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"let him be him... He'll change soon." She said and looked up at him curiously.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 77d 18h 47m 18s
Bennett frowned. [b "Never thought I'd see the day when I felt sorry for Draco Malfoy."]
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 77d 20h 14m 12s
"exactly.... So maybe he bottles everything up so his father doesn't get all pissy..." She said and hugged him happily.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 78d 13h 16m 15s
Bennett's face scrunched. [b "Can't even imagine life with Lucius Malfoy as a father. Probably the only guardian worse than the Dursleys. I don't think that cane is just for show,"] he said, miming hitting Harry with an imaginary stick.
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 78d 14h 30m 8s
"don't forget that he has to deal with his father's bullshit." she said and looked up at him.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 81d 14h 21m 21s
[b "I think it's all that hair grease he cakes on. That's gotta be bad for the brain,"] Bennett crossed his eyes and circled his fingers around his temple. [b "He's headed for the loony bin."]
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 81d 16h 47m 26s
"Draco being nice isn't something I see happening... Ever." she said and looked at him.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 82d 10h 19m 47s
The other four exchanged a look of suspicion. [b "If Draco Malfoy ever becomes tolerable, I'll eat my own shoe,"] Harry snorted.
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 82d 11h 21m 0s
"I think maybe when this war turns a little more serious, he'll realize that Harry's life is harder than theirs and maybe turn into a semi nice person." She said and shrugged.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 83d 16h 20m 49s
[i "She's not wrong,"] Harry acknowledged. [i "I can't lie, I would celebrate if I heard his kid came out a wizard. That would be the best revenge for that family."]

[b "Always a chance it'd be a smug little bastard like Malfoy, though. The Dursleys aren't exactly known for being friendly,"] Bennett pointed out.
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 83d 20h 2m 9s
"there's always a possibility of it no matter who your parents are." She pointed out and gestured to Hermione for example.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 84d 5h 37m 10s
The rest of the looked to her with confusion. [b "Aside from Harry being a wizard, and his mother, how can you tell Dudley will have a child with magic? I don't think his family has any wizards aside from the two of them,"] Bennett tries to run through Harry's family tree in his head, piecing together all the information Harry had told them over the years.
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 84d 13h 57m 24s
Keeva rolled her eyes and said. "I can almost guarantee that your cousin will have a child that will be a witch or wizard."
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 85d 14h 32m 45s
Hermione snorts. [i "Harry just wants to explore the kitchens."]

He stuck his tongue out at her. [i "I'm making up for years of starvation at the Dursleys."]

Bennett winced at the mention of Harry's unfortunate relatives. [b "Still can't believe you have to stay there."]
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 85d 16h 30m 16s
Keeva smirked slightly and said. "That's what happens when you explore."
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 86d 12h 34m 29s

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