seen him. There is a joyous hug in greeting before Harry remembers the note. "You need to see this."

Looking curiously at him, Sirius unfolds the page, his eyes scanning quickly over the words. His features become pale and he glances once at his godson. "She's downstairs," Harry offers, watching as in a heartbeat, the man dashes towards the staircase.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 4y 159d 4h 22m 35s
"please give it to him." She asked looking up at Harry. She watched him and took a shaky breath. She leaned against the wall and tried to calm down. Her wolf wanted to take over. She looked over when an orange Persian cat meowed at her and she sat down petting him a little. "a feline.... How does a simple cat calm down a wolf?" She asked calming down and relaxing as crookshanks climbed into her lap and purred loudly as she kept petting him.
  Keeva Black / wolfyaranel120 / 4y 168d 4h 5m 31s
Hesitantly, the wands dropped from the air one by one, though they remained gripped in their hands. Tonks and Lupin exchange suspicious glances, while the younger crowd tries to get a better look behind the adults. Harry looks at the paper she offers in her extended hand, pausing for a moment before taking it from her.

In the process of pulling the paper to himself, the photograph attached to it comes loose, and flutters to the floor. With interest, all eyes fall to the face moving on the image, staring up at them from where it lands on the hardwood. “Is that?...” Hermione begins to speak, only to trail off.

Nervously, Harry begins to lower himself in to a crouch, once more reaching a hand out. Lifting the picture from the ground, he studies it closely. The very familiar face before him cannot be mistaken. Rising up, he takes another step towards the girl, ignoring the protests from the others. His mouth opens and closes, but no words manage to come out. She looks like him, he notes. The same sharp features right down to the mischievous flicker in her eyes. “Come on Harry, who’s in the picture?” Ron pipes up, pushing his way through.

Not looking away from the girl, Harry answers. “It’s Sirius…”
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 4y 168d 4h 22m 23s
"lower your wands first, you should all know a wolf hates being cornered." She said. She growled at herself as she felt her eyes change and her canines elongate. "stop it, Keeva." She said to herself. She carefully took out a letter with a picture attached to the back. "if you won't let me give it to him, then one of you do it." She said and petted Night's head because sometimes it helped calm her down. But unfortunately, the fight mode was stronger than before.
  Keeva Black / wolfyaranel120 / 4y 175d 15h 35m 5s

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