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Lets meet again, next time in paradise. Did they find it? Or are they still searching somewhere, out in the world. Now, a team of new wolves team up in order to search for a paradise, only a new villian, who may be one of them wants to stop them for unknown reasons. Almost extinct and hunted by humans, will the new wolves find paradise before the dying world is dead?


You may have up to two characters, but you must actively post as both
You must post at least 500 characters
No text talk
This will be a four person roleplay, i need at least one more male and one more female, so i may ask someone to change
If i get too many young characters i will ask some people to change their age
Post at least twice a week or you will be kicked from the RP
If you leave the rp because you're bored or for a poor reason you will no longer be allowed in my rps
do not make this a 1x1
powerplaying and godmodding is not allowed, you will be given one warning or no warning, depending on how much or what the post is about
Use good grammar and capitalize and use punctuation
Title the Skeleton 'Paradise' so i know you've read the rules

there is only one male open

Short Bio

Username: Ever-Dream
Name: Jayden
Gender: Female
Crush/Mate: N/A
Age: : 13
Rank: Omega
Short Bio: Jayden is a hybrid pbut won't tell the pack what type, she is also blind. She wanted to find paradise because she believes she'll be able to see all the wonderful things in the world upon getting there, but sadly she has strong doubts she or anyone will get there, or if its even real. She is the omega of the pack.

Username: Ever-Dream
Name: Benzene
Gender: Male
Crush/Mate: N/A
Age: 16 and a half
Rank: Normal Member/Drifter
Short Bio: Benzene, or Ben, is a strong wolf/dog, he has the scars of his many fights. He is large for a hybrud and has a hard time being around others, so he doesn't work in a pack much. He tends to hang around the pack, but leaves when things get hard.

Username: Ever-Dream
Name: Mason
Gender: Male
crush/mate: N/A, not intrested
Age: 15
Rank: Normal member
Short Bio: Mason was living in a rival pack as an omega. One day he was brutally beaten and chased out, fainting on the packs grounds he was left for dead, but Jadyen and Fenrir took him to the pack den and helped him get better. He is a bit of a joker and sometimes can't take things seriously, but he is a fighter and would die for his friends


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