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This rp is roughly based off of Howl's Moving Castle .
However, this takes place afterward, when Sophie and Howl's son Morgan is in his late teens.
I'll be making slight modifications from the book/movie, but they wont be major.
If you're interested in the plot, but haven't read or seen the movie, google it or ask me about it. I've seen and read each enough times to know everything off by heart!

In the country of Ingary, magic rules all. Witches and Wizards are anything but rare, though not all of them are good.
In a magical, moving house - or castle - lives a family of the good. The famous Wizard Howl and his wife, the Witch Sophie, and their only child, the young Wizard Morgan.

Having now reached the age where he is able to be hired as a professional wizard, Morgan is excited to work, though isn't anticipating much. Hardly anybody knows about him. Or so he thinks.
As if on cue, a minute passed his time of birth, a letter appears on the dining table, addressed to him. And it isn't any ordinary letter. It is from the King of Ingrain himself! And he has hired Morgan to be the personal Wizard of the youngest prince.

However, Howl is anything but ready to let his only son journey there. The letter is destroyed, and Morgan is forbade to go. But that doesn't stop him. With magic bordering on the level of his own father's, the young Wizard manages an escape from the moving castle, to the King's own.

____ is the youngest prince of Ingary. He's been raised like both older brothers, with the "minor exception" that he would never become the King. With this in mind, he doesn't plan on staying in the castle for much longer. But the only way he could possibly escape his family, the castle, and the entire kingdom, is with the help of a powerful Wizard.

All of his life, ____ has heard of the great Wizard Howl and how he helped win the war, and his magical Witch wife. Hearing the frequent words of his father and High Wizard Sullivan about the promising power of the couple's young son, ____ got an idea.

Stealing his father's letter and signature, ____ sends a letter to the Pendragon family with what little magic he knows. It takes three days for him to receive a reply, and it's the best one he's ever had; Wizard Morgan in person. Now all he has to do is convince the wizard to help him escape Ingary.

Two boys yearning for freedom from their families, adventure, and to follow their dreams and become who they wish to be.
With all of this, falling in love surely can't be far behind~

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