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[center ____ is in the mafia. He is one of the top three most skilled person in the mafia he’s in. ___ met Rose one night at an ally that is in the back of the bar/restaurant she works at. He was keeping an eye on some newbies who have been causing trouble. Of course they weren’t up to any good. They tried to rob and rape the girl. It was their way of trying to scare everyone and show them they mean business. ___ runs into the ally to go take care of business. The people who are trying to make a name for themselves were warned. Not once, but twice. Now it was time to take action. Things from there slowly started blossoming because since that night they kept running into each other.]

[center One night they actually bummed into each other for the last because they ended up going out but it wasn’t a date. Neither was the other seven non-dates. Things sort of gotten more serious, & they ended having an unexpected accident. They are now expecting! He told her lie telling her he would leave the mafia and get a normal job, but of course he never did. They ended up having a beautiful baby girl. They moved twice. The first time was because his mafia family almost found out about his baby mama and daughter. He didn’t want anyone to know about them. He believes there is a rat in the family and he doesn’t want anything to happening to them. The second time they moved he told Rose they're moving again because he wants a bigger yard for Eva to play in and to add on to the family. Obviously it wasn’t the truth. The truth was he was being followed. No matter what he did, how he did it or how many times he’s tried he couldn’t find out who was following him or know how much they’ve seen and know about him now. That scared him for the sake of his secret family.]

[center What he doesn’t know is that the people who were following him for almost a year were her family. Rose doesn’t talk about her family. All he knows is that she left home at a young age and never spoke to them again. Her family are the Solorzano. One of the top five mafias. Did I mention ____ mafia family is also in the top five? She left because of the amount of danger, violence and death that’s happens and didn’t want anything to do with them because of it. She is the baby of the family and the only female, alive. Rose doesn’t know what happened to her twin sister, but she never bothered asking. Her sister took advantage of her family’s power and wealthy. Hell she was even involved with the family crimes.]

[center _____ was spotted by someone he always been in a rivalry with. Giovanni always wanted to be better. Be better than ___. He wanted to be admired and be top notched like him. Be him… but he always fucked up one way or another. A few messages were sent to him, blackmails to be exact. There was a few task he was supposed to do within a short period of time or else his family would pay the price. _____ didn't take his threats seriously for he knows Giovanni. Not to mention no one took him serious because he’s a joke. Well a few weeks passed by. There were no more messages, any kind of signs of him being followed or watched, threats, visits and drive by. He knew everything was just a bluff. That was until he went to go pick up Eva from preschool. One of the school staff told him that his friend Giovanni picked her up. He couldn’t believe this is happening. Not to mention Eva’s birthday is in two weeks and now she has been taken. Rose is going to kill him. She’s been planning a big party while she’s fighting a cold…]

[center [i "Will ____ do the tasks? Go rough and do anything and everything to get his daughter back? Will he even get his baby girl? Before her birthday?]]

[ Their house]
[ Family beach house]
[ Safe house]

~ ES rules applies.
~ Char limit is 1400 but would be set to 1250.
~ Violence, romance and cursing are allowed.
~ No cybering; Time Skip.
~ No ditching.
~ Fill out the Skelly and write [size10 a quote from The God Father move(s)] under your Skelly.
~ Real picture only & I am super picky!
~ Let me know if you're going to be gone for a while and/or dropping out.
~ Let me know if you’re going away for a few days.
~ Must be able to play multiple characters.
~ Don’t be afraid too pm so we can come up with ideas to keep the rp going.
~ If you would like we can double up.

[u Skelly]

[center [pic]]
[center [b Name:] Rose Rivera] [center [b Age:] 24] [center [b Skill(s):] Picking locks, boosting cars, fighting] [center [b Past:] Rose left the house when she was sixteen. Her godfather who is also a part of the family business helped her get a place of her own. The family provided for her until she somewhat disappeared. She saved some of their money and got a part time job. When she felt like she had enough she rented a studio apartment and from there lived life normally away from the. Occasionally two maybe three times a year she would go visit them. They know about ___ and her daughter but not too much which was why they tried to follow ___ to see what he does. Rose loves the normal life but at times she feels lonely and bored because there isn’t anything to do. At times she would like to punch people in the face for the problems and stress they would give her.] [center [b Likes:] her family, music, movies, family vacations, traveling, fighting, driving, cars.] [center [b Dislikes:] guns, lying, secrets, thunderstorms, seafood, spiders] [center [b Fear:] her family being hurt, losing the people she loves]

[h3 [center [b [u [size22 Eva]]]]]
[center [pic]]
[center [b Name:] Eva Rivera] [center [b Age:] 4] [center [b Skill(s):] Hiding, coloring] [center [b Past:] She just started living so there’s no past. Sorry.] [center [b Likes:] games, traveling, anything Disney, movies, cartoons, singing] [center [b Dislikes:] veggies, rainy days, yelling, certain sea food, clowns] [center [b Fear:] A clown being near her, losing her parents, being stuck with stranger for more than an hour.]


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