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  Lost / rinkokoro / 6y 337d 19h 58m 56s
  UCB-658 / prodigious / 6y 337d 20h 5s
Rin was feeling extreme pain. To her it was like she was in a black void just floating. Her last memory was of a sword running through her throat. After a surge of extreme pain she awoke in the void she was in now. Slowly forming around her, feathers attached themselves to her forming two large wings.

Nxet thing the young blonde haired girl realised was everything was white. There was marble staues everywhere and she was standing on a white marble floor. A tall male walked up to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. He looked a lot like her. “Im sorry, sis but im sending you back before you get hurt.” He said his voice was cold. Everything faded.

Rin woke up feeling droplets of water hit her face. She couldn’t remember anything that had just happened. She sat up and looked around. She was sitting in the middle of a park and the water dropping on her was rain.
  Lost / rinkokoro / 6y 337d 20h 7m 12s
Echoed whispers spread throughout the court of appeals.. Blank white eyes darting from corner to corner, awaiting their fate.. "UCB-658 communications officer of The legion of Rowne" The words reverberated throughout the chambers for what felt to be eternity.. may well have been so.. "Approach the stand and be read your fate" A figure stands tall from the distance, drawing the attention of the room. Pro, dressed respectively in demonic garb suit.. Prepared to be read what he thought his last rights..
You have committed violation act 736-Meta "Mercy in the act of Legion duty" Snarls of disgust muttered softly off the walls of the chambers.. "Punishment for said crime follows as:" The judge stops to look over to his assistant.. The man shuffles through the pages of a tomb as everyone sits on edge. "Banishment.. to the precipice of the void" croaked the vultured mouth of the lanky Infernal. "Sephos-Sikh-Hass" chanted the court room in unison.. Pro shuffled uneasily on his feet, trying to stand tall to such a fate. The judge leaned over the podium to get a better look. From white snowed eyes he gazed upon pro with a look of utter disgust.. "Stare into the void, and the void stares back into you, child" Pro froze in place.. a feeling sweeping over him.. could he place it.. memories, coincidence? No.. deja-vu it was.. so often creeping upon him.. "Had I seen this before?" -Had I?- The courtroom dissolved instantly from his vision.. replaced with the familiar vicarious nature of the void.. "How many times have I fell back into this memory? The swirling black engulfing his body with madness.. "How long have I been falling?" For a year? A day? He quickly dismissed the notion of time after taking a considerable amount of thought.. This is the void.. "I've never been falling.. all along.." The words seemed to rush back into his mouth as he was thrust into a sea of crimson. His body, washing up on the shores of an unfamiliar realm..
  UCB-658 / prodigious / 6y 337d 20h 44m 29s
Okay ill post as soon as I can after you
  Lost / rinkokoro / 6y 337d 21h 31m 22s
That I can :)
  Pr0digi0us / prodigious / 6y 337d 21h 32m 55s
Nope~ can you post first?
  Lost / rinkokoro / 6y 337d 21h 33m 46s
Sounds pretty solid.. Anything further about your character? Any paths your wanting to go as far as the direction for your character?
  Pr0digi0us / prodigious / 6y 337d 21h 37m 11s
Sounds awesome
  Lost / rinkokoro / 6y 337d 21h 40m 52s
I was thinking something along those lines.. Banished for so said circumstances with a chance of redemption from your characters capture..
  Pr0digi0us / prodigious / 6y 337d 21h 42m 30s
Demons and angels. Maybe your character heard of the archangels sister being in the mortal world and use her as a hostage to win the war
  Lost / rinkokoro / 6y 337d 21h 45m 57s
Sounds interesting :o Any details on the war? What are the opposing sides?
  Pr0digi0us / prodigious / 6y 337d 21h 47m 19s
Rin had two brother by some miracle one of her brothers were a demon and the other an angel. She was mortal. And upcoming war was about to break out so she went to hell to warn her brother but she was killed by demons before she could reach him. Her angel brother was stricken with grief so when he saw her as an angel he lost it and erased her memory, trapping her in a mortal body and leaving her at earyh
  Lost / rinkokoro / 6y 337d 21h 51m 39s
Please tell, it may help develop my character further.. :3
  Pr0digi0us / prodigious / 6y 337d 21h 55m 56s
My character has a whole backstory if you want to hear it?
  Lost / rinkokoro / 6y 337d 21h 56m 37s

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