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Hello and Welcome to the League of Legends group. There may already be one out there, I haven't seen one, but if so, Hi!

Here we can chat about the game, have our own games, make friends and all the other neat things!

I am pretty new to the game, so I'm not particularly good ^^' but I am great to get along with!

If you have a favorite champion~ That you oh just love so much, send me a picture of it with your user name/Summoners Name on it! I will post pictures :D And that will be our group.

Also~ When you join, tell me what server you play on so we can keep track of these things X3


  • Don't be rude to each other
  • Get along
  • Normal ES rules apply
  • Pictures, try to keep them animeish/game style
  • Not too Ecchi


North America!


Latin America South

EU West

x TentacleGirl x, TwinLance7


EU Nordic & East



Latin America North



Republic of Korea



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[size10 EDIT TIME~]

[size10 [#EE82EE Edit time is here again~ I removed inactive members, leaving room for members to join who are active~ I will be active, but that is soon to come.]]

[size10 [#EE82EE I added in the other servers they added for Japan and the Republic of Korea.]]

[size10 [#EE82EE Edited pictures with summoner names with the region will still be used in the description, I am currently working on mine and Twin_Lance7's]]

[size10 [#EE82EE Due to my bad memory habit, I had to renew my Summoner names. Lord of Mudd on OCE doesn't exist anymore. My EUW account name is now x TentacleGirl x - I will only be playing on EUW now because of the following reasons.]]

My only two friends I seem to have now play on EUW
I wanted to be active with friends on the same server
Decided I wanted to start anew anyway

[size10 [#EE82EE If anyone has any concerns you may message me about any of them~]]

[size10 [#EE82EE ~Suicide]]
  Ladybug / Suicide / 4y 80d 6h 11m 19s
I share a room with my fucking sister, and my mom has shit all over the house. Like even in the storage room and obviously her room is off limits. Like I'm ready to GI e up .
  | Yubin the Cat Girl | / Suicide / 4y 320d 17h 26m 37s
Im the kind of girl who would literally MAKE room. Wouldn't care where, either. Bedroom, kitchen, living room. Somewhere. Can't live without my gaming.
  Kayle / HextechZydrate / 4y 323d 8h 13m 39s
Yeah even if I did get a job. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to fit a desktop like I want in my apartment
  | Yubin the Cat Girl | / Suicide / 4y 323d 15h 58m 43s
Sorry to hear that. =(

I hope you'll get to get back on soon!!
  Kayle / HextechZydrate / 4y 324d 3h 11m 0s
I still haven't been able to play its such a fucking shame. I moved and stuff. Still looking for q job and I've been here for 2 months.
  | Yubin the Cat Girl | / Suicide / 4y 324d 6h 2m 26s
Hey guys. =3 Long time no see! =D

So how's league going for everyone?
  Kayle / HextechZydrate / 4y 324d 8h 55m 25s
I wish man. So who wants to join Sexy Pinup Wolves ? My Ranked Team
  Ahri / SenpaiOrAFK / 5y 262d 18h 57m 47s
DickButts shall rule the ranked ladder, none shall stop the rise of dickbutt
  Other Zilean / shadownotch / 5y 262d 19h 1m 11s
  Ahri / SenpaiOrAFK / 5y 262d 22h 10m 3s
The time has come as I'm sitting at lvl 28 almost 29. I'm thinking about uninstalling for real. I love the game and everything... but I lost my duo partner for life, and I'm not learning anything at all anymore. All everyone does now is just yell at me. So I'm thinking about it. Uninstalling again. If you don't want me to uninstall, message me with your reason.
  Ahri / VampireFoxDemon / 5y 278d 17h 16m 50s
That's great! I made myself a promise to hit lvl 30 by the end of the summer... but I know already that, that won't happen since I have like a month left, can't play it on my own computer and I'm nearing lvl 26 right now.
  B + P / VampireFoxDemon / 5y 338d 22h 1m 46s
I've been making a killing in League lately. Recently got promoted to Silver, got into S4 recently, and havent lost a game in S4 yet. Also, sorry for my inactivity. Might be coming back for a bit.
  Twisted Fate / Theseru / ForgottenSoul / 5y 343d 5h 21m 8s
Okay take your time Vampire.... Most likely I will be back on League once I have a better pc.
  Thresh / X-000 / 5y 343d 21h 42s
Hello everyone! An announcement. Since my laptop is basically saying goodbye to me. I am not playing League until I can get a different laptop or I can borrow someone else's computer. I'm sorry again, I hope to join you all soon!
  Ahri / VampireFoxDemon / 5y 344d 9h 2m 9s

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