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This is just a chat for anyone who wants to be here. I don't wanna have to make it locked, so please follow some simple rules.

One: Don't be an asshat - By this I mean do not purposefully piss someone off. I know the difference between playing and actually being an idiot.

Two: Please, don't start to even remotely cyber in here. It's disgusting. Get a life.

Three: Actually chat. Engage in conversation rather than just coming in, posting some random ass shit that you're attempting to get attention from, then get mad when nobody really tries to comfort you. In all honesty, it's immature.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

She walks in quietly and leans against a wall with a small smirk on her face looking happy to be back Yo.
  Silverwood / Silverwood / 6y 1h 54m 58s
  Vlanderson / 6y 4d 11h 4m 54s
Reviving my chat because mine.
  ... / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 7d 1h 48m 43s
  Emily Azure / Vlanderson / 6y 95d 21h 48m 5s
  No name yet / ES MOST BLOCKED PERSON / SirKicksAlot / 6y 96d 8h 11s
"Whatcha up to?"
  Emily Azure / Vlanderson / 6y 96d 8h 2m 7s
So do I. Sighs.
  ... / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 96d 8h 13m 26s
"I hope chu feel better soon."
  Emily Azure / Vlanderson / 6y 96d 8h 32m 2s
I'm sick. D:
  ... / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 96d 8h 34m 48s
"How are chu today?"
  Emily Azure / Vlanderson / 6y 96d 8h 35m 35s
Falls over. Oof!
  ... / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 96d 8h 38m 37s
Tackle hugs.
  Emily Azure / Vlanderson / 6y 96d 8h 40m 32s
  ... / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 96d 8h 43m 27s
  Emily Azure / Vlanderson / 6y 96d 8h 48m 30s
When i try and sing i sound like a cat is dying.
  No name yet / ES MOST BLOCKED PERSON / SirKicksAlot / 6y 97d 7h 23m 18s

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