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hahahah its funny how I just did that now we can talk

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yes isnt it nice, -sighs happily-

ok i gues its cute.

oh really and what are those few not very nice words?

no rice crispies is the best.
  Storm / kikio26 / 9y 359d 3h 25m 45s
Oh my golly, Miss Lolly!

It is still cute! Napping together sounds adorable and warm, and lovey dovey.
I'm so going to nap with my husband/wife one day.

Nate isn't sweet though, that's the thing. He's a few not very nice words.

Cereal is the best. Cap'n Crunch <3
  To Kill a Monster / megatron / 9y 359d 3h 37m 7s
omg omg I just thought of a saying.
"oh golly, mis Lolly"

haha im a genius.


yea its not very cute when you look at it from my point of vew. 0.o

thats funny, I guess her bf dosent like being known for being sweet.

ceral actually sounds good right now
  Storm / kikio26 / 9y 359d 3h 43m 19s
Well, I never say that, as I don't generally like to be bitten.


Aww, are they taking a nap? that's cute.
My mom was watching a movie earlier and fell asleep and her boyfriend put a blanket on her, and I was like "aww" and then I got the death glare.
For real.


I'm sure dinner will be fine.
Cereal again?
  To Kill a Monster / megatron / 9y 359d 3h 49m 32s
wow nope never say golly but I do say bite me hahaha


yea idk what we are doing for dinner because my mom and dad are sleeping ugh. and its 4:15
that means dinner soon
  Storm / kikio26 / 9y 359d 3h 56m 44s
You never say golly?
Like, "oh my golly gosh!" Or, "Oh golly, miss molly!"


ooh? hungry?
My mom made brownies, but she told me I couldn't eat them. haha.
And, it's 'make your own dinner night' too!
Oh, boy.
  To Kill a Monster / megatron / 9y 359d 4h 7m 32s
O.o did you reall just say golly?

your such a dork
butIloveyouanyways :)

yea well im hungry, bored, tired and a little hyper which is probably not a good mix.......yep not a good mix.

isnt that right?
yes that right lollipop
  Storm / kikio26 / 9y 359d 4h 12m 45s
I have to go to school too.
And I don't think anyone really wants to.
It's sooooo boring.

you're happy and all tired?
My mom is like that. when she's tired, she doesn't stop talking.

When I'm tired, I don't make any sense and then I fall asleep, and that's that.

Driving? Oh my golly.
  To Kill a Monster / megatron / 9y 359d 4h 25m 7s
lucky I have to go to school

im tired, but kind of happy in a weird way. I did get to drive today, which was fun.

I dont want to go to school tommorrow.
  Storm / kikio26 / 9y 359d 4h 27m 13s
You're not on good terms with her?

Aww, Jess is one of my best friends. I tell her, like, everythinggg -- even if she doesn't want to hear it. :)

Today I'm . . .
Well, nothing bad today, but nothing good. Kind of a neutral blah-ish day.
I don't to go back to school tomorrow either.

How are you today, m'dear?
  To Kill a Monster / megatron / 9y 359d 4h 39m 47s
yea we have met before, not on good terms but yea.
Der duh der.<----- she knows what that means.

but how are you today?
  Storm / kikio26 / 9y 359d 4h 41m 34s
Jess is my bbycakes.
She's a really good friend of mine. Do you know her?

I know I missed it! Jess even had to point it out to me :)
  To Kill a Monster / megatron / 9y 359d 4h 46m 55s
wow Tesana is he the only one?

and yes Kaden you missed this
  Storm / kikio26 / 9y 359d 4h 48m 22s
I missed this completely.
  To Kill a Monster / Megatron / 9y 359d 22h 20m 50s
I'm stalking Kaden don't mind me
  Catherine McGillan / Tesana / 9y 359d 22h 22m 25s

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