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After moving back to her previous hometown, Kace encounters a delinquent who seem to recognize her, calling out her name he approached her but she steps back as she doesn't remember him. Apparently being forgotten by her makes him angry and annoyed so he decides to mess with her until she remembers, not telling her anything at all about their past together. But what is so important that he wants her to remember.

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She stayed silent for a minute.
", you didn't make me upset at all."
She said softly as she pushed her hair back.She then gasped lightly.
"How rude of me.."
She said before pulling away and walking to her room bring two towels with her, handing him one she putted her's around her neck.
"Would you like something to drink?"
She said as she walked to the kitchen.
"Some tea?"
She said as she looked through the drawers.
  Kace / NekoArashi / 9y 278d 18h 30m 40s
He felt her hand on his, and he looked down at her, holding her gaze for ten seconds and then glancing away, a deep blush spreading across his pale face.
"Should I leave?" He asked, not wanting to put a burdon on her. He was worried that he had somehow been related to her sudden fainting, and he didn't want to cause any more of it.
"I didn't mean to make you.... upset." He paused, unsure of how to word his sentence.
The rain had pretty much let up, and through a water-streaked window he could see a rainbow forming, unusual in the city.
  Destry / azure / 9y 278d 19h 47s
She looked at him as she blushed lightly holding the hand on her cheek with her own.
"No, It's fine.."
She said snapping out of thought as she stood up a bit.
"I used to faint a lot when i was younger..."
She added.
"I was maybe too excited."
She said as she help him up and dust off her dress, thought it didn't do much since they we're still sort of wet from the rain.
  Kace / NekoArashi / 9y 280d 20h 43m 6s
"When we were younger.." He began, but saw the puzzled look on her face. "Nevermind, honey." He said, moving his hand down from her forehead to her cheek and gently stroking it.
"Should I call a doctor or something?" He asked, starting to get up but reluctant to leave her.
He took her hand in his other hand and looked into her blue eyes, seeing a faint glint of recognition in them. His eyes darted across her face, trying to determine if this was actually Kace. He didn't see how anyone could forget something so monumental.
  Destry / azure / 9y 280d 21h 43m 55s
She repeated over and over again as she stared at the ground lightly.
"I haven't fainted since i was little."
She replied looking up at him.
"Hmm?..After what?"
She asked hims as she blushed lightly when she felt his hand over her forehead.
  Kace / NekoArashi / 9y 282d 10h 32m 34s
"Oh, Kacey." He said, his eyes searching her face, flitting back and forth as they made sure she was okay. "You fainted?" He said, the tone of his voice making the statement a question. He wasn't entirely sure what has happened.
"That's why you don't remember me. You fainted after.." He didn't complete his sentence, but looked at her and felt her forehead with his hand.

  Destry / azure / 9y 282d 11h 48m 49s
She groaned lightly as she slowly opened her eyes.
She mumbled softly as she sat up a bit.Her mind spun uncontrollably, as she held her head lightly.
"Wha-What happened?.."
She asked him as she noticed she was on the floor.
  Kace / NekoArashi / 9y 284d 21h 14m 18s
"What the hell?!?!" Dez cried, watching her stumble backwards. He reached out his arms and caught her as she fell backwards into his chest. "Kace? Kace?!?" He asked, watching her eyelids flutter open and closed.
He dragged her downstairs and looked around at the empty living room, searching for a place to set her down at. He shrugged and slipped out of his jacket and balled it up, laying it on the carpet and resting her head on it so he could go get her a cup of water.
He raced to the kitchen, opened the drawer and found an old chipped mickey mouse coffee mug and filled it with tap water.
He went back to the living room and found her slowly waking up. He gently shook her shoulders and asked, "Are you okay?!"
  Destry / azure / 9y 285d 10h 32m 12s
She had already walked into the the room when he called for her, she stared at the different drawings and blushed lightly when he held her hand.
She said looked at the picture for a while, some faint memories drifting in her mind,she saw a little girl and a boy holding hand but she couldn't recognized them.she then whined lightly.
"I don't feel very well.."
She said as she raised her hand to her head her eyes getting heavy.
She said lightly, her head spun without control and she was seeing blurry.She then fell backwards.She had fainted.
  Kace / NekoArashi / 9y 285d 11h 2m 17s
He followed her into her old bedroom, huis hand grazing against the doorframe covered in faded doodles of different things. His eyes searched the wood for his favorite drawing, his only doodle on her door.
"Look." He said, pointing to a doodle of a boy and girl sitting under a tree. Underneath he had carved "D + K =BFF" Jesus, I was fag back then.. He thought to himself, ashamed that he had used the term "BFF".
He took her hand in his and guided her to the picture, dropping her hand once he was sure she had seen it.
"Do you really not remember me? Kace, we were best friends! I mean, I understand moving on or whatever but this is ridiculous!" He said, quiet desperation lacing through his sentence.
  Destry / azure / 9y 285d 11h 24m 0s
She giggled.
She then looked around, nothing in this house seemed familiar at all, she new some spots because of pictures, but something told her to go inside the third door.She stood in front of the door leaning against it lightly, noticing the different doodles on it's door frame.
"I think this is my room.."
She replied turning to face him lightly.
  Kace / NekoArashi / 9y 287d 4m 34s
He blushed slightly when she made the "nice guy" remark, but he didn't let it show too much. When she offered to let him inside, his instincts told him to run. He remembered losing her, and he didn't want to become to attached again.
Sighing, he gave in and went inside the door, hearing it slam shut behind him.
"I remember this room." He said, his voice distant and uncertain. "See that stain on the carpet?" He said, pointing to a faded red mark on the beige carpet. "That's from when we tried to fye your hair with red koolaid." He paused and then added, "Of course, you don't remember." His voice became sad for an instant but he then snapped out of it. "Do you atleast remember which room was yours?" He asked, trying to make light conversation.
  Destry / azure / 9y 287d 7h 32m 53s
She stared at him blushing lightly, her clothes dripped wet and she was cold but she had so much fun just now, more that she would ever imagine.She smiled at him sweetly.
"Yes, Your a really nice guy.."
She answered before turning to look for her keys, and slowly opening the door she walked in waiting for him to enter so she can shut the door.
  Kace / NekoArashi / 9y 287d 11h 53m 52s
He watched her skip through the drizzle and it brought back fond memories of their childhood, running through the rain while their mother's called from the porches for them to come inside.
When they were under the alcove that hung over her porch, he smiled as she laughed. They were each forming their own puddles on the worn wood from the drips of water falling off of their clothes. Slowly the puddles grew and merged together underneath them.
He smiled at her and brushed at a strand of damp blond hair clinging to her cheek. "You honstly have no idea who I am?" He asked, bracing himself for the answer that he knew was coming.
  Destry / azure / 9y 287d 12h 2m 0s
She looked at him curiously as he dropped the note, and blushed lightly as he took her hand .
"You know where i live?"
She asked him as she giggled lightly at their swaying hands.
She felt the rain drops on her hair and yelp lightly giggling.
"It's been so long since i ran in the rain.."
She giggled as she rushed toward the house, and took shelter under the balcony with him.She laughed lightly as her clothes sticked to her body and her hair dripped a bit.
  Kace / NekoArashi / 9y 289d 17h 3m 11s

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