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“Good morning,” Liel said as Luma kissed her on the cheek. A smile graced her lips as she rolled out of their bed. “Alek is out gathering some berries,” She informed her lover as she began to leave the room. As much as Liel would love to sit in their room and watch Luma for the whole day she couldn’t. Alek had grown out of his old clothes and some of their clothing needed some minor patch work done. Which Liel wanted to get finished with soon so that she could tend to his garden and hunt down a few ingredients she was low on. All in all her day was filled and watching her lover stretch was, regrettably, not on the to do list.

Liel quickly moved to the large pot that she had started earlier in the morning. She peered into it for a moment before stirring it a few times. Once she was pleased with it Liel turned to their small table and the clothes strewn across it. Next to it sat her needles and threads, with a sigh she sat down and gathered one of the few pairs of trousers left that fit her son but was ripped at the right calf. Grabbing her needle and threading it she tossed one look out at the open door, able to pin point their son perfectly before she went to fixing the pant leg.

The woman only bothered to look up from her work when her son walked in with a lot of berries and a happy grin on his face. Liel was about to say something when she pricked her finger with the point of her needle. Mumbling a few curses to herself she pressed her poor finger to her lips and sucked on it as if doing so would make it better, with her other hand she waved it to where she wanted the pail placed.

“Luma,” She simply called once she removed the finger from her mouth and began to move the clothing off the table. Their meal was a simple one with the last of their bread being consumed. Liel would have to make another run to the village sometime in the next week so she could pick up some of the things they needed but also to see if there was any more news about what would happen to deserters. But she would probably push that visit for as many weeks back as she could. For now she got up and inspected the berries to make sure they were not poisonous. Once they passed her inspection she began to set up the table with their meal.
  Liel / HolyHandGrenade / 7y 1d 5h 51m 40s
Luma gave a start. She saw the sun and knew she'd awoken much too late. A softness soothed her neck from the back side and she stretched a bit before sitting up. The dream was still stuck very well in her mind as she adjusted to the light. It felt like time was just spinning around her as she was reorienting herself. Ten years since she said she was a soldier for the Hrargor armies. She turned slightly and looked around as the haze from her eyes cleared.

The room was plain in many ways. A candle on a table and a crooked wooden chair sat next to it. The wall was accented with a bookshelf Luma made herself. Her skill sets contradicted Liel's which made their lives quite productive out here in the wilderness.

Many times Luma felt that their decision to stay within the boundaries of the Hroth kingdom may have been a bad idea, the two countries were so close together and so isolated. Perhaps Russi across the sea would be a better home for her family, but they have staked a plot here and must stick with it.

Her vision was clearing and she turned around to see Liel laying in bed, "Good morning." her light voice said as she leaned over to kiss the woman on the cheek. Luma could be considered cute in some ways, her voice certainly wasn't one of a soldier. She'd often bead her hair and try to be more like the ancient Nutainians of the nations far south. She'd heard many stories and for so long admired their sense of justice they upheld while living in some of the most formidable places on Kronos.

Priests call out and say Kronos is the father world of all things, a Nutainian traveller would tell you that The Great Spirit has made this world the first line of defense against evil. So far it is hard to prove either. Luma was fascinated in these such things and so an alter was placed within the house so she may pray to The Great Spirit. The alter was in the living room and held a hexagonal pattern on it, in each hexagon were runes inscribed on it in an ancient language. It was odd to hold such a deity in such regard in Hroth or Hrargor, most the people here worshiped many nordic religions, the older gods of the world as they say.
  Luma 7 / Alum / 7y 4d 15h 58m 33s
Liel sat in her small herb garden, pulling up the weeds that began to spring up however all her attention was on her son, watching him carefully as he ran about in the small clearing. It has been ten years. Ten years since the war, since finding the love of her life, and since finding the ball of energy that she lovingly acknowledged as her son. Much had changed in those ten years especially in recent times. She had no doubt in her mind that there was a bounty out on her head and her lover’s head. After all they did abandon their people and ran from the war so it was a rather fitting punishment.

She could remember the day they up and left perfectly. Liel could still smell the sickening combinations of herbs that she had mixed and the even worse smell of burning flesh. It was those smells and the actions she had to take by the order of her lord that made her run to her lover and beg for them to abandon their post. If they hadn’t Liel doubt she could have continued on. She was sick of the war and tired of the acts she committed and how her magic was manipulated to destroy the enemy. Those things would always haunt her and she would always regret having a part in the war but she would never regret what her and her lover did when they ran. Liel was happy now; happy with her son and her lover, hidden away from everyone’s sight.

Standing up she dusted off the dirt on her robes. “Alek, go gather a few berries for breakfast. I am going to see if your mother has decided to wake up yet,” she said as her son hurried to the bush not too far from them. Smiling as she watched her son she soon walked back into her home and to her bedroom. Seeing the love of her life still on the bed she carefully climbed into bed with her and pressed a few kisses to the back of her neck. “It is time to wake up my love,” she softly said as she waited for her lover to wake.
  Liel / HolyHandGrenade / 7y 8d 7h 6m 18s
Ten years ago, it seemed so surreal. War ravaged the land, elves and humans at each other's throats. The countries seemed to be relatively peaceful before, but then someone shot first. Someone died. War sparked.

A few people would oppose it, others would be drafted in. The humans were ruthless compared to the much more magical elves. Mer and Men bled on the battlefields that littered the landscape. Luma was a multiclass warrior who killed many elves before she deserted her fellow warriors.

For ten years she has been in hiding with her mate and an adopted elven son, she has broken several taboos within the human nations and is living in a self imposed exile high in the mountains of Hrargor. The people wouldn't recognize her very well up there. They were wanted by the province's emperor who has called out a bounty to anyone who has deserted the empire during the wars. They know exactly who left due to lack of bodies and survivors who returned.
  Luma 7 / Alum / 7y 9d 8h 15m 27s
Yes we can! After you.
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<<>And we can start.<>>
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