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[b "Yes, ma'am,"] he waggles his eyebrows like an idiot.

[i "Keep it up and I'll give you detention. I mean it,"] Ron wagged a finger at them, pointing his other hand at his prefects badge.
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 3h 32s
shadow keeva giggled and kissed bennet's cheek. "we'll finish later, okay?" she said and smirked.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 23h 2m 55s
Bennett did his best to maintain an innocent expression, but Harry caught sight of his ruby red face. [i "You're both going to traumatize me for life,"] he heatedly whispered as his own face became buried in his hands.
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 3d 57m 1s
She smirked and let him go under her skirt. She swallowed back a squeak and blushed slightly.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 11h 26m 3s
Bennett flushed red for a moment, but didn't need to be told twice. He tried to maintain an innocent expression as his hand traveled south.
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 5d 2h 28m 33s
she giggled and winked. "you could do something with that invisible arm."
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 6d 41m 45s
When he didn't feel his arm sizzling or aching, Bennett peaked out of one eye. [b "Well I'll be damned. Way to be a pro,"] he admires his invisible arm with a grin.
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 6d 1h 12m 26s
she smiled and did the spell correctly and smiled.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 7d 2h 6m 38s
He pretends to breathe nervously. [b "Okay. Do your worst,"] he holds his arm out and closes his eyes tightly.
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 7d 2h 15m 51s
She nodded and smiled up at him happily. "Mm-hm..."
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 7d 10h 40m 19s
[b "That was more nervewracking than it should have been,"] he breathed a sigh of relief. [b "Is it your turn now?"]
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 8d 2h 10m 0s
It turned invisible this time around and shadow Keeva smirked at him. "Good job."
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 9d 24m 3s
[b "She gets more attractive with everything she does,"] he joked.

Bennett focused once more and tried to the spell, aiming his wand directly at her arm.
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 9d 3h 4m 15s
She smiled and said. "Hey it could be worse.... Try the spell one more time."
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 10d 1h 3m 7s
[b "That's both horrifying and extremely cool at the same time,"] Bennett breathes out a laugh.
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 10d 4h 54m 2s

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