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Luma smiled to her love as she scolded her, "Hey, I would have been able to react quickly enough to the spriggin, if Alek weren't there I'd probably have stayed out longer and did a little more fighting with forest creatures." She gave a little laugh.

They returned home and Luma played a bit with Alek as Liel went to the small shack extending from the side of the house where she kept her alchemy materials. She was soon to return and ask what we do next.

Alek burst from Luma and jumped to Liel, "Can we go into town now?" he asked with enthusiasm. Luma only jumped up to Liel and acted like Alek, "Can we can we please!?!?" they asked in unison.
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Liel’s eyebrow arched upwards, “You need to be more careful Luma,” she gently said. Yes, their son was there to save Luma this time but he wouldn’t always be there and what if there is a time that Luma does die because there is no one to save her. Liel would be crushed by the lost and so would Alek.

Taking the bag from Luma she pressed a kiss against the woman’s cheek. “But thank you,” she said as she looked into the bag. Everything she needed was there and then some. Removing the flowers that she needed from the top she moved towards the small little extension of their home where she made her draughts. Slipping in for a moment she hung some of the flowers to dry while she put the rest on the workbench. She would make the draughts the next day.

Returning from her little safe haven she smiled at Luma. “So what else do you have planned?” she asked as she came next to her lover, keeping an eye on their son.

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Luma gave a smile as Liel kissed Alek and then kissed her. She pulled away with a giggle as Alek gave a gagging sound to their kiss. She looked to her love as Alek went to clean the fish, "It went well, Alek really pulled through for me." She said with a smile. "He really was my hero when that Spriggain jumped out on me, he took aim and blew a hole in it, so I've got a little bit of extra in the bag for you." she smiled and then hugged Liel tightly and then gave her the bag.

The bag had all that was needed, but there was a bit extra honeycomb and a bottle of spriggain tapor.
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Liel was leaning back, the sleeves of her robe rolled up to her bicep as she held herself up on her elbows. This was the position she was found in when Luma and Alek returned to her. Looking over at the two she smiled brightly especially since both of them were alive and uninjured. “Welcome back home,” she called as the string of the pole was tugged. Turning away from the two she gathered the pole in her hands and pulled, soon enough a fish of a decent size was pulled out and left flopping on the ground. Adding the fish to the small pile of fish she had she made her way to the two.

A kiss on the forehead for Alek and a kiss on the lips for Luma, with her son of course making gagging noises. “How did it go for you two?” she asked, resting a hand on top of her son’s head and ruffling the boy’s hair, who let out a huff of annoyance. “Go gut the fishes Alek,” she simply said once her son fixed his hair. Alek nodded and made his way to the fishes to begin. Liel would, of course, help him in a moment.
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Luma and Alek trekked through the forest deeply until they found Spring Wind Cave. She drew her blade and handed Alek her pistol and he drew his knife. She knew this might be a tough venture, Spriggins never stayed dead for long. They walked about as their eyes watched over the trees where the creatures would spring from.

They made their way down to the little valley where a small lake was fed by a waterfall. "Alek, do you think we should have made our home here?" I ask him with a sad face, knowing the cold has been brutal on them during the years.

"Mommy, our home is where we make it." he said to her and then put his knife away to hold her hand, smiling up at her.

"Yeah, lets get those ingredients for Liel." she said with a smile and then took Alek to a tree to grab the honeycomb. She used a smoke magic, her attempt at flames gone wrong, to knock the bees out as she reached for the bee hive to remove three honeycombs.

Alek gave a yelp and the tree splintered around Luma. It was disorienting and she fell with the whole hive and rolled back as she looked up and saw Alek had just saved her life from a Spriggin trying to get the drop on her. She just decided to take all the honey combs and place them in the sack and then she went to hug the boy, "Good boy." she smiled to him and kissed his forehead.

They were soon to return to find Liel by the river bank. She gave a woop to her love and waved her arm to her as they were on the return coming down the rocky shoreline. "Hey, we're back!"
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“Just be safe Luma and keep an eye on Alek. I swear that kid is too curious for his own good,” She simply said before the two left her with a small wave. Sighing at the quietness of their home she leaned back and glared at the needle. The glaring only last a few moments before she silently began to stitch up Alek’s clothing. Once she was done she carefully put her thread and needles away in a basket and placed Alek’s clothing back in his room.

Glancing around the small home she noted that there was nothing left for her to do inside so she stepped outside. Liel plucked a few earth worms from the ground before she gathered the fishing rod since she was done with her own chores she was going to have a lazy time.

Venturing out to the river she plopped ungracefully down into her preferred spot. Impaling the earth worm on the hook she tossed the line in the river and leaned back. With a flick of her wrist she charmed the pole to inform her when it had a fish hooked. But since there was none on the hook yet she laid back, playing with the magic she possessed.
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Luma smiled to her as she was kissed and then nodded to the expectation of a small amount of honeycomb, "I should probably kill a deer while I'm out there, we could tan the hide for spare leather." she said thinking slightly as to what would go down, "And I'm sure Spring Wind Cave still has active bees," she says to her lover, come to think of it, that might have been a better place to live, but with all the bears and the spiggans, it would have made things difficult.

Alek bounded out of his room and to Luma as they headed out, they waved to Liel as a cool winter breeze blew into the house with the open door and like the breeze, they were gone.

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Liel had moved to gather the rest of the clothing she needed to patch up when Luma pulled her into a passionate kiss. “Brat,” She muttered as they separated from each other. Turning away from her family she grabbed the clothing and plopped rather ungracefully into the spot Luma had once occupied. “The next batch that I will need will be harder. I only need a little bit of honeycomb, if you can get any at all. If not then that is fine,” She said glancing over to their son’s room. Soon she would need to make a new set of clothing for him. He was growing up faster now and mending clothes could only do so much. Luckily neither she nor Luma were in desperate need for clothing so she would be able to allocate what cloth and leather she had to their son.

But for now what he had would have to do. Gathering the animal bone needle that hung from the tear she was fixing she inspected her handiwork. Pleased with the stitching she continued it. “I will probably be near the river when you two return,” She said as Alek’s returned to them. “I need to gather some more moss and I will probably end up fishing,” Liel stated as she looked up at the two, continuing to move the needle through. That was until it she poked herself with the needle.

Grumbling some choice words under her breath she glared at the needle. Stupid things. This is why she did not like pointy objects. It is also why sewing was her least favorite choir because she always seemed to prick herself. No matter what she does to prevent it the end results are the same, a bleeding digit.

Glaring at the needle for a few more seconds she got up with a sigh and went to wipe to blood off so that she didn’t get any on Alek’s clothing.
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Luma gave a sigh of relief as she knew her love wasn't as mad as she thought she'd be... she certainly couldn't pull this trick a second time any time soon. "Of course, my love, anything for you." she said with a smile and then looked over to Alek who was turned away.

Given this opening and Liel's kiss, she decided to leave her love with something. She pulled the woman into a very passionate kiss and looked her in the eyes, a confident smirk came across her, "You're cute when you're mad," she whispered and then got up.

Alek ran to his room to get a few things and Luma grabbed her coat, "So, blue dart wing, blue and purple mountain flowers, and a honeycomb..." she paused slightly, "This won't be too hard, well, the honeycomb maybe."
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If Liel did not love Luma as much as she did then there would be a puddle of what one could guess was human. Okay, perhaps Liel wouldn’t zap Luma into a puddle but she could still glare at the love of her life. “If you run into a blue Dart Wing by chance kill it. That would be ideal. I also need some blue mountain flowers, honeycomb, and purple mountain flowers. We can make another trip for the more rare ingredients I need. Especially since I know how much you both enjoy cleaning and can’t wait to do it,” She said still glaring at Luma as Alek jumped down from his seat and rushed to gather what he needed.

After a few more seconds of glaring at Luma Liel looked back down to her meal and continued eating breakfast. Shw wasn’t truly made at Luma just annoyed that Luma had won this round. But that was fine. Liel would get her revenge and she had time to plot too because she had nothing to do but patch clothes and tend to her garden. Her life was rather boring now. Before she had a large role to play in everything. She never stayed in one city for too long because she was assuring important goods made it to their destinations; she helped with recruiting and for a while spent time on some lord’s council and helped improve his defenses. Now she tended garden, patched clothing, and did other odd jobs around her small home but she was content even if she got bored every now and then. Back then, when she was busy she was lonely now she was never lonely and surrounded by the two people she loved.

Liel stood up and cleared away what was left, keeping the remainder of the food for either a snack or lunch, she hadn’t quite decided yet. Once the table was cleared off she went over to Luma and pressed a small kiss to her cheek. “Be safe you two,” she said her biggest fear being that something would happen to her family. But that shouldn’t happen, especially this far away from the villages.
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She tried to keep her composure and silly face as Liel stared her down and Alek looked at her with a begging face. She was devising a plan and for a slight second there was an awkward silence that loomed over the house, Alek was about to ask something before she turned and gave a glad look, "You and me will do the chores when we get back." she said to the boy knowing she will get her punishment when the time came.

"We shall leave...." she paused, "Tomorrow, today is no good, I've got to go... check the traps." she eyed Liel so she could get things done before they left. She stood with a smile and walked over to a small cedar chest they had and she opened it to pull out her jacket and her rifle along with some ammo. "Anything you need while me and Alek are checking the traps, we'll look for it." she said to her lover as the boy hopped down to grab his gear.

Luma figured the boy might become a spell sword or a night blade due to her Hunter style and Liel's mage status, he has learned quite a bit from the both of us including some spells.
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Alek looked ready to bounce out of his chair when Luma said he could come with them when they went into town. Of course Liel, being the cruel woman she was, would not let Alek go with them unless her demands were met. “But you will have to sweep before we go,” She said once she swallowed. Alek, who was attacking the berries he picked stopped, his eyes narrowing slightly when he heard his mother add a stipulation. “Mom,” He said to Luma, his voice begging for some help. Alek hated cleaning with a fiery passion but sweeping was the worse. No matter how many times he swept the house there always seemed to be a hidden speck of dirt that his mother would zone in on. Always. He could never sweep quickly or efficiently enough.

Liel just smirked to herself as she leaned back in his chair slightly. She knew that Luma would not side with Aleks and if, by chance, that she did the Luma would be making a nice trek through the forest to find a herb for Liel. The mage would get her way, no matter what and if that meant sending the love of her life out on a goose chase while she forced her son to sweep then she would.
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Luma was feeding the fire in the hearth and she smiled to the warmth as she moved away from it and moved to the table to sit down. She was bouncy and silly a bit as she waited. Alek was trying to get into the berries without Liel noticing. Luma gave him away with a giggle as she saw him reaching for and she stared off into space as he was repelled from them.

She leaned back a bit to stretch as she heard Liel call out to her, "Of course, we'll make a trip soon and get what supplies we need and I'll sell some skins I've got from the traps." she smiled and turned to Alek as he asked to go. "Of cour-" she was cut off by Liel and she looked off with a devious face and she giggled a bit, "Of course you can come with us." She began to eat and gave a smile to Alek and Liel as she did so.
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Liel clicked her tongue as she wiped a smudge of dirt from Alek’s cheek. “You know it isn’t that hard to stay clean Alek,” She said as she finally sat down. Alek just smirked as he reached for the berries until Liel batted his hand away and gave him a meaningful look. Even if they were in the middle of nowhere with no form of polite society near them she would be damned if she didn’t teach her boy some form of manners. Luckily for the impatient boy Luma soon strolled in with wood. Liel’s eyes strayed to Luma for a moment as a small hand slowly moved it closer to the basket of berries. Within a blink of an eye she lightly slapped the boy’s hand and turned all her attention back to her son, daring him to try and sneak some berries.

Soon enough Luma sat down and Liel gave a small nod. The moment she nodded Alek attacked the food set before him. Liel rolled her eyes as she plucked a berry from Alek’s hand. “We will need to go to one of the villages soon Luma,” She said before plopping the berry into her mouth.

Alek perked up when he heard that they would potentially be going. He wanted to go too! “Can I go?” He asked with a mouth full of food. Liel let out an annoyed sound when a bit of the food fell from the boy’s mouth and onto the table. “Alek.” The boy looked down and swallowed what was left in his mouth before wiping the mess with his tunic. Liel groaned and threw a halfhearted glare at Luma. “I blame you for his bad manners!” She stated before grabbing a piece of bread. This was his life. Simple but it was perfect in every way.
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<<>oops, sorry, I've been in and out of commission lately, college is gettin' to me and holidays bring company :(<>>

Luma nodded and then got up to change into her casual clothes. She wasn't use to sleeping so late, but they had enough meat for a week with the elk she killed the other day ago. Though it needed to let for a while in the shed so it wouldn't ruin, she thought to herself that firewood might be needed.

She was almost out the door when Alek came inside with a basket of berries, bounding in like the fast little child he was. Then she went out to grab some wood, there was a mining town near by, the Ironside Mines. She thought she might go purchase some extra gear later, she was running out of arrow heads and her sword needed sharpening. Then to the west there was Bendwood, a little village on the same river we sat on. We could take a canoe over there and be back before the day's end. Course either town she had close friends in, but a few might not take kindly to the hunter and see a staunch reward.

She heard her name and came in with an armload of fire wood. She placed it down and then washed her hands in the pail. She sat and smiled to Liel then to Alek. It was peaceful and that's what she liked.
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