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"A crush on him? Well now I definitely don't like him," he scowls as he opens the door to the dusty study, for once empty of the presence of Hermione Granger.

"I promise that I will not mention the crush, because that means that he has less of a chance to act on whatever it he may feel. But he better know that I will bring him down myself if he falls out of line. At all. Even a thought in his head of letting you feel sadness, and he's done. I will employ Harry to follow you, if I have to, when you go to Hogwarts."
  Sirius Black / Kooza / 6y 152d 20h 34m 37s
"no fighting, please, Daddy?" She asked giving him a bit of a pout. "and don't tell him I have a crush on him.... I'm still trying to figure out how to tell him...."
  Keeva Black / wolfyaranel120 / 6y 152d 20h 40m 59s
"Does this mean I have to like him?" Sirius asks somewhat stubbornly.

The others must have found something to do in another part of the house, as they were no longer huddled in the front hallway, or main living room. "We can go to the study. I'm sure I'll have to kick Hermione out to go somewhere else while we talk, but we will be free from prying ears. And nosy twins," he adds a little louder, followed by the sound of scuttling from the floor above them; no doubt Fred and George rushing so as not to be found out.
  Sirius Black / Kooza / 6y 152d 20h 45m 1s
"can we talk about everything inside?" She asked still on watchout as they walked. Once inside she relaxed slightly. "dimka has been my best friend since we were little, we were neighbors too." She said.
  Keeva Black / wolfyaranel120 / 6y 152d 20h 48m 53s
Sirius wasn't sure what to make of the boy. He seemed decent, and the Marauder was sure that he was, but the protectiveness inside of him tells him to watch closely. Of course, it wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that the boy had been interacting with his daughter. Not at all, he tries to convince himself.

He listens to the brief conversation, impressed by their professional strategies and discussion. He felt a surge of pride that Keeva could handle herself so well. When she takes his hand to march back to the house, he glances at her. "Have you known him long? Should I have a reason to worry?" he asks, doing his best to keep his tone neutral.
  Sirius Black / Kooza / 6y 152d 20h 52m 51s
"it's a bit the other way around." He said rubbing the back of his neck. Keeva watched her dad and almost sighed. "any activity?" She asked becoming the natural leader she was born to be. "it's been really clear." He said shrugging. "I caught a rat earlier that I thought pettigrew maybe? And it wasn't but you can never be too careful.... Especially after that last meeting we had." Keeva almost groaned at the memory. "my back is still messed up from it...." She said. "tell the others that we'll have a meeting later....",when Dimitri looked away, she quickly kissed his cheek blushing. "I'll see you later, dimka." She said and picked up her rabbits and grabbed her dad's hand.
  Keeva Black / wolfyaranel120 / 6y 152d 21h 8m 28s
Sirius falls back again after she pounces away from him. Spotting another animal nearby, he notices that Keeva has wandered over to it. Feeling a surge of protection, he quickly changes direction and makes a start for his daughter. Upon seeing the friendly exchange, he doesn't know if he feels more at ease, or even more alert. Especially upon the husky turning in to a young male. At the introduction, Sirius gives a small snarl and huff, becoming human once more with a sour look on his face. "I suppose I should thank you then, for keeping her safe," he states bluntly.
  Sirius Black / Kooza / 6y 152d 21h 24m 11s
Keeva followed him hopping proudly. She was happy that she had gotten to spend time with her dad. She saw her few friends who were also animagus in their places for watch out. She nuzzled her dad's neck and hopped over to her best friend who was a Siberian Husky. He transformed after quickly checking the area for muggles and death eaters. She introduced her dad to Dimitri and changed back as well. "he's keeping watch for death eaters." She told her dad. "you could say I formed a younger version of the order of the Phoenix.... We call ourselves the frontlines."
  Keeva Black / wolfyaranel120 / 6y 154d 22h 20m 18s
Sirius pauses as she tries to gather her kills. It amuses him to see her huff in frustration while she runs through her options. For a moment, he considers going to grab the second rabbit to help, but she manages to carry both herself, and he allows her that moment of pride. He bows his head in a display of encouragement, before turning back towards the house.
  Sirius Black / Kooza / 6y 154d 22h 35m 41s
She found another rabbit and killed it. She went back to her other one and realized she now had a dilemma. How was she going to get these two dead rabbits back inside? She tried grabbing them both by the scruff of the neck. When that didn't work, she tried carrying one and pushing the other with her nose. That didn't work either. She then tried to carry one with one of her paws and the other with her mouth. She wagged her tail, proud that she had figured it out.
  Keeva Black / wolfyaranel120 / 6y 158d 21h 45m 54s
After a short while of playing together, Sirius slows to sit down, panting slightly from the exercise. It was exhilarating to know that he was not alone in this world, and that his family line would continue. Watching her, there is no doubt of who she is. With a nudge of his head towards the house, he gets to his feet for a slow walk, taking his time.
  Sirius Black / Kooza / 6y 158d 21h 51m 33s
She ran after him and was having a lot of fun with him.
  Keeva Black / wolfyaranel120 / 6y 162d 21h 44m 15s
Sirius lets out a howl of amusement, nuzzling her to show his pride. He winks one eye, and crouches in to a predator stance. Jumping over her, he nips at the tip of her tail, running off further in to the trees behind the park.
  Sirius Black / Kooza / 6y 162d 22h 28m 39s
She played with her dad and licked his cheek. She carefully found a prey and caught it and showed her dad to see if he was proud of her hunting skills.
  Keeva Black / wolfyaranel120 / 6y 166d 22h 6m 15s
Sirius' excitement is obvious in his dark eyes. He hesitates at the door, only when Remus calls his name. With a huff in the man's direction, he bolts after Keeva. Giving her a playful growl, he taunts her in to a chase, taking large strides with each step.

From the house, Harry watches with slight amusement from one of the windows. It was nice to see his godfather having fun, especially when he's stuck in the house all the time. He does feel a twinge of jealousy that he quickly pushes away. It wasn't fair to the girl, who had just found her father. So, he allows his friends to drag him away to Ron's room, leaving Sirius and Keeva to their privacy.
  Sirius Black / Kooza / 6y 166d 22h 45m 2s

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