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This is for me.

So piss off, alright? I have no other place to write.
Read it. I don't really care. Don't even try talking to me about what I wrote. Unless you want to be up all day and night. .-.


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Gollllly. Looking back at these, I was a depressed little fuck. Lmao
  [T]ea? / Quest / 4y 14d 23h 30m 49s
Yo, Readers. Here's a short story I wrote for school. Might as well post it, you're welcome to read.
Is It Really The End?
Hey there. My name is Miles Way, a typical teenage boy. I’m 17 years old, a senior in high school, I’m in a small rock/pop band that’s getting to be pretty popular, and I’ve got a wonderful girlfriend of 3 years. I’m pretty advanced in computers and technology, and I can get pretty nosey in local computers because I get a bit bored with my life; so why not find out new things on a computer to waste my time? Well, it was December of 2012 in Guatemala; there was a recent discovery of old Mayan artifacts not real far from where I lived.

I was at my local library one day helping clean out a computer since I was pretty well known around my area for fixing up anyone’s electronics. That’s when I came across something I never wanted to come across.

There was a locked document hidden deep in files upon files that I was clearing out that was labeled. “END.” Of course, this person that made this had to have known that someone was going to come across this document and crack the lock to see what this ‘END’ is all about. Unless he or she was utterly stupid enough to think that this document would never to be found? I don’t know, but I didn’t look past it and delete it. I wanted to unlock it and read whatever was put in this file. Of course, I didn’t have a clue it would change my life forever, I figured it was some essay or school assignment that they didn’t know how to delete because they were computer illiterate or some sort.

Stuffing my headphones in my ears, turning up my music that was playing on my phone, I got to work on de-coding. I’m not getting paid by the hour, so I didn’t have to rush in clearing out this computer. It didn’t take too long to unlock the file. Maybe 5 minutes tops from how poorly coded everything was. “Maybe someone wanted me to find this..” I thought to myself as I loaded the word page just to discover a lot of disturbing images with writing a few pages down. As I scroll through the pages, all I mainly see are old Mayan pictures and information about them. But the other images were terrifying. All based around brutal and horrible death. Some images had me sick to my stomach.

I finally reached the end of the page with a few works reading. “Dear to whoever is reading. The end is near, the end is near. The end is near.” I raised a brow to this. I felt a cringe in my stomach as I read it in shock. “The end is near.” This psychopath doesn’t really mean the end of the world, does he? Whatever, time to shake this off and finish up my job here and get home. I’m starving.

I got home a little after 7, to come to my parents not home. They left a note saying they had gone out, and dinner was on the stove. Wasn’t too strange for my mom and dad; they went out every once in a while. So grabbed left over pizza, ate, and went to bed. Nothing could prepare me for the crazy events that was about to take place in my life.

The next day, I woke up to a very strange couple of events. My parents weren’t home, but the tv was on a news station, and the volume was up almost full blast. A news story that was being told caught my attention. “Let’s go to the scene of what happened just last night, Julie is on the scene live.” I scrunched my eyebrows together, yawned a bit, and sat down on the edge of the couch to watch this; after turning the volume down a bit. The scene of whatever happened was at the library, just where I was the day of this event. “Thanks Tom, yesterday at this local library, a man had come inside yelling ‘You have been warned, this is the end days, December 21, 2012. This is the end.” He was quickly taken by authorities and put into custody for disorderly conduct.

My jaw literally dropped. You’ve got to be kidding me. My phone then started ringing, it was my girlfriend. She probably saw the News Story too and started freaking out. “M-m-miles! Today’s December 21st!! We aren’t going to die are we?” She cried on the phone. I couldn’t help but chuckle and try to reassure her when I was scared myself. “No, Anna, no. That was just some crazy man from past intentions of telling people the world is going to end. Remember 2001? You’re fine.” I said, chewing the inside of my cheek after I spoke, getting a bit nervous. How could he have known? I mean, this could just be a coincidence. But it was just an hour after I left. No, I can’t get myself too bothered by this. “But hey, come over today, we need to get to work on the senior project for our class. You need to get out today anyways after seeing that. You won’t be able to sit still if you don’t.”

We ended the call and another event happened that I really didn’t want to hear. “In other news, a car crash took place last night as well around midnight. There is no leading cause to this crash, but the couple, Dan, and Melody Way are hospitalized and in critical condition. More information will be posted once figured out.” I sat still. Staring at the tv as the news reports showed the car and footage of his parents being taken away in an ambulance. I was in utter shock watching this take place. The hospital is about 2 hours away, and one of the only ones around. There were 3 more around, but much farther away and to no use of us.

That’s when a shot up, ran to my bedroom, dressed myself, ran to the bathroom to wash my medium length black hair quickly, then running into the livingroom getting spooked by Anna. She looked at me sideways also with a look like she’s seen death itself trying to figure out what was wrong. She must have turned the tv off after hearing about the crazy man. I was breathing heavily as I grabbed my car keys. “It’s mom and dad. They’re in the hospital.” I managed to stutter out as a look of shock appeared on Anna’s face. “Oh no! Miles, we can’t go that way. On my way here on the radio the bridge to get over there collapsed. Anyone around that area is trapped. He even said other things are caving in and for people to stay inside. I’m scared.” She said, shaking so ever lightly.

I swear I stopped breathing for that moment of time when she spoke. I can’t let this happen.. It’s not the end. I won’t believe it. That’s when I shook myself out of it for Anna. Looking down rubbing the back of my neck, I let out a small sigh. “Hey, don’t be scared. Nothing else is going to happen. Here, look.” I say as I grab the remote and turn the tv off, unplugging it as well. “Now there’s nothing to worry about. I just wish that old bridge could’ve lasted a little longer so we could be with my parents.” I huff out, plopping down on the floor. My eyes made contact with the bag full of utensils and paper that Anna brought for the senior project. What’s the point in doing this when the world was crumbling as we speak? Something told me to just accept the fact that today was my last, As well as everyone else.

“H-Hey Anna?” I stutter out, looking to her with my eyes filled in worry. She frowned and looked at me with her brows raised. “Yes?” You could tell she was preparing herself for what was about to be said. “I think we should look at reality. Yesterday, an hour before that man came to the library; I was cleaning out a computer. I found a word document. I thought it was rubbish, but I’m coming to believe that I was meant to find it.” Confusion filled her facial features, as she tucked a tuft of her long brown hair behind an ear. “What are you talking about? You mean you found a word document on a library computer talking about the end of the world?” I nod. “You probably don’t believe me do you?”

She bit her lip and slouched a little. “Today’s been so crazy I can actually believe this.” She said with a sigh. We both sit silent; I turn around and turn the TV back on to watch the news. We needed to know when disaster would strike our way. There’s no way of escaping it. We sat and ate left-over pizza while making the senior project anyways, listening as bad things happened more and more around the world. Before we knew it, the whole half of the US had collapsed and gone forever. It was nearing us, and we kept collected, even though everyone outside was freaking out. There was everything happening outside you could think of when people freak out. Gun shootings, Car crashes, screaming, etc. We kept calm, and accepted our fate.

Hours later, the only news station up was in the continents. The only working station was from Germany. Luckily they speak more English fluently to where we can understand them. It was coming closer. Every few hours the house would shake, and cracks would be heard outside from the roads getting ready to fall. We had finished our project with ease. We sat on the couch together, holding each other as we waited. We waited for the end to happen. It really is the end. Everything happened so fast. Shows how life can change on you in a blink of an eye, right?
  [T]ea? / Quest / 6y 217d 5h 1s
Just one person.
It all starts with one simple person to create a domino effect to change everyones view on everything.
It takes just one person to trigger the thought process of another in the worst kind of ways, ruining their lives forever.
People sit here and think beauty is skin and bones, gaps and height. It has brainwashed all generations, boys and girls, men and women. Making them believe that what's perfect is in front of a magazine page and that the only way of getting to that is steroids or starvation.
The media has brought a whole new outlook on everyones eyes,
Thinking that 'Perfection' is what you need to get noticed in the world anymore.
One main quote I've heard is "No one cares unless you're pretty or dead."
The sad thing is, that this is true.
People worship the media like it's god or some such, thinking they're going to give you all of the answers to being this perfect, popular person in life. Feeding you tips that could kill you.
Then they turn around and say that they aren't doing harm to the generations of these years, that they are doing it to themselves.
That's why models have gone anorexic and died because they didn't have a certain waist line and needed to loose more even though they were deathly underweight already?
Or girls shoving a finger down their throat because they ate a little to much, then going off and shedding blood because they've hit the point of such deep depression because they aren't perfect in the worlds eyes.
You know what's even worse?
The media started with just one person.
One. Person.
  [T]ea? / Quest / 6y 225d 8h 20m 25s
Oh dearest me, Have I forgotten my own mind?

I have lost it in the depths of nowhere, can you help it find the light?

Oh please, it shouldn't be that hard to find.

Call it by it's name, let the noise echo and shatter the night;

Let this be right,

Let this be wrong.

Bring everything from the past and tear it apart.

Take my hand, let me lead you to my eyes,

Take a look at my subtle world my dear.

Maybe then, you can lead the lost away from being left to demise.

  [T]ea? / Quest / 6y 238d 8h 37m 35s
My hair's growing back to former glory. Finally comes over my shoulders again. Helloo collar bones. <3

  [T]ea? / Quest / 6y 275d 10h 4m 45s
People look at me as this constantly pissed off, always complaining, or judging douche canoe.

They might be right. But i'm really not that big of a dick. This is my little journal. I tend to vent. Only place I really can besides my poetry. o3o

  [T]ea? / Quest / 6y 275d 19h 47m 10s
Seem's like nothings every going right my way.

Besides this fantastic relationship. Hellz yeah.

Everything else is pretty shitting. Lmao

  [T]ea? / Quest / 6y 275d 19h 52m 4s
God, mother fucking dammit.

  Miles Corbin / Quest / 6y 290d 9h 36m 17s
I'm bored. If anyone's reading this, message me. =w=

  [T]ea? / Quest / 6y 300d 8h 17m 24s
Ow. Ow. Ow.

Regret just set in. Dammit food.

  Quest / 6y 300d 8h 28m 58s
Haven't eaten but 2 cookies today. Ordering a pizza, and fucking that shit up.

Hell yeah.

  ~B r i g h t~ / Quest / 6y 300d 9h 4m 26s
I hate little kids.

I won't be having kids till i'm like. 30. They're to much work. Lol.

  [T]ea? / Quest / 6y 302d 15h 59m 2s
Put your middle fingers up if you don't give a fuuuck. Lol, I give no fucks anymore. :3

Done with school for the weekend, getting monies later. Babysitting. Teaching my selective hearing husky what it's like to be disciplined. He keeps mushing his face up against the cage. He's stupid kind of special.

  [T]ea? / Quest / 6y 302d 18h 9m 15s
Well. One more month and I'm out of here. Pretty excited.

Heh. Maybe this is for the better, knock some sense into your stupid ass.

Anywho, Tomorrow's going to be entertaining, getting my triple cartilage, chinese, movies, and haunted houses. Time to get things off my mind. =w=

  [T]ea? / Quest / 6y 302d 18h 21m 29s
I need a drink. Only if I could quietly get that Jeager out of the freezer. Hmph. I need someone to talk to. Someone that won't lecture me. Telling me what I do to myself is bad and I don't need to do that. I've heard all of that fucking before. I need someone who understands me..

Ps..No redbull. Not even worth drinking now. Fak.
  [T]ea? / Quest / 6y 310d 4h 39m 10s

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