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Hey everyone! I've been looking to do a roleplay, and so here are a few categories that I'm willing to do.

I do prefer that you're at least semi-literate, with few spelling or grammar errors. Probably a minimum of 500 characters. I also prefer to play a female, but that could possibly be up for discussion.

Anyways, here are the categories! In red are the roles I'd play. The BOLD RED ones are ones that I'd love to do.

- Full Metal Alchemist OC x Ed, OC x Roy
- Rosario OC x OC, OC x Tsukune
- Black Butler OC x Sebastian
- Fruits Basket OC x Any Male Sohma
- Ouran High School Host Club OC x Any Host, Female Host x Any Host
- Soul Eater OC x OC, OC x Death The Kid
- Nana Nana x Yasu, Nana x OC, OC x Shin
- MAYBE Hetalia OC of a different country x Any Other
- Marvel OC x Loki

Alright, just either PM me or post below which you're interested in! Thank you!

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