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[b "It's not broken, is it?"] he touched his nose tenderly, feeling it slightly off-center than usual.

[i "Nah. An improvement, if you ask me,"] Ron taunted.
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 52d 27m 58s
"we heard the last bit actually. He called me a dog." She said and hugged him tightly. "Let's go back to the tower."
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 55d 18h 23m 37s
Ron let out a low whistle, watching the Slytherins hurry away. [i "You definitely have your father's intimidation factor, don't you?"]

[b "Clearly comes in handy,"] Bennett huffed. [b "It wasn't going that bad until the last bit, I promise,"] he told Harry. [b "It was the usual banter until he touched a nerve. I threw the first punch, so I'll be shocked if I don't get a detention slip by morning."]

His nose was still bleeding, but he was holding his tie to his face to soak it up.
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 55d 21h 53m 33s
She growled slightly out of frustration and pushed malfoy away. "Come anywhere near my family, and I will cut your nuts off, shove them down your throat and carve you a vagina." She threatened.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 57d 21h 34m 13s
[i "Keeva,"] Harry stepped forward and rested a hand on her shoulder. [i "Let him go. He's not worth getting kicked out of school,"] he murmured in her ear.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 57d 22h 37m 34s
"funny because you're the only who's hurt. Wolves don't attack unless provoked." She pointed out and grabbed his other arm.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 59d 20h 24m 9s
[i "You aren't going to be here long enough to do any more damage. You think I'm not going to Umbridge to inform her that your gaggle of misfits has started violently attacking other students?"] Malfoy tried to retain his tough exterior.

[b "I guess we have nothing to lose then,"] Bennett's eyes narrowed. [b "Should we break every bone in his body?"]
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 59d 22h 33m 22s
She let him go and growled. "Do I need to break the other one?"
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 61d 23h 1m 50s
Bennett and the others heard the snap of a bone, and a sharp cry from the Slytherin boy. [b "You were given fair warning,"] Harry practically snarled.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 61d 23h 43m 44s
She angrily twisted it harder and growled slightly.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 63d 19h 28m 38s
[i "Get this dog off of me!"] Malfoy yelped, trying to pull his arm free.

[b "You just can't keep your mouth shut, can you?"] Bennett snapped.
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 64d 45m 51s
She grabbed his arm and started twisting it. "You can't do anything with two broken arms then."
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 65d 19h 3m 1s
Malfoy's smug grin appeared. [i "And miss the opportunity to watch Potter and his peasants fall from the pedestal everyone has them on? Not a chance."]
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 66d 39m 55s
Keeva stepped closer and folded her arms angrily. "Just leave us alone, Malfoy."
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 66d 20h 48m 19s
Malfoy whimpered as he clutched at his nose, blood now pouring onto the front of his uniform. [i "You've no idea what you've just done!"] he tried to threaten as Crabbe and Goyle hooked their arms under his to hoist him to his feet.

[b "I don't think you're in any place to be making more threats, boy,"] Bennett's accent grew thicker under his agitation.
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 66d 21h 38m 11s

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